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Episode 13

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Arnav came outside…
Shagun came running to him..
Shaugn: tmr eveng is engagement
Asr: wow thats grt
Shagun: arnav.. whats this?
Pointing towards his cheeks…asr became tensed…
Asr: what what dhiii
Shagun rubs his cheeks… to hide the lipstick mark…
Shagun: arnav yaar… u r too fast…
Asr (with embarrassed look): what dhi,,, i don’t know what u r talking about…
Shagun: seriously baby…
Raj: shagun arnav.. lets leave beta
Shagun: we shall leave big d… may be arnav has some work right bittu?
Asr: dhi… whats this?… no dad.. i m also coming….
Shagun: kushi ji we are leaving.. ( in a bit louder voice )
She goes near arnav : bittu go and tell her that u r leaving… don’t feel shy
Asr: dhi… there s nothing like that…
Shagun: ok ji.. so that lipstick mark should be bcz of aunty ji right
Arnav : dhi.. talk slowly what f anyone hears…. and pls.. don’t pull my legs… u r mistaken.. thts it
Shagun: ok ok… erase the mark from left side too
Asr: oh pls dhi… ther wont be in left side …bcz..(at once he stops )
By telling this he gave a embarrassed look to shagun
Shagun: so its sure that mark was real in right side right?
Asr: dad i m coming wait
Shagun: arnav arnav… listen…

In car:
Raman: ok leave t nah.. i did wrong
Ishu: excuse me…
Raman: i should not have done that… now pls… don’t sit like this…. it doesn’t suit you
Ishu: mr.ravan kmar bhall… apologizing to ishitha.. wow.. breaking news…
Raman: apologizing my foot…
Ishu: u wanna apologize to me by foot.. i mean u want to plead… no raman no need
Raman: i should be mad who thinks to talk with u… now shut ur mouth
Ishu: this is not the right answer for my question
Raman: whts ur problem
Ishu: i don’t have any problem
Raman: yeah…who herself s a problem… how can she can have any problem… right?
Ishu: you know what?? I couldn’t hear your nonsense talk
Raman: yeah.. it happens… people who talk more couldn’t hear..
Ishu: give some concentration in ur driving also.. or else… no one can hear neither u nor me
When raman was about to say something… ishu switches on the radio…. and turns the volume to high…

After a while a big truck passes by.. raman puts sudden break… which makes ishu lost her balance.. she was about to hit in front… but she didn’t feel any pain.. she opened her eyes… to her surprise she found raman’s hand protecting her from hitting… she looks at him

Tu tu hai vohi dil ne jise apna kaha …
Tu hai jahaan main hoon vahaan
Ab to jeena tere bin hain saza

Oh Shaanti Shaanti Oh Shaanti
En Uyirai Uyirai Nee Aenthi..
Aen Sendrai Sendrai Ennai Thaandi
Ini Neethan Enthan Anthathi..

Raman: i wont come everytime to save u…. where is ur concentration.. be careful
Ishu: what that mean to u… u don’t need to care abt me… i can take care f myself.. u better drive fast.. i m hungry.. bcz f u guyz.. i couldn’t eat my fav briyani….
Raman: job hi ho.. kaana time se kaana hai… hai na…. (whatever my be u want to eat on time right?)
Ishu: ofcourse….
They reach raizada mansion
Mihir: raman bhai…. hi.. i was abt to call u only… tmr is my engagement… with payal gupta.. now raj uncle has informed me…
Raman: mihir yaar.. congrats…. i m so happy for u
Ishu: wait a sec.. i thought u were only teasing and playing around payal.. are u guyz serious?
Raman: all were not like u.. to tease and play around with feelings…
Mihir: pls pls… don’t argue… dhi.. i love payal.. and arnav and shagun dhi helped me in this.. now raj uncle convinced their family…. and fixed engagement tmr
Ishu: shagun didn’t tell me… how mean.. anyways.. tmr wow.. i m so excited… i want to go for shopping….
Raman gives an irritated look and leaves saying he will come for engagement for sure….
Raj: ok then we are leaving….
Amma: ji… i wanted to ask something
Raj: yeah pls
Amma: mihir ji ki family?
Raj: i m so sorry… i should have told u abt that…. actually mihir’s dad my close friend.. worked as a driver for us …. in the beginning.. then he started his own car business…. but still whenever we all are gng to any picnic… he used to drive,… in one occasion…. the car met with an accident.. mihir’s mom dad and my wife passed away in that accident…. from that… we are taking care of mihir… he is my adopted child… i had adopted him legally…but also.. mihir used to call me uncle only.. also he s staying in his dad’s house…. after mrg.. payal and mihir will stay in my home only….
Amma: i m so sorry.. i didn’t know this…
Raj: don’t be.. pls…. you should know everything ….ok then we r leaving…. arnav shagun come beta…
Kushi came outside…
Arnav gave a smile to kushi.. and waves his hand…. without anyone’s knowledge…
Shagun: bittu beta.. go near to her and say properly…
Arna: dhi… u r mistaken…
Shagun: ok ok…. i will ask directly to kushi if i m mistaken or not..
Arnav: no… i mean… we shall leave… its very late right….
Shagun: yeah ,, right right (in a taunting tone)

