Gud mrng girlz…. have a grt grt grt grand grt day. . I m sooooo happy today… this epi is a dedicated to someone special…my dhi… she gifted me with something so precious…. tats y i m now in the peak of mount everest????..

. i just dont  understand what to write in todays epi… my mind is not properly working… so just bear my todays epi… i dont know whether i would be able to give full masthiwala epi or not… but will surely try… and kavya dear.. bcz f u … i got tat idea.. thnx dear for ur suggestion… today this suggestion mean a lot to me.. as i was wodering how to make this epi special . Thnx dear….

Recap: all husbands trapped in their wife’s antics…


Paro came

Kushi : ramu kaka… paro came …. pls serve her breakfast..

Saying those she winks at all.. as she knew very well that paro is fasting secretly..

Paro: vo.. i m not hungry…

Rudr: why?? Not hingry.. fine… but u have to tale medicines… so have it..

Rudr though searched for paro at night… he dont want her to keep fast.. as her health is not perfevtly alright..

Paro: i can take care of myself… u dont have to worry…

Kushi: but paro… u r denying as if you kept fast for someone…

Paro: kushi… i knew very well that u will ask me… but for your kind information…

While paro starts explaining .. rudr came with handfull of puri and pushes inside her mouth..

Paro eyes became widwr.. she spits atonce..

Rudr came towards paro… paro moves backward

Rudr: paro… be angry.. i dont mond…but u wont keep fast… thats final.. now take ur food and eat.. or else… i know many ways to feed you…

Saying that he smiles naughtily.. which reminds paro some scene of their story..


Paro: i wont eat rudr… for god’s sake.. leave me..

Rudr: paro… listen listen.. i know u dont like this food.. but.. u have fever… u should have this and take tablet…

Paro runs from there… rudr follows her and catches her …

Rudr pulls her closer by her waist…

Rudr: each one bite of this food … and u woll get a super gift from me…

Paro: i… i… dont…. n..eed… gift…

She stammers..

Rudr came closer…

She lost control over herself..

Rude forcefull makes her eat one bite… aftrr she gulps… she looks at him ..

He suddenly kisses her over lips…

Rudr: now second bite…

Saying tat he smiles naughtily..

Paro pushes him: i dont want ur gift… i will eat by myself…

Rudr smiles: why… you became scared of my gofts…??

Paro: i know abt all your antics… stay away.. or else…

Rudr smoles and gave her the plate….

Fb ends..

Paro with wide mouth: vo…

Rudr came closer: what??

Paro: i wont eat…. if u want u can eat.. just go…

Rudr: dont force me paro…

Paro gets tensed…

Arnav kushi ishu raman enjoys their cute sceme…

Paro atlast gave up and eats puri with fireful eyrs..

Rudr:kushi.. pls.. take care of her… and

Kushi: arrey.. jijaaajiii.. i know… u just dont worry..

Rudr leaves..

Paro: he didnt had breakfast..

Ishu smiles: what tat matters… leave nah.
. Its his punishment…. we usually dont ask him for breakfasg or anything..

Paro gets hurt and looks at the dorection where rudr leaves…


All one by one came down…

Arnav: ramu kaka.. where is my black cofee..

Kushi came with a naughty smile..

Kushi: armav ji.. u wont eat anythimg… i said ramu kaka not to prepare anything for u…

Asr: wjat the…

Kkg smiles

Asr: u cant stop me from eating outside..

Kkg smiles and looks at the door..

Asr: who have locked the door..

Kkg: who have this much guts to lock arnav singh raizada…

All laugh.

Asr smiles and came towardd kusho: u know what???

Kkg blinks

Asr: you will yourself open the door for me….

Kkg: haha.. nice joke… but u have to crack better jokes..

Asr: u r this much crazy fan of sharuk right.. u have even saw his new film trailer…

Kkg nods and laughs: nice nah… he was dam cute in his new film…

Asr pulls her closer: this s really bad mrs.kkgsr .. even though u have lost ur memory.. u didnt forget sharuk…

Kkg: how can i forget sharuk.. u know.. when i was in banaras with rudr… i used to compel rudr for sharuk’s first day first show..

Asr smiles at her innocent reply…

Asr: ok.. get ready to open the door…

Saying tat he left to his room..

Raman : ishu… hold me… i m feeling dizzy.

Saying tat he fell over sofa..

Ishu laughs..

Shagu: raman dear… u can do it… come on…

Raman: abbey.. go and ask ur hubby.. whether he kept for u pr not..

