Good morning guyz.. have a happy day.. sorry I couldn’t reply u back.. thnx a lot for all your comments…. And chanu dear want pihu nk (pk) scenes right??? Will give today… and vero naughty girl missed romantic scenes … will give aall couples romantic day today.. enjoy……

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARWANI DEAR…. I have many frndz through this ff… you are the one first frnd whom I started chatting… and I feel sooo happy as we came through this much close through this ff…. thnx a lot dear for ur cute support ….
Yeah each and every one whom I knw throught this ff is special for me… and I wont forget any of you ever…..
This epi is specially for a cute sweet and beautiful birthday girl….

Puṭṭinarōju śubhākāṅkṣalu (telugu… I hope its right words )

Hello hello baby nede nuve puttey ve
calendar lo mere coulouru nende ve….

I don’t know the meaning .. but it’s a song where jai was wishing andrea happy birthday so I just thought of wishing u by this song.. hope u like this

Lets peep into our epi

Clock is going to strike 12….. and everyone is waiting to wish their partners… whereas shagun s unaware of this day as she is busy with her 8 months big tummy…. Being concerned raman told suraj abt this day.. but being in Australia suraj felt very much sad for not being with shagun…

Shagun in phone: how can u suraj….. pls na.. try to come…. Yeah I admit that I forgot our anniversary.. but how can I celebrate without u…. its just like.. eating briyani without chicken piece…

Suraj : what??? Am I a chicken piece to you??
Raman from behind: arrey suraj… how can shagu compare u with chicken piece…. Chicken is shagu’s fav…. And she cant just replace chicken’s place with anyone else…

Shagun gave death glare… suraj : whats this shagu… I m very hurt…

Saying so he hangs up…

Ishu scolds ramna

Raman: arrey its normal fun….. and why did suraj get angry… I don’t have any idea

Shagu: just shut up raman… you r crossing limit.. how can he bear you all times…. See he didn’t lift my calls…. And today ….. I wont talk with u raman.. just go….

Raman : arrey shagu…. Listen na

Ishu: raman.. she is hurt really… suraj once gets angry… he wont talk for atleast a day…. And today is our anniversary.. and neither he is here.. nor he will talk with sweety…

Raman: but ishu

Ishu leaves the place as she is hurt f raman’s behavior… this time it hurts shagu deeply….


Pihu was aiting for nk having decorated fully home
She made all arrangements.. but nk didn’t reach…

She gets upset and starts watching tv…. The clock strikes 12…. Her cable connection starts shaking… and the channel suddenly stops … and a vedio starts playing….

A bright curve appears on pihu’s lips… yes its nk… ..

Nk : hi hi pihu…. I have never thougth that my life will be filled with this much beautiful memories.. all bcz of you… oops… no English today.. I will talk in hindi… as I really admire you when you laugh at my mistakes….

Wo bandh hai magar aap se pyara to nahi. (its closed .. but not as lovely as you)
Parvane ka shama ke bin fuzara to nahi. (without sorry it haven’t gone (ps. I couldn’t understand this line properly))
Mere dil ne suni hai ek katti si awaz, (my heart heard one worst voice
Kya apne mujhe bokara toh nahi. ( I guess you were barking)

Pihu starts laughing…. Arrey baapre.. nk… ur hindi had not yet grown…. I will tell clearly

Wo chand hai magar aap se pyara to nahi. (its moon but not as lovely as you)
Parvane ka shama ke bin guzara to nahi. (without sorry have ever passed)
Mere dil ne suni hai ek mithi si awaz, (my heart heard one beautiful voice)
Kya apne mujhe pukara toh nahi. (I think u r calling me)

Nk cont: ok now jokes are apart..thank you for being in my life pihu…
Pihu finds nk in entrance she ran and hugs him tightly….
Swara is sleeping hugging her pillow…. Suddenly she hears sone sound.. and wakes up to see all arrangements…. She blushes and looked at time which already strikes 12… she stands and finds the floor fully decorated with rose… she walks over there and feels tickling in her feet.. she laughs like a kid…

Then she found 6 roses on table… she took that and thepleasant smell of those rose made her blush cutely…. She then finds 6 cards … each card wishing her happy anniversary.. she gets confused… still enjoys…

Swara: sanky come nah

She then notices 6 parcels over her bed… she opens everything ec=xcitingly and found 1 chudithar.. 1 jeans tops… 1 saree … 1 halkf saree… 1 skirt top and .. 1 short dress…. She was in cloud nine… and shouts sanky to come…

Sanky came from behind… and give 6 kisses to her cheeks….
Swara: why 6…??
Sanky: so finally my wify is matured… she understood ..
Swara stares …
Sanky: arrrey baba… we r married b4 6 years…. That’s y… but still every year is special to me…. I will give many such gifts…

