Gud mrng guyz…  here is next chappy….

Happy diwali guyz…

Rudr s trying his level best to console his love of life.. but all efforts goes in vain.. paro was hurt at the peak.. she couldnt just forgive rudr for what all he had done…

Kushi entered paro’s room to console her… but paro doesnt want to talk with kushi about this matter..

Both were wearing the same  dress… as soon as rudr entered

Paro: listen  … now i m no mood to talk with anyone..

Kushi: thats wat i m saying.. pls.. leave me alone.. and all get out of my room…

Rudr gets confused… as both were talking like paro..

Pari: kushi… why this??

Kushi intrprts: kushi… i m no mood of any drama…

Asr witnesses all and smiles at kusji’s antics…

Garima: omg.. now even me couldnt fond who s kushi amd who is paro…

Rudr comes towards kushi..

Kushi turns her face faking anger…

Rudr: but i can even find my paro with my closed eyes…

He goes further close to kushi…

Kushi gets tensed.. paro gets hurt…

Asr thinks to signal rudr… but rudr goes on his dialog… paro tries to leave… only to get pulled by a strong force …. its rudr..

Rudr twisted her hands and puls her closer..

Rudr: i always admire this jealousy paro..

Saying tat he winks…

Paro: leave me…

Rudr: i m not holding u to leave u…

Paro : i dont have time to waste..

Kushi: wow… u found paro…

Rudr looking at paro: yeah.. i can even find her breath…

Garima smiles…

Asr: kushi.. now we should not be a bear here..

Kushi: wat means…

Asr grabs kushi amd went outside..

Garima also.leaves…

Paro: rudr.. leave me…

Rudr: i have been waiting to hold u since 4 years…. and u r asking me to leave…

Paro: rudr..

Rudr : shhhh…. pls. Paro… end this annoyance ..  i cant live being hated by you… i just couldnt bear ur hatred …. i want u back… pls paro…. give me any kond of punishment… but dont stay away from me…

Tears starts flowing from both of their eyes…

Rudr leaves her: i will be waiting till you forgive me… but u cant force me not to love you..

Saying those he kissed her cheeks and went outise leaving shocked paro…

Paro: staying away from is not only a punishment for u… but also for me..

Saying tat she cries….

Next day early mrng..

Asr turns in sleep and couldnt find kushi.. he wole up and starts searching…but shebwas nowhere…

He knocks the door of raman’s room..

Rama rubing his eyes opens his door..

Raman: what . Kushi is again  missing…

Asr: stop ur timless joke raman.. where s dhi..

Ramam tunrs to find ishu.. but she is also nowhere…

Consfused raman adn asr reach down only to find entire family having food…

Asr: what the ..

Kushi: oh hello… pati dev… its karwachauth..

Raman gets angry and came towards ishu…

Ishu tries to hide.. but raman grabs her..

Raman: yestrday night it was decided tat u wont keep fast right??

Ishu: but raman…

Raman:ishu.. i have nver scolded u …. dont compel me to scold u…

And who s tat…

He asked pointing at shagun..

Shagun smiles  shamelessly..

Raman: shagu.. i wil just kill u… suraj have gone to some business trip.. and u became this mucj careless.. wat will i answer him…

Ishgun: raman pks..

Raman: u two wont keep fast and tats final..

Ishun did high five and laughs…

Asr: what the..

Ishu: we just came to give company.. and did bet over raman… like i said raman will scold me within 10 secs… and shgu said he will scold us both within 5 sec…

Saying tat both laugh

Mihir: who won

Shagu: none us… raman scolds us within 0.00001 sec…

All laugh at ramn..

Raman: chudail… wait.. let suraj come.. i will …

Shagu: arrey raman.. i m just praising u..
 Come lets have food together…

All get seated and had food ..

Asr: kishi… u r such a foodie… how can u…

Kushi: but i cant leave this opportunity… and also.. there s 4 arears for me..

All: what?

Kushi:yeah last 4 yrs.. i didnt keep this fast… as rudr used to deny this…

Asr: oh… so when will u clear this arrear

Kushi: this year..I will fast for 4 dayd..

Asr: what the… shut up… and eat fast.. no more stupid words from u..

All laugh.. kushi kept pout face and ate..

Rudr came and joined them…

Kushi: rudr

Rudr: i will keep fast …. i usually keep fast for paro….

Alll girlx: how sweeeeet….

All boys: oh noooo…

They were very much tensed …. and look at each other….

Swara: sanky baby….

