Good mrng guyz…. thnx a lot for ur support.. i was very happy by all ur comments… thnk u soooo much.. wow… first time i got many comments… i knew all of u like my ff… but i was curious to know as how much of u are liking.. thats t… and thnx a lot for ur awesome response frnds

Here is epi 49
Raj: mihir beta… will u like to accompany them?
Shagun: what r u saing big d…. our mihir wont go.. he s badi maa’s chamcha… how will he disrespect her hai na mihir
Ishu: but shagun see payal’s face became dull… is dadi is more imp than badi maa? Mihir… soo bad
Mihir: arnav come yaar.. save me… these two are pulling mt legs…
Asr: what dhi… mihir don’t worry… i will drop payal and kuhi… no need to come is that ok nah?
Asr laughs and gives high five to shagun and ishu
Raj: stop it guyz.. mihir beta u also join them…

Mihir” arnav .. i wil take my car… u drop kushi….
Kusi: what? No… i wont go. I will be with jiji
Payal: duffer…. understand nah… kusi pls yaar… my shone behna…
Kushi nods
Asr takes kushi and leaves mihir with payal leaves

Raman: ok shagun i will sleep in …
Shagun: statue…. don’t move
Raman: what s this…. i m not in the mood to ply
Ishu: yeah yeah… ravan kumar is in very bad mood…
Raman: ishu i m warning u….
Ishu: no raman… no raman… i m so scared…. pls raman….
She laughs out loudly…
Shagun: ishu nothing funny yaar…. see raman is getting angry….
Shagun drags both of them and wen inside the room as dadi was watching all that…
Dadi to herself: what hap…. y they r behaving weird… also raj didn’t respond for my decision to make ishu married…. i think they may have fought for lil things.. they will be alright till tmr…

Shagun: are u kids guyz?… dadi was watching… what if dadi came to know abt u… u have brain right?… so atleast use that for once in life time….
Ishu makes a puppy face…
Raman: yeah shagun… i can do that…. but how could she.. as she don’t have any…
Ishu: oh is that so… if u had… then y it didn’t work just now…. i got it.. its ur brain nah… so the same ego attitude problem.. wont do right things at right time… u and ur brain…. just naalayak… just as my dadi says…

While they start.. shagun leaves …. as she know she cant stop them….
Ishu: see u made my sweetie upset… sweetie listen nah….
Shagun: no baba.. u guyz cont.. i have many works….

Dadi: gudiya….. sweetie beta….. arrey.. anyone come…
Rman: gudiya beta go ( in a teasing manner)
Ishu: don’t call me gudiya raman…
Raman: oh. Yeah.. how can u be gudiya… as it has some silence… also it looks pretty…
Ishu: naalayak
Rman: ishitha… i m warning u….

Dadi: arey nalayak… atleast u come….
Ishu starts laughing….
Raman makes a angry face and leaves..

Arshi car:
Asr: so…
Kkg: soo.. what?…. drop me as soon as possible….
Asr: do u even know.. where we are going..?
Kkg with tensed face : where?…. no… drop me to my home pls… see stop the car.. or ele.. i will jump outside…
Asr: as u wish..
Kkg: i serious i will
Asr: may i open the door…
Kkg makes puppy face : what r u dng?? Y r u behaving like this….
Asr: ok i will drop u to home.. i have one condition,..
Kkg: i wont come with u tmr wont come.. no no no no no… she starts shouting keeping her hand over her ears..
Asr: stop it kushi.. i dint ask for that… u have to change ur mood… that was my condition… u r so crazy
Kkg: mood means..
Asr: from angry mode to normal mode
Kkg: no.. i wont listen any of ur conditions… after u did that… i m very angry….
Asr: ok then.. be prepared… don’t blame me afterwards…. that i didn’t inform u and all

Kushi got scared…. she starts shouting for help… asr smiles ….. and starts driving fast
Kkg: (with eyes closed) pls pls… don’t drive fast… i often get dizzy… and i got nervous… pls
Asr lowers his speed….then she starts shaking asr’s hand asking him to stop the car…
Asr: kkuu kuu kushi stop… kku kushi…

A loud noise..
Car hits a tree…. while hitting asr kept sponch in front of kushi so that she wont get hurt….. but his head hits….
Kushi: arnav ji… arnav jii…. get up… i m sorry…
He didn’t respond… she starts crying and shakes him vigorously.. arnaji pls

Dadi: how much time u want to come
Raman: sorry dadi… now tell whats the matter?
Dadi: actually i brought all your fav sweets… my hand made…
Shagun ishu: wow.. dadi… love u…what are all u have…
Dadi: gudiya ke liye… rasgulla… nalayak ke liye gulab jamun… sweetie ke liye
Shagun: rabadi
Dadi: yeah

Shagiun takes gulab jamun and feeds raman…
They have tradition that.. they used to feed the others .. especially when its dadi’s handmade sweets… like… arna feeds miihir .. mihir to shagun .. shagun to raman .. raman to ishu.. ishu to sanky .. then sanky feeds arnav…

