Good mrng guyz…. haply birthday kajal?? enjoy every moment like its for you…happy birthday dear.. have a blast.. here s a cute epi for u as a gift…..


Kushi finds herself in arnav’s embrace… and smiles….she carases his cheeks .. and gave him a peck over forehead…

Asr: if u want to give.. give directly nah..

He says those pointing to his lips..

Kushi  pushes him and gets up…

Arnav pulls her towards him

Asr: wat hap ??? You have mever felt shy whenever i asked u

Kishi turns: oh really …. dont lie… i m not tat old kushi to believe you.. and moreover armavji.. now i remembered everythimg… ok??

Asr: really??let me check

Raman: wat do u want to check??

Asr: kushi s telling tat she remebers everythimg.. so i m just checking her…

Raman: wow.. interesting… let me ask first…

Asr: abbey wait…. what r u doing in my room.. this mich early

Raman: leave tat nah.. lets play this..

Kusho: bhaiiyyaaa…. (she called him dramatically) ask me whatever u want??

Raman: wow…ok now tell me… whats my name??

Kushi: aap mere bhaiiyaa ho… ur name is raman.. shortly called as rocky..

Raman claps: wow.. mere behna passed the exam… u r 200% fine…

Saying this both did high five

Asr: is ur drama finishe.? Now its my turn… kushi..

Kushi gets nevous.. as wat he is gng to ask…

Asr comes closer to kushi..

Raman smiles at naugjty asr…

Raman: behna… i will help u .. dont worry…

Kushi smiles..

Asr: you remember… we went to honeymoon and came back??

Kushi recalls those and nods positively ..

That day…. we didnt had breakfast… and we came downstairs dorectly for lunch….

Kushi nods  

Asr: raman asked u … for the reason???  Do u remember why we skipped breakfast..

Kushi turned red and bowed down as if she remembered those..

Asr smiles at her..

Raman: yeah behna… you didnt tell the reason..

He asked teasingly…

Kusji: vo… vo…. actually… that day… vo…

Asr: yeah tell me kushi….

Kushi: i wont tell u… wat h think of yourself… i am not kannahi to prove my innocence…

She shouts at both.

Raman: kannahi??

Kushi: yeah ….

Asr: but i am not asking u to prove ur innocence.. i just test u wheter ur memory came back completely or not…

Raman: yeah behna… tell me.. tell ur bhaiiyya..

Kushi came torads raman: wat tell me tell me… u want to know whetr my memory came back or not rught??

Raman nods

Kushi: then listen… when we all again got married in villagr… dadi asked us to get ready for templr… and u and ishu dhi went missing…. and i found u two both inside washroom… should i say further…

She told those in amger and irritation..

Raman leans back in terrific expression…

Raman: i think.. her memory came back…

Saying this he ran..

Asr laugjs…

Kushi turns to him…

Asr: u didnt yet answered me…

Kushi takes a pillow and throws over him and shouts: u r alwayz doing this with me haan?.?  I wont tell u.. and i dont remember wat u r talking abt…

Asr pulls her towards: ok fine… if u dont remember.. let me do tat amd make u remember..
Saying tat he lifts her..

Kushi at once smiles and hugs him…

Asr: wowm… angry wify changed naughty …

Kushi: ji no… today also.. if we missed breakfast.. raman bhai will surely tease me like hell ..

Saying tat she gets down and ran away..

Asr smiles at her…


Raman ishu and all had breakfast…

Paro talks with kushi…

Kushi: actually aarav thinks tat i m his mom.. tats y he s calling em as mumma…

Ruhi came to both..

Ruhi: kushi mumma….i have an idea..

Paro: wat beta..

Ruhi tells something…

Kushi: no ruhi… this s not the time..

Ruhi: if ruhi says something.. there wi be no ifs buts…

Paro:  lets do this… she s a kid… come on kushi..

Kushi being helpless gets up and went with paro…

All waited for parshi(paro kushi) outside

Both came wearing the same dress..

Aarav: wats this.. who is my mumma now???

Rude gets tensed…

Ruhi: now identify ur mumma…

Aarav: oh… so its ur idea..

