Good morng frndz… here s my epi 95.. i couldnt just believe that i have reached 95 parts.. omg .. all s bcz f u guyz.. keep on commenting.. and encouraging… even a single word in comment means a lot to me.. so dont hesitatr to give comments… and i want more than 100 comments for my 100th epi…

Thats.. u guyz wil give 50.. my reply to u will be 50 ?.. haha.. lets begin our epi…

Precap: arshi dance.. arnav kisses kushi… lushi was happy… but asr apologizes for that kiss… which made kushi so sad..

Ishra masthi…an unknown girl hugging raman.. shocking everyone…

The girl hugges raman…
Gurl: i m sorry sir… really sorry.. i know i m at fault.. but how can u just go away.. i was so worried…
She cried a lot.. raman was still.. he didnt respond ….

But a strong power seperated them.. ? ofcourse its ishu?

She grabbed that girl in such a way that.. she fell over ground..

Her hair covers her face… she slowly moves her hair before her ears…

Her eyes are shown.. pretty small eyes.. with tears… she look up…
Her face s shownn.. a beautiful calm sweet face… it shows her innocence..
She s kasturi… (real name shubagi atre .. playing as kasturo in my ff i will givve link in the comment box.. you guyz can see her)

She looked in cofusion… she stands….

Ishu: raman… if its a prank.. i wont leave you…. if u r dng this to test my trust.. i will kill u..

But raman didnt respond.. he was very shocked…

Arnav: dhi.. he himself s shocked…

Mihir: but dhi.. y u push her.. she s so cute..

Payal pinches mihir..

Migir: i meann… cute sister… she s crying… hey u… whats ur neame??

Girl: i m kasturi….

Asr: you know raman..??

Kasruri: who raman..??

Raman: then y have u hugged me..

Kasturi: sir.. y r u behaving like this…

Raman: sir???…

Kasturi : i used tp call u sor only?.. have u forgottem… and who is this girl…

Ishu: i m his wife.. do u have any objectiom.. miss… whatver…

Kasturi stares at raman in shock… she was so upset… her vision gets dim… she holds her head… and fell ovwr ramans arms… ishu looks on.. raman carries her to the room.. followed by all…


Pihu: how dare he… he dodnt call me …. i wont talk to him when i go bacl… he didnt even pick my call..

By then her phine rimgs…

Excitedly she picks up amd says: nk…

Pihu mom: beta… its me.. mamma…

Pihu bites her lips: sorry maa… tell me whats ul

Mom: how r u beta…

Pihu: yeah mom fine… aand u…

Mim : i m awesome… nk came here… amd omg.. he s soo sweet pibu… i like him so much…

Pihu feels guilt: maa… pls dp t become angry… i wanted to tel u before … but i cant act anymore….. it will hurt u.. which i dont like…maa… i mean me. And nk…

Mom: i know… u were acting…

Pihu: maaa?

Mom: yeah.. u r acting… but nk loves u.. o can see that on his eyes.
When he sees me… his look thank me as bcz f me.. u guyz were acting.. and he s enjoying… when he sees ramans pic.. he shows anger as he coyldnt bear that raman caused pain to u… and whenecer he sees u… its full of love care….pihu

Pihu: (eyes full of tears clearing her throuvht) hmmm…

Mom: dont do the same tbing as raman did with u ….. ignoring ur feelings… dont do that with nk….

Pihu:: i ll talk tu u later maa..

She cuts the .call… cried a little..

Diler rockz n one room.. raman starromg at kasturi .. he couldnt believe… what was hapoened just before…

Kastur on bed in unconsious state…

Iisu asr mihir outside…

Ishu: hey guyz.. relax. Its just a prank.. i know. Iii have called.. park uncle..

Asr: dr.park

Ishu: yeah.. when he will come… he will check this so caled kasturi… and will tell that these all r actinv.. after that u guyz just wait and watch… wjat i ll do with raman..

Mihjr: dhi u and raman… omg… cant be….

Asr :lets leave this here.. and wait for park…

Asr searches for kusbo..
She went to room.

Asr : dgi.. i ll come within a minit..

Ishu nids.. and follws him ithout his knowledge…


Asr lioks at kushi who was crying miserablh

He coldnt see kuahi at that state.. he was the reason….he slowly mover outside so that kushi dont notice him… suddenly.. a hand stopped him . He turned to see kushi hokding his hands..

Asr: kushi…

Lkg: yeah kushi only… wont u ask .. y i m crying….

Asr: i have more imp work than this..

Kkg: oh relly… then y r u also crying..

Kkg takes a drop od tear from his eyes and shows him

Asr: its due to…

Kushi closes his mouth

Kkg: shut up… just shut ur blo*dy mouth….

U know what… i just hate the fact that…..? that…. i dont hate u….

Asr couldnt control… but still tries to leave..

Kushi bends and sits on floor..

Kkg: i have never begged anyone… first time i m asking u…

Asr tunrs…

Kkg: i will leave ur life once we reach home.. till that pls… dont lie… show your love towards me…. i will live my entire life with that memories…

This hurts asr the most…

Kkg: i will never ask u the reason for ur weird behaviour…

She closes her face with her hands and starts cryong… asr runs to her and takes her shoulder… to make her stand…
Kushi hugs him…

Asr: kkushi…. pls…. dont cry….

This sentemce made kushi to cry louder..

Asr: kushi pls…..

