Happy birthday ayesha…. happy birthday ayehsa… happy birthday ayesha…. happppy birthday ayesha…

(Arrey dont read it normally.
I m singin???)

Stay blessed and hapoy throughout ut life dear… wish u a many more hapoy returns of the day… have a blast today….

May your coming year surprise you with the happiness of smiles, the feeling of love and so on. I hope you will find plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever. Happy birthday.

Hello everyone… gud mrng…. lets begin our epi….

Recap: paro came to know abt rudr’s deeds… she locked herself inside the room… ishu forgets her anniversary date.. raman upset…


Kushi: still paro didn come..

Ishu: yeah .. even rudr is waiting outside.. he didnt even had water since mrng…

Garima came and greets everyone…

Kushi : maa…. u know?? Paro woke up…

Garima smiles having instant tears: really… may i meet her…

Ishu: no aunty.. actually she came to know abt rudr and kushi… and got angry.. she lovked herself ….

Garima runs and knocks the door…

Paro screams: leave me alone… pls….

She cries…

Garima stammers: pa..r..o… pls beta… open the door… listen… listen me…. u r my cute daughter nah… come on open the door….

Paro feels as if her mom calls her…

She opens the door and found garima…

Paro: who r u..??

Garima: u r daughter of hema right??
Rudr gets confused…

Pari nods amd asks how she knew .

Garima cries and hugs her

Aftr a while…

Garima: and… abt your dad??

Paro:vo… actually….

Rudr: vo .. he s rakesh sharma…

Garima: RAKESH??? Who??

Paro controlling her tears: vo aunty.. he s my step dad… and i have no biological dad.. he s dead for me…

Garima smiles: beta… vo.. hema and me were best frndz…. like sisters… have you ever heard of ur mom talking abt me??

Paro looks at her with confusion: garima auntty??

Garima nods

They had a hug  ….

Raman: you two r best frndz.. and your beth daughters are look alike.. how co incidence..

Garima: its not co incidence… kushi’s dad is paro’s dad…

Everyone s shocked to the core…

Kushi and payak : wow.. that means.. paro is kushi’s twin sister..

Mihir: payal… calm down.. this s serious..

Kushi: why serious…

Asr: bcz. Ur dad have opened zerox shop everywhere…
Saying tat he did high five..

Kushi frowns…

Paro: WHAT??

Garima nods

Garima: my husband s such a cheat and fraud… he left me for hema… and hema didnt accept his love… then one day he did suicide drama.. which made hema to accept …. and i left the place and shifts to somehwere thinking not to disturb them… aftt 2 yrs.. i met hema.. and came to know tat he left her also… and she s pregnant with 8 months…

Paro: i wont leave that creep…

Asr: no need for that… he s dead… he is hanged to death… ..

Everyone s relieved.. and settled down..

Paro: maa told much abt you aunty…

Garima: dont call me aunty.. call me maa.. me amd hema decided tat our kids will call us both as maa..

Paro smiles and hugs her..

Asr: dhi..
Ishu: ueah..

Asr: see.. our fate is same.. ur husband also has a lookalike brither.. and my wife also..

Ishu smiles .. raman laugjs..

Suraj: shagun…. need to

Shagun folds her hands: i remember suraj… we have to go for check up.. u pls..

Suraj: ok ok fine… relax .

All laugh..

Paro stands and folds her hands: i m really sorry on behalf of rudr… i know how much u would have been felt  …

Asr came forward: relax.. we all forgave rudr…

Paro: but i cant…

Rudr : paro..

Paro turns to kushi

Paro: kushi… i m feeling so shamed… but…

Kushi hugs paro: arrey leave tat.. see we r twin sisters.. i m sooooo happy..

All laugh .

Paro smoles: u r too good… and tats y ridr took advantage… now we cant bother u more 

All gets nervous..

Paro: we r leaving… and pls.. dont try to stop us…. i cant face u all .. which will remind me how my rudr stoop this much low…

Kushi gets tears thinking abt aarav..

Kushi stammers:paro… ols.. pls.. dont go…. i cant… vo  .. i mean…. pls.. we r not angry.. paro .. listen…

Asr holds kushi..

Ishu cries seeig kushi..

Raman: paro.. i know u r angry at thsi moment… but pls . Dont take this decision…. we all cam stay here right?? Rudr pls tell her…

Rude:  how can we stay here raman… sorrey… paro is right..

Raman: see… we r very kind hearted persons.. see shagun amd suraj s living here thougj they need to he in their home..

Saying tat he laighs at shagun.Shagu: u wont leave any chance to tease me right??

Raman: ofcourse devil…

Shagun beats hom: even u r son in law who us staying her for long..

Shagu and raman starts fightig…

All kept hand in their head…

Kusji: bhaiiyaa… lets fight later.. now pls stop paro..

Paro: kushi.. i know why r u stopping me…

Kushi: vo… u r taking me wrong..

Paro: no kushi… i know.. u r so much attached with aarav… and so as with aarav… i wont take aarav with me…

Rudr : paro.. wat r u sying..

Paro: rudr… i cant forgive u… but i cant leave u also… aarav will be with kushi… amd everyday i will long for my son.. seeing tat you should realise how big sin you have commited…. seeing me in pain you woll suffer life long…

Rudr:paro.. pls.. dont do this to yourself…

Paro: i m gong to take my sthings… if u want to come with me .. u can come…

Saying this she leaves to her room…

(Now dont ask me.. how paro things came here ???)

Kushi feels sad yet confused….

Rudr couldnt stop paro…

They r leaving finally…

Garima: beta ..

Paro turns..

