Hello guyz.,… good morning… lets begin this epi with Ishra..
Here is new intro… i like her.. hope you guz also like that

Raman takes Ishu to his home… he calls doctor..
The doctor checks her and says not to worry.. as she will get conscious within few hours..
Raman: few hours?… make her fin within a sec.. pls… i don’t even know who is she?
Doctor.. she got hurt in head.. so i gave her injection.. she will gain conscious after 3-4 hours…and just remove paint from her face.. the smell will not good for her…
Raman: how will I?
Doctor: Raman… you have to do that.. then why have you got her here….. ok anyways.. i have many meetings.. i have to leave.. take care..
Raman drops doctor outside.. then he calls someone to come fast as he needs help…
A Girl is seen in modern look.. she is wearing balck mini skist and shining black jacket.. free hair…kept her coolers on head…
She is seen walking with high attitude towards Balla’s Mansion..
Knocks the door..
Raman opens..
She suddenly hugs Raman.. and says.. finally you have called me after this long time .. always i keep on calling you .. but atlast you realised.. right rocky darling..
Raman pushes her back..
Raman: stop it yaar pihu… what is this.. why are you keep on flirting with me.. you know that i don’t like this all..
She turns .. she is pihu…( from bade acche lagthe hain.. recently seen in tu mera hero)
Pihu: you know that i cant live without flirting you darling…
Raman: pls stop calling me darling…
Pihu: no.. you are my darling…
Raman:ok leave this now.. go inside the room.. someone is there.. just wash her face..
Pihu: rocky how can you betray me? You with someother girl? You know i have been waiting for you since 2 yrs.. now who is this second lady… you did wrong with me.. i cant take this…

Raman: arey oh Drama queen.. stop your drama.. i don’t know who is she.. she was unconscious .. doctor told me she will get conscious within 3-4 hrs… thats y called you to wash her face..
Pihu: so you called me for this… i hate you darling…
Raman: i really love that yaar
Pihu goes inside and wash Ishu wash with hot water.. she saw ishu…
Pihu: ishitha??… does Raman know…
She came outside upset.. and says she will leave..
Raman: you came here.. wait till she got conscious..
Pihu: Raman… you helped her without knowing her?
Raman: yeah.. why?
Pihu: go and see… till that i will prepare coffee…
Raman enters the room.. cold wind blows…. he felt the chillness…. walk towards the bed… and shocked to see ishu… he stared at her continuously.. as if he wishes only to look at her lifelong…
Pihu in kitchen recalls Raman showing her ishu’s pic… and cries miserably .. she says…
You think i am flirting for timepass.. no Raman… i want you to give happiness which you deserve… .. I love you Raman… deeply truly Madly… my love is pure… even i know you cant forget your past and move on..still i love you… but i should not fall weak…
She takes coffee and reaches the room where Raman stares at Ishu with tears in his eyes…
Once he sees Pihu he wipes his tears..

Raman: i don’t know who is she? Do u know her?
Pihu: don’t lie to yourself and me also raman… drink coffee..

In ASR Fashion house..
In canteen
Payal is seen preparing Coffee.. her cheeks has some dark brown mark.. she is seen as if she is in battlefield
She brings coffee to Mihir..
Mihir sees her and starts laughing.. asks her clean her face..
Once he drinks coffee.. he began coughing… Payal is worried…
The canteen boy came running…
Boy: sir don’t drink.. madam mistakenly put masala powder instead of coffee powder…
Payal: omg… i think.. my first day will definitely will be my last day….sir sir .. pls sorry sir..
Mihir keeps on coughing… he signs her to give water..but payal keeps on apologizing … he then rushes himself and takes water… he got fine..
Mihir: did you forget something from your home?
Payal: sir…. no sir..what sir?
Mihir: that is called brain.. you should have offered me water instead of ur sorry…
Payal: yes sir… sorry sir..
Mihir: now leave…
Payal: from office or cabin
Mihir: oh pls mis.universe.. don’t ask further questions… i need rest.. leave from here.. i will call u after sometime
Payal leaves ..
Mihir smiles and says: i had never seen such a girl… she doesn’t even know the difference between coffee powder and masala powder… haay.. kya ladki hai yaar…

Arnav searches for Ishu.. the servant told him that she leaves from home by morning itself..
He tries calling Ishu… but no one picks the phone…
Arnav got upset..he gets call for meeting.. so he leaves saying .. to inform him once she came
Pihu notices Ishu’s purse from which her cell phone was ringing..
Pihu: Rocky yaar… someone is calling her.. see there is 7 miss calls… inform them … that she is here..
Raman: not needed..
Pihu: rocky… they must be worried.. pls… do this for me..
Raman: ok.. leave message that.. she is with her friend.. and will be in home by evening..
pihu tells .. the person calling is bittu.. isn’t it different name?
Raman: do what i say.. don’t interfere in others matters..send that message to that bittu
Pihu sends msg.. as soon as ASR calls.. Raman asks her to pick ..
She picks and puts in speaker…
Arnav: dhi where are you?
Pihu: hi.. i am her friend.. Ishu is in washroom.. will ask to call you once she came..
Arnav: Who are you?
Raman signs name… as priyanka..
Pihu: i am priyanka..
Arnav: oh.. ok ok.. i will pick dhi..
Pihu: no… you cant come here
Raman is about to beat Pihu in shoulder,…
Arnav: why?
Pihu: Because we are not in home…
Pihu smiles at Raman