She goes on crying

Kyun kwabon pe there saaye hai

Dil kyu hai tanha mera

Kyun kaamoshin hai suban meri

Bas thumse kehe paaunga

Kyun dar hai itna…

Tere hi ishq mein

Rabave rabba ve rabba ve rabba ve…


Asr:i will accept this one ….. and u .. pls dont back off ..

She stops cryong and looks at him in disbelief…

Asr: yes…. u wont asl any reasons from niw on.. right…

Kkg nods….

Asr couldnt stop himself .. so he just moves outside… to fins ishu there…

He was hell shocked…

In lawn..

Asr: dhi.. vo

Ishu: i dont want any explanatiom arnav….

Asr was so upste.. as ishu will always call him bittu… she will call arnav when she was very angry…

Ishu: and pls… dont expect that i will support u.. this time … i will suppirt kushi… she s such a nice girl arnav…and u r sooo lucky to have her.. as she really loves u more than anuthing…. she begged in frint f u… dont u feel ashame f this??

Asr: dhi vo…

Mihir: dhi.. dhi… arnav.. dr came.. what r u dng here…

Ishu: yeah we r coming… mihir u just keep eye on raman.. he will try to bribe our uncle… by his sentiment talks…

Mihir nods and leaves…

Ishu: arnav.. i have to talk witj u abt many things…. after thia drama.. i will talk with u… and haan… i knw that kushi was the shanaya.. who did accident.. i think thia sentemce s big enough right??

Asr was hell shocked: dhiiii.. voo….how…

Again mihir calls them.. they leave…

Dr prk… checks kasturi…

Dr: ishu beta.. who is this

Ishu: my frnd..

Dr: hiw can u be so careless…i think.. she was shocked with some news.. or anythibg… her medical condition is so weak… i want to see her reports… i think… she was just now have recovered from major acvident….

All were shocked…

Raman: but… she s looking so normal…

Dr: thats y.. i asked her reports..

Iashu: we dotn have…

Dr: ok.. i will prescribe some medicinea… give her.. mosy importantly… make her away from temsion…. it may risk her life…

Dr leaves…

Ishu: so…. she was not lying…..

Ranan looks at ishu

Raman: what dobu mean ishu…

Ishu: raman.. i think…

Raman in anger: what u think ishitha …

Ishu: y r u angry on me… i m just sayinh.

Asr: guyz guyz .. relax.. now we have to find the truth.. lets co operate…ranan … r u sure that.. u hvent seen her…

Raman: no need to trust… u all go and sleeo.. i will handle by myself…

Asr : ok.. thats grt… ( in a funny way… santhanam style(tamil comedian))

Mihir: ok then gud nite…

Raman gets irrited..

Asr and mihir gave high fove and laugjs at him..

Ishu: stop it guyz…raman… i trust u more than myself…u also know this …

Raman : but ishu… she s nit lying… anyone can say that.. her tears… and when she hears that u r my wofe… the reaction she gave… i m so scaref

Ishu: raman..just calm down… let her get consious… we will enquire more ..

Shagun: and duffer.. we know that..no one can tolrate u except ishu….

All laugh…. all gets seated in round .. around kasturi.. slowly slowly.. she wakes up….


Asr kushi happy moments…

credit for cover pic goes to jasmine… thnx yaar

Credit to: arshi


  1. ude

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    Now only 5 episode is left for ur century. I am very happy for u. And wish ur 100th episode can get 100 comments with ur replies.. And we will also help u for that
    And congratulation for completing 95 episode..

    • arshi

      Wheneevr i write something exciting about arshi in precap.. i really think of u kushi.. as to how u will react anf all… thnx yaar…

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    Now coming to all arshi di fans, guys I read all ur comments when you supported di when Alice ( I hope the name is correct ) u know said that. So I thought that we all love arshi di so much. What about starting ARSHI DI FAN CLUB? And I think it can cross + 100000 likes easily.
    Di I read that you r on India forums. What is your user name? I have name arusan2. Please tell me ur name. If anyone else is also there please tell me ur names too.
    And last but not the least, this one is for you. The words r not mine but feelings r same
    Thoda senty ho gaya shayad. But I think it’s Ok. Love you a loads and loads and loads. Oops ye to ek essay ho gaya hai. So I think I should stop now.

    • arshi

      Hiw will i forgwt u.. i m looking forward for dil dhisti dhuniyadaarj…And oh my god . What an amazing comment.. after reading thw whole comment.. o cpuldnt stop smiling .. thank u soooo much dear. For this affection… thnx a lot.. the only word i can give for the entire praising wprds s thnx.. thx a lot…..

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    • arshi

      Bringign tears or smile through words is really a grt feeling.. i m feeling cloud nine… thnx yaar to get this much connected to my story…

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    • arshi

      Thnx yaar priya… u have written sich a lovely words ki.. i m reading it again and agaim… thmx yaar

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    arshi scene was really fab……i got tears in my eyes bcoz of khushis dialouge .
    Kehna Hai, Kehna Hai
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      Omg omg omg omg omg…. snehal yaar…. lots of love affection. From my side tp u…. thnx fpr making me feel so spl…. i m soooooo lucky to have sich a frmds… thx yaar…

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      Baar baar nahi.. har baar . U amaze me with ur unique comment yaar… ts soooo touching.. feeling blessed to have such a beautiful cute smart frnds… thnx yaar sharwani

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      Thnx yaar ramchin.. i think u r new frnd here… feeling happy to get commnet from new member ..

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      Actually its my point f view also.. as i hate rwading long epis.. haha.. but whenever.. i give short epi.. lots f people r demanding for quite long epi…

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