Good mrng guyz… thnx a lot for all ur wishes and comments….. now shall we proceed to our special epis….

(those who have seen korean series…. this idea of special epis have taken from playful kis…. i just love those special epis of oh ha ni and suenjo…. ????)

A car is seen coming fastly…. ……it stops near showroom….

A man from driving seat gets down from his seat… he parked his BMW X6… and he takes his love outiside.

WHATS THIS SURAJ?? Asked shagun with confusion…

For that he just sighed and takes her along with him.. they entered the showroom….. aftr talking with the salesman… he took one key and takes hagun outside..

Shagun gets excited and jumps in happiness seeing the BUGATI VEYGON her dream car… she alwayz wanted to ride that car… since its launched… Yeah its true that if she would have asked for that car … her big d would surely get it for her… but she alwayz wanted to buy that car with her money….. so the price is somewhat high according to her…. but its not that much costly for suraj as he wanted to see that happiness in her eyes… he handed over a check of rs.12 crore and made shagun sit inside…

Shagun goes on admiring her dream car.. she touched each and every part and smiled with joy…

Suraj: you can thank me ..

Shagun came into senses… she couldnt even think twice to pull suraj into a tight hug … within a sec… she pecked his lips..

Suraj who is in shock ….. tighten his grip over her ..

Aftr a while they start travellzing…

Shagu: pls.. let me drive…

She pleaded…

Suraj: no…. means no…. u take rest.. i know the route for guest house….

Shagu keeps pout face…. and starts her drama..

Shagu: see na baby.. ur dad is soo bad… he s not even caring abt my happiness…. i just asked for 15 mins… bit he..

Suraj interfres:baby… dont go with ur mumma’s lies… she is a drama queen….

He laughs…

Bit seeing shagus upset face he stops the car and asked her to drive… shagu gets happy.. and drives the car..

Suraj:its wrong way shagu

Shagun: so wat… its long route… dont worry.. i wont kidnap u.

Suraj: but shagu

Shagu: sshhhhhhhh…..

Aftr 10 mins…. they reached a garden…

Suraj gets down and was surprised to see the full arrangements… there were full red roses… and in centre… there was yellow roses in the letter of s….

Shagu: i knew u lik this type of rose garden… so i persinally bought this and thought of surprising u…

Suraj gets emotional amd hugs her…

She then grabs him to a corner… where there s a small roof fully decorated with jasmine…. and table having two chairs were waiting fornthem…

Shagu pulls one chair for suraj… smilingly suraj seated up… then shagun sits down…

She claps….

Suddenly a container full of something reaches them with the help of rope..

Suraj: shagu… whats this..

Shagu whispers: surpriseeeee…..

Suraj took that.. it was kheer… he gets broad smile and serves for him and her…

Shagu waits for him to taste first…

Suraj aftr tasting smiles broadly: shagu.. its my …

Shagu: mom hand made right??

Suraj nods fastly…

Shau: but aunty didnt prepare it

Suraj with wide eyes:dont tell me that

Shagu nods: i prepared this for u…

Suran coughs suddenly: shagun and that too cooking…

Shagun cups his face: for you i will do anything…. cooking is just a trailer….

Suraj having lil tears: i had given muh worries to u.. still u care for mr this much..

Shagun closes his mouth: shhhhh…. this care is nothing in front of ur love towards me…. i have always been pampered by all.. even though i have missed my mom dad .. i m soo lucky… big d alwayz pampers me a lot than ishu… and raman… thiugh he teases me… he is the one who cant bear my tears….. and sabky mihit arnav… can do anything for my smile…

And now you have crossed all lomits… i m soooll lucky to have you all in my lofe..

And thats only bcz f reena… if reena is not there.. i wpuld alwayz bear the hatred from audience…. bcz of evil shagun of yhm..
Suraj smiles and wipes her tears….

They finished their food…..

Suraj: lets go .. or eles ruhi will eat us..

