Good mroning guyz…. Lets begin our special epi of miryal and parud…. J

Ruhi now turns to payal

Payal bends: I m chhooo chorrry my ruhi beta…

Ruhi: its ok payu mumma..

Payal smiles…

Payal: now I will tell our flimy story

Mihir pats his head

Payal: mickey wat.. u know nah.. I love to tell stores like this

All smiles… payal narrates



Mihir takes his car

Payal: mickey pls… no car…. We shall

She tinks

Mihir: payal no…. u will make weird choices

Payal makes pout face… mihir seeing her agrees

Payal: lets go by bus…

She exclaimed

Mihir: what??? Payal r u mad…? I have never stepped in bus

Payal: but I m missing my bus very much.. u know… the rush inside the bus (she starts recalling those and smiles slightly) … ticket conductor.. and if we don’t have change he always scolds… and those college students who don’t leave any chance to stare us… and always finds some ways to impress us… and some uncles who disturbs us….

Mihir kepst his hand over head: payal u r mad..

Payal: that’s I know…. Now I m just making u mad..

Saying this she gets down…

Mihir: but payal…

She grabs him and gets inside the bus…

Mihir starts sweating … he removes his tie… payal enjoys a lot in footboard… mihir grabs her inside.. there was rush

Mihir: sir pls…. leave our way….

Payal laughs at him while the passengers gave irritated look to mihir…

Mihir: I just asked him to

Payal: shh mickey… we should not tell like this here…

mihir: then how shall we?

Payal grabs mickey in rush and she pushes everyone …. And gets inside while mihir says sorry to every passerger fro pushing….

Conductor came: tocket tickter

Payal: mihir buy two tickets for temple stop

Mihir does the same

Conductor: rs.14

Mihir takes his wallet and forwards 1000 rupees

Conductor: oh hello mr. billionare… give change.. and also didn’t u see news…? 1000 and 500 are invalid….

Mihir apologizes to him and checks his purse.. but he had full 1000 and all debit cards only…

Conductor fumes in anger…

Mihir takes his rado watch and gave him and pleads him …

Conductor didnt agree…

Then mihir revealed his identity…. and conductor gets shocked to see THE MIHIR ARORA the rockstar in his bus… so he let him to stay…

Payal: wow mickey… u have this much fame…
.she teases…

Mihir smiles….

One boy by mistake falls over payal.. micky gets angry at that boy and starts beating…

Payal stops mihir.. and the situation in bus gor worsened…

Payal apologized and grabs mihir outside..

Payal gets scared of mihirs anger.. sje didnt talk….

Mihir calms him down.. aftr a sec he starts laughing..payal seeing him laughs..

Mohir: u know payal…. this bus journey.. is awesome….

Payal nods and hugs him…

They were in middle of the road…

Then mihir holds payal’s hands and starts running… they reach a pub..

Mihir: its my favorite pub…

Payal: woqow mickey.. i alwayz dreamt of going to pub.. but havent ever seen the pub..

Saying so she entered… she wore saree… so all starts looking at her with irritated face… but payal didnt care.. she starts enjoying..

Somone notices mihr.. and shouts…

All compels mihir for song..

Payal gets very happy seeing mihir in stage.. she cherrish for him…

He holds mike: MERE DIL MEIN AAJ KYA HAI…..

He looks at payal….payal blushes…


Payal smiles and pats her head smiligly…

Someone by mistake pushes payal…

Payal: pls stand properly..

Girl: oh drama queen…. if u want peace… go to temple.. this s the problem in this pub.. allows everyone inside … even dont look which class she belong to…. behanji types ..

All laugh at payal…

Payal gets angry… and was abt to taunt her back.. but mihir came there…

Mihir: oh hello…. behanji is not the look we see.. its the mentality we have.. and to my view.. u r the one who is behanji…. and wat u know abt her that u r taunting her… haan?? If to wear such nasty clothes and speak in broken english is the high class attitude.. i m soo happy that she is not from this high class….

Girl: mihir sir… you r bashing your fan for such girl..

Mihir raises his hand to slap : she is not suh giril … she is mrs. Payal mihir aroa… got it??

All gets silent..

Payal smiles: mickey.. leave it na

Mihir: lets leave

Payal: no yaat.. think positive.. bcz f her… i saw bew mickey today… let me enjou nah..