Ruhi nods..

Aarav:  challenge accepted…
I will identify my mom wirhout even looking at her..

Paro smiles… kushi gets neevous…

Sayung tat aarav runs and hugs kushi..

Paro gets instant tears and shocked…

Rude came to paro to console her..

Aarav: why r u cying …. u r my mausi… but she is my mumma… did i hurt u??

Paro gets shocked:mumma??? From  when u know her??

Aarav: wats this idiotic question… when i was born.. i m with my mumma only 

Paro was shaken ..

Swara gets ruhi and aarav and went inside..

Paro sits in shock..

Paro: ridr…

Rudr :paro pls… pls…. i will explain..

Kushi: rudr.. pls.. now let her take rest… afterwards we shall explain..

Paro: i m talking with my husband…will u just stay away…

Kushi was taken back…

Rudr:paro… its not her mistake…

Paro: then??

Rudr explains everything having his head low….

Paro silently stamds and walks towards her room.
Rudr runs behind her…

Raman takes ishu inside…

Asr consoles kushi…

Kushi: why she scolded me….

Sayingg tat she cries…

Asr: relax… she is in shock…

Kushi: when isaw her.. i feel like my sister… till now my jiji have never scolded me… but she…

Payal: kusji relax…. now think.. what she will.be feeling right now..

Kushi wipes her tears…
Ishu:raman.. i m feeling so sad for paro..

Raman: now pls.. u dont think af that…

Ishu: how can i divert my mind.. its not happening…

Raman: hmm.. ok fine.. think abt nexg sunday..

Ishu:whats there ??

Raman: ishu.. sunday.. next week??

Ishu: raaman.. pls.. dont irriatte me..

Raman gets angry: ok fine.. i wont irritate u…. and and… leave it.. u dont need to remember tat…

Ishu gets confused: wats this new drama??

Raman: oh.. so its a drama… ok fine… leave it..

Saying tat he goes to corner…

Ishu looks at calender : oh no.. how can i forget…

Raman turns and smiles

Ishu:we have appointmnt nah.. for check up..

Raman makes pout face: ishu…. u broke my heart… i wont ever forgive u…. never ever…

(Guyz… till 4 yrs.. without kushi they didnt celebrate their anniversary.. so no one is getting that day.. tats y)

Raman came outsidw…

Iahu gets confused…


Garima looks at paro… and cries…

Kushi: wat hap maa..

Garima: u r daughter of hema right??

Paro nods… and asks how she knew .

Garima hugs her…

Guyz guyz.. will try to give some wat long uodate tmr…. thx  for all ur comments…

And and guyz… tat arshi challenge scene.. was at my epi 115… if u want to know why they skipped breakfast .. check here?????


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    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear

  1. Veronica

    Arre woh episode kaise bhool sakte hai….Mujhe toh yaad hai kya hua tha…Aur arshi Raman bond bohat cute tha…..Arshi scene was soo romantic…I knew it ki woh log anniversary ki baath kar rahe the….!Aur mein toh tang ah chukki ho zabardast damakedar kehkar..Kabhi Kabhi boring episode dedo na I am sooooo jealous of your talents ?(just kidding)Yah so waiting eagerly and eagerly for your next epi……And a small reminder My OS has got uploaded in Ipkknd page.

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar vero?????? and and u r sooo cute…. thusi jaa rahe ho?? … muje bhi icream kilav na????

  2. Awwwww….
    anote lvly amazing mind blowing epi arshi dr!!!
    Rly hw cn u write soo nicely!!???
    I lv dis part..
    :-* :-* :-*

