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Good morning guyz.. this epi s full of game and fun and small pain.. hope u all like this….

Shagun: ok guyz… lets spin …bottle stops near shagun…
Rman and arnav laughs out loudly… as shagun used to escape from this always….
Ishu: don’t make fun of my sweetie… sweetie… u can confess anything.. if u have hide anything from us
Shagun: yeah ishu.. there is one thing…
She stares at raman…
Rman: no shagun.. u have promised me.. right?
Shagun: sorry raman… this is the only thing i have hidden from ishu.. i cant.. my stomach is aching since then… not anymore.. i wish to tell…
Ishu: what was that tell nah…
Shagun: when we were in 5th std… have u remember.. shakunthala our class teacher…
Arnav: yeah… we used to call her fatty?
Shagun: yeah.. raman had….
At once raman holds shagun’s mouth
Raman: stop it… game finished… pack up..
Pihu: this is not fair rocky… shagun tell nah… 5th std?? What ….
Arnav and mihir holds raman ….
They all were totally involved didn’t notice themselves connected…
Shagun: sorry raman… raman had a crush on that mam…
Ishu: what?… (opening her mouth widely)

Arnav: what the?…. raman…. that fatty.. chii.. yuck….
Raman: stop it guyz… that when i was 5th.. also she cares about me a lot.. i felt like my mom…
Shagun: no raman…dont lie… by sayin mom sentiments… u wrote a poem regarding her size in a romantic way… i had caught you…. till now i remember that poem….
Raman: shagun ki bacchi…. this is not enough ah.. u are making fun of me.. i wont leave you….
Arnav: shagun dhi… run away…
Raman: dhi ka chamcha always u r taking ur dhi’s side… ishu or shagun….
Raman starts beating arnav… then he goes to chase shagun… he holds her and fall down… all came to rescue shagun.. falls over raman one by one….
Raman mihir arnav shagun ishu over the floor….. laughing out loudly….
Yaaron dhosthi badi hi haseen hai
Yeh na ho tho kya phir
Bolo yeh zindagii hai plays
En Frienda Pola Yaaru Machan
Avan Trenda Ellam Mathi Vechan
Nee Enga Pona Enga Machaan
Ena Enni Enni Aenga Vechan
Pihu watches it from corner .. with smile having drops of tears … she leaves… kushi stares at arnav who s totlly changed…

Kuhi in mind: i had a big misunderstanding… towards … lord governor and akdoo… sorry.. arnav and raman.. they r soo sweet… especially arnav….
She smiles without her knowledge..
Payal hits her: what r u dreaming about?
Kushi: nothing jiji…. let them be alone… we shall leave… ok?
Payal: what kushi.. i have not yet started talking with mihir sir…
Kushi: jiji.. u r too much… don’t u remember … amma and bua don’t know abt this yet now…
Payal: u r my cute sisy right…
Kushi: no… lets leave… we have many problems to face now…
Payal: badi badi deshon mein aisi choti choti baath hoti rehthi hai sanoreeta (sharuk’s famous dialog)
Kushi(smiles): jiji… u know very well to convince me right?
Payal: ofcourse sanorita

After much drama they stand… but laughing continuously….
Ishu: i m so hungry….
Raman: ofcourse moti … u should be hungry
Ishu: raman… i will kill u….
Shagun: ok ok stp.. lets have lunch.. i have carried your favourite lunch.. guess what?
Arnav raman together: ramu kaka briyani?
Shagun: yeah…

Mihir: wow…. payal come on.. it will be tasty..
They all had lunch with together…
Ishu: its been long time.. we are having lunch together…
At once all realised what had happened… a long silence spread over the dining hall….
Shagun pinches ishu… at once raman washes his hand without finishing his lunch.. so as arnav….
Raman leaves for his room…. he remembers those things which happened just now… he was feeling happy at the same time his ego got hurt…
Raman in mind: i don’t need anyone.. i can live my life happily … i m not dependant on them…
Arnav in mind: what happened to me?… he s the one who snatches my everything… how can i forget that…
Ishu: whatever sweetie.. i m happy that atleast i have given my bittu and raman those special moments..
Mihir: so .. is this ur plan?
Shagun: yeah bhuddhu
Mihir: why don’t u tell me
Shagun: if u have time for us other than payal…
Mihir: dhi…
Shagun: oh hoo.. mihir feels shy… omg…
Mihir: i think they wont come for practice now.. so let me drop kushi and payal…
Kushi: don’t know where had i kept my phone… ill just come…
She searches…. she got her phone… then she remembers raman telling … arnav goes to terrace when got upset… she goes to terrace…
There she saw arnav standing all alone seeing somewhere…she goes near to him…
Kushi in mind: no kushi.. don’t do… lets go… no kushi no…
She kept her hand on arnav’s shoulder…. he truns and by seeing kushi hugs her tightly…
She starts consoling him….

