Good morning guyz… i am with epi 8:

Kushi arnav recalls hotel incident…
Kushi: i should not have gone there… i got insulted that too in front of that monster.. oops.. he only saved me … so he is not monster .. i will give promotion to you.. you are no more monster.. instead.. you are mr.S.N. monster… Sometimes Nice monster… i didn’t thank him properly… ok leave it..
Arnav: i am seriously mad .. what necessity is there to become hero… i should not have done that… i am ASR.. till now no one even dreamnt of messing with me.. but that miss… ? what was that satya saavitri’s name? Forget it…
Mihir: helo bhai.. to whom are you talking..
Arnav: no nothing..
Mihir: when some man talks to himself.. it is clear that.. he is thinking about some girl who is going to change his life…
For one sec.. Arnav got confused by mihir’s words…
Arnav: shut up… the designs u sent were nice..
Mihir.. wow what a miracle… since 2 yrs u have never praised any designs… but really payal did a nice job…
Arnav: make her job permanent..
Mihir: will do as you say…(smiles inside)
Arnav mihir reaches home…
Arnav went to his room… while mihir looks outside.. he sees raman ishu coming together.. he got happy… but hearing arnav’s voice he rushes to ishra..
Mihir: ishitha dhi.. u with Raman.. if arnav got to know this….
Raman: oh mihir i am not going inside to have dinner with them.. how will he come to know…take your problem.. i mean ur dhi inside.. and i m leaving…
Ishu: raman!!!!
Raman turns and sees her
Ishu: thanks…
(yhm plays)
He leaves without any reply..

Kushi: jiji.. this was a long day for me..
Payal: same here kushi… tell me wat hap to u
Kushi: it old u abt that two arrogant…
She tells everything…payal laughs at her… pagli… u hid urself to appear in front of them… hahaha
Kushi: jiji…
Payal: ok ok… leave that.. tomorrow.. you have to face them again.. so be strong…
Kushi: what hap with u jiji..
Payal: you know? Payal .. miss payal gupta made coffee today.. that too a masala coffee which seems very colourful… for my boss
Kushi: with whom u locked up inside shawl?
Payal: yeah.. i thought he s fliry type… will be a nice guy.. but he seems arrogant.. he made me to prepare coffe… payal told everything
Kushi: jiji… hahaha.. seriously u didn’t identify coffee powder… poor boss… how would he manage you …
Payal starts beating kushi with pillow…
The day ends

Ishu finds that her purse is missing..
Ishu: omg.. my purse… where it could go? Then she recalls raman taking her to call arnav..
Ishu: i had kept phone inside my purse..so.. i miised my purse in raman’s office? Oh no.. if hee sees that one… no he should not see that.. before that i should take my purse.
Arnav mihir get ready for rehearsal… ishu gets ready in black anarkali chudi…
Arnav: dhi where are you going?
Ishu: i forgot my purse in my friend’s home… i should take back that
Arnav: priyanka’s home na.. i will drop you..and dhii… when was priyanka married?
Ishu: hey priyanaka is still single.. why?
Arnav: first priyanka told that u r with her.. and then when u called me.. u told that ur friend’s husband is there….then who was that man?
Ishu understood everything and tells that.. he was priynka’s sister’s husband..and bittu.. don’t worry.. i will go by myself in my car.. if u drop me.. how will i come…
Arnav: ok dhi…. bye..
Arnav receives address of the destination…

Ishu reaches raman’s home…
Raman: you? why are u here?
Ishu: i thought of meeting you again…to make my mood off…
Raman: very funny… but i am not in the mood to meet you.. you can come sometime later
Ishu opens the door forcely
Ishu: i missed my purse here…
Raman: take that and rush from here …bcz….
While he is telling she got inside to get her purse… raman got angry…she searches.. he gave her purse…
They both came near door.. when raman was about to open the door… someone knocks …
Raman: see ishitha.. press came over here at mrng for my interview. they just now left. if they saw you with me… there will be big problem… go and hide urself..
Ishu: do you think that i will leave such a big opportunity of creating problem in ur life..
Raman: use brain for sometimes atleast.. if ur name got published along with my name.. you will also be in trouble…
Ishu then agrees and went to kitchen…
Raman opens door…to his surprise.. there was Arnav and mihir…
Raman:what are you guyz doing here?
Mihir:contractor asked us to come here…
Raman: to my home?
Arnav:this is the limit that contractor doesn’t even want his work to be done in a peaceful manner..
Mihir: listen bhai.. press is outside.. they saw us.. now we should not create drama… and we cannot leave also.. if they publish anything regarding album.. there will be prob
Both raman arnav agrees and they three entered hall…
Ishu sees them and got tensed.. at once she kept her phone in silent mode..(very smartly)
Raman came to ishu..
Raman: ek musibath ko jaane so rok kar dhoosri musibath ko aane dhiya
Ishu: we can taunt ourselves later… first find out solution..Raman takes some snacks to serve
Ishu: are you really doing this..?
Raman: don’t get surprise.. these for me .. and i am carrying this for my friend mihir..
Ishu: so.. if my bro takes this to eat.. u will stop him right?
Raman: i am not in the mood to argue… hide properly…
Ishu then runs behind raman.. and hide herself in another room…
Arnav: i don’t eat anything in stranger’s home…
Raman: thats great.. my snacks got saved… mihir have this bro
Mihir holds his head.. ; now what shall i do to keep them apart?
Mihir knowingly puts snacks over arnav’s dress..
Mihir: sorry bhai.. raman.. where is the washroom.. i will take arnav to there..
Raman directs them to the room where ishu is hiding..
After that he notices ishu is not in kitchen..he then rushes to that room… where arnav is standing in front of mirror…
Ishu didn’t notice arnav.. by seeing raman she came forward… arnav sees ishu in mirror…
While arnav turns… raman pushes ishu behind cupboard… arnav sees raman.. and thinks.. it may his imagination.. he calls ishu…
Ishu phone rings… ishu signs raman…
Raman then talks with arnav to divert his attention
Raman: hey arnav.. whats up then?
Arnav: what?
Raman: if u had cleaned ur clothes.. you may go outside.. as this is my favourite room.. i wont let anyone come inside…
Arnav leaves…
Raman goes near cupboard
Raman: you stupid.. why u came her without informing me?
Ishu:i thought.. after having snacks they will wash hand in washbasin which is straight to kitchen.. so only..
Raman: oh pls.. stop your nonsense talk…
Arnav comes inside to take his car keys…to whom are you talking inside cupboard..
Raman: to my girl friend… (ishu gets annoyed)… i kept her memories here… so am having romantic talk.. will you see her..
Arnav: i don’t have time for ur stupid things..
Arnav receives call from contractor as he wrongly send raman’s address.. he calls them to his home… arnav mihir leave… after that ishu also leaves.. raman sits in sofa and takes deep breathe..

Kushi and payal gets ready in same plain anarkali suit. But different colour
Kushi with pistha green.. and payal with maroon..they left for work
Arnav mihir kushi Raman reaches the place..

Raman: u made me play hide and seek with ur so called sister.. now its ur turn…
Raman locks arnav inside store room without his knowledge…
Arnav is locked up inside with Kushi…

Credit to: arshi

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  8. Amina Shajahan

    Outstanding episode Arshi dear!
    I have become ur fan..Arshi dear!
    Carry on with ur creative work.
    Plus believe ne.. u narrate so well that I can literally visualise the scenes….
    Waiting eagerly for ur next update…
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