    Arshi part is soooo cute!!!
    They r sooo adorable. Hee hee.
    I started lvng them nly bz f ur ff di…
    & y raman is in da arshi room ha!!??? Bad bad!!
    Raman y u disturb our lv birds.. 😉 😉
    Heee heee their questions r soo nice..
    lv rmn and kushis bonding..
    Ruhi drl… nice idea…
    lv you…
    im sooo hpy dat arnv recognise kushi as her mom…
    awww lv it…. :-* :-*
    And finally paro gt 2 knw da whole truth…
    hee heee poor rudra.. nw he hs 2 convince his paro…
    lols.. bt its k.. its all hpn bz f him nly… 😛
    Ohhh hooo sooo Sunday!!!!!!****
    Yipeeeee its their mrg anniversary.
    Congo my drl…
    heee heee ishu also nt remember!! 😮 sooo its ok sanky and mihir dat u both also ddnt remember. Heeee heee..

    and prcap is soooo sooo sooo interesting!!!
    Waiting 4 dat…

    keep writing di
    be happy always
    love you

    1. Arshi

      Haha… reading ur comment is like a treat to me dear.. thnx a lot for such lovely words and cute comment …????

  3. Zaira

    Hello aapi !!!missed me?????
    Episode was really a blast aapi even I thought that it was their anniversary great aapi so…will we get an update on Sunday?its their anniversary so there should be an very very super duper anniversary na aapi on Sunday plz post on Sunday …
    Mmmm…have one choti so complain in yesterday’s episode why do u make Raman so nice n then not appreciated for his making an orange juice for 2 hours haan???
    Ishu should understand na jokes r nice but plz appreciated Raman for his efforts

    1. Arshi

      Wow zaira dear.. u r back… ofcourse missed u and ur cute comment and its their sunday… it may fall on any day??? lets see when we will celebrate their anniversary….???

  4. Hey reena aapi.Sorry for not commenting in the previous episodes?but i read ur each and every episode and i really loved this episode so awesome and just wanted to tell u that tomorrow is my birthday?? so u have to wish me well and give me gift also i’ll be waiting eagerly for ur wishes and gift and plz plz plz plz plz give me a long reply.????

    1. Arshi

      Wowow ayesha dear.. wish u a many more happy returns of the day in advance.. will surely guve a cute epi for my cute sissy tmr… stay blessed and keeep smiling alwayz…. missed ur comment … actually when i saw ur post for my birthday.. i guess aftr some epis… u have gone misskng.. soooo hapoy to read ur comments back…

      Really missed this cute qord AAPI… thnx dear for commenting.. and yeah have a blst tmr … ????

  5. Rock epi. ….
    Keep it up….

    1. Arshi

      Thnx nifa dhi

  6. Wow so cute chechi.
    no words to express sorry?
    arshi is so cute poor ishu is also not able to remember their anniversay.
    i think kushi will definitly remember
    feeling sad for paro.
    Anyway nice epi chechi.
    keep updating and keep us feel happy by ur ff?

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear..and yeah … i took ur suggestion only???

  7. Sravs

    hey di!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nice one………….reached home right now that’s why lat t reply your ff……………………………..waiting for next one

    1. Arshi

      No probs dear.. thnx a lot

  8. Kumud

    Superb and loving arshi

    1. Arshi

      Thbx dear

  9. Fanficoholic

    Amazing episode. Bt i am feeling bad fr bth khushi and paro. Like hw wll they clear this mess nw? And poor raman. Like ishu doesn’t remeber her own anniversary. Reallyyy bad. Pooooorrrr ramn. And arnav’s teasing wnt stp and even raman too joined him. Lolll. And khushi gave amazing ans to raman and his reaction was epic. Eagerly waiting fr the nxt episode

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear..??

  10. Along with sanky and mickey, even I am thinking at that tie what might be on next sunday..!! It’s soo funny…!! Loved soo much of that scene…!! And khushi memory testing too…!! This raman fell into his own pit while questioning her…!! soo paro and kushi are twins??!! amazing…!!!

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear… me and chanu were waiting for ur next chappy… psot it soon dear????

      1. I don’t know…!! I am actually thinking whether to continue or not…!! Chanu is already ready with all her things to beat me…!! If I could…I will come up with teaser this saturday…!! Thank you soo much for your support…!! Even I am sad for my condition..!!
        Chanu… get some more things to beat me…!! I am ready to bear…!! 😛 My second option is to stop writing ff up to december…!!

  11. Honey

    So nice dear

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