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In hotel
Kushi finished her dinner.. asks arnav
Arnv stands and signs her to leave… he heads to pay the bill…
Kushi goes to check the bill as she feels awkard… but arnav didn’t show her the bill .. he too k the bill..
Kushi tries to get the bill from asr’s hand
Kushi: let me see…
Asr: i will put tax for seeing the bill is that ok?
Kkg: give huh.. gve that
Kushi jumps and tries to grab the bill
By then she slips and falls beside arnav .. arnav turns and hold her and grab her too close… they had eye lock…
Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon
Nikli hai dil se ye duaa
Rang de tu mohe Gerua

Karu karu viligalal oru kanmai ennai kadathuthey..
Thathumbida thathumbida siru amudham ennai kudikuthey.. plays

Someone spots arnav with kushi and took a pic… he is from press…

Arnav kushi leave…
They reach kushi’s home…
Amma: kushi… you are super late today… you made us mad…
Payal: are you fine kushi?.. where is your phone?… i have tried you but
Bua: arrey oh sanka devi… its not done.. a girl whole day out… without informing where she was…
Arnav sees them in surprise… as they were asking too many questions without expecting a reply
Amma: and who is he?
Bua: sanka devi… don’t say that you are married with ?… oh noo…. now how will i show my face… this girl ruined our respect… and that too… without mangalsutra and sindoor you got married?
Kushi holds her head..
Payal: bua.. this is my boss…
Amma: what kushi is doing with your boss?

Asr: relax… she was stuck.. i just helped her… calm down…
Kushi: yeah bua… and also you know nah.. if i wanted to marry.. i would have chosen sharuk types boy not a villain look alike right?
She laughs and closes her mouth by seeing asr…
Kushi: bad joke i guess..
Payal: sir.. come inside.. have coffee..
Asr: no.. already i had wasted my time enough..so bye..
Bua: beta… you have helped our daughter… you cannot deny.. come inside..
Bua grabs arnav inside…
Kushi serves tea to arnav… by mistake it falls on arnav’s shirt
Kushi: sorry sorry… i will clean it..
She took one towel and cleans it… she rubs it hard so button got broken…
Bua: you wont do anything properly… beta give that shirt i will sew it…
Asr: not needed… its late now.. let me go…
He goes near door
Kushi: like this?… i am sorry.. but you have to give the shirt…
Asr: really… ? i just behaved normally for one evening… that you have forgotten my nature?… stay away or else…
Kkg: or els? Wat?
Asr: you will surely regret it..
Kushi steps back.. he leaves..

By that time the news flashes that
Asr the business magnet was caught with his girl friend in the five star hotel…
All were shocked…
Amma: kushi what had you done ?…. oh no… now what will happen… i have brought up you without your dad… now whole world will laugh at me..
Kushi: amma its not true… amma …
Bua: shut up kushi… i wont listen any of you lies now…..
Payal: bua.. pls.. kushi wont do anything like this..
Bua: so the girl close to asr is someone else or what?
Kushi: pls bua… it was just a mistake
Amma: mistake?… which type of mistake is this.. do u even know the result for this mistake…
Kushi starts crying… and leaves to her room..

Isra beside bushes:
Ishu spots some truck thereby and they both get in… the truck starts leaving… goons spot them.. starts running behind truck.. they both bend inside…

After few minutes they look outside and felt relaxed…
Raman: oh noo..
Ishu: now what hap?
Raman: i think we came out of the city…
Ishu sees outside.. and shouts stop the car..
Raman: may be u have this type of car.. but this is truck… wait…hello driver stop it..
They came outside and the truck left…
They started walking in the opposite direction to the truck….

Arnav : dhi… where is dhi?
Shagun: i thought she may have reached…
Mihir: yeah .. we have waited for them..but they didn’t come..
Arnav: let me call her
Ishu’s phne is seen ringing inside truck..
Arnav: she is not picking up..
Shagun: relax arnu… she is with raman.. so don’t worry.. she may reach safely..
Arnav: that is the problem.. she is with that man..
Mihir: bhai.. pls… you know that whatever may be.. raman will take care of ishu ..
Arnav: i don’t want him to come again into our lives…
Shagun: ok ok.. leave it… she will come..
Arnav leaves worriedly..
Shagun: yaar mihir.. why they have not yet reached… we should have followed them
Mihir: yeah dhi.. i am also worried… let me search for them.. bye..

Kushi: you… do u know .. bcz of u … i got scolded from my mom and bua… what r u doing here?
Arnav: cant u see.. am having coffee…
Kushi: amma… why you have allowed this man… i am sure whatever problem is here.. is created by him…
Asr:excuse me… if i wished to create problems.. you don’t have any idea … to what extent will u suffer….

Credit to: arshi

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