good morning guyz…

All went to their rooms…
Ishu throws pillow over raman
Raman: what yaar?.. yesterday only we patched up.. again u showing the film from starting?…
Ishu: go and sleep with your best biuddy… for whom u avoided me
Raman: but ishu.. he s bittu too
Ishu: so?
Raman: in clg days.. u used to scold me if i join hands with u against ur bro…
Ishu: thats clg days… and we were just lovers… and bittu was my first priority…and now u r my husband…
Raman: so? (teasingly)
Ishu again throws pillow
Ishu: so get out
Raman holds her from backside and locked her …. she struggles to get free… but goes in vain
Raman: mere angry drama queen…. the thing is… .in reception party …. Arnav teases kushi by doing the screenplay… with tushar ….he explains everything….
Ishu: oh… i have doubt on that day itself… i have asked kushi…. but she didn’t tell me….
Raman: now happy
Ishu smiles..
Raman: so wat did u just say?…i m ur first preference than bittu right?
Ishu: not really..
Raman tickles her: chal juty
Ishu laughs and hugs him….
Ho.. saari fizaaon mein hai,

Mehki hawaon mein hai
Tera aur mera fasana
Ho.. jaanu main bhi ye,
Jaane hai tu bhi ye
Jaane ye saara jamana
Ho.. kabhi kam na hongi ye chahate
Pal pal badhe, ye hai moabbatein

Arnav enters room….
Asr: kushi… don’t think that i care for u.. its just that i don’t want anyone to blame me
Kushi smiles
Asr: kushi i m telling something
Again kushi smiles
Asr: stop smiling damid…
Kushi goes on smiling…
Asr: shit yaar… kushi pls…. don’t complicate things for me… i really don’t care if u leave me… just leave form my life and never come back…
These words made kushi to stop her smile….
Kushi turns and goes … while going … she hits dressing table … and her diary fell… which she was writing before asr comes to room
Asr: i m talking with u… kushi
Kushi moves and hides the diary which fumes asr…
Asr: give… what r u hiding frm me
Kushi hides it …asr pulls her closer and tries to take that diary from her hand… she bites his hand and runs… asr screams and was now really fuming in anger … he runs behind her to get it… both were running inside the room….at once both fell over bed when asr jumps to catch kushi…

Kushi over bed aand asr over kushi
Kushi: i wont give it…
Asr: i m not asking you .. o will take it anyhow….
Kkg holds her hands tightly….
Asr smiles by her childish act….
Kkg: ok fine…. tell me the reason for your wierd behaviour… i will give this…..
Asr: oh hello… i m not asking you… to give it….
While arguing kushi notices her being close to him….
Asr also notices … kushi feels weird and tries to move while asr goes close to kushi
Ishq bulava jaane kab aave
Ishq bulava aave jab aave..
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta baitha kol tere…plays

Unnaala kaakki satta color -uh aachu
Police -um thiruda naaga maari yaachu
Pakkam nee irunthaa podhum thookkam pochu
Varap pogum thukkam ellaam thool thoolaachu
Asr whispers in her ears.. while she lost in his eyes.///
Asr: by the way i got it…
By telling he stands up with her diary… she fumes in angry and jumps to get t from him… she fell over his chest by which her lipstick mark designs his shirt near pocket…
Asr continues in his work of reading diary in which … her silly things have been written up…
Page 1: this is kushi kumara gupta… a very cute charming young handsome girl… and no one can turn the page without the consent of kushi… first ask permission from kushi… go ….
Asr laughs out loudly….
Asr: omg… seriously… handsome kushi…. lol…. i know u r stupid… but i was unaware abt this much extent…
He continues laughing.. while kushi struggles her best to grab the diary…

Asr: and u really believe that after reading this one will ask ur permission to open….
Kkg: listen… u don’t have any right … give my diary….
Asr : how can i give this… the naming ceremony was just awesome… want further more funs…
Kkg: i really don’t know what will i do when u read this…
Asr: i really want to know….
He keeps on laughing….
Ishu:… wow now i will tease him
Raman: no ishu…he will get angry on me
Ishu: wow… two mangoes on one stone..
Raman: what means
Ishu: thats what i want….
Ishu goes
Raman: hey drama queen… its time for romancing… not teasing… come yaar… its really late…
Ishu: nothing is late.. come with me..
Ishu goes
Raman: oh no… they must be fighting this time
Ishu: what?
Raman: i mean romancing
Ishu: thats what i want.. we will spoil that.. in the same way he did in mrng…
Raman pats his head…. ishu grabs raman and went arshi’s room where Arnav was about to read the second page…
Ishra suddenly come inside.. Arnav hides the diary
Ishu: bituu… beta… not slept til now?
Asr: what r u dng? This timw?
Ishu: y?… is it really disturbing?
Asr: no… i mean…
Kkg: bhaiyya… see nah?. He s troubling me…
Ishu: bhaiyya…?
Asr: yeah dhi… their bhai behan drama… oh my god.. i cant see…
Raman: thu chup kar… behna. Whats the prob///
Ishu notices the lipstick marks

