Good morning guyz.. have a great day…. thank u for ur support guyz… here is next epi

Shagun : mihir jaan… first u will start… and … that song should connect to your situation
Mihir nods and starts singing…

Aval Varuvaalaa Aval Varuvaalaa
En Udainthu Pona Nenjai Otta Vaikka Aval Varuvaalaa

shagun: kya baath hai.. awesome…
all enjoyed his song…

raman: now its girls turn… sing anything to confess…

at once ishu starts singing…

Dhimu Dhimu Dhim Dhim Dhinam
Allaadum Manam Kannil Kaadhal Varam
Dhama Dhama Dham Dham Sugam
Unnaalae Nitham Nenjil Koodum Manam

Suddenly everyone got silent…
Shagun: ishu yaar… its happy moment… so no need for sad songs.. got it everyone… now its boys turn… u can sing anything to flirt with us…
Pihu: wow…. superb…

Jai interrupts and starts singing starring at shagun… shagun keeps her hand over her head…
Suppose Unnai Kadhalichu
Suppose Naanum Bedhalichu
Suppose Enna Kattikkona Enna Solvai
Shagun interrupts : Suppose Om Mel Kobam Vanthu
Suppose Ange Ena Marandhu
Suppose Naa En Seruppedutha Enna Seivai
Jai:Velayaattaa Sonnen Solven
Thappuna Sorry Keypen
Sorryna Sorry Illa Saree Pappa

shagun:Velayaatta Police Poven
Velayaatta Complain Seiven
Konjamma Thatta Solven
Be Careful Paa
Shagun dances as if she tries to punch jai
All starts laughing… jai smiles at her

Shagun: now light romantic song…
Payal kushi and all came… mihir looks at payal and starts singing…

Mazhai Vara Poguthey
Thuligalum Thooruthey
Nanaiyaamal Enna Seiven
Malarvanan Mooduthey
Mathuramum Ooruthey
Tholaiyaamal Enge Poven
Oh Oh..

By seeing kushi arnav interrupts
Kuzhi Vizhum Kannathil
Kudi Iru Engiraal
Vilai Illaa Aayul Varam..
Oh Oh..
Nila Thoongum Megathil
Kanaa Kaanum Nerathil
Aval Thaane Vanthaal
Anaikaamal Šendraal.. Oh.. Oh..
Miryal arshi eye lock….

Ishu shagun: mmmkkkmmm… guyz… ok ok… now its our turn…
Shagun: pihu… now u will sing for ur boyfriend… that day u confessed nah.. that u r n love.. so keeping him in mind.. sing something…

Pihu: Nee Indri Naanum Illai
En Kaathal Poiyum Illai
Vazhi Engum Unthan Mugamthaan
Vali Kooda Ingae Sugamthaan
Thodu Vaanam Sivanthu Poagum
Tholai Thooram Kurainthu Poagum
Karaigindra Nodigalil, Naan Nerungi Vanthaenae

Mihir without giving time: onney onnu sollanum u muhathai paarthu sollanum…
Payal gave a surprised look…
Shagun: woooww ohh hooo
Everyone encourages them
tella tellavaru palletooru lona allukunna velugantha
pilla legadhooda notikantukunna aavu paala nuragantha
challa buvva lona nachukuntu thinna aavakaya kaaramantha
pelli eedukochi thulliaaduthunna aadapilla korikantha
Baby i love you, i love you, i love you so much
Baby i love you, i love you, i love you so much

(sharwani.. this was my favourite song also.. but i don’t understand the lyrics… one of my fav films)

baby i love you i love you i love you soo much.. baby i love you love u soo much

shagun ishu raman arnav pihu claps for them… they danced with each other…
light got dim

arnav came near kushi and starts singing in lower voice….by standing behind her singing in her ears… just the same position in my cover pic…
Kannazhaga.. Kaalazhaga..
Pon Azhaga.. Pen Aazhaga..
Engeyo Thedi Sellum Viral Azhaga?
En Kaigal Koorthu Kollum Vitham Alaga?

Imaigal Moodi Aruginil Vaa, Ithupoal Ethuvum Illai
Unnakul Paarkava? Ullathai Ketkava?
En Uyir Saernthida Oar Vazhi Sollava?