Mihir smiles at her innocent reply… amd hugs her.. the girl leaves the pub in tears…

Mihir then sings for payal


Payal blushes and hugs mihir ij front of all… all claps for the cutest couple…

Ruhi also claps hearing all those…

Ruhi: payu mumaaa.. mickey got angry??i havent seen his anger

All laugh

Aarav: now its my mumma paapaa turn…

He exclaimed…..

Paru gets shocked as he calls her mumma… she gets tears and hugs aarav…

Kushi: i have told aarav that you r his mumma.. and i m his mausi…

Aarav: but i will call u as my mumma..

He says those having lil tears.. kushi having same tears hugs aarav..

Paro: kushi u dont know .. how much happy i m now…

Kushi hugs paro: its ur right to be happy… and dont worry abt my aarav.. he s mumma’s brave beta right aarav??

Aarav smilingly nods and gives high five to kushi..

Kushi then bites her lips : sorry.. ur aarav…

Rudr: no kushi.. he s alwayz ur aarav….

All smile…

Aarav: now dont turn the topic… say abt ur story

All laugh .

Paro takes aarav in her arms and starts narrating….

Rudr:paro.. how much time u will take… come all must be waiting..

A big pilow came and hits rudr’s head..


Paro came out: i have came aftr 4 yrs.. and now u want to enjoy with them all…??

She fumed..

(Present :all open their mouth wider… paro tries to hide her face)

Rudr smiles broadly: wow paro.. is this you

Paro: why … why should not i??

Rudr pulls paro closer: so u want to go somewhere??

Paro again pushes hi: duffer .. u will alwayz remain duffer…

Rudr:now what wrong i did??

Paro: no one is here expect us.. and u want to roam around.. that too with me.. with ur wife.. who has came out of coma just now…

Rude: paro.. is this really you??i m noticing vast changes in u..

He laughed and saif…

Paro throws her arms around him: i want to spend time with u ridr… to forget everything.. which all happened recently.. pls..

Rudr hugs her: now.. this day is for my paro….she smiles and hugs him back…
They settled to see their fav cricket match…. and as usual paro supports opposite team.. and rudr supports india.. they both ended up in fighting… and at last india wins.. paro throws the remote and leaves in anger…

Rudr consoled paro.. and they realised that they have been fighting like kids… they laughed a lot..

Rudr: since childhood till now.. we havent changed…

Paro: yeah… u know… aunty beats you for those which u havent done….

Rudr: bcz those mischief were done by you and i m getting punished for u…

Paro: yeah rudr…. i love you for that…. we have fighted lot… but when it comes to save us.. we r there always to protect our frnd..

Rudr: but i didnt even think in dream that we .. i mean.. rudr and paro can ever love each other.. that too this much …

Saying that he carases her cheeks and slowly tucked her hair behind her ears…

Paro blushes….he slowly pecked her lips….

Rudr then takes one parcel and gifts to paro…

Rudr : its my gift for u.. u have to wear this…

Paro opens that and finds green clour beautiful frock…

Paro: duffer.. u wont leave any chance to tease me right

Rudr: ofcourse my jaanu…

Paro throws yhe frock over rudr: i hate green.. and i wont wear that…

Rudr runs fron the angry paro…

Then he turns back and finds paro nowhere… je gets tensed..

He searched for her.. but couldnt find…

He shouts: PAROOOOOO…

He gets tears.. paro came there wearing that frok..

Rudr takes her into a tight hug..

Paro: relax.. i was just..

Rudr shouts: dont u dare to go again like this…

Paro cups his face: rudr… relax..

Rudr: u thought… its also a dream… amd u r still in coma…

Saying that he cries..

Paro consoles him and takes him in her lap… and carses his hair…

Paro: i will never leave u … i m sorry rydr..

Rudr hugs her tightky: i will never let u leave…

Pari takes him inside her room which is fully decorated with roses and candles…


she sings…




(Tamil… ondra renda aasaigal ellam sollave or naal pothuma)

she slightly dances and wipes his tears..

Rudr smiles…

She kissed his forehead and cheeks…

Rudr pulled her….


Rudr smiles: same day… but different venue…

Pari blushes…

They both shared a tighyt hug…

Which made everyone to give a teaing smole…

Ruhi: why u all r smiling loke this..

