thnx a lot guyz for all ur support till now… and now i m here with the last promo for my last special epi… wanna know??

its been a beautiful journey from 20th nov 2015 till now.. i made many frndz through this ff so this story will be my bestest story and alwayz remain close to my heart… all ur compliments and wishes for me mean a lot to me…. so here s a big thanks to all my frndz.. i dont want to name any of u.. bcz i m sure i shall forget amy of u… so i dont want to hirt and f my cute frndz…. so here s a small promo for my best cite sweet last epi….

a beautiful girl came running from terrace… her long beautiful hair hides jer face

oops i m late… no one should see me… pls godji..

she murmured.. amd tries to hide from everyone as she entered the home from terrace aftr her party….

while she moves away from one room

raman.. pls….. dont make me angry

a sound came from the room..

the girl pats her head ” these people wont change” she said those smilingly..

her beautiful eyes and lips r shown… she further runs from there…

arnavjiiii.. pls… leave me.. i have many works…

a sound came from other side if the room…

the gurl smilingly ” darling is alwayz in romance mood” she said those and tucks her hair behind her ears revealing her face…

she s none other than adhithi bhatiya… .. (ruhi in my ff)

she moves furter.. but someone pulls her ears and she screamed in pain…

all came running hearing her scream…

arnav: sweetheart wat happ?

ishu: ruhi jaan…??? r u fine?? a

ranan: ruhiiiii… oh no… wat hap dear??

kushi: wat hap to my barbie doll

payal: ruhi come to ur payu mumma…

mihir came running calling ruhi…

all look at swara who is twosting ruhi’s ears… and sanky who is accompanying swara…. ruhi screaming in pain..

all shouts to stop swara.

swara turns: shhh.. wats this.. bcz f u all. she s spoied .. u know?? she went to party this late.. and came bacl from terrace…

all becomes angry…

ruhi holds her ears and starts doing sit ups and downs..

shagun came : ruhi its very bad..

swara: scokd her dhi..

shagu: yeah. why u came from terrace.. you coukd have come from door… i told u to be in time..

swara with wide mouth . all laugh.. ruhi hugs shagun …

swara: ruhi….

ruhi asks sorry in a cute way.. that made swara smile..

ruhi: and also.. these people wont change… dont u jave any shame… u have a teenage girl in home and everyday u all r romancing in front of me…

she asked with a serious tone.. which made everyone to blush…

romance?? w …a … t… is romnchhh?

there comes a sweer lik voice…

ruhi: nainikkaaa…

she shouts and hugs her…

nainika (actor meena’s dughter) : mumma… rudhi … where che went…

she asked cutely..

kushi takes her into her arms : nainu.. ruhi dhi.. not rudhi…

all laugh

arnav: ur daughter is same like u…

kishi stares angrily…

shagu: where s payush haniya and dhuksh…

payush( miryal son)
haniya (ishra doughter)
dhuksh ( surgun son)

all came running…

ruhi take them to her room and made them sleep .

ruhi: all root clear.. now u all can go..

sanky : tats my cute princess.

saying tat he grabs swra and ran outside…

its their daily routine on sunday night to do a party in guest house…

ruhi alwayz supprt all to enjoy…


thanks a lot chanu , amanigatta , jyothi, somya , vero , kumud , lucky , reshma ,ishan , kavya, aman , pritvi, kajal, yashu, dream girl, maneeth

shara : happy to see ur comment after long…

paru: ofcourse u can do it… i m also gng to do … haha

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  1. Lovely wonderful no words

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot dear???

  2. RinaSivaguru

    Wow….. After read this promo….. Now I’m so excited to read ur part….. I will miss ur ff a lot di….. ??

    1. Arshi

      Wowo rina… seeing ur comment aftr long.. thmx a lot dear?????

