good morning guyzz… surprise…. as i have no perfect plan for upcoming week i couldnt post promo… so for compensation … this epi gonna entertain you.. hope you like this….
Precap: ishu expressing obout their childhood bonding…..
That wall chapter finished…
Voice stopped
Raman had smile in his face and excitement
Raman: stop this yaar.. come front….
Again lights were off… next wall gets highlited…

With full of their pics.. with shagun asr sanky …. their fun moments.. group hug.. icream fight… videogames fight.. feeding each other … sleeping in one another’s lap….
Ishu: after that… we became friends… not friends.. more than a family… i cant even spend a day without you…. all used to tease us.. but we didn’t bother…

Full night chatting in watsup group… after all have gone to sleep.. we used to chat in private… now i realise that … there was something more than friendship…. the day you proposed me… i was on cloud nine… omg…. i could even now feel that….
All was gud..’.
Again light gone off…
Another wall highlighted… a plain wall….
Raman looked confused…
Ishu: what r you searching raman… this was my life after u left me… how can u leave me raman… without you sweetie i was like empty.. same as this wall…
That ishu who can never spend a whole minute without talking with raman… have to spend the rest of the life without him….
You r right… i was even stopped to eat rasgullas… not only that… i stopped taking pics..ishu who was a photo crazy had stopped taking pics…
I m telling these all to make u guilty… but i want u to know what i felt those days….. there are much more things but i know you will feel bad… also yu know that things too… how my life turned up without you
Then you again came… i was like breathing after a long time…our day out in that village…. i was really happy….
Then the most awaited day came…
A corner of the wall hightlighted with ishra recent pic…
Raman having tears stands there…
Ishu: you again proposed me.. like childhood you forward your hands… and i also wanted to shake hands without any delay same like childhood…’’
But suddenly two years lonely came into my mind…
I was scared of loneliness
I was scared of pain
I was scared to live without you
I was scared of …
Scared of even myself…
Scared of everything…
I just spoke my heart out that day and went…. but after a while i thought of coming back to you.. but you started your drama of friendship… .. i also started my drama….

Ishu came infront.. wearing red prom dress which raman gifted her two years ago.. with cute pendant having ishra as locket which raman gifted her… a low class bracelet which raman gave her in childhood…
Raman with teary eyed smile …
Ishu: raman.. i just want us to fill this wall with our new memories…as much as possible so that ./..there should not be even a gap in this wall which remind this 2 yrs…
…i know you wont leave me again…. i wont let you leave me…i love you ravan kumar… i love you sooo much my hippo…

Raman was at cloud nine.. he couldn’t belive himself……he was sure that ishu will talk to him.. but he was surprised by her confession
All he can do is… sit on floor with covering his face with ishu’s hand…. he cried and apologized ishu ….
Ishu makes him sit on bed… and hugs him tightly…. he then relaxed and cuped her face
Raman: i promise… i will be always with you…
Ishu: i know…

They share a bone crushing hug…

Aai Aise Raat Hai Jo
Bhahut Khushnaseeb Hai
Chahe Jise Door Se Duniya
Woh Mere Kareeb Hai
Kitna Kuch Kehna Hai
Phir Bhi Hai Dil Mein
Saawal Hai Kahin
Sapno Mein Jo Roj Kaha Hai
Woh Phir Se Kahun Ya Nahi

Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai

Dil Ko Banade Jo Patang Saa Se
Yeh Teri Woh Haawaien Hai


Kanne En Kanne Naan Unnai Kaanaamal
Vaanum En Mannum Poiyaaga Kandaene
Anbae Paer Anbae Naan Unnai Saeraamal
Aavi En Aavi Naan Itru Ponene
Veyil Kaalam Vanthaal Thaan Neerum Thaenaagum
Pirivondru Kondraal Thaan Kaathal Rusi Aagum
Un Paarvai Padum Thuram
Nenje nenje nee enge nanum ange…