Swara hugs sanky
Shagu was hurt and tears starts flowing in her eyes.. but her anger controls her tears .. in those fight … her throat was stucked….
Rose patels touches her forehead… she saw up … and looks here and there…
Shagun’s face was lightened… she moves to the direction…
Suraj was standing with raman and ishu. Shagu runs and hugs suraj..
Suraj: happy anniversary dear….
Shagu: happy anniversary to u also…
Suraj: I have done a big sin of blackmailing you for marriage… but I gues.. I will be th first person… though wants to correct my mistake.. wont regret for this sin..
Shagu blushes and husg him.
Shagu looked at hi =m with pout face…
Raman: wont you ask … how he came.?
Shagu looks at suraj..

Suraj: raman only made arrangements… and I wanted to give u surprise… that’s y didt tell u…
Shaagu holds her ears:I m sorry raman

Raman smiles and hugs shagun: arrey . my sherni(lioness) wont ask for apology to anyone.,, I don’t like that u know nah??
Raman: also.. I m angry at someone else… saying that he looks at ishu and walsk away….
Ishu: don’t worry.. I knew very well to console this ravan kumar..

Surgun laughs….
A dark room is shown…. A girl is very much angry… her angry eyes peep out from bedsheet… she then wakes up and sits…
“DUFFER KAINKA,…. ALWAYZ FORGETS OUR ANNIVERSARY..anju beta.. your papa always do this mistake… he deserves a big punishment right?” anjali asked innocently to her daughter who is listening her word.s..
Anju hearing the word punishment … grabs a sticks and goes to beat shaleen.. before anji could stop anju… she beats shaleen..

Shaleen gets up with a jerlk.. before he could see anji and anju.. anji grabs her daughter and went outside
Shaleen: oh no.. wat was it? My dream? But its hurting more… who beat me?
Thinking so he slept again… anji makes anju sleep and takes a jug full of water and looked at shaleen who is sleeping peacefully..

She poured full jug of water.. shaleen gets up with a jerk..
Anji with smiling fce: happy wedding anniversary shalleeen dear…
Shalen: oh no.. I forgot this year too.,
Anji smiles….
Shaleen pulls her into bed: sorry bublu…. This year.. tmr… from mrng.. till night 12… I will do whatever u say… so that I wont forget next year…
Anji: whats there new here.. as u always do this,,

Both laighs,,,

Payal gets a call…
Call: mrs.universe… I want to give u something.. will you some to balcony,, before raman bhai and Arnav bhai plans something for their wives…
Payal laughs and rus to balcony… and got surprised to see mihir in extremely different look… like mickeal Jackson…
Payal: omg micky???
He starts doing mickle stpes…
Payal enjoys…
Mihir lastly bends and proposes payal and wishes her anniversary…
Payal blushes and took him into a tight hug….
Mihri: u liked mickeal lackson right?
Payal: but not more than you mickey….
Mihir smiles and hugs her….
Payal: my gift?
Miir: arrey jaan.. the day is just started.. wait for my surorise …
Payal gets excited… mihir smiles at her expression…
Swasan miryal cme hall and get caught… all the four were embarrassed and laughed at once…
Swara: lets check all …
Sanky: swara no
Payal: yes
Mihir: no
Payra: ok u two go and sleep… we will check others.. saying so they left..
Mihir sanky also follows them without any opetion..
Swara payal saw shagu suraj looking at moon and they were snjoying in each other embrace..
Swara: how cite.. suraj jiju came for shagu dhi
Payal: yeah.. now its time for love birds.. arshi and ishra..

Swra gets excited…
They slowly peeps inside ishra room;.. and gets shocked….. then they decides to check arshi room… there also they were chocked….

Sanky: wat hap.. they are ot celebrating?
Mihir: yeah
Swara: raman bhai is angry I gues… he s not talking with ishu dhi.. and ishu was consoling him
Payal: but this Kushi and Arnav s sleeping..
All gets thinking..

You all guyz also think….
I will give a special epi for ishra and arshi as my 125th special… a long wala…
Don’t get angry now.. I thought to give here itself. But its already became very late.. so posting this epi now… wait fr mondat fri arshi ishra special

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  1. Chechi…….?should i wait so long for the suspence?
    it was a cute epi with lots of romantic acts
    happy as u included anjali and pihu also in celebration
    i just remembered their mrg it was great?
    dadi,village,rituals ……. so cute na☺
    sanky is so romantic and suraj gave a great surprise to shagun?
    swara and payal is lil naughty??
    waiting for arshi and ishra spcl epi?
    Waiting for next epi And ur reply?

