Good mrng guyz.. all four girlz have dressed up in same way in the co ver pic… i tried inserting links in prev epi… but it got omitted…

Ok here s epi 93..

Kushi gets angry over asr …as he s not revealinf the truth

Ishu mistakely taunts raman by the past act.. as he left her on engagement day. Raman gets sad.

Suraj having guilt feeling as he came to know that shagun loves him

Miryal enjoying their honeymoon…


Asr kushi walks to some places.. kushi was very surprised to see such a pleasant area… but she didnt express her happiness.. asr on other hand plans somethibg to cheer up kushi…

While they walk.. a man came to kushi and gave bunch of red rosses. And a chit…

Asr: what the….

Kushi takes it.. the man leaves…

Asr: whk is he..

Kushi didnt respond to him.. she took that chiy and read..

Chit: this is for our kushi dhi…we know.. arnav bhai wont take u here… if u want to meet us… enter the very first left side…

Asr: oh.. this must be…

Kushi: who??

Asr: y should i answer u

Kkg: ok i gng there to get the ans…

Asr: stop kushi… they r school students… transferrd from india… RR HIGHER SECNDARY SCHOOL..

Kkg: yeah i have heard f that.. they r helping many orphan children.. and.. selects top 20 students to transfer them to australia or america for further studies…

Asr: yeah.. RR.. means.. raj and ravi raizada.. dad and chote papa..

Kkg: what an idea . Papaji is grt..

Asr: idea was mine…

Kkg looks at him amd moves ..

Asr: hey i have told u right?? Y r u gng in that way ..

Kkg: i love to do for which u oppose me..

Adr gets angry and kushi smiles…

They both went…


Raman walks sadly … suddenly he notices a bunch of baloons were flying .. having a sorry note…. he follows the balloons to see from where it s coming..

A large stage having a big sorry… next to it … ishu standing … holding her ears in a cute way.. doing ups and downs…

Raman with teary eyes runs to ishu and hugs her

Raman: pls ishu.. dont be sorry … its me whi should be sory…

Ishu closes his mouth…: no raman… after this.. we shod not nbe sory … ok??
Raman nods and hugs her

Kabhi alvida naa kehna…
Kabhi alvida naa kehna..plays..?

Vennilave velli velli nalave…plays?

Surgu :

Shagun : wher r we gng??

Suraj: have patience… shagun

Shagun opens her eyes…

Shagun: wow… jackie film.. i love him..

Suraj: i know… and this film have just niw released.. so u may not have seeb t… shall we..

Shagun: sure… suraj.. but how do u know tbat ..i like jackir

Suraj: in holi day itself i came to kbow that…

Shagu : what.. how..

Suraj : iooops.. no no.. notbinv…

Ahagun: pls tell me.. pls pls …

Suraj: vo actally.. promise me that u wont tell anyone…

Shagu : ok..ik… tell me noe

Suraj: especially ur frnds.. they will make fun og me

Shagun’ ok yaar.. tell me

Suraj: vo.. u started flying like jackie.. and beat me in a severe way… i was badly injured…

Shagun got embarrasec..

Shagun: oops..i m really sorry..

Suraj: no no.. no issues….

Shagun thinks: but that lipstock mark.. should i ask him??

Suraj in mind: pls pls.. dont ask abt lipstick mark…

They both in hesitation enters the theatre.


Pihu got her certificates..

Pihu: dam… nk didnt call me…he is seriously.. my god… if he dont want to talk.. let him… i wont call him…

She looks at the phine…

I wont talk to him..

She dials his number.suddenly a frnd of her came… she disconnects the call..

Her frnd rita.. was so excited to see pihu.. but pibu was fully lost in her thoughts..

Rita: pihu dear.. who is that boy??

Pihu: nk….. wwwwhat… who .. biy??.. what r u talkibg abt…

Rita: nk… wierd name.

Pihu: who nk…

Rita: in whose thoughts u r lost..

Pihu: pagal… kuch bhi bolthi hai…

Rita: oh meri baby dol… i m ur best frnd…. in past days.. u always talk abt raman.. raman ey raman vo… but now u didnt utter a word abt raman… and when u opened ur mouth u say nk… who is he…

Pihu gets thinking…

Pihu: raman got married… and nk is just a frnd…

Rita: ok ok.. let me know for sure.. whenever this just frnd become a grt frnd.. ok??

Pihu smiles… and thinks abt nk…


A girl came

Girl: hello handsome..

Raman : yeah.. ??

Girl: u r looking too handsome… ur name??

Ishu getsvjealous : his name s ravan kumar…

Ranan smiles…

Girl: i m asking him

Ishu: he cant hear.. he s def… he cant even see… and.. in night.. he has some problem. That he used to kick the nearby person.. in morning.. he always do vomiting …. even he have the sickness of..

Girl: ommg… ebough enouvhy… this is enough…

Ishu: hey listem and go.. handsome ki bachi…

Raman laughs loudly…..

Ishh: stop laugjing…

Raman : accha.. leave it… u got jealous right??

Ishu: ofcourse no… why should i get jealous..

Raman : oh… kk. If someone comes and says that i m her boy frnd .. what will u do??..

Ishu: i have full trust on u… i wont believe any one other than u..

Raman: really..

Ishu: ofcourse raman…

Raman smiles..


Both reaxh the school.. kusbj likes that place a lot . She forgot her angry and starts enjoying…

The gound was fully decorated with flowers…studets came one by ine and gave flowers to kusbi.. kushi was very hapoy..asr smiles.. seeing kushi

Asr in mind: if i have asked her to cone here.. she wont come.. now… i have learned to handle u mis.kushi kumari gupta songh raizada…

One of the children: kushi dhi u r lookung so cute… and u r lucky to have arnav bhai…

Kkg: luckt??.. he s kadoos..

Studnt: haha.. but he s soo sweet from inside…we dont know how will be the parents like.. w
If i have mom.. what she would have done… if i have dad.. what he would have done for me…

But after meeting arnav bhai.. i came to know the meabing of parents… he s really a gift from gid… not onky he… ishu dhidhi.. shagun dhidhi… mihir bhai… sanky bai…raman bahi.. everone.. took care f us…

But arnav bhai is spl.. he oftem come s to our achool….

The boy while telling starts crying..

Kushi looks at asr who was busy with other studenrs…

Rabba ve plays…


Arshi cute dance for all children…

A girl came running ang hugs raman…ishu got shocked….

Credit to: arshi

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    i liked arshi and ishra part so much. eagerly waiting for the tsunami in ishra’s life and eagerly waiting for arnav accepting khushi. u r really a rocker dhi. please keep on rocking us. waiting for ur next update eagerly

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    nd coming to the episode…it’s like…wwoooww!!!! i loved it the way ishu trusts raman nd the way asr loves kkg nd the way pihu misses nk.
    it’s jst amazing.

    1. Omg.. Thats sooooo sweet priya.. Even I don’t comment for anyone before.. But after writing ff.. I understand the readers eagerness to read comments
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