By then they heard some noise…from door.. they opened…ishu was hell shocked ..
Raj dadi Arnav shagun kushi suraj were outside laughing….
Ishu felt shy….
Raman: oh my god.. i forgot ishu.. when i came .. i was with raj uncle… but when i opened door.. i forgot him
Ishu runs and hides herself
Raj: hmmkum… yeah yeah… u always forget all when ishu is front …right raman
Raman blushes…
Raj and dadi leaves with happy..suraj also gets happy .. as he really felt bad for separating them.. but he didn’t show that…
Arnav kushi shagun starts teasing…
Raman: kushi behna…. don’t forget that i have big thing to tease you back…
Kushi turned red,. And leaves from there…

Arnav smiles seeing kushi’s expression… and atonce he changed his expression ….
Small promo for upcoming week…
Honeymoon trip for arshi ishra surgun …
Miryal couldn’t join…
Cut6e moments for nk pihu…
A small twist in ishra’s life in honeymoon trip.. not a sad one… but most thrilling and happy one….
Arnav’s secret for behaving rude…

Ok guyz… all silent readers… amd all those who are commenting….

Here we don’t have any like button or we cant see how man of u are visiting… so the only thing you can express your present is to comment… just a word as …. that will be more encouraging …. and all arshi fans… today is ishra’s confession so only there s not arshi scene… hope u like this… wait for arshi’s magical scenes…. it gonna rock…. all arshi fans also should comment … especially kushi… i know u will be upset as there is no arshi scenes… but i will surely give super duper scene for arshi…

And guyz… any guess for ishra’s thrilling twist??????
Leave comments to let me know… and how is this proposal…. ??….

Credit to: arshi


  1. akshaya

    dhi wow . i liked it very much. i am waiting for ur next episode.
    promo was very nice. i liked the way ishita confessed.

  2. Aru

    Awesome arshi…. U made my day ?
    All the while I was thinking that we have to wait until Monday but….. Here u r with such a pleasant surprise…..
    Today ishra scene was so sweet but still u have not cleared the suspense…..?
    Surely you are going to kill all of us by making us wait ?
    But really it was just amazing ?
    And yes I am not even trying to guess the twist as no one can match up with ur thoughts….?
    By the way I have posted mine. Hope you will like it.

    • Arshi

      Thanks yaar aru

      And I have commented in ur ff.. U asked abt some links nah?? I tried and gave.. Hope thats only u r searchng

  3. shree

    Awesome arshi… No words for your writting skills and imagination….
    If I have a production house and I need a story then I definitely contacted u as story writer…
    Again a very big thank you for such a very beautiful episode…

    • Arshi

      Omg.. Shree… I m soooooooooo thankful for such awesome comment… And if u offer me such opportunity we will Rock it for sure.. A new production house only for ffs.. Many stories will get reward…haha

      Thanks yaar

  4. kajal

    Oh u r here today
    Thats a great surprise i thought that need to wait till monday
    Ishra confession scene was just awesome
    Loved it from core

  5. Senthamizh

    Super…. You r the one who upload ur epi daily… Keep it up and thank u for making my time happy million thanks to U arshi….

  6. Amaal

    Awesome story dii. I feel ur story is way better than the real stories. And keep writing. Eagerly eaiting 4 the next episode

  7. Its Superb………. Really loved it………..ISHRA confession is just Awesome ……..I have no words to say…….& Aru is wright…We have no idea about the New thrilling Suspense in ISHRA’s life………..Bcoz, Our guess will not match up with Ur thoughts…….. U R Really A Good Writer…………….??

  8. arshi

    omg … for the first time… when i opened page… i got 17 comments… within short period… thank u soooooooooo much guyz….. ans about the twist… its not only my idea… another facebook friend suggest this idea… i liked that.. so gonna use that

  9. Khushi

    Hey,, Arshi… Thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u sooooooooo much for this great surprise… Yeah!! Of course missed a lot my ArShi…. But very very eager to know about Arnav’s truth… And eagerly waiting for my Arshi’s magical moment….
    And u know what at first I became sad cause there were no Arshi scenes… But at last, when I see that u r telling about my name my joys knows no bounds…. And eagerly eagerly eagerly eagerly eagerly waiting for super duper ArShi scenes…… Oh!! Have to wait for 1/2 days….. But it’s ok, I can wait, yaar….
    Obviously sabar ka fal mitha hota hein…??? I am very very very exited for this sabar ki fal…?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Wow amzing.i realy like it.ur lov confssn better than serial lov confssn.u are awesome.i like ur writting talent.i am ur big fan.i wish u to all the best.waiting for next episode…..plz soon upload….

