Hi guyz… epi 97… Night… Kushi sleeps peacefully on arnavs arms.. like she was longing for that … arnav carasses her hair and made her sleep…

Hi guyz… epi 97…


Kushi sleeps peacefully on arnavs arms.. like she was longing for that … arnav carasses her hair and made her sleep.. he stares at her innocent face for long time…

Ek ladki ko deka tho esa laga..


Alahe alahe alahin alahe nee adi..


Surgun room..

Shagun finds herself holding surajs hands… suddenly she takes her hand back.. this made suraj to wake up…

Suraj: y.. my hands are not that much bad.. u can hold this…

Shagun looks at him ..

Suraj realises what he said…

They head to sleep by facing opposite direction…


Suraj: shagun

Shagun: hmm

Suraj: may i hold ur hands..

This sentence made shagun tp turn… in surprise..

Shagun: (without any gap) ofcourse…

After a sec..

Shagun: m.. i mean.. why not??..

Suraj: i feel like holding ur hands…

Shagun stares at him… he slowly takes her hands with his.. and keeps it near his heart and sleeps peacefully…

Shagun still looking at him lovingly.. she smiles …. and feels cloud nine… suddenly becomes sad remembering divorce notice…


Raman: ishu…

Ishu: what..

Raman.: i m very tensed.. do something to reduce my tension…

Ishu looks at him.. where raman is poiting his hands towards his cheeks…

Ishu smiles: raman beta… first solve this kastur thriller film.. after that we shall open ishra romantic film.. ok??

Raman makes pout face?

Ishu: now u go and keep an eye on kasturi… she may becom scared being alone in room… and alsi i m feeling sleepy…

Raman: i m not jer servant.. i m not gng..

Ishu consoles him and goes…

While raman heads to leave ishu from behind gives a peck? to his cheeks. Raman smiles.?.. ishu runs

Thereby the cute night ends….

Next day morning..

Arnav: good morning sir…
(To raman)?

Mihir: sir… shall we go for breakfast?

Raman: abbey… u guyz deserves treatment…

Raman holds mihirs neck in one hands.. and punched arnavs stomach by other hand…

Ishu : guyz guyz… first listen… have u all forgotten… its april 14th..

Arnav: oops… we forgot.. bcz f this sir drama..?

Raman: uuuuuu

Ishu: oh come on… i have arranged a small party .. lets go.

All nods..

Shagun and suraj come down… no one was there…

They move outside…

A small kid came…

Shagun: how sweet u r..

Kid: yeah… i have never seen a ghost like u..

He ran away..

Suraj: what ??… he… wait .. i will catch him…

Shagun: leave it nah.. he s kid…

While they r walking..

Shagun: am i looking like a ghost…?

Suraj laughs at her…??

Shagun: suuuuurraj.. stop it…

Another korean boy came thereby: ajuma… leave..

Shagun: what??.. ahjuma??..

Suraj controls his laugh: shagun.. ahjuma means old lady.. in korean lady…

Shagun : hey u.. am i looking like an old lady..

That kid also run away…

The two kids came to ishu and pick their chocolates…

Raman : our birthday doll is dull now yaar..

Ishu: this is our style to wish her… have u forgotten.. last yr f clg.. we made her like a ungly piece by night… and by morning.. she shouts louder seeing her face..

All laugh…???

Niw shagun was at the peak of angry…. amd suraj enjoys a lot…that irritats shagun lot…

Then ishu calls shagun

Ishu: shagun come nah…raman had posted one of ur ugliest pic on social site…

Shagun: what the hell… today is my worst day.. i wont leave raman… i m coming….???

Surgun reach the hotel…

There the hotel was fully decorated with almost all shagun’s ugly pics … and in centre a big pic of diller rockz…

Shagun though gets angry on seeing her ungly pics… smiles seeing their pic..



Shagun smiles and hugs them….

They head to cut the cake… where it has shagun crying pic..

Shagun: guyz.. whats this… i want a fairy tales birthday party.. but all my birthday was just a terror bdays…

Raman: bcz u r not a princess… u r devil…

Shagun beats raman….

Shagyn : oh that means.. that kids.. u guyz have planned that

Ishu nods…

She gave a angry look and then laughs at once: guyz… u r breaking records each time…

Then she cut the cake….

Raman takes hand full of cream and moves towards shagun .. shagub closes her face: no raman.. pls.. pls… pls….

Raman: this is the ritual yaar…

Ishu: yeah raman.. come on … come on…

While cheering up.. ishu feels somethibg on her cheeks…

Raman winks at her?

Instead of applying shaguns face .. raman applies cream to ishus face….


Asusal..mihir and arnav suppors ishu and chases raman

Shagun notices suraj at one corner….she comes to him..

Shagun: i forgot that its my birthday… or else i woyld have guessed that those were thses peoples tatics…

Suraj takes a small piece of cake?

And with lil hesitation feeds shagun

Suar&: happy birthday shagun..

Shagun got surprised… and smiles and takes that piece…

Raman arnav: hhmmkkk.. what a romantic sceme… suraj jiju… where s the gift…

Shagun: vo actually.. we forgot this day… bcz f kasturo..

Suraj takes a small box : shagun… hapy bthday.. this s fr u.. how can i forget…

Shagun was at cloud nine …

He takes diamond ring? and make shagun wear that

All get happy.. ?
arnav came towards kushi

arnav feeds cake to kushi so as with ishra and miryal….

At once kasturi came: what happened???


pihu nk enjoying a lot in UK….

nk: u r staying here to spend some time with ur frndz nah?.. but i have seen none of them…

pihu: haan.. vo… actually they r busy…

nk: how can they ignore my pihu… let me talk… nk grabs pihus mobile… and dials rita s number.. pihu had already told about rita…

rita: hi pihu…. have thought to call u…. r u free now?… yesterday we all missed u in the party.. that was specially for u.. but denied…. all were so upset… by the way .. hows ur health…

nk was shocked: what?… pihu s not well? (he didnt pay attention to first sentence as he was so worried for pihu’s health..)

rita: who is this?

nk: i m nk.. pihu’s…

rita: oh hooo.. thats y i m wondering… why pihu didnt come to party.. she was the one who is very excited for that party…

nk” what means?

rita: nothing nothing.. u ask pihu itself..


After celebration.. they setled down in room to enquire abt kasturi..

Suraj: kasturo… since when u know raman…

Kasturi: we were married two yra ago…

All were shocked… and turned to raman… where ishu stands with him holding his hands…

One man entered…. : mam this s ur bag….

Kasturi gets hapoy and take athe album….

She opens the album and .


Wait for tmr….

I know this kasturi track may be boring.. But she s one f my fav actress… And I know… Ki… U guyz haven’t seen her serial… U guyz will be surprised by my next move if u haven’t seen her serial.. Now pls don’t browse her serial.. Keep this thrill expression..
Tmr it gonna end.. Amd after that I will give some links to see my fav scenes of her serial…

And amani.. Thnx for that info

By that only I could make this epi somewhat special…

Guyz hold ur breath.
This track will end by tmr.. And u guyz will enjoy lots f arshi ishra scenes


Mihir: shut up payal…

Kushi: jiju… What’s her mistake.. She s just telling the fact which s before us… Why r u shouting at her..

Asr: kushi.. Just leave this matter.. Come with me.

Credit to: arshi

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      And thnx yaar sakshi

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