Sanku: ofcourse baby.. tats y i came to have food with u.. i wil keep fast… but u know nah.. if i dont eat food.. my head will start aching

Swara guves whatever look and cont: thnx a lot sanky.. see my sanky is best.. he s keeling fast for me…

Sanky guves a terrific expression…

Raman: but i have already decided.. tat i will keep fast for my ishu… i havent yet kept any fast.. though ishu used to keep thai fast for me… but this year.. i will keep this fast.. for my ishu and our chotu baby..

Ishu smiels and hugs raman..

Payal looks at mihir…

Mihir: mis.universe… u r not ordinary girl to ask this cheap thing right??

Payal smiles: ofcourse baby.. i m not ordinary girl… but wont u keep fast for this much different girl..

All laugh.. while mihir having pout face nods…

Kushi now looks at asr..

Asr: what.. i m not gng to keep any fast… got it…??

Kuhi: what the…

All laugh..

Asr: thats my dialog..

Kush:u should keep fast…

Asr: kusi.. its arnav singh raizada… i wont keeo any fast.. got it…

Kushi: amd this is kushi kumari gupta singh raizada… i wont accept my defeat.. i will make u keeo fast for me..

All laugh at their antics.. while rudr searches for paro.. but paro didnt come..

Paro in room having food and cries: i will keep fast… but i cant forgive u rudr…


Karwachauth masthi…

Small precap.. for the anniversary special

Ruhi waiting desperately for all..

She pats her head…

Aftr some hours… one by one all came with fully exhausted face…

Ruhi: whats tjis. I didnt expect this from u all.. now all will tell why u have been late…

Ruhi: whom to get started….
.she gets into thinking…

Ruhi: areey readrs… u have to tell …. whom u want to see first… ishra arshi swasan miryal pk surgun anjleen parud roka ?????

Ruhi: didnt get it???  Arrey… u all have to choose any one pair first… and they will tell why they came late…. and the full episde will be tat couple’s best moments…. like wise all the other pairs will have one full epi special…. now understand….

All jodis: wow…  so one full epi for us…

Ruhi: arrey haan… now dont get soo excited….aftet ur special epi.. there will be a big pumishment for u all by me and aarav… as u all r late …

Ruhi said those with pout face..

All jodies: ok baba… we have enjoyed a lot…. and

Ruhi pats her head: wait nah… one by one u should tell… who is first… lets start the poll with arshi.. areey its reena.. she also have the right to poll naj…

Reena: welll…. i like allll jodies.. as all are very close to my heart…. if i have to choose any means…i will choose miryal first then surgun then pk… reason is… arshi ishra swasan is popular ones… and i like these uncommon jodies.. miryal pk surgun.. and the comments i got for these jodies … is awesome… i m soo much imprssed…. tats y…

Now waiting for all ur choices… there will full treat for all couples… and this s the surprise i told u last week… hows this idea guyz….

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  1. Veronica

    I would go with you di….First surgun then miryal then pk….And the epi was very very very very cuteee…How Raman scolded ishgun….And girls compelling the boys to keep fast….It was so nice.

    1. Arshi

      Tats soooo sweet dear.. thnx… and will see the choice of others too … ???

  2. Anaya

    Wow.. Superb episode yaar.. Curious to know will ASR keep fast or not..? Precap was so cute.. I’ll go by your choice.. First give for miryal surgun & Pk..

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear …. lets see wat others say. . Till now all are with miryal surgun and pk… ??

  3. Mica

    hahaha.. what husband all…

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear

  4. Anu16

    Aww… So cute… Hope everything gets fine between parud soon… N for the poll I would like to have surgun miryal pk as I’m missing their cute scenes for a while… Also waiting for karwachauth masti… By the way Ur cover pic is awesome post soon…
    N wishing u a happy n prosperous diwali… May always keep smiling n remain hale n hearty…

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear.. u like my cover puc…???? thnx a lot dear… and yeah i m also missing them ….??

  5. Kumud

    Marvelous ff and agree with you as well the uncommon couple first before the common ones

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear kumud

  6. awesome its superb…………. waiting for karvachaut masti iwill vote to ur choice.

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear sowmy

  7. Super episode I want ishra or ars hi first

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear… i m sure u will enjou every pairs special epi… amd i have special plans for ishra and arshi… ????