  11. aalia

    Yes little disappointed for not being upload arshi scene much but I know for next episode u will surely give a damn arshi episode…really awesome u r

  12. Anaya

    I couldn’t read updates this week due to network issues..but today read all.. You are just awesome arshi.. Loved the updates keep going..

  13. Ragu

    The way of confession is really mind blowing. I am missing my ishra on screen, but this ff keeps me out of that hell… ? ? ?

  14. Meghs

    First of all thanks for surprise update…

    Ishra love confession way was different …
    They r childhood frnds… Become soulmates … This one i like most in ur ff diller rocks friendship bond…
    How cute she expressed her feelings …

    I want to know why arnav behaving like this …

  15. Meenu

    Semma ka..naa romba naal kalichu comment panrae..sry ka..konjam busy..aana naa daily read panniduva…and as usual u rocked 2day also ka..and..enna inum nyabgam vachurukeengala?!

  16. Arshi I wanna tell u something.
    Your ff is really great.my day never ends without reading ur ff. I really feel you are awesome. Your interaction with the comments of kushi and others is also cute.waiting for next episode.

  17. chery

    ishra proposal idea was superbb…
    and arshi twist z curious…..
    first r last arshi will b rockz…
    am i crcet…

  18. Arshi

    Thank u guyzzzzz… Sanskar sheha akshara suni..priya varsha hayathi snehal… Kajal vani think naidoo sithija alia anaya niharika rage meghs kv

  19. sara sally

    Hi arshi..I am a silent reader n I think i hv commented twice..i am big,big fan of u..tday episode is wonderful,u r such a great writer.actually no words to express u r amazing,wonderful n rocking..ishra confession z superb,I think dis wonderful surprise ,I mean episode z enough until u post d next episode..

  20. Kavya

    Great episode. !!! Loved ISHRA confession.. 🙂 u r rly a great writer.. Eagerly waiting for the next one..!

  21. Wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it totally extremely and unconditionally 🙂 ishita confessions was mind blowing out of the world loved it to the core…… really I have no words to describe how happy I am thanks so so so so much akka it was absolutely a masha Allah episode….. I am literally jumping in joy after reading this episode and eagerly awaiting for your next update and eager to know about arnav’s secret and ishra’s honeymoon twists……. I am really feeling like flying akka!!!!!

  22. rhia

    I am new and this is the 1st Epi i read which was written by u…i always miss arshi but reading this i was in nine cloud..so all i can say is u made my day…yaaar u are just tooooooooo gud…so plzz keep it up…and let your mind imagine the bestest twist , thriller ,love , sad stories i mean like i m super excited about ur nxt EPi…love u yaaaar

  23. Akka…. this is the most beautiful proposal… that i hv ever seen?????lovely.. no words to explain???????wall photos were awesome n .
    . I hv no words to express akka… u r just amazing… waiting eagerly for ur updates??

  24. Neha

    Hii di…as always first of all sorry for not commenting regularly due to my exams…but today I am not able to control myself..super duper confession…you know na how much I love ishra they are just too good…amazing..thanks for giving us such a beautiful ishra arshi ff..luv you so much…

  25. ritu arora

    Wow yaar arashi i had no wrds to say for writngs u r rckng day by day as our rock dillers group yaar and by the way my guess is ishra was knowing shagun or arahi s prblm so they r acting in frnt of others to unite them . This was my guess but not sure dr……… i cant cmnt daily becoz my xams are nearing but i cant sleep without reading ur ff….. best of luck for cntnug this……

  26. Arohi

    Chanceless akka…i m a silent reader nd i hav not missed even a single episode of urs…ur story s extremely gud nd very eagerly waiting fa da nxt epi…KEEP ROCKING AS ALWAYS..

  27. I don’t think any other ff is getting this much cmnts U ROCK BABY……… you’re the bestest love u so much. Actly I had the idea in mind that why don’t the makers start a serial with ishra and arshi naming ‘In Mohabbatom ko kya Naam Doon’ then I thought its a stupid idea. Then after long time when I saw ur ff with both the Jodi’s, I was like OMG.

  28. suvakshaya

    nice episode dhi…i like ur ff to the core…dhi..thank u for making such a beautiful plot..

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