Rudr and paro feels shy and gets inside…

Aarav: mumma.. paapa… then what happened..

He asked and runs back to parud..

All laugh..

Now everyone gaze fixed on one pair…

Ruhi keeping her hands over her chest marched towardd one pair…


Will be on monday… tat bye bye……take care….

And all swasan fans..be ready😀😀😀😀

guyz i have posted one os… name badlapur… do read that and give ur comments… its ek hasina thi version….


  1. Veronica


    |Registered Member

    Woah woah…Miryal and Parud sooooooooo cute….Wow waiting eagerly for swasan…….ISHRA kab aayege???? Ruhi ma ne toh sabka bura haal kiya hai…..Kya kare…Meri behn bhi aisi hai sabko rule karti.Aur papa kehte hai ki iska naam Irene nahi Irema rakhna chahiye tha.Papa has an habit of drinking alcohol…Meri behn ke zid ne papa ko alcohol se dur kiya.Me,my bro and elder sis are scared of her.And she is xerox copy of my great grandfather….who was very strict. I have seen my great grandpa but my sis never did.

    • Arshi



      Omg.. is that soo… wowow.how sweet ur siss is…

      And u knw??? My dad stopped smoking bcz f me… not so really.. but i m one of the reason 😀😀😀

      So cute ur sis is…. and yeah wait for ishra..swasan ke liye tho mera sar pata ja raha hai.. kya kaaravun in dodno ki… still thinking thinking… thnk god ki.. 2 days hai mere paas…. 😀😀😀

  2. chanu

    Heee heeee….
    Reena di…
    dis ws soo cute!!
    I lv it!!! :-*
    Miryal part ws soo sweet..
    I also lv 2 travel in bus.. bt my mom dnt allow me 4 going in bus evrydy.. 🙁 I also lv 2 go in footboard!! Dat feeling is soooo nice.. hee hee..
    dat pub part ws nice.
    Lv mihirs answer 2 dat grl.. I rly dnt llike dt grl.. haawwww.. :-/ :-/
    And da ssong:!! Soo sweet..
    oh I 4gt 2 tell u iike all the songs in previous pi also…

    Praud prt ws simple yet soo adorable part…
    Nt nly others my mouth alo turn 2 ‘o’ bz f paros wrd.
    soo cute!!! :-*
    Rudras pain , his lv 2wrd paro ws sooo lvly!!
    Nd dat song…
    awwww I lv dat song…. soo much!!!
    Arv beta.. dnt ask wt hpn nxt.. 😉 😛
    Soo lvly when he call kushi and paro both as mama… awww.. soo sweet!!

    And yipeepeee..
    nxt epi will be my swasan…
    I hv 2 wait 4 ittill Monday!!?? 😮
    hawwww… poor me!!
    U knw wt… im soo exited 2 watch them.. and their flash back!! I lv their each and evry scenes! :-*
    im dancing, my hpy dance bz u gonna write nxt epi… full oen swasann… awwwww.. lv u dhi..
    im waiting 4 read it sooo eagerly. I wnt 2 cmntt also.. wt I feel!!… and see ur rply 2 it.. 🙂 🙂
    awwwww…. nw also im dreaming.
    Keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    • Arshi



      How cute yaar chanu thum…. so sweet of ur words… by seeing ur sweet words.. i wish i couls meet u….

      And u know.. bus mein tho bahuth maza aatha hai.. jab aao apne frndz ke saath ho… we qould al2atz make fun of passengers.. and whole bus would alwayz admire us… amd we couldnt even stop our mouth for 1 sec…. hahaha.. mossing my sweeety frnd raji.. whom i spent precious time….😀😀😀😀

      amd coming to your last commemt… u asked abt not giving swasan option..
      Bcz swasan is the last before couple i m sure in thay so only…..

      i have posted this epi and thought abt swasan.. and the frist thing u only peeped into my mind.. and also chandu… haha…

      • chanu

        soooo sweet f u reena di..
        Lv you soo much… :-* :-* :-*
        I also like 2 meet u..!! Nt nly like.. im dying 2 meet you..
        🙂 🙂
        When I cm 2 india ill surly meet u..
        I said 2 my dad ďt I wnt 2 go india.. bt he said after da exams… hawww.. poor me,.. ; ( 🙁 sooo I hv 2 wait 1 yr… nd im nt sure abt dat. and where r u 4m.. I mean ur city!!??? 🙂