  8. awwww arshi di!
    i lv 2dy epi soo soo soo much!
    so nice epi di.

    feeling sad 4 rudra and paro!
    hope she will 4gv him.
    rudra recognize paro. awww. i also thought dat he ll find her. 🙂
    and wow! wt a karwachoth!
    i like it soo much!
    heee hee raman is so sweet! hw caring he is. :-*
    and swasan. 🙂
    poor sanky! lols!

    best wifes!
    heee heee
    thy r thredning thr hrbnds! lv them!
    hee hee hw smartly thy try 2 awoid dat? bt our over smart wifes convince them!
    im rofl!

    ur prcap convo is soo soo cute!

    and i dnt want 2 tell u dat who is my fav! and wt i want! hai na dhi! 🙂 😀
    phir be im telling u.
    i want my SWASAN!!

    keep writing di
    be happy always
    lv u sooo much!

    sry 4 late cmnt!

    1. Arshi

      haha i knew it dear.. swasan will be ur choice….. and i thought… first i will give uncommon couples cute scenes.. so that i can build interest in all of ur mind.. and thinking to show something special for swasan arshi and ishra.. lets see

  9. Nivedha

    Ur choice is cute Arshi… But I m the great Ishra fan and I couldn’t leave my chlakutties… So I need Ishra first… Else… No issues… Every couple are cute na… Waiting for KC masthi… Loving ur Epi to the core

    1. Arshi

      thnx dear nive…. hope u like alll epis of this special trear

  10. I love ishra the most….but you can bring them anytime….no matters….loved today episode very much….keep rocking…..

    1. Arshi

      thnx dear

  11. Surgun coz of suraj care twds shagun

    1. Arshi

      wow thnx dear…

  12. Lovely

    1. Arshi

      thnc dear

  13. ..I loved the epi to the core…..It’s really nice yaarwow!
    nice epi dr,!
    lv it sooo much!Day by day I am falling more for ur ff u have always rocked & u will always rock dear u r just awesome dear I am just speechless about ur ffloved it….awesome episode yaar….you r good writer

    1. Arshi

      thnx a lot yashu dear.. for ur lovely support

  14. Superb dear…
    You are amazing….
    no words to praise you…
    You know dear… I m not praise anyone easily… but definitely appreciate…. (don’t think I m very rude.. ? ) but you are the most suitable person for praise… I m a media student… so I know how tough that maintain the characters & buildup the story etc… You doing it very very perfectly.
    good writers should be disturb the readers through their words… You doing it and you disturb us. And I think all are agree with my words…
    I m not care about characters…. some characters are never heard before… swara, sanky etc. . I m read only for story.. You are telling story very beautifully. .. CHANCE A ILL.. this all words coming from bottom of my heart…

    You know dear, within two months i have to write script for short film.. and play the on screen… and want write novel too….
    Omg how can I. .. that’s big task. short period of time…

    After hearing this I remember you only…
    You are doing a very good job…
    Keep it up..
    Don’t stop this. ..
    write continuously ..
    God want bless you always…

    One request …
    If You finish this, don’t forget me..
    becoz I m your crazy fan, grinder, and mixture etc…. ???

    1. Arshi

      nifa dhiiiiii now i cant express what i m feeling right now……. i m just flying… and u know???? i also same like u… wont easily praise anyone… but after coming inside this site… after recieving all ur praising wordss… i have also started to talk same like u all guyz…

      and nifa dhiiiii i m sooo happy from ur comment.. thnx dhiii

  15. First i think it should be miryal pk surgun
    then our main heros .?
    i think u should include some surprise visit of any celebreties during karwachouth
    it will be so much fun chechi.?
    it was another cute epi.???

    1. Arshi

      kavya dear.. u just helped me … i m soo thankful for u… for this idea… actually i m blank today ajd by ur suggession i got some idea to get colours to karwachauth … thnc dear

  16. Raman is really an epic guy …!! Whenever his scene comes… I always laugh…!! All men doing karwachauth with pain…!!hehe…!! Precap is soo exciting…!! Whole episode for a single pair??!!I want swasan…first, next arshi…!! 😀 😀
    Eagerly waiting…!! 😀

    1. Arshi

      thnx dear…. every pair will rock.. i will try to gve bst scene for all couples

  17. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s soooooooo CUTEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!Loved it!!!!!!!!!!I also Prefer uncommon couples first than common couples……….(I’m really sorry…….I can’t able to comment on few previous Epis BCOZ of my hectic works & Exams……)

    1. Arshi

      no issues dear.. comment me whenevr u r free.. thnx dear

  18. Zaira

    It was so lovely episode aapi…
    I am with ur decision of the anniversary special …
    Sorry busy ..so chotu comment

    1. Arshi

      thnx dear zaira…. short comment also brings a smile.. so no worries dear

  19. Sangee

    superb work arshi sry i was not able to comment in all post but i read all the one without missing 🙂 waiting for spl epis 🙂 take care pls patch up paro and rudr 🙂 🙂

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear????

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