Ishu: oh dadi.. i don’t eat rasagulla… i m having throat infection… i cant eat,.. sorry
Dadi: no prob gudiya.. ill keep it in fridge…
Rama to himself: whatever may happen she wont leave rasagulla… what happened to her?
Ishu: and dadi.. i asked ramu kaka to arrange ur room.. morn itself…. so now its ready…. u can sleep there
They all leave…

Kushi: pls… get up…
She cries … and got sczred…
Asr: so this level only u will do for me? Hu
Kushi : wow… r u alright? R u alright… she hugs him…. and cries…
Asr: relax kushi i m alright…
She starts beating him..: how can u do this… is this a joke…. why r u dong this ….
Asr: hey what i did…
Kkg: if u didn’t take me somewhere other than home… i will never do that….
Asr: oh mis.kushi… see the route.. we were gng to ur hom only…
Kkg : then what the hell u did this…
Asr: oh hello… u r scolding asr… its my dialog.. and i will shout…
Kkg: even if the fault is urs?
Asr: ofcourse.. no one can become angry in frnt of me.. got it?
Kkg: oh… u have own the copyright for anger?
Asr: whatever,… bcz f u… we have to go by walk now…

They both started walking…

Payal: where r we gng?
Mihir: wait…
He stops near kulfi icecream…
Payal: wow… kulfi… i love it..
Mihir: wat abt me?
Payal: you too.. but not more than kulfi…
She giggles and went out….to eat kulfi…
After a cute romantic talk…
Payal: mihir … i just want to be happy… thats t… all may think that.. i m not mature enough … i m still child… but the fact is.. i want to ignore those bitter things…
Mihir: what?
Payal:my mom was from one of the richest family… that man … my mom’s husband.. left us for one lady…and he took all property form my mom… when i was only 8 yrs old…and kushi she was only 4 yrs.. she doesn’t even speak…. he kidnapped my kushi and demand for the remaining property….
I still remember those days… that day… mom and bua cried … they wen outside leaving me in my neighbourhood .. they came back with kushi only the next day… kushi cried whole day… but i don’t know what happened…. mom and bua also was upset for the next further days also they were tensed.. but as time passes all became normal… kushi didn’t remember those things… when i was 10 yrs old.. i saw that man near one area… i followed him… but when he sees me.. he ran away.. leaving me alone there,,, there i saw one murder….

By telling this payal starts sweating and she got very scared…
Mihir: relax payal i m here with u payal… i know… kushi said me …. chill don’t worry…

Payal hugs mihir… after sometime payal: mihir… don’t leave me evr… whatever the situation may be
Mihir: i promise baba..

Arnav kushi reach home… .
Asr: kushi
Kushi turns
Asr: i wont blackmail u.. i wont force u… but remember i wont leave that place till u come…. lets meet tmr mrng …. to tha same coffee shop … i will be waiting.. for
Kushi didn’t reply she moves
Asr: kuhsi
Kushi turns
Asr: smile
Kushi smiles and he also smiles and leaves ….he called aman to send another car.. by that he left

Raizada mansion:

All of them in same room
Mihir: raman bhai is very upset….
Shagun: yeah… dadi always scolds him a lot… she cant live without scoldin him… and raman cant live without getting scold from dadi…
They gave high five
Arnav: ok u cont.. i m gng to sleep…
Shagun: arnav… its mihirs mrg.. i want u guyz to stand together,.. pls..just for mihir
Ishu: yeah bittu.. even raman wants the same
Raman sees arnav …they share an eye lock… lol
Asr: i don’t have any prob.. now may i leave?
Mihir: what yaar… we shall spend whole night nah
Asr: no mihir.. may be my presence will upset u guyz
Raman: don’t decide urself as always… sometimes others may have crt options…
Asr: what do u mean…

Shagun ishu looks at each other with tension
Raman: means… stay here… if u have prob with me.. i may leave…
Asr: i don’t have any prob with u
They stare at each other… while ishgun looks at them with surprise as they didn’t taunt back…

Asr: ok ok leave all those… how can u forget dadi… no one has invited her
Ishu: leave it nah… we shall play cards…
Shagun: yeah isu… but none of us invited dadi.. then how come she know…
Ishu: what that mean .=now… leave nah.. she came
Raman: wait a sec… just before sometime u said nah… that u have arranged dadi’s room morning… so u knew that she s gng to come… means
Isu: oh no… i didn’t keep my rasgulla in fridge.. i will just come
Ishu leaves while all understand that ishu incvited dadi especially to trouble raman…
Raman: shagun i will just come…
Shagun: where?
Raman: to help ishu in keepink rasgullas in fridge
Shagun mihir laughs.. while asr fumes.. but didn’t wish to interfere… as he knows ishu feels happy in raman’s presence….


Guyz.. there will be promo for valentines spl.. promo will be posted till evening. i will post my 50th epi on valentines day… i will try to give super valentines treat,,, also .. promo for upcoming week will be posted soon

A small help guyz…i know the function in mrg.. but don’t know the order… after engagement…. haldi mehandi sangeet mrg…. let me know the crt order through ur comments guyz…

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