Shagu didnt get up.. she makes a pout face…

Suraj: now what??

Shagu again claps….

Suddenly flower patelz starts showerkg ariund them….

Suraj : wow.. shagu.. u r in a romantic mood..

Shagu blushez.. and claps again.

A light music gets started…

She bemds and asks him for a dance… suraj being surprised of shagu”s act forwards his hands and pulled her closer amd starts damcing…

Jab tak tujhe pyar se
Beinteha main bhar na dun
Jab tak main duaaoon sa
Sau dafa tujhe pad na loon

Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo

Woh oh o.. (x4)


Unnale kaakki sattai colour um aachu…

Police um thirudanaga maari yaachu

Pakka nee vantha pothum thookam pochu

Varapogum thukkam ellam thool thool aachu

Unnale ulagam alagachu…


They forgot themselves in each other eyes…

A long dance amd a long hug…

Suddenly they realises and looked at the time… it was really late…

Suraj grabs shagun ti car… while shagu tries to clap again..

Suraj: u r giving lots of surprises today??

Shagu smiles and claps….

A man came running amd handovers a parcek to her and leaves…

She takes a rose from that and bends


Suraj smiles and takes rose along with shagu…. he at once carries shagun in his arms…

Suraj: i didnt plan this much as u..

Shagu keeps hisbfingers over his lips: shhh… u have cancelled all ur meeting just to wish me.. mean s a lot to me…. and u r here .. tats a grt guft for me…

Suraj getly places shagun inside the car….

The travel then reminds them their weddig .

suraj: i have blackmauled u for our mrg.. r u angry at me

Shagu: that was the best thing in my life.. u know? When u asked for marriage.. i jsut wanna to say yes… but seeing your amger towards my big d.. only i realised u dont love me… but also i wanted badly to say yes…

Suraj gets tears seeing her love towards him..

Suraj: aftr when i realised that no one is wrong… i decided to free you… but also i dont want to get seoarated from u… i just wanted u tobe happy.. tats y applied for divorce….

Shagu: i was very much hirt thinkibg to be away from you..

Sshe pouts..

Suraj” the best part is holi… when u confessed ur feelings…. i didnt realise my love.. but also.. i felt very happy hearing ur confession…

Shagu: aftr that i just couldnt believe that suraj khan a did this mich to impress me..

She laughs .

Suraj also smiles recalling their marriage in village.. his proposal…. and all…

They reach the guest house with a great smile and completeness in their eyes….

They saw the time.. its evening….

Ruhi was very much angry…. she loked at shagu

Rugi:shagun mumma.. i didnt wxpect this from u…. you also this much late..

Shagu: also means??

She looked arounf to find ishra arshi miryal swasan parud holdig ears and asks for apology to ruhi….

Shagu laughs…

Ruhi: now all will tell me.. why this much late… o?

Aarav: yeah.. or else we wont allow u for the party….

Rugi: who will tell first…

Shagun suraj starts narrating in precise way….
.ruhi: fine.. u can go inside…

Aarav: now next..

All look at each other…


Aareewy… wait karo

… tmr is somewat special.. aaise thodi mein bathathoongi… tmr someone’s birthday.. one of old reader… so i just want to give her fav couple as tmr special…. and that couple s all ur fav also.. so dotn worry.. and keep guessing…. bye tata…. take care….????

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  1. Ohhh…!! This much happened??!! It’s like detailed summary of sargun episodes which I didn’t read…!! hehe..what you wrote is true…!!!Serial shagun always bears hatred and she got many awards for her negitive female role too…!! negitive shagun credit goes to ekta kapoor…positive shagun credit goes to you..!!Loved the episode…!! 😀 😀
    Is next special couple ‘arshi’??!! Because they are only everyone’s most favourite..!! Is my guess correct??!!!

    1. Arshi

      yeah i just wanna give all the epis of my ff in these special epsi…. tats y… and i m happy tat it helped u really….

