Hello Guyz.. Thank you for your support.. here is Epi 3
Raman in office.. calling that contractor.. but phone s not reachable..
Raman in anger asks Mili to cancel all the meetings.. and leaves the office..

Arnav: Lets talk to that contractor…
Mihir: i will go and meet him.. till that u take care of dhi.. look ..she is upset hearing this news..
Ishu: no. I am ok..
Arnav: yeah I can see that…
Arnav holds her and keep her sit aside ..
Arnav: look dhi.. whatever happened we cannot change.. but i promise i wont let any promblem come to you.. you just relax.. and dont worry about that
Ishu: I know that u will take all problems on your head… so that i will be happy.. but bittu tats what troubling me… you deserves to be happy
Arnav: dhi relax.. everything will be alright
Ishu hugs arnav
Kushi enters her home…
Her same madhumathi bua..
Bua: arey oh sanka devi… did u get the job?
Kushi’s mom same garima from IPKKND : jiji wait.. she came just now.. let her take deep breath.. .
Kushi come… have some water beta
Kushi : amma.. i m sorry.. i couldnt get job.. all our dreams have gone wasted.. pls forgive me..
While both bua and garima consoles Kushi…
A girl came running through the chawl… some small kids seen tracing her.. wearing pistha green long skirt and top.. having a naughty smile (background bijili ki rani mein hoon aayi)
She suceed hiding herself… and sees the kids.. they all beacame sad… at once she came forward…
she is Payal Guptha… same payal of IPKKND.. but here she s equally charming to Kushi ..
Payal bought many chocolates and made the kids happy.. and telling the kids not to trace her as she s like water.. she leaves
Payal enters the home and sees them tensed..
Payal: wow sissy you came back… superb.. you know what.. i had made all loose in the game.. and see what i have won…
Garima: stop it payal.. Kushi failed in interview..
Payal: at last kushi made you fool na?… cant you think mamma how can anyone reject our sanka devi.. hai na bua…
Kushi : jiji.. its true… i didnt get job..
Payal became silent..
Bua: ok leave all this… if one door closes another will open.. tomorrow our payal has interview na.. lets see what will happen..
In the room.. kushi says about raman and arnav to Payal
Payal: wow.. two rich businessman.. hey kushi how they look.. tell me na
Kushi: one was akdoo(arnav) .. it seems he dont know other than money
Other was sadu(raman)
By telling this kushi looked worried…
Payal: ok leave that dear… see tomorrow i will get that job.. and our problems will sort out quickly
Mihir came to the contractor…
Contractor: sir i tried not to disturb you guyz.. that i know you guyz have left everything 2 years back… but i am forced to this.. i have no other option.. you should co operate with me or else meet me in court
Raman enters the office
Raman: go hell with your contract.. i am not going to do this.. i left everything 2 years back.. now i wont let them ruin my present life.. lastly he notices mihir.. and removes his coolers in surprise.
At that Raman receives a call…
Contractor: look Mihir.. i know you can convince them.. please try to understand.. atleast u should understand…
Mihir: ok i will try to convince…
Mihir leaves…
He sees Raman…
Mihir: how are you bro… it has been a long time…
Raman: yeah.. i had been to UK for the last two years.. came back last month only… how are you? and…….
Mihir: And …..?
Mihir smiles and tells him… yeah bro.. i am fine.. and all the others also fine…
Raman:” i asked about you and your life…
Mihir: accha ok ok… now dont leave with anger.. we had met after long days.. lets have a coffee ..
Raman: ya sure..
They leave
After thier chatting mihir leaves..
Raman again meets the contractor…
Contractor: what should i do raman.. when you both dont want to co operate… i have left with one option… which i dont want to go
Raman: accha that 6 inch Binladen is not agreeing…
Contractor: yes raman
Raman: ok then.. i am ready to do this..how can i leave any option to trouble that 6 inch binladen
Contractor became happy…
Next day.. Sun rises…
In chawl…
Payal : kushi get up na… see i couldnt find anything.. i have to rush.. help me kushi..
Kushi: in sleepy voice…. haan mera naam Rahul… naam tho suna hoga… ( sharuk khan’s dialog.. as she is a die heart sharuk fan)
Payal: sharuk ki bachi… Sharuk can only flirt… my Sallu.. i mean Salman ji tho… hai.. what a body.. what an expression.. no girl can escape from falling for Salman ji…
Garima beats Payal with pillow… and says… what will I do with these two mad girls… Payal.. u were getting late na.. for which you even forget to listen to Salman’s songs in morning.. right?
Payal: arrey haan.. kushi ki bacchi… you made me late… come on get up and give me my favorite Salman’s pic.. which u have stolen yesterday… give me kushi.. so that i could get best wishes from sallu…
Garima : hey bagvan.. i thought she s asking for important documents….
Payal herself found her pic… and leaves in rickshaw with fairy white skirt and top with blue scarf..
Payal enters the office… where interior work is going on.. office is getting renovated…
Payal says to herself.. wow.. every one got to know about me.. thats y getting this done.. with a naughty smile she steps forward… a man facing opposite direction to payal directing somone…
At once payal calls that man.. to enquire about interview… a big screen falls upon them.. they got stuck inside..
Its mihir and payal…
Payal is seen falling in his arms…
At once screen is taken out.. Mihir got mesmerized seeing payal… While payal is busy in adjusting her hair
Payal: by the way .. i know that i am so beautiful.. anyone can fall for me so easily.. right?
Mihir: excuse me… who are you what are you telling?
Payal: then why are you holding me for so long time after screen is taken out
At once Mihir realises and takes his hind…
Mihir: arrey oh miss.universe… who are you .. what are you doing here..
Payal: i am here to give my inter iew..
Mihir.. should i ask your name again.. so that miss universe can give her intro
Payal: why should i give my intro to you.. just tell me where should i go for my interview..
Mihir smiles and directs her
Payal enters the cabin.. and shocked seeing Mihir
Payal: what are you doing here..
Mihir: this is ASR fashion house and i am a part of this office.. i am here to take your interview.. and may i have your permission to take your interview maam
Payal bites her lips in a cute way : oh sorry.. i was not aware of that
Mihir : now may i know ur name ? or else should i undergo some tests so that u will reveal your name
Payal: sorry sir.. i am really sorry.. i didnt know what came to my mind that i spoke…..
Mihir: speak short and come to point.. whats ur name?
Payal: Payal.. i have completed fashion designer course this year.. here is my cirriculam.. and my sample designs
Mihir sees the samples… and says.. beautiful starring at her…
He keeps on starring at her while she is talking..
Arnav enters and sees them.. he looked tensed.. and sees Payal’s cirriculam..
Arnav: look payal.. you are appointed.. you mayjoin by tomorrow.. now you can leave..
Payal gets happy and starts shouting.. in happy.. then got silent once Arnav looks at her.. she leaves silently
Arnav: that kaminey have agreed to that contract.. now contractor is giving more pressures
Mihir: relax bhai.. we will see..
Screen freezes