Garima: wont u stay in my home … pls???

Paro: no maa… pls.. dotn stop me..

Garima: i did a big sin by not saving ur mom from my husbamd…now can i get this opportunity to as for a apology to ur mom…

Paro cries…

Kushi grabs paro and says: maa.. paro and rudr will stay here… even i have responsinility of yours…

Paro: kushi…. i m not gng to stay here.. so pls… leave me…

Raman : ok fine.. atleas 1 week stay here.. u r weak.. and i cant let my sister go like this…

Paro gets emotional by hearing sister word from raman…

She kept the bag…

Raman and all smiles…


Masthi and romance night….

Guyz guyz… today it will be light boring epi right?? Vero only asked me to post like tat???? … lol… actually i want to show paro reaction.. tats y… tnr … will try to give masth wala ishra arshi scemes…. swasan miryal also…????.

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  1. Nice episode arshi dhi… Sorry for not commenting regularly as my exams were going on in school… Now we have classes exam post diwali… I’m tired of giving them but can’t do anything as its my board exam…. Coming to the episodes I loved asr n Raman checking khushis memory… I remembered the episode n so loved it… BTW paro’s behaviour was totally justified as she will be hurt because of rudra n also sad because of Aarav…wow nice precap… post soon

  2. Awesome

  3. Veronica

    This wasnt boring ??….I am joking!!! Meine kal kaha tha uska matlab yeh nahi ki aap saari baat man lo….Waise romance nahi tha toh I will consider it boring only for you ah?….I really love your ff…..I am eager for the new one as well as to know the end of this one….Kya karoon ek hi Reena di hai sab kuch karne keliye…Nevermind I will wait.Thank you for such an awesome and emotional episode….Bffs ke betiyon ka chehra ek jaisa…Isse kuch yaad aaya…..Bachpan mein meri saheli se meine kaha tha ki hum dono ek hi ghar mein jaayenge shaadi ke baad so that we can have fun together…Abhi sochti hoon toh lagta hai kitni stupid hoon main ????.Sam comes to know this….He will tease me like hell!!!

  4. Ayeshaaa


  5. eagerly waiting for next update.

  6. Kumud

    Really nice love it next one pls

  7. IT’S SUPERB…!!Loved it…!! I accept that it’s light episode…!!Soo serious…!! No much jokes except xerox centers waala…!! 😛 But it’s not boring…!!

    1. chanduuuuuuu..

      wt u said ha???
      r u trying 2 kill me??
      dnt u lv me?
      u gave me bigggggg shock by saying u ll nt write!
      oh god! 😮
      wt r u doing?
      im soo angry with u.

      and i cnt took sm more thing ok!? bz u gonna update nxt part! 😉
      array here evrytng is soo expensive! then ill be poor bz f gtng nw thngs 2 u. he he soo dayan karo meri ma.!.! think abt ur poor lil fan!

      hey uplode nxt part atleast seeing my puppy dog eyes.
      @[email protected]
      plzz plzzz plzzzz…..

      keep writing
      be happy always
      love you!
      miss you!

      1. I love you soo much…!! That’s why I am telling you that may be I cant post for now…!! I don’t want to disappoint you…!! But I am helpless…!! 🙁 Don’t worry… I will buy myself all the other things and beat myself… if it’s costly…!! 😛

        Chanu dear…!!
        My dear twin sissy…!!
        Please…just upto decemeber…!!
        Dont worry…!!
        I will try to give teaser tomorrow or sunday if possible…!!
        Even me… seeing with my puppy eyes….!!
        plzzzz plzzz plzzz

        love you too
        miss you too!!

        I think arshi…will kill both of us…for making her appreciation box into our chat box…!! Forget about writing my ff…I won’t be able to read her super dooper treat ff too…If it happens…!! hehe…!!

  8. Thankx a lot chechi????
    u accepted and included my thoughts in tis ff?????
    today im very much happy not only becoz of tis but today i met my old frnds after one and a half years.they are studying in another school after tenth???
    it was a stunning episode .
    raman is so funny?
    it was an emotional epi i liked it a lot.
    Hoping tat paros anger will melt soon?
    interesting precap.?
    wil try to read ur ff regularly and comment .
    once again thankxxxxx a lot chechi…………..

    Pls put next epi soon i think it will be a deewali blast epi.

    Sorry to say late HAPPY DIWALI IN ADVANCE TO ALL especially u chechi?????❇✨???

  9. Urrrrggggg…
    wt r u saying haaa??? Arshi di??!!

    Im already angry with chandu and nw u saying dat ur epi is boring.
    nw im angry with u tooo….
    dnt talk 2 me…
    🙁 :'( :-/

    Dnt dare 2 cl dis ff boring ok?

    I lv dis epi..
    I think same will hpn..
    bt I ddnt thought paro ll gv arav 2 kushi..
    awww she is sooo sweet…
    in ds serious situation also ramn is joking and fighting like a kid..
    heee heee..
    Aww nw raman hs another siso..
    and paro and kushi is twins.
    Om hpy.. and nw we cn understand y thy looks same..
    😉 😉

    Im nt angry with u dr…
    🙂 😉
    Waiting 4 my swasan parts and masthi , romance f all da cpls…….

    Keep writing
    be happy always
    love you..

  10. Anaya

    Wow it was very nice arshi.. Eagerly waiting for masti wala epi..

  11. Fanficoholic

    Amazing episode di. Loved it. But i am poor paro is very hurt. And am shocked wth ur twist. Hw cme u connect things like that? Really shell shocked and surprised by tis twist of urs. Eagerly waiting fr the nxt one

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