Shagu: ofcourse i will ask her.. but u take care of urself..

Saying tat she laughs…

Ishu : raman…. leave this fast.. its not needed..

Raman: no… how dare u to say its not needed… its needed.. for me.. i want u to saty with me for the next 7 births..

Ishu: oh no.. i thought.. i have to bear u for this 1 birth only..but u were planning to trap me for next sevem births..

Raman makes pout face..

Ishu laghs: accha baba… sorry.. now pls.. stop this drama… i know u can skip linch and dinner.. but breakfast..u cant.. pls… eat somethi g..

Raman stands and pretemds to be strong: oh hello.. its ramam kumat bhalla.. u will see the real raman today… these food wont matter to me.. and even though moon came i wont give imp to him..

Ishu: oh.. really… tats realky cute… and i will love to see tat raman today..

Raman leaves to his room…

Payal and swara on their rooms waking their gusbands heavily..

Sanky: swara.. pls.. i m fasting.. and now itself.. i m feeling weak… let me sleep…

Swara keeping hands over her hip: sany… wake up.. or else.. i know many ways to wake u up..

Saying tat she took jug full of water…

Sanky wakes up in jerk…

Swara: good boy… now go and freshen up…

Sanky obeys to her like a obidient child…

Swara smiles at his antics…

Payal grabs mihir to bathrom and asks him to bath…

Mihir and sanky came outside…  and gets surprised to see their cute wives with plate fu of food…

Sanky: swara.. u r too much… now u will tease me by showing ths food…

Swara smiles and takes one handful.of puri and feeds sanky… sanky gets shocked… and eats thise..

Swara/payal: i know sanky.. u will have headache if u dont eat.. and how can u think tat i will let u keep this fast…

Sanky hugs swara: but u r keeping this for every year…

Swara: sanky… look.. u will be outside full day … and its really hard for u to keep… of this is way to show ur love means… i dont need you to show such love.. u know nah… i dont believe in these rituals…

Sanky: but u r keeping this nah…

Swara: i dont believe in rituals.. but i believe in our elders…. i wont hurt them … and this s the end of this argument…

Swara orders sanky and made him eat full plate…

Mihir and sanky with lil tears higs their partner…

Thujme rab dhiktha hai yaara mein kya karoo …. plays..
Nee indri naanum illai… plays…

Shagun calls suraj…

Suraj:how r u..do u feel any pain

Shagu: if i felt… i will sury tell u first.. so pls.. dont ask this everytime…

Suraj smiles:acha ok… and wat abt fast??u…??

Shagu: you have kept a best spy for me.. with his presence.. how can i keep fast…

Suraj: yeah.. i trust raman more .. in ur matter..

Shagu smiles…

Shagu: and have u kept fast??for me..

Suraj gets tensed: vo shagu…

Shagu: how can u suraj… u guyz r same… dont even conside ur wives as a human being… if she s keelimg fast for ur long life.. u wony even feel her pain… u all r egoistic persons…

Suraj: shagu shagu.. u know nah??

Shagu (smiles):just think.. if i were this type of wife??what will u do…

(PS… i know.. many of you mist be telling now tat… HEY.. THIS IS SHONA DEC DIALOG… OH NO.. ARSHI HAS COPIED THAT FROM KRPKAB SERIAL hahaha… i liked tat dialog sooo mucb.. tats y used…??)

Suraj smiles:thank god u r such a cute modern practical wifr…

Shagu: dont butter me….

Suraj: seriously dear… look.. every husbamd is not a NAITIK from yeh ristha kya kehlatha hai… right?? To keep fast for theri wived..

Shagu: u know suraj???by seeing those serials… nowadayd..Evey wife is fighting with their husbands to be like naitik..

Suraj: yeah… even he is paying fot tat.. and in reality.. husbands dont get paid off..
.shagu laughs ..

Suraj: these r all to attract the viewers…

Reena: oh hello… wat do u mean by tat…
Shagu: yeah even in ur ff… how much unrealistic things ..

Reena: i dont have any villains in my ff.. u know??

Suraj: EXCUSE ME??


Reena: hmm. Yeah u were one villian.. but u were correct in ur point of view… and yrah kushi’s father is also a villian.. and its not a abnormal thing.. there were persons like him exist…

Shagu: ok i agree .. but… tell me… arnav have done so much arrangement…. only to propose kushi.. and u know?? He didnt even say i love u in tat epi… valentines spl epi.. remember…

Reen: vo… actually.. vo..

