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Arnav Mihir Ishu in home..
Ishu: i think he is testing our patience
Arnav: no dhi.. its his old habit of troubling.. he wants us to back off…
Ishu: if that so.. we should do this to prove him.. as we really moved on..
Arnav: but dhi…
Ishu: no arnu we have to do this.. and thats final.. i don’t want to talk much about this…
By saying this Ishu leaves…
Mihir: i shall talk to Raman..
Arnav: no… if dhi wants us to do.. thats final… there wont be any discussion regarding this.. inform that contractor.. and ask him as to when and where we have to come… also tell him that this drama should end as soon as possible
Mihir: sure bhai.. don’t worry
After a while..
Mihir: arnav… we have meet them tomr… morning 8 o clock

Kushi receives a call
A man: ms.kushi kumari guptha.. i am calling from live music..
Kushi: oh wow.. i knwe live music.. who are launching fresh bands for every seasons..
Man: thank you mam..we heard your bajan song.. which was soo nice.. we tried contacting you through that temple prohit..we want you to come and give audition for once.. trust me.. you have great future..
Kushi:Thank you.. but.. singing.. i dont know..
Man: we are in search of a such voice only.. so only we are contacting you.. if u got selected.. you will work with us for the coming 8 months..
Kushi: wow… where should i come ?
Man: i will message the address.. thank you ma’am
Kushi: yeah.. thank you so much
Kushi informs all…
Garima: in this situation we should not leave any opportunity… u should go
Kushi : yeah ma..
Payal reaches home sadly..
She was upset…
Garima: wat happened beta?.. how was your interview?
Bua: drink water payaliya
Payal still seems upset..
Kushi: jiji if u didn’t get job.. thats not a problem.. pls don’t remain like this jiji… the naughty smile only suits you
Garima: yes payal… if u didn’t get job tats ok
Payal in a sad voice: what will I do now… i cant play with sonu subu and all others..
I cant see tv all the day.. i cant eat when i felt hungry.. i cant flirt with salman ji all the time.. i cant dance and roam all the time..
Bua: why ? what happened?
Payal: because God has punished me by giving Job responsibilities… i am small 23 years old girl.. how would i manage all things..
By saying this she gives a naughty smile… kushi and payal shouts and sings together…
Garima cries in happy.. bua hugs payal..
Bua: if your papa came to know this… he will be…
Kushi: no one will talk about that man.. who leaves us when we needed him..
Payal: this is a great time.. we should party… and bua by pupha’s pension we survived.. and with mamma’s small businesses we studied… so you two are our mom and dad.. we don’t need anyone else…
Bua in tears leaves..
Kushi in Bua’s attire: yeh ji listen na..
Payal in pupha’s attire: yeah tell me darling
Kushi: tell me what you like most in me?
Payal: all thing ade by you as big as you.. thats what i like
Kushi: so u mean to say i am fat
Payal: no darling… i mean to say your heart.. is as big as you
Bua comes with stick and beats both payal and kushi.. and they laugh…
Kushi : i forgot .. i have leave for interview
Takes her bag.. bye bye .. wish me gud luck..
Rushes to her scooty.. she leaves

Kushi in audition room..
She became nervous… at once.. she thought how they left all alone once her father leaves… she then gathers her braveness.. says.. i am Kushi Kumari Gupta
Neev: yeah.. come.. i am Neev… are you ready?
Kushi: yeah.. she came near mike.. and starts singing some song of devi maiyan
Everyone likes her voice.. but they are not satisfied with that song
Neev: her voice is nice.. but i don’t think her voice will suit any other…
Kushi: wait wait.. i didn’t start my song.. i just thank god for this opportunity.. now i am going to sing
Neeev: yeah go ahead..
Kushi sings mera naam mary hai.. kareena kapoor’s song.. everyone liked that very much.. a big beat song with traditional voice ..
Man1: her voice has some magic… but she has no knowledge about music…
Man2: yeah still she has perfect rhythm..
Neev: so i think we can guide her… bcz we cannot waste further time in searching for such voice with music talent.. she is the one we can give her chance..
Everyone agrees with neev
They finalised kushi… saying.. you have to work with us for the next 8 months…
Here is the contract..
And here is your advance.. of rs.10 thousand
Kushi got happy and signs the contract.. they ask Kushi to come tomorrow
The sun sets… Payal Kushi Bua and Garima are seen partying with jilebis and laddus..
Kushi: how was your interview jiji?
Payal:it was just like a flim.. one heroine two heros..
Kushi: what jiji… you met any heroines.. who were the heros…?
Payal: no kushi.. i were talking about myself.. am i not looking as heroine?
Kushi:oh..sorry jiji.. u tell na.. who were that boyz
Payal: as i entered the office.. flowers welcome me… i just walked in … like a boat floating in water… when i was about to ask abt interview… i and one handsome salman type boy got stuck inside the shawl…
Kushi: jiji… wow… then what happened..
Payal: he starred at me as if he longed to see a beautiful girl.. he hold me and was about to touch my hair.. i shouted at him… he was scared..
And asked him about the interview.. and went to the cabin.. i was shocked to see the same man inside..
Kushi: then.. he shouted at you ah?
Payal: till now.. no one has the courage to shout at this payal gupta… istead he begged me not to leave the job.. he said sorry to me and pleaded..so i forgave him … at that time a tall man entered… he was hot … he just looked at me and got mesmerized .. and said..ur job is confirmed..
I told him i am not going to do this job.. he became tensed … and looked at me and said.. if you leave this job… i will shut this office…
so i was forced to accept this job
Kushi: wow jiji.. i think that two will definitely fall in love with you for sure.. if that happen.. who will you choose
Payal: the one who has the courage to express his love for me in front of everyone … who never thinks to betray me… that too like that man who left us…
Kushi: leave that jiji… come on .. i have a suprise for you…
Payal: what?
Kushi:i got prem rathan dan payo song list for you…
Payal: ooooo.. Kushi.. ummahh.. i love you sissy….
I love you too jiji

Arnav is getting ready with his favourite black coat and lite blue shirt for the meeting with the contractor..
Ishu is seen coming with orange anarkali suit with dark green duppatta… she is looking gorgeous..
Arnav: dhi where are you coming…
Ishu: for the meeting..
Arnav: no you are not coming
Ishu: but arnu..
Arnav: no but vut… we agreed this bcz of u.. and you are not coming thats final…
Arnav leaves with Mihir
Ishu: sorry arnu… i should come… as i m not feeling good to leave you alone

Payal gets ready for her first day in a beautiful light yellow plain skirt and top.. and light pink shawl
Kushi gets ready in Red and white short chudi… and leaves early.. saying she have to go early today…
Arnav and Mihir reaches the place… that was their college.. at once they remember some sweet moments..
Ishu seen coming behind them.. she is shocked to see the college… as she also studied there..
Then ishu hides herself in one room
Raman also reaches there … he thinks.. why that contractor wants to meet here.. don’t he have any other place…
Raman also recalls his moments in college …
Kushi also reaches the same place…
Screen freezes with Rman… Arnav mihir…. Ishu hiding….Kushi entering….

Raman lifts some girl in his arms.. her face is spoiled with paint… she is wearing orange anarkali suit with dark green duppatta.. she is unconscious..
Yeah.. she is Ishu

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  9. Very excited abt the promo super intro for both pairs really superb yaar dont delay for the nxt update plz yaar update it as soon as possible. Well done job arshi

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