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear… wait for 1 day more… and i m sooo blank… just hope to give soem cute scene to ishra and arshi

  2. no its not fair dear ……………… arshi ishra i missed but no problem we are waiting for next update

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear???

  3. parwane ka shamma ke bina guzara to nahin (insect can’t live without candle) (though a candle can burn a insect and insect know this but he always roam near candle…this phrase is used for pure love)
    coming to epi…your writing skills are really too good…u r one of the best writer among all the fan fiction writers…lv ya..

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear for yur meaning… yeah its bice lones right??

      And thnz for ur awesome compliment

  4. Very cute

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  5. RinaSivaguru

    Wow….. So cute… Just love raman and shagun bonding……. Arshi sleeping!!??? post soon di…….

    1. Arshi

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      1. RinaSivaguru

        Sorry dear…….. Couldn’t read ff my phone got problem….. Now already bought new hp…..after this u can see my comments more frequent….. ?

  6. Veronica

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      Hahan. Nice status…. even my status is thinking thinking.. now changed to.. atlast did something …. and posted at mrng.. dont know when will it get uploaded

  7. Kumud

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    Mikka nanri arshiiiiiii…….??????❤?
    Thanks a lot for making my day so beautiful and also the besttttttttt…….

    1. Arshi

      Mujse nahi ho raha hai?… kuch bhi samaj mein nahi aa raha hai…. haha… google tho kuch aur hi bol raha hai.. duffer… google se… kuchu sahi answer maangna kitna mushkil kaam he.. batha he thume??? Mein kuch bhi poochun… vo tho ulta javab detha hai????

      Thnx dear i know u whoukd have told something so cutely.. and i m waiting fpr its meaning…

      And today i posted 225th epi.. waiting fornur surprising comment

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  10. Reshma_Pradeep

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    1. Arshi

      Hahaha… tbnx dear.. and yeah will try to show all pair scenes and their family bonding…. thnx a lot dear

  15. Dear r u angry with me???? ? I m soooooo sorry…….
    U r episode was mins blowing….. As I always say no words to praise u…… U r gem kind of a person……. Today seriously don’t know wat to say…….
    God bless you….
    Take care…..
    Always b happy & keep smiling….
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe….
    Achieve all that success in life….
    Love you….

    1. Arshi

      No dear.. why should i get angry…. whenever u r commenting.. its just a booster for me…. i have a broad smile pver my face…. so if u r busy its ok dear… ur comments really mean a lot to me… and u also… sooo sweet…. thnx dear paru… amd haan no sorry aftr this ok??? ???

  16. (I am copying arnav’s dialogue) “WHat the?!!” How can they sleep??!!! I think they don’t have alarm to wake up at 12.00…!! Hehe..!! This is my thinking level..!! That’s why I never think too much..!! I am waiting for special you planned for them…!! The episode is at peaks…!!

    Shagun’s comparison was epic…!! Even I never thought of comparing like that even though my favourite is even chicken biryani…!! I am rolling on floor reading that dialogue…!! :D:D

    1. Arshi

      hahahah.. chandu .. u r awesome yaar.. an dyeah how can they sleeep……

      and u know…?? i alwayz compare like tat…. haha.. tats y used it for shagun…

      hapoy tat u liked it very mub…

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    I hv no wrds!!! :-×
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    Every cpls r their 2dy..
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    Sharguns part ws awesome. Hee heee she compare suraj with chicken. !!?? 😮 lols..
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  18. epi is nice
    arshi pls start your new ff from 20 nov
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    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar somya.. and u know what?? I have decided that ony.. to post my 2 st rpi on 20th nov

  20. Zaira

    Hello aapi….came back to my house now..
    Read 3 episodes altogether n they were full of blast ??loved them very much???
    U know I just can’t control my laughter in that episode where adhm cast came .. All the scenes were so?????
    Sach mein aapi aapke episodes mein kabhi khushi kabhi gham ka haal hai ????
    In that episode jeolosy of all the men’s was so nice to read ..(wished to see but imagined???)n paro..the exceptional really yaar…..n after many days u gave anji shaleen n pk scenes they were really very ????????
    n..that instrument that they use to see face in karvachauth is called chalni in Hindi in Tamil I don’t know..
    N..karvachauth of our couples was very adorable loved Raman n asr the most in this ??asr ‘s nautanki with khushi was very very super one n .Raman’s caring to ishu was very cute ….
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    U know I loved shagun the most in today’s episode with full of emotions ..suraj came!!
    Swasan n miryal were also very good ..
    Loved the coverpic very much …

    1. Arshi

      Wowowow zaira dear… thnx a lot for such cute words…. happy to see u bacl…

      And cover pic.. i have edited those.. u liked it ??????

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