In phone
A man: ms.kushi kumari guptha.. i am calling from live music..
Kushi: oh wow.. i knoe live music.. who are launching fresh bands for every seasons..
Man: thank you mam..we heard your bajan song.. which was soo nice.. we tried contacting you through that temple prohit..we want you to come and give audition for once.. trust me.. you have great future..
Kushi:Thank you.. but.. singing.. i dont know..
Man: we are in search of a such voice only.. so only we are contacting you.. if u got selscted.. you will work with us for the coming 8 months..

Note:guyz… sorry for any mistakes

in next episode.. i m going to change cover pic… if you guyz like that.. i will keep that one..

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  1. Ha ha ha bhajan song…. she dint know about music

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  3. Great dear…It’s good to see yhm and ipkknd together in one ff…

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  5. Niharika Ahmed

    The story is really good (y) But please make Ishita an independent woman with a job. Her character is more appealing for that way… 🙂

    1. sure… its just her intro… wait and read my ff.. Ishu is actually diff

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  7. Wow super duper ff yaar arshi i could nt imagine that payal is jovial type superb yaar plz cont this becoz in ipknd payal s character is so innocent but in this her character is totally changd i luv u r ff

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    1. ritu.. here is the link ya…
      just now saw her ff…
      and keep reading my ff

      1. Thn q very much arshi

  9. very nice..payal mihir interesting.. plz relive their past life asap.. waiting for arshi scenes.. Ishita’s character is as a strong & independent women in yhm..hope in ur ff also she is a jahnsi ki rani..i like ur ff very much..thanks for this ff..waiting for next part..

  10. thanks guyz.. by the next epi.. i think u will get to know somewat about thier past… continue reading friendz

  11. Awesome episode, I loved mihir n paya part very much, sister’s convo was hilarious, salmaan n shahrukh fans …lovely. …very interesting, plzzzz continue dear. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  12. actualy in ipkknd,khushi ws a damn fan of salman..hw can u change those thngs?

    1. i just made changes to make story interesting… i too like the old story… if same story repeats.. no one wishes to read.. i guess.. so only … follow my ff.. i hope you will like this too…. and feel free to give opinions frnd

  13. Amina Shajahan

    Very nice!
    Arshi…. u r tooo gud..
    I m loving ur episodes…..
    Love u tooo..

  14. Thanks Amina.. 🙂

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