Arnav:but you told she is in washroom
Pihu and Raman tensed
Pihu: we came for lunch… we are in hotel… oh pls yaar.. how many questions will u ask further… i am eating.. bye
Arnav: ok ok bye..

Payal comes downstairs.. and sees everyone very silent..
Payal: guyz.. you are you all boring.. its my first day.. and no one makes my intro.. ok no prob… i will introduce myself.. my nme is Payal gupta… i am from lucknow… completed fashion designing.. loves to chatwith all…
Others welcome her
Pooja: hey pay… i am poo
Payal: poo?paa? what?… are you scolding me in Korean language…
All begun to laugh.. and says.. she is pooja.. all call her poo.. and she is calling you as paa..
Payal: no no.. payal is nice.. i don’t like anyone to call me weird .. pls.. and pooja.. this is such a nice name.. why are you making it annoying.. and you guyz will say that its fashion.. i wont agree to that.. we are working hard to make world identify us.. if that so.. they will indentify with your name only.. if you loose ur name.. the day is no longer when you will loose yourself.. now don’t think that i am giving baashan..
Everyone agree with her except poo..
Pooja: whatever you say was nice.. but the sad thing is poo never change that too by some behanjii’s word.. bye darling.. will meet next time if you are lucky..
Everyone says.. her not take poo’s words .. she is not a girl.. but a devil..

All with payal laughs…
Mihir: mis . payal come here..
Payal: yes sir
Mihir: i thought you will be worrying fo me.. and was feeling bad for what u did.. but u don’t seemed to be ..
Payal: i just gave my intro to all my colleagues
Mihir: that you are payal.. who doesn’t even know what is coffee what is masala? Right?
Payal:if that so? Why you asked me… i think you know much bout cooking… thats y scolding me right?
Mihir: ok ok.. cool… now.. come to my cabin.. help me in finalizing the designs…
Payal: yeah.. i will be there within 5 mins..
Mihir: y 5 mins..
Payal: should i tell everything to you…
Mihir: ok madam.. take ur time and come fast
Payal leaves

Ishu finds difficult to wake up… when Raman sees her in trouble.. he rushes and helps her to wake up… Ishu is still sleepy.. she is in Raman’s arms
Ishu opens her eyes.. sees Raman…
At once Raman gets up and pretends as if he don’t care…
Ishu : i was in college..?
Raman: i brought you here as you are not well..
Ishu recalls everything..
Ishu: how dare you to bring me?
Raman: dare nahin.. fool.. to bring you.. i thought i am helping some girl.. but i didn’t know that i am bring a musibath(problem) to my home…
Ishu: what your home..
Raman: yeah.. by the way you are lying in my bed…
Ishu gets annoyed… and gets up from the bed…
At once she holds her head.. and was about to fall…
Raman holds her.. they have a eye lock
(pyar hai ya saza yeh mere dhil batha .. tootutha kyun nahin dard ka sil sila… song plays)


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  2. Guyz…. i usually post my ff by 9-11.. and that too for monday to friday… ready ff and feel free to give ur opinions…

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    1. Dont be sorry… infact i liked your comment.. bcz after that only i realisef .. some can think like this also… evry comment is valuable for me… and thanks ya… keep reading… enjoy ishra scenes… in few more episode u will get know their past

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    1. thnx ooha.. its just that… u guyz know about arshi and ishra… mihir payal is new.. so i am just making that part strong

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  10. Hey nice episode.U may become good storywriter. y don’t u try once in films.
    Seriously good creativity and very nicely narrated.

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    Amazing story dear 🙂 Keep it up (y) Just one request, please don’t introduce any vamp or maniac villain like the original YHM & IPKKND.

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    1. in my first episode.. kushi -arnav – raman .. meeting and heated argument is there.. check that geethu…


      And thanks geethu… keep reading and commenting

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  20. My first serial in hindi iss ipkknd from that i really lvs lvstorys sooomuch but i mis them..when the drama end but now iammm sooo happy abt you ff,bcs now thy all soo came with new showw as well as i feel same thats you ff is also another season of them..

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    Beautiful episode…
    Well narrated abd all the pairs are in developing stage..
    Love ur passion for writing…
    Keep on writing and continue ur great work….

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