Gud mrng gyz…. have a gud day… and tats really sooo sweet if u all tat u have enjoyed yestrdays epi????

Recao: paro tells kushi tat aarav will stay with kishi as a punishment to rudr… parud agrees to stay beck for 1 week…

Eveng… chai time… paro is not talking with rudr… ishu is consoling raman.. raman is angry…. kushi enjoyes with aarav.. arnav gets irritated…

Swara payal is angry with sanky mihir..

Swara: raman bhai… wats happeng.. ishu dhi is trying to talk with u.. but

Raman: dont ask me swara… she … she…. she….

Payal: wat did she do??

Raaman: next sunday?? She forgot wats the spl…

Swara payal: you remembered???

Raman: pfcourse.. how can i forget.. we all get married with all rituals….

Swara and payal throws death glares to their hubbies.. who is standing at corner.. unaware of those…

Arnav from.behind: ishhu dhi forgot??how s it possible??

Raman: we had never celebrated nah.. tats y… by the way… u r very worst in remembering dates.. how come u remember??

Asr smiles: for the past 4 yrs.. i have been celebrating this day… how come i can forget..

Raman beats asr: abbey.. its bcz f u.. we had never celebrated..

Asr: but i dont have any idea of tat.. i ised to go to singapore this day… to cherish mine and kushi’s moments…

Swara payal: we knew kt already tat arnav and raman bhai are todays romeos… but its proved today.

Swara:i wont forgive this sanky monkey

Payal: and i wont forgive this micky donkey…

Asr: relax… this yr.. we will give surprise to our partnes… wat say..

Swara: i wont give any sirprose to tay monkey..

Asr: swara…. then u can taunt him for the full life.. so tat he cant even forget any dates…

Swara excitingly: areey yeah..

Raman: kamineu..

Asr smiles…

Raman: hey… letsfind out.. whtr shagun remembers or suraj remembers.. ok??

All get inside shagun suraj room

Raman gtes shocked: wats happenig here..

Asr: what the??

Swara payal: how sweeet…

Shagun was sitting over bed.. and suraj massaging her legs…

Suraj: her legs…

Raman: leave leave… we know tat.. u r on fill time duty.. we will come later…

Raman says those and laugjs…

Suraj:arrey come nah…

Shagu gets up: dont make fun of him yaar… (she says those in tiring voice)

Raman gets concerned and went towards shagu: shagu.. wat happened..
He carsses her cheeks…

Shagu walks with difficulty: nothing..

Raman helps her and makes her sit on bed.. he looks at her swollen legs…

Raman:suraj wats this.. cant u take proper care of her..

He starts scolding like anything.. and starts massaging her legs…

Suraj and asr who is standing laughs  silently…

Swara: raman bhai. Relax.. its common….

Raman: go hell with ur common… alwayz .. all r saying those things… dizziness is common.. vomit is commo.. and now… thi one…

Payal swara smiles at ramam’s care towards shagun…

Shagun lays down to sleep…

Shagu: suddenly u all here??

Raman : areey ya… we came to ask… what’s ur plan om sunday….

Suraj: no spl plan.. why??we r gng anywhere??

Raman smiles isilently thinking tatt shagun will scold suraj now…

Shagu: i cant come yaa..pls…

Raman and all laughs silently.. and left the place  .

Raman:tthey both forgot….

All laugh and did high five…

There comes kushi and paro wearing the same red gown gifted by garime..

Garima: wow.. u teo r looking exactly same…

Asr comes there by: kushi…can u pls..

Kushi: ji.. i will call kushi wait??

Asr looks at her: oh sorry… i will call her myself..

Kushi laughs silently..

Asr turns amd finds paro in same dress.. he gets confused… he looks at both.. both r signalling him tat they r not kushi…

Asr smiles and comes towards real kushi..

Kushi blinks: ji… u r mistaken… kushi is there…

Asr: leave her nah… how many days will i romance with kushi.. let me romance with paro tooo..

Real paro who is standing opposite laughs at asr’s dialog..

Kushi ^gets angry..

Asr pulls her closer: and also… romancing with kushi who is acting as paro.. is thrilling right?Kushi looks at him and smoles…

Swara: arnav bhai.. leave kisji.. rudr is coming.. lets test him also…

Paro: no need.. i m feeling sleepy..

Saying tat she left to her room

Raman comes to his room.. only to find a big thank u card on his bed…

He took tat and had a look… and smiles… and soon he changed his reaction..

Ishu from behind: orange juice was awesome…

Raman suddenly tunrs really???

Ishu smiles:yeah… u had prepared tat with much love only for me… and how can i just leave tat opportunity..