      And abt guess…. wait amd watch dear…

      Thnx a lot chandu

  2. Sweet awesome amazing wonderful no words left for this epi… Arshi dhi itstoo good… I just loved the way u have portrayed surgun inur ff… Also waiting for next episode…post soon

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear anu

  3. Veronica

    Wow awesome epi…..Surgun are sooo cute….I wasnt imagining suraj and,shagun but I was imagining Anita and Rohit(the real couple) and that imagination was really cool for me.And I am thinking Shagun pregnant….Rohit lifting her etc ??…..God! I am so mad.And the episode was really good…I do watch K drama and its soooo nice.My favorite is Lee min ho,Gong yu…They are just too awesome.But I havent seen the drama which you mentioned…Can U please mention the name of the drama?

    1. Arshi

      Wowowowowoo shagun real pair… i wish if this idea strikes me that time.. it would bw cool nah?? Leave it . Will try for another time..???

    2. Arshi

      And yeah.. that drama name… playful kiss…. it has 20 epis.. and afyr that 8 sp3xial epis.. which i love it… tats y i also thought of giving spl epis???

  4. Kumud

    Lovely so cute

  5. Reshma_Pradeep

    SUPERBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!It’s soooooooo Swwwweeeeettttttttt!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ur today’s episode was really bang on…….. U r unbelievable in ur imagination……… Hats off to u sweetheart……. I seriously as always don’t hv words to praise u…….I loved the epi to the core…..It’s really nice yaari want tomorrow chapter………….immediately……other wise i will get heart attack………pacca…please post early as possible

    1. Arshi

      Hahah ofcoursebdear… i will try to post as earlg as possible.. but cant promise for its upload.. as its in hands of telly…???

  7. Awwwwwww….. sooo cute epi arshi di!!
    Rly wt shld I tell !!???? Ur real name or arshi!!???
    I lv evry part f it!! :-*

    I hv lot 2 say.. bt I dnt hv tym!!!
    Soo read chandus cmnt twice…. 😉 😉 😉 😛

    hey its nt playful kiss part!!! Its nly reena dhis part!! U nly add 1 or 2 parts f it.. so its nt a copy its original. 🙂 🙂
    Shargun flash back is so sweet!!
    Shaguns wrds!!! 🙂 awww its rly heart touching wrds dr.. I lv it!
    I lv surprises!!!
    Heee hee u r right dr.. nly reena dhi cn turn sm1 negative 2 positive character!! Bt
    self parsing is nt gd… 😉 😉 😉 😛
    ruhi part is also gd.. evry1 holding their ears! Its rly worth watching! 😀

    Waiting 4 next epi cz I knw its rly special!!! Ur old readers bday!! Then its surely gonna be ishra or arshi!! Hee hee dis dys my guesses is nt right. Soo it also will be wrong. Lols.. 😉 😉
    I wish if my bday is also near!! *poor me!!

    Ok then lets do smthng!! U write dis ff till my bday!! Ok.. then it will be da biggest gift 4 me…
    soo deal!!??

    Sry if I blabber smthng wrong dr.. did I hurt u.? No na!!?? If it is dnt feel ad cz I always blabbering. So ignore ir dhi!! Plz *with puppy dog eyes!!

    Oh!! I 4gt 2 ask!! Did ur mom read dis ff!!?? Omg!!?? Is she reading dis cmnt also!!?? 😮 😮
    if it is!!?? *banging my head with pillow.
    Oh nooo.. dnt knw wt she must be thinking abt me.. dnt knw wt I wrote!! Then tell aunty 2 dnt think abt my wrds cz im a crack..
    Keep writing dhi
    be happy always
    love you

    1. Arshi

      Hahah chanu dear.. i m smiling like mad seeing ur comment… and dont worry.. my mom didnt read these comments…

      Yeah at starte she used to read my updates and also comments… and she alwayz felt haply.. reading all the comments.. now she s verh busy with my dhidhi’s new born baby… so just read my wishes..