While leaving arnav gave message to kushi
Just wait…. tmr eveng in engagement… i will do what you have challenged ….
Kushi reads the msg and widen her eyes.. and sees arnav.. he gave a naughty smile and leaves…
Mihir calls payal
Mihr: hi mis.universe
Payal: hi romeo
Mihir: actually i have called u to invite for my engagement…
Payal: oh… when?
Mihir: tmr
Payal: oops.. i cant come as i have many appointments…
Mihir: cant u lcacel those appointments for me
Payal: kyun… hum aapke hain koun….
Mihir: oh yaar,.. stop ur drama lines….
They both laughed…
Payal: by the way… should i come ?
Mihir: if u didn’t come… to whom i will make wear the ring..
Payal: oh ho… vo hai nah.. poo…
Mihir: yeah u r right… if u dint come. I will surely get engaged to poo
Payal: but there s one small problem
Mihr: what?
Payal: she should agree to that nah?
Mihir: oh hello mis.universe… all girls will die for me…
Payal: accha… i thought i should be the mad girl to love you
Mihir: what have u said right now… pls tell me once again
Payal bites her lips… : dhuth… i meant
Mihir: what have u meant?
Payal: i wont tell u
Mihir: u need mike and crowd to tell me that u love me right?
Payal: ofcourse… but… i fulfilled that… u didn’t propose me in front of everyone… so mr.romeo.. be ready to propose me tmr..
Mihir: payal.. have u lost t.. i m not gng to do that…
Payal: u have to.. payal se shaadi karna itni aasani nahi ( to marry payal gupta is not so easy) if u didn’t do that i wont make u wear ring… think abt it…
She cuts the call
Mihir: paagal… par.. how would i…?

Enagament of miryal

Credit to: arshi


  1. arshi

    i know this update is very little. also not so good….. i will try to make next one big… also with fun and masti

  2. sharwani

    Wow kya scene hai bhai shagun aur Arnav ka superbbb arshi who told its not good it’s awesome yaar…..bt I’ve to wait again 2 days for ur ff…bt plz update one promo plzz plz plz…and I think this 2 days will be enough for shopping right?? ??…keep going..

  3. abha

    Sorry sharwani Bt I don’t agree aid coz in my case I become more desperate for next epi after arshi’s promo?

  4. Anaya

    nice update arshi, don’t say the update is not good, all your updates are good and make my day. I won’t be able to read your updates next week as I have my interview coming up 🙁 but at least I will have five episodes to read in my weekend 🙂

  5. Priyaa17

    Dnt worry arshi the epi was nice. Very nice to see shagun pulling arnav’s leg. Once again Ishra, Arshi and Miryal were nice. Have a nice weekend and post ur promo for the next week ya. I think ur planning to unite Ishra at ur 50th epi. Waiting for their union too :)- :)-

  6. kajal

    Will be eagerly waiting for ur update on monday
    2 days dont know how they will pass
    Please update ur promo soon

  7. ssss

    yes eagerly waiting for monday and arshi u can satart another ff of combaining yhm and kkb because u merge them with a creative manner

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