        Yaaaa yaaaa.. dats y I lv 2 travel in da bus… nt nly in da bus.. my gangs mouths ddnt rest even for 1 sec if we r 2getr.. 😉 lols..
        U make fun f passengers!!?? 😮 and they admire u.. yaa yaa I cn imagin wt cld hpn… lols… 😉 omg!!! I ddnt try it.. nxt tym ill try.. 😉 if I gt kicks 4m them na… then u r responsible 4 it!! 😉

        awww… u think abt me… and also chandu.. u r rly soo sweet dr… :-* lv u..
        bt bt.. dnt think abt me when u going 2 sleep… if then u ll hv nightmares. If u remind me… then pray 4 god and sleep.. lols… 😉 😉 😛

        waiting 4 nxt epi..***. dreaming

      • chanu

        Oh I 4gt 2 ask… r u in wt pad!!??
        If it is.. plz send me ur name on it…
        I create a accnt their… bt im nt reading any stories dis dys.. bt chatting. ?
        😉 😉

  3. Zaira


    |Registered Member

    So…u also saw ek hasina this??u know even I saw n I loved it but..very angry on that director he left us with a very very big suspense 😠no probs …will read n comment …..how many series do u watch aapi??yhm,kkb,ipkknd1,ek has in a thi ,krpkab,ishkbaaz,n the serial where manan came ….Korea series … N what not how do u get this much time aapi ??or there r some more seriels u see ??
    Not saying about epi because u know it was awesome …
    Mmmmm..I have a frnd who is a ishra fan I said her about u n about ur talent …I said her that I will give her the link of the epi of ishra (whenever u write)so…u got that I think so …u have to give a double blast update aapi ….plz😊😊😇😉😎

    • Arshi



      Mera lost thoda chota ho gaya aaj kal…

      When i wake up i watch…ishqbaaz.. then my figers stopped in pardes mein hai mera dil… and then yeh rishta.. (i like naira acting.. very cute she is )..

      Then i close that hotstar.. to open youtube.. to watch..


      Then bow i m watching korean seriez.. HEALER.. its dam cool…

      Thats it.. nothing more..

      I stopped wathing… suhani si ek ladki… saathiya… diya aur bathi…. even yeh hai mohabbatein.. kumkum bhagya… bramarakshash…. kawach…. ( bcz such a boring serials…. no offemse… i feel bored in home.. tats y seeig these serials.. and u know when watch these series.. my mood becomes omg… so i stipped watchig these…)

  4. ishan

    cute update….I told you ishra should be last….but now I understand how difficult it for me with out them….God when they come back…missing them very much….

  5. Amanigatta


    |Registered Member

    Mindblowinggggg…!!!!!❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍itx love how u creat each nd every moment itx full of emotions loved it❤️❤️❤️

  6. Nifa

    Hii reena dear…
    Today I came to home.. I feel soooooooooooo happyyyyy 😀😀😀
    But Tuesday I return back to hostel😂😂

    Ok Sorry I did not comment your previous epi…. all were mind blowing…
    Today epi…. was
    “sollave thevalla summa anda maari…..”😁
    Fantastic dear…

  7. chandu

    Same Day..diff Venue…of Parud’s confession…!! Wooh…!! Amazing…!! Superb…!! Payal is soooooo sweet and simple…!!! Loved her antics..!! You used recent exciting news of banning of 500 and 1000 rs. notes too in your ff…!!!Hehehe..!! Is there any idea which you don’t get while writing episodes..??!! 😛 😀
    SWASANNNNNNNNNNN…………!!!! I am ready right now only to read…!! My top most favourite jodi..!! 😀 😀

  8. Kavya

    Nice epi really it was interesting
    swasan spcl epi😄
    it will be a spcl one
    i hope swara will not do any naughty things on sanky😂
    sorry for late comment chechi
    next epi will be lit more spcl i think as it may contain some naughty moments😄

  9. Yashu

    FANTABULOUS……!!!!!!!!!awesome episodelove itthe a lot …today’s chapter was awesome ……………i loved it from the cor of my heart………………loved your opinions and thoughts which are in this story…………..waiting for ishra a lot

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