  3. Veronica

    Meri bucket list mein abhi tak 15 wishes hai.And un mein se ek tha make a bestfriend through internet and I have fulfilled it.Yah you are my bestie in TU. And I have fulfilled 3.of it now yippee! And coming to the promo I am so excited to read the last part.I love Aditi Bhatia…..I love her role as Ruhi.I am so happy to imagine her as Ruhi.Will surely miss this ff afterall it has so much linked to me ?

    1. Arshi

      Wowowowoow tats really cute… i m also having much bucket list.. and tats really a co incidence… tat i too wanted to have a friend whom i dont know in personal… wow….

      Thnx a lot vero dear

  4. Somya

    so cute promo

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear

  5. Very interesting promo and thank u so much for ur Wonderful, amazing, marvellous ff.

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot dear.. for this much support that i could complete this journey that too with these super moments

  6. Super promo Chechi
    Are you planning to end this ff
    Wow ruhi grew to a big cute girl
    Wow you included nainitha baby I love her a lot in their.she is socuteTheri baby?
    Little sad as you are stopping this ff
    Nice promo waiting for next epi chechichechi
    Thanks as you read all my comments and replied and made us enjoy your ff???
    Keep writing
    All the best for your future ☺

    1. Arshi

      Yeah… i too liked theri baby?… she s dam cute more than meena… awwww… her voice her expressions.. her dialogues… omg.. a lil bomb packet… haha…

      Thnc a lot kavya dear…

  7. Zaira

    First……congratulations for winning the first prize in that os contest ……u really rocked in that os ……
    Oh !!its the last promo of this ff really even for me its the bestest ff how fast the time went na?????didnt notice at all 1 year going to complete ??my god its just like a dream ……
    Mmmmmm……not able to understand one thing on what basis did u keep the names of the kids ??except nainika??

    1. Arshi

      I dont like to keep the pair names as their kids name… bcz it became quite normal.. like naira naksh… etc…

      So thought of keeping new names…

      Haniya is my sisy’s new born baby name.. i liked it soo much …

      Dhuksh …(ishqbaaz new comer… or u can say same like nk entry in ipkknd???)
      I liked dhuksh name..

      And payush… i was writing the namr.. and suddenly my fingers typed payush? so i gave baby boy to miryla?????

      Nainika u know its her real cute name…????

  8. Chanu

    Reena dhi……. *screaming
    awwww… u r such a sweetheart dr.. :-*lv ya

    Awsome , superb,lvly promo dr..
    so my swasans child is a teenager!! *wiping my happy tears
    hee heee rly still all f them ddnt change a bit na!! 😉
    Romancing and fighting all da tym.. soo sweet..
    and da lvly kids.. awww… gv them all my kissy… :-*

    Bt im sad bz u said na its ur last promo..
    huhuhuh… ; ( 🙁
    Waiting 4 da ñxt epi di..

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv you

    1. Arshi

      Hahah.. chanu .. u r soo sweet..

      Happy tears?? Seriously?? Hahah… u r awesome yaar… i m smiling still…????

      Thnx to u for such cute comment ????

  9. Hi Di
    Sorry for not replying earlier
    And congrats on winning for the os
    But I’m sad….. ur ending this ??
    But it was really nice treat
    And yes one more I am starting my ff Dil Dosti Duniyadaari soon but on IF
    And please accept my buddy request….. my name is love_pearl there
    Will be waiting for the next part

    1. Arshi

      Wowowowo aru missed u and ur fff…..

      Wowo u r posting on india forums… i m waiting… and if u gave buddy request i would surely accpet….

      Or else i will search ur name and will give u reques???

    2. Arshi

      i gave u buddy request

  10. Kumud

    Love this ff and am so going to miss it much y didn’t u post any ff yesterday

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear…

      actually as its my last epi.. i need some time to give cute epi…. thats y…

  11. Hehehe!!!! Yeah dear… Thank you sooooo much…… Yrr promo is too good…….. I know every story has to end some day & this also can’t go on & on…. Bt feeling a little bit sad for it’s ending, as this ff was a mood boaster, stress reliever & wat not…. & also because of this ff I got a friend & sister like u & many friends too……. The only relief is that u will b back wit ur next ff soon……… Eagerly waiting for that & will miss this one very badly…..
    God bless you….
    Take care….
    Always b happy & keep smiling…..
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe……
    Achieve all the success in life….
    Love ya….