Ishu hugs him tightly: thank u soooooo much raman..

Raman hugs her back: i love you ishu…

Ish:so my raman is not angry anymore..

Raman breaks the hugs and turns:no.. i m angry..

Iahu: arrey baba.. now wat

Raman in mind: let it be .. if she didnt remember.. she will be very happy by my surprise..

He became normal and tur s:  i did this much effort for ur juice and u r guving a lighthug only??

He asks with pout face.. ishu sblues adn gave a peck to his lips..

Raman smiles….


Pari rudr patchup… sunday preparation…

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  1. Wow superb.. Episode.. Arshi are very cute & Raman’s concern for shagun was adorable.. Can’t wait till Monday..

  2. Veronica

    Arre arre jaise meri tang keecha tha aise ff mein bhi sabki tang keech rahe ho aap ?????(just kidding)…..Awesome epi just loved Arshi bond.Ishra were cute…I must say it was really funny in surgun part ??….Loved the epi….Arre aaj toh friday hai?Abhi toh din ka intezaar aur ???….Aap sunday spcl epi dongi na????

  3. Wow sooper epi chechi.liked it a lot.
    raman is so caring i like to have a brtr like him.so sweet .
    I think my brothers will also care me like this.
    sagun and suraj both of them forgot ?
    so sad?but will be surprised for sure
    sanky monkey micky donkey is so cute?
    a big surprise for all right?
    keep updating
    waiting for paro rudr patchup
    nice promo
    i think diwali spcl epi will be more sweeter and will be the best gift from u? ?
    happy diwali in advc again?

  4. As always superb episode……eagerly waiting for next one…

  5. wow!
    nice epi dr,!
    lv it sooo much!loved it….awesome episode yaar….you r good writer dhi u said there would be lovely scenes between couples add all the pairs scenes dhi

  6. Kumud

    Awesome yaar really love it can’t wait for the next one

  7. arrey wow superb……………..

  8. I love it

  9. Wow superb…. You r amazing dear…. I’m admiring your writing skills. … god bless you always…. keep writing… good job….

  10. Yoo…!! sooo Amazing…!! Even I will prepare myself for sunday…!! Diwali+ DHamka marriage day celebrations…that too everyone/s…!! Woww….!! waiting for it…!!

    1. Huh chandu!!!
      Im angry with u..
      u knw na hw 2 convinced me na?? With ur sweet wrds..
      hw cn I say no 2 ur request.
      Huuuhhh… poor me…..

      ok ok dr u write ff in December. Ill wait 4 u… 🙁 🙁

      Ill missed u till then… hwwwwww…

      Heee hee u ll beat ur self!!??? 🙂
      Gd gd..bt I nly hv right 2 beat 2 in tu…lols..sooo ill tret u when u ll cm back in nxt epi dl..
      sooo wait 4 it…
      I dnt care if ill bcm poor also… 😉 😉 😛

      yaa u r right. ?
      sry arshi dì im talking with chandu heŕe…
      ďnt kill us..
      im ur lil cute sisy na..
      and I dnt mind if u kill chandu… 😉 😉 😛
      love you both..
      be happy always

  11. Fanficoholic

    Eagerllyy waiting fr rudr paro reconcilation. Hope they unite soon. And lollll kushi so innocent. Hw cld she think arnav wll nt find out who she is. And shagun raman thung was soo gud. I loved raman’s care towards her.

  12. Awwwww soooo sweet epi dr..
    its rly cute one..
    ;-* :-*

    Nly u cn write dis di..

    hee heee poor sanky and micky.. surgun both cdnt remember it!!??
    😮 😮
    hee hee w a matching copl..
    awww my sanky monky ad micky donky..!!!??? 🙂 🙂 it ws hilarious.

    Im waiting 4 thier surprise. Want 2 see thet..
    and swara aggry 2 it bz nly she cn tant my sanky 4 whole life 4 nt remembered da dy.. !! Hwww sanky thu th gaya..
    😉 😉
    Raman is soo sweet..
    lv him..
    his care 4 shagun is soo heart touching.
    Surag is a cute hubby..
    oh god if dis ektha kapoor will gt u as a writer na!!?? Then it surly be a rockng 1..
    dis dys im soo bore 2 watch yhm…
    areee cvs teach smthng 4m arshi di..
    asr is soo gd.. he cn recognised his wife. Awwww..
    rudra try dr.. u cn convince ur lv… 😉

    Keep writing dr
    be happy always
    love you..
    happy diwali.!!!!

  13. Nice

  14. Nivedha

    Wow so cute and Happy Diwali

  15. wow!
    nice epi dr,!
    lv it sooo much!

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