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thnx a lot guyz for all ur rwsponses… lets move to our next epi…

Recap: paro woke up… kushi paro face off… raman gets trainning from sanky and suraj…

Raman inside the room… ishu came and sits bside him… raman keenly notices ishu…. lots of questions… running inside his mind…

Ishu looks at him.. raman gets scared…

Raman: i m.. just looking at you.. nothing else… dont take it wrong…

Ishu: i didnt say anything…. why r u behaving wierdly…

Raman fakely smiles: no nothing…. do u want anything to eat…

Ishu thinks much: hmm.. ok… get me some orage juice.. since mrng… i m feeling to drink orange juice…

Raman: orange juice… ok .. i will just get it for u…

He runs from thenroom.. ishu finds it wierd.. but ignores…

Rudr talks with doctr… doctr suggests him to tell paro abt these 4yrs gap. Carefully…

Paro gets sleep.. she was about to close her eyes..

Rudr screams: nooo..

Arnav kushi came inside…

Rudr : pls.. dont sleep…

Paro: i m feeling dizzy rudr… let me sleep for somtume…

Rudr having tears: what if this sometime also long for much…

Kushi feels bad hearing rudr’s fear…

Paro: wat hap to u… wat r u blabbering…

Rudr takes her hand in his hand: u fell into sleep last time…. and u know when u woke up???

Paro looks at ridr

Rudr : its been 4 yrs paro….

Paro gets inatant tears in her eyes…

Rudr cups her face: relax.. pls… dont take stress… i cant bear if u fall sleep again.. pls.. for me…

Paro breaths fastly thinking abt this much gap..

Rude gets restless… he hugs her to console..

Rudr: pls paro.. control urself… dont punish me again..

Paro after sometime gains her courage: i m sooo sorry rudr…. bcz f me… you..

Rudr closes her mouth: dont u dare to say tat …. i have been waiting for this moment sonce 4 yrs… like when i will hear ur voice.. when i wil get touched by u…

Paro hugs rudr .

Arnav kushi seeing them leaves the room….

Arnav consoles kushi

Kushi: paro didnt yet remembers how her full family dies in tat accident… i m so worried….

Arnav: relax kushi… paro is such a brave girl… she will overcome those…

Kushi hugs arnav ….
Payal: mickey daeling….

Mihir pulls payak closer: yeah mrs.universe…

Payal: next week.. do u remember wats tat day…

Mihir thinks much: hmmm… sunday…

Payal beats him: so u dont know… i hate u mickey… i hate u soo much…

Sayijg tat she leaves..

Mihir:oh no… now whats tat day… i really dont remember..

Payal comes to swara…

Swara: he remembered??

Payal nods megatively..

Swara: and i m 200% sure tat sanky also wont remember..

Sanskar came : wat i swont remember…

Swara throws her arms around sanky : next week.. sunday…. ??

Sanky pulls swara closer: how would not i remember??

Swara gets excited: really sanky..

Payal opens her mouth wider.. and throws death glare to mihir..

Sanky: ofcourse sulochini…

Swara pulls his cheeks…

Sanky: we have taken appointment for ruhi eye check up nah??

Payal laughs out loudky…

Swara pushes sanky…

Swara: u know what??

Sanky looks at her…

Swara: i hate u.. i hate u sanky…sanky monkey… monkey sanky..

Saying this payal and swara leaves..

Mihit and sanky gets worried thinking abt next sunday…

Raman gets juice for ishu…

Ishu: wats this raman.. its 2 hrs… u went to orage forest to get orange??

Raman: vo ishi.. i wished to prepare for u.. tats y..

Ishu blushes : thxn raman.. but now… i dont want…

Ramna: wat teh helll ishu… i made this with much effort… and u…

Suddenly he remembers sanky and suraj warning…

Raman: ok fine… no worries… i will keep this aside . If u want.. drink this.. or else.. tell me wat u want now??

Ishu gets confused of raman’s remo and anniyan(aparchit) avtar

Ishu: tell me truth… wat hap to u
Ramn: i m taking care of u… wats ur problem in thsi..

Ishu: i said tell me the