Ishu came from ither side: and… raman booked full restranat… only to celebrate our proposal day… anyone in realy will do tag foolish thing..

Paro from other side: you even didnt left me… in court… in front of all.. u made me kiss rudr…

Reen” relax guyz….

Payal: how can u forget me… i nearly acted as a mad to propose mihir in middle of crowd in mike…

Reena: guyz… ok fine…. these r all just to attract my readers…. and i know in real there wont be fairy tale… but we can make our story like a fairy tale.. right??

Everyone calmed down… and looked at reena..

Reena: now.. i think i should leave.. or else.. sanky will come.. and u all know.. he has many complaints towards me than u all..

All laugh…

Kushi reachs to her room and gets shocked….

Asr: now kushi.. will open the door….


Guess what.. not a tricky one.. its a normal thing onmy… wait for tmr…


Raman : here s a special karwachaith party for all ladies … who have kept this fast…. and the credit fully goes to kavya… thx  kavya…

Note: guyz… i m watching krpkab … and comments are really soo worst… i mean.. they all r bashing ishwari… but to my thought.. its the first serial.. which is showing the exact thing in reality…. and ishwari being an actress .. she is giving 100 percemt to her work… jer expressions… were just awesome… and i totally agree with the view of tat serial… every mother wi be slightly disturbed once her son starts guving inp to a new girl.. its a normal thing.. and i m sure.. this serial will create a change in society… every women who r seeing tat serial will surely get the idea what tehu r actually doing with their daughter in laws… and every daughter in law wi be able to understand the problem of theor mothe in law.. so i gues. This serial will surely help in changing the society…wats ur opinion guyz…??

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  1. Veronica

    I also watch KRPKAB…..And I too agree that Ishwari is right on her part…….All mothers are possessive about their children.So i dont find ib problem in that show.And sorry to address all who bash on Ishwari as stupids…Yes may be they are really stupid not to understand the things clearly.And coming to the episode….It was really awesome…Arre did SRK come to meet Khushi? But why will she open the door????….God! So many confusions.Loved Ishragun scene….Rudr Paro fb scene was romantic….Surgun,swasan and Miryal were soooooooooo cute.???…I will update my ff intro tomorrow do read that ‘DIL CHAHTA HAI’.

    1. Arshi

      Wpw waiting for ur ff dear… and tnx a lot for ur cute comment… and SRK…. i didnt invite him
      .. as he had came before also.. so its time for some other????

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear?

  2. Awesome

    1. Arshi

      Thmx dear?

  3. Amanigatta

    I m back?missed me??arshiiiiiiiiii❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️all episodes were dhamakaidarrrr???lovely❤️superb✌?️ur each n every episode is filled with Thora sa pyar❤️Thori si masti? thora sa gham?thori si khushi? thori si udaasiii?like I always have a mixed expression on my face still a broad smile❤️awwwwww?I truly love it?
    Arshi u r rocking dear…❤️❤️❤️?
    Today’s episode was so cute and sweet❤️hhhhhhh?how u mentioned naitik true dear?nd nd nd how can I forget reena ki conversation with couples hhhhhhh?u nailed it…!!!!❤️
    Nd something very big is on way I don’t know u know or not but I m waiting for that desperately??self excited?if u don’t know don’t ask it will be a secret?shhhhhhh?I will not tell u?BTW the cover pic is awesomeeee❤️love ya❤️

    1. Arshi

      Omg… u have just confised me.. wats that.. which is on the way… i dont get it…

      And and.. missed ur cite peppy commment…. thnz a lot amani.. thnx a lot dear for ir ususall peppy comment which s really sooo cute as u…

  4. Sravs

    di it was so lovely episode…………….so nice…….loved it to the core of my heart………and i think maybe khushi have seen SRK outside so that’s why she will run towards the door and then asr wins……………what it be reason but i will surely love it…………..not only me all the readers will love it…………….waiting for next one……………

    1. Arshi

      Haha.. sravs dear u r soo cute… u know?? I dont have such idea .. but by seeing ur comment.. i m thinking to use that..