    & one more thing if possible give last episode super super super long…….. ?

    1. Arshi

      Thxn for urbsweet comment…

      And yeah for sure it will be a long long long super epj… and i m 0lanning to give by 2 parts if it exceeds most…. lets see???

  12. Shalu

    Hii dhi……….as soon I finished my exams……..I am opening TU and seeing this………I am very much shocked……….but I want u to start ur new ff soon……..so that v all ll keep in touch……..and the promo was nice……….waiting to see the leap and how u end this season…….and don’t forget about ur next season thing also……..I think I am asking to much…….but its okay…….I know u ll do it……..and I am also not forcing u……..take ur own time and think nicely and come back soon………and one more thing congrats for winning the os……..I knew u ll win……..

    1. Arshi

      Hahah pfcourse i know abt season 2.. haha… and i m planning something special.. lets see when i could be able to give that story… ???

      Thnx a lot shalu for ur sweet comment

  13. Its the last promo
    I will be missing it badly ??

    But it was awesome have had a very sweet journey with u

    But i m happy to
    Bcoz i know that u will be there with us with ur new ff soon
    So no worries
    Love u

    1. Arshi

      Yeah ofcirse i will be back with seconf ff.. and that too without any time gap???

      Thnx dear

  14. It’s really sad…you r going to end this ff…but promo looking so interesting…with heavy heart I’m waiting for your last episode….

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear???

  15. Promise me u r gonna. A start a new ff then only u can end pls I love this ff it has a. Special place in my heart loved it thank u. For giving us one of the best ffs I have ever read loved it

    1. Arshi

      Ofcourse dear… i will be back with my next ff.. and that tooo without any gap… once i finish this ff.. i wil be back with my second one ??

  16. Inu

    Superb promo. I never miss one epi of urs and congo for ur one complete years success. Ur ever epi was awesome and i always loved that. God bless u arshi. All the best for upcoming victories.

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dearz?????

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear????

  17. Superb promo dear….
    After reading ” super a saththama oru visil adika thonuthu….”
    I miss you…..
    When you start your next ff?????
    Don’t test my patience post that quickly right… (lol)

    1. Arshi

      wow dhi thnx a lot…. and yeah i will start once in end this.. or u can say the same day i end this… haha.. nice nah???

  18. omg u remembered me and replied to my comment i am happy… but i was happy about ur fiction why are u ending it and giving a shock saying ur last epi.. please don’t do that i am like addicted to ur fiction 🙁 🙁 🙁 but whatever if u got hard times then i understand u have done a great job unlike others… hope to see more interesting fictions by u 🙂 🙂 🙂 have a blessed life

    1. Arshi

      thnx a lot shara… and yeah i remembered u.. as i have a frined shara .. this name i cant forget… thnx a lot dear

  19. Dhi u r going to end??
    But ok I need season 2 of this story and also eagerly waiting for khamoshiyan. Sorry for this much late reply . I don’t have any words to say except a word. U r awesome. I will give u a special and cute comment. In ur last episode for my cute dhi. Waiting for the episode and so sorry for late comment

    1. Arshi

      thnx a lot akshaya dear.. and yeah i will start saeon 2 if time permits…

  20. i m said u r ending this story thanks for entertaining us nice promo ruhi is so cute
    pls tell me ur new story name i want to read it pls come with season 2 of this story i will be waiting

    1. Arshi

      thnx dear.. and yeah my new story name is khamoshiyan…

      its ishra arshi manan and abhigya ff… u cn find in any of these pages… kumkum bhagya yhm or kyy or ipkknd ek jashn

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