Ishu: oh hooo… now i understood… (she signs raman and raman got shocked )
Raman suddenly: yaar… u don’t leave any chance to amaze me… just now u were angry and … here … another chapter s gng on
Asr confused: what?
Ishu: what r u saying raman?
Raman: nothing… i was kidding .. hah hah aha…
Ishu looks at raman …
Raman got silent…
Ishu: ok enough of this…. and kushi… how can u spoil our lil kid…
Kkg: what dhi
Ishu: he s very little now… hain nah Arnav?(teasingly)_
Asr: oh dhi pls… tell me what hap?
Ishu: actually i came here to say that raman told me everything…. but i m seeing a new story online…
She points towards arnav’s shirt..
Kkg turned red.. and runs to washroom.. ishu laughs…
Asr being concerned abt ishu’s first sent… starred at raman.. where raman assures him that he didn’t tell anything by eyes
Ishu: oh hello… whats going on btwn u two guyz…. r u romancing through eyes?
Raman: no sweetheart.. when gulab jamun is here… how can i romance with karela…(bitter ground)
Asr: oh really?

Raman : of course
Asr smiles teasingly and turns to ishu: dhi… he told everything?
Ishu: yeah (proudly)
Asr: oh no… damn.. raman… that goa matter also
Raman: what yaar?
Ishu: what goa ?
Asr: thank god.. raman pls.. whatever may happen …. don’t tell this goa matter to dhi… i now u wont tell…
Raman: Arnav ke bachhe.;; stop yaar.. she s looking at me as if something big thing had happened
Asr: yeah yeah.. dhi nothing happened in goa.. hain nah raman…(in a teasing manner)
Raman: ishu ishu… listen… he s creating rift
Asr: yeah dhi… n=i was just kidding… no goa.. no matter… yes raman?
Again ishu got angry and left..

Raman punches arnav’s stomach../ whr asr starts laughing and fell over ground
Raman: handle ur home nah… y r u spoiling my house…. oh noooo… just now we patched up… and we had hundred fights…
Asr: thats what u deserve… u only asked me to feed kuhsi nah.. punishment for that
Raman again beats Arnav and leaves…..

Suraj: shagun.. no need to go to my home… we sill stay here until u feel right to go
Shagun: what hap to u?.. y r u acting again… don’t fool me that u r feeling guilty and all
Suraj: no… i m not saying anything… u sleep well/.. good night…
Shagun got surprised and happy for suraj’s behaviour…she notices suraj’s wound on hand…
Shagun: hey whats that.. oh no… it may get septic unless treated…
She takes her hand and starts doing aid… and asks him to go to doctor tomr…
Suraj starts at her lovingly where she s busy in bandaging…
Kaise Yeh Ishq Hai
Kaisa Yeh Khwab Hai
Kaise Jazbaat Ka Umda Salab Hai

Kaise Yeh Ishq Hai
Kaisa Yeh Khwab Hai
Kaise Jazbaat Ka Umda Salab Hai
Din Badle Raatein Badli, Baathein Badli
Jeene Ke Aandaz Hi Badlein Hai
In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein
Pakiza Se Riste Hain
Koi Kalma Mohabat Ka
Dohrate Farishte Hain

Aruhinil irunthal oru nimidam
Tholaivinil therinthal maru nimidam
Kangalil mariayum poimaan pol odugiral
Avalukum enaku idayiniley thirai ondru therinthathu ethirinile
Mooga moodi aninthall therinthiduma

Nk calls pihu
Nk: hi my new lover
Pihu: thnx yaar nk for this grt help.. i wont forget this…
Nk: oh madam… i m not helping u… actually i m helping myself … by giving excuse to be around you
Pihu laughs: nk.. cant u never be serious?
Nk: if nk became serious… the whole world will laugh
Pihu: thats true…

She taks with hims and laughs… pihu;s mom watches that from behind and gets teary eyes
Pihu mom in mind: i know u love that raman idiot… but he wont marry u…. i knew it… now this nk is bringing happiness in my princess’s life… i will never let him go from your life pihu… i know that u r telling lie… that u love him and all… i will make it true…
She leaves and pihu cuts the call and smiles recalling nk’ funny talks…
There nk : how cutely she s ignoring… saying that i m joking… but i m serious pihu…. oh my god… u r sooooo nice pihu that i cant really help myself from falling for u….

Asr: kushi.. if u agree to leave form here.. i will give ur diary…
Kkg smiles : keep it yourself… and one more thing… don’t ever. Ask me to get out of ur life,,, u don’t have any rights….

Again raman convincing ishu…

Guyz… i know.. i told abt some twist in ishra’s life… but it will happen in honeymoon epis… as of now…. holi epi will come aftr that honey moon epis…. so enjoy till that….

Credit to: arshi

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