      But but.. it seems everyonewants to see srk.. but i m not inviting him… haha…still i gonna use ur idea… i guess u wpnt mind??? haha.. thnx dear

  5. Kumud


    1. Arshi

      thnx dear

  6. Very nice episode Arshi as usual. Totally totally loved the way u included ur slef to add the fun quotient.

    And yes i agree with the point that krpkab is the forst serial which is showing characters around us. Even maami is not cunning. She is just like some greedy female around us. There is nothing like cunning plots and unusual drama in that serial. Ishwari is just an obsessed mother which is actually very much possible when they have loved each other so much and supported them so much during tough times. She has taken everything from herself and his sisters just to make Dev successful and now she just expects him to take responsibility of whole family for life. Nothing negative to ask for.

    Keeping aside saas-bahu relation ship, in any relation ship when u love some one so much , you definitely are not happy to share them with some one. And when its the case of a monther that too who has seen so much in life, this is pretty much possible. Every person in that serial is just killing it by giving their best performances.

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot maneet.. what a matured thinking of urs.. i m soo impressed.. superb uaar.. adn i totally agree with u

  7. Lovelovelovethe episode was superbbbbb……!!!!!!r..I loved the epi to the core…..It’s really nice yaar…today’s chapter was awesome …………i loved it from the cor of my heart………………loved your opinions and thoughts which are in this story…………..I am realising that soon I’ll be out of words
    So I really need to keep a dictionary by my side

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot yasgu dear.. for all ur cute lovabke words

  8. Hello arshi dhi… The episode was as usual superb… Loved the dialogue of devakshi from krpkab …even I watch that serial n agree cent per cent with Ur opinion.. Coming to the episode I guess srk will be on the door…n ya waiting for the karwachauth party

    1. Arshi

      Srk.. all r vwry much to see srk..

      Haha .. but i didnt made his entry…

      Thnz anu dear

  9. Ennavendu solvathamma unnudaya thiramaiyinai……

    Keep up the good job….

    1. Arshi

      Haha.. dhi.. awesoms… thnx a lot…. i loved thia comment…

      We used to hear songs when we travel to clf.. and our van driver often plays thia zong… ennavendru solvenamma song.. and we used to hVe fun with our frndz..

      Thia line reminds me those days.. thnx dhi

  10. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. Arshi

      Thnc dear

  11. Oh my god now im in heaven i think ?
    thankx a lot chechi again for accepting my small thought?.
    really chechi im so happy .
    sooperb epi by the way .?
    i wont forget this ever in my life .
    so cute..??????????
    ur conversation idea was so cute.
    thanx a lot chechi again ?
    what is arnavs surprise ?not able to guess?
    i think its srk?
    i dont know i just guessed it?
    I agree with the view and opinion about krpkab.ishwari is right ?
    thaankxxxxxxxxx again
    waiting for next dhamaka epi ?

    1. Arshi

      Wow kavya dear . Thnx dear.. for ur cute isea also urcute comment

  12. Sorry for late comment?

  13. Wow!!!
    Great epi arshi dhi…
    I lv it 2 da core!!! ♥

    Paro rudra flash back part is nyc.. hee hee 😉 😉

    And srk!!! Omg!! Nt nly kushi im also sooo soo soo exited 2 watch dear zindagi… and my bro already blackmailed me by saying dat he ll ddnt buy premier tickets. 🙁
    Soo I guess kushi also will be a witness dat like me… lols..

    Ishra part is soo cute.. raman is rly sweet.. hee hee.. rly I cnt keep fast dnt knw hw u all r keeping fast!!! 🙂 *salute

    my swasan.. awwww…
    I lv their lv 2wrd eo.. my swara cdnt see his headache even.. (and I also cdnt see dat 😉 😉 😛 )
    Soo lvly…

    Miryal part is also soo gd.. payal u r soo gd..

    and shagun and suraj 4n convo is also gd.. hee heee
    rly I thought dat shagun will be feel bad 4 nt keeping fast 4 her..

    final part is amazing.
    Heee hee im laughing and laughing nly..
    hee hee reenas part… lv it soo much..

    bt its ok.. we reading dis ffs bz its nt hpn in reality..
    at least we cn imagine dat and cherish dat moments.
    I rly lv fairy tales. 🙂 🙂 and I knw dat will nt hpn in reality. Lols..

    Oh I 4gt 2 ask!! U gt gift 4m ur dhi..
    awww dats sooo sooo sooo sweet..
    Im soo hpy abt u.. congo.. cz seems like u gt smthng great..

    be like dis always
    be happy my dr..
    keep writing
    Lv ya

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear chanu… and yeah.. my sissssy cute gift is… she s blessed with a baby girl…. ???

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