      And thnx a lot dear flr ur cute words which alwayx makes me jealous.. sometimes.. like how i cant write commeny like u…. but anyways.. ur comment is a booster for me..

      Thnx to chandu bcz f whome i got you???

      1. Oh god arshi di…
        ooopsss… sry reena dhi.. 😉
        My cmnts r nt that much gd…
        and if it is… then its all bz f u nly..
        u write dis ff sooo much beautifully and I cnt stop parsing u…
        U r feeling jealous!!??? That too bz f me!!?? 😮 😮
        oh nooooo….. plz dnt say like dat.. *hiding behind my pillow.
        I try 2 express wt I felt when I read it.. and my cmnt will be big 1.. bz I dnt knw 2 summarise. 😉 (im soo weak 4 summarising even in skul.. 😉 )
        Bt ur 2 or 3 lines beat my whole para…
        U write evrytng in it.. thats da best thng.. and u cnt compare it with my poor cmnt.. haww.. *cute face

        and thank god ur mom ddnt read my cmnt.. or else rly she think dt im a big crack.. 😉
        Awwwww… say hi 2 my cute lil angel. Give a lots f kisses 4m my side 2 ur didis baby.. :-* :-*
        Thank you 4 ur lvly rply drl..

        and yaa.. thanks 2 chandu I gt such a lvly , sweet prsn like you..

        Waiting 4 nxt epi dhi..
        lv ya

  8. OMG Rehana yrr u r extra ordinary…….. No one can beat ur imaginations……. Yrr bt u know wat?????
    I loved today’s episode very very much jst coz it was of ur own odd couple’s….. Surgun as a couple will only b ur copywriter….. & I must say u hv did full justice with them…… I personally love this couple…….
    U know everyone love ishra, arshi, swasan as ppl hv seen their onscreen chemistry…… Bt u hv soooooo much magical power that u created some odd couples whom v never saw anywhere as a couple…… U created pairs of Surgun & Miryal….. & as far as v know no one seen them as a couple anywhere…. So creating chemistry between them & giving justice to their characters was really a difficult task…..
    Bt guess wat??? Our Rehana is a genius she always do some extra ordinary things……..
    Hats off to u sweetheart…….
    & & & & hw can I miss out our Ruhi she is as always brilliant…….
    I don’t know wat else I shud say or do to praise ur work..???
    God bless you….
    Take care…..
    Always be happy…..
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe….
    Achieve all the success in life…..
    Love you….

    1. Arshi

      Paru paru paru…

      This much complimet… i m flying over the sky.. and all ur worda abt surgum miryal… i m feong sooo happy..happy is such a small word.. i m feeling… feelig like the queen of the world…

      Thxn a lot for giving mw such feel???

  9. awesome. this one sentence is enough to explain u. love you

    1. Arshi

      Wowo thxn dear

  10. I m back
    I m back
    My last exam was finally today
    Finally my exams are ove
    I m free for atleast 10 days

    And happy belated birthday to aunty
    Ur all episodes were awesome
    Loved it
    Loved it
    Loved it

    1. Arshi

      Wowowowo kajal happy to c u back…

      Hope u read my wishes for ur birthday….

      And wowo 10 days leave.. tats really grt.. enjoy dear ???

  11. Omg shagun devil in yhm and sweet shagun in ff is different and cute
    i liked tat u gave her a good change chechi?
    so romantic and beautiful
    cant wait for other buddies romance ?
    ruhi and áarav ? i think they would screw them guzz?
    waiting for arshi ishra spcl epi
    let fun of anniversary cont.
    pls include nk also in next epi chechi?
    pls update soon
    i think it would be arshi spcl epi 2morro?

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear kavya… and nk is not psoble tmr… and day aftr tmr.. i will surely guve pihu nk scene pakka… sorry.. pls.. ????….

      Thxn dear for ur cute words

  12. superb episode….

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