Kushi widen her eyes… and got scared

Arnav: i will definitely do that today….just wait and watch….

At once pihu: wow superb.. but rocky u didn’t sing any song… pls…

Ishu: no no… his voice i cant hear…
Raman: oh mis.jansi ki rani.. this is the same voice for which u would die to hear..
Ishu: oh really..
Raman: have u forgotten…that song.. rabba mein tho mar gaya ho.. and my album sond.. dil chahtha hai… i have written the lyrics having u in my mind…. u would never sleep without hearing that song right?
Ishu : yeah.. but…
Raman: juti… don’t utter a word now… but vut…

All were noticing their cute fight… they came to their senses and stops their fight… arnav also moves a side from kushi…

Raman starts singing to divert their attention
Raman: mihir.. this is for u my frnd….

Gala Gala Gaala Gangu, Bala Bala Baila Song’gu
Nittam Oru Kanavil Thoongu.. Ullangaiyil Ulagai Vaangu..
Koppalikkum Ootru Naangal.. Veppathukku Kaatru Naangal
Maramukku Maatru Naangal.. Vaedan Illa Vaedan Thangal
Gala Gala Gaala Gangu, Bala Bala Baila Song’gu
Nittam Oru Kanavil Thoongu.. Ullangaiyil Ulagai Vaangu
Ithu Oru Vaaliba Kottai, Maranthidu Nee Vanthu Veetai
Nee Ennaku Naan Unnaku.. Saernthirunthaal Naam Namaku

All joined raman and starts singing the song.. even arnav joined them…. they had a group hug… shagun ishi arnav mihir raman…
Raj: wow… eyes have longed to see this.. god bless u all…

At once they break the hug… jai interrupts and puts the song in speaker….
Muzhumadhi avalathu mugamaagum
Malligai avalathu manamaagum
Minnalgal avalathu vizhiyaagum

Mounangal avalathu mozhiyaagum
Maargazhi maadhathu paniththuli avalathu kuralaagum
Magarandha kaattin maan kutti avaladhu nadaiyaadum

Jai: comeon everyone… get paired up with ur partner….may i dance with u
Shagun: no… and pls don’t ..
Jai: pls pls… i think i should reveal my identity… dhi.. its me… jai sanky’s classmate…
Shagun: (with smile) jai… u… badmaash…. in childhood also u used to call me beauty nah?… idiot
Jai: what will i do… u r beautiful
Shagun: shut up.. and i m sorry for
Jai: oh come on dhi.. i have enjoyed teasing u… now will u dance with me…
Shagun: sure…
Shagun with jai mihir with payal…..
Ishu: come nah.. lets dance.. i have no partner..
Raman: oh pls.. i m not mad to dance with u
Ishu: (with cute puupy tone) mihir see nah.. he s fighting with me
Raman closes ishu’s mouth: so u r blackmailing me?
Ishu: u r so smart….
Raman: u will regret…
Ishu: what?
Raman pulls her closer…. ishu : just a dance y r u doing this?
Raman: i know this type of dance only…
He holds her and starts dancing….

Arnav holds kushi from behind and pulls her…. (same position in my cover pic)
Asr: may i have u as my partner?
Kkg: what??
Asr: for dance…
Kkg: vo…. ji…. that…
Asr: thank u..
He starts dancing with her… she turns and she didn’t resist… she continued….

Raman ishu lost in their eyes.. so as with arnav kushi…. but a cute dance was done by mihir payal with lots of love and tons of happiness

Avalai oru naal naan paarthen
Idhayam kodu ena varam ketten
Athai koduththaal udane eduththu sendru vittaal

After a while….
Raj: ok gyz… lets do the rituals…. comeon
Shagun: but… where is payal?

to see my cover pic click this link blob:http%3A//www.tellyupdates.com/d289dd43-641e-4819-8450-a0daefdba80f

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    And shyness of a girl during her marriage…..
    And this one is for u specially…..
    Uppenantha ee prema Ki guppedantha gunda emito chepaleni ee haayi Ki bhashe enduko
    Tiyyanayina ee badhaki uppuneerukanta deniko reppapatu viraham enduko
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