After few secs.. payal shouts for kushi…. kusho hears it nd releases herself from arnav… he leaves her…
But didt say a word… after some distance she turns and looks at arnav.. he looks at her … in pain… he moves his head slighltly asking her not to go.. sha had tears in her eyes seeing arnav in such state..
They had an eyelock
(O jaana na jaana, ye dil tera deewana – (2)
Jahan bhi tu jayee tere peeche ayee, ye tera aashiq purana) – (2)
O jaana na jaana

Aeno Vaanilai Maaruthey
Mani Thuli Poguthey
Marbin Vegam Kooduthey
Manamo Aetho Solla Vaarthai Theduthey
Kannellam Neeyethaan Irukindrai
Vizhinyin Mel Naan Kobam Konden
Imai Moodidu Endraen
Thalli Pogathey Ennaiyum
Thalli Pøga Šøllathey
Iruvar Ithazhum Malar Ènum Mul Thaane
Thalli Pøgathey

They left… shagun leaves with arnav…
Ishu goes to raman…
Raman holds her shoulder with much anger : what do u think of urself… what u want to prove… ki i m nothing without you guyz,… i cant even smile without u all…. whatever may be.. i m happy alone… i don’t need any of you… you all were not there when i needed u now i don’t need any of you got it?
In louder voice
Ishu: raman its hurting leave me raman….
By seein her in pain he leaves her
Raman: get out of my house… don’t ever try to come again
Ishu: come again into ?… home or life?
Raman: both….
Ishu having tears with lots of anger: fine.. i m not dying to enter into ur life… and i wont give any explanation to u.. as u know t already….. but the fact is u don’t want to accept…. do what u want…. don’t ever show your face again to me….

Raman lifting ishu in his arms,…

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  1. Raman lifting ishu….is everything sorted between them

    1. for that u have u wait a lil

  2. God again fighting starts

    1. yeah,,, but there will be sweet fightings… hereafter

  3. Heyyy one more fantastic episode in ur list yaar…..i guess the precap may be in dreams coz jst now they fought with each other or else it might be in past isn’t it arshi?? But eagerly waiting for the next episode yaar….arshi u post ff by night 9:00 then we can see around 1:00or 2:00 in the afternoon ?????

    1. thank u sharwani… and i will try to post it by night

  4. OMG waitung for tmrw epi by the way arshi ur ff is cute and awesome do u now tamil even iam a south indian

    1. Hey zee gud to hear by the way where r u frm exactly??

    2. yeah.. i am tamil…. you are from south… which place ?… and thank u zee

  5. Finally the wall are melting up hope to see them together soon

  6. i cant control my laugh THE RAMAN KUMAR have crush on teacher in standard 5 th
    today s episode was funny, emotional in short its made my day thank you #arshi

    1. haha.. yeah me too…. and thank u princess

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    The episode was Awesome yaar…….Precap is sooooo interesting…… Raman lifting Ishu!!!!Is there pblms were solved ?????

    1. for that u have to wait a little….

  8. Ishra scene very painful…..

  9. Arshi can u Plzz post ur ff at night so that till mrng v can have ur ff…coz tu page almost takes a day to post ur ff…

    1. sure abha.. i will try to post t by night.. and thanx abha

  10. Nd Plzz give more arshi scenes they r so cute

  11. Wowoww Arshii I m really feeling happy on seeing this epi… Today I felt lonely without my frns.. This is really a treat to me..

    1. aww.. thats so sweet nivedha.. its really a great compliment

  12. Such a lovely update, enjoyed reading it, especially arshi’s cute moment. Waiting for ishra to unite.

  13. Nice epi with a lot of mixed emotions and once again u made me get glued for the next epi through a twisting precap and en frnda Pola yaaru machan super.I’m a great fan of Ilayathalapathy . ????

    1. vijay fan.. tats great… i too like vijay…. and thanx priya17

  14. Once again you proved 🙂 unga writing semaya iruku. Unga ff padikalana anaiku day waste ana mathiri iruku arshi:) that much i love your writting 🙂

    1. nandri dhivya

  15. Very interesting episode

  16. thank u kajal , reshma pradeep , avani , anaya, jo

  17. Plzzz update next epi..soon……………loving ur ff,,,,its going intersting day by day

    1. thank u avani… i will update t as soon as possible

  18. It’s awesome n ur updates r interesting

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  19. Wow thalli pogadhey song!!!! Super arshi I loved it precap is very much interesting

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  20. Hey arshi I am also Tamil in chennai. Where r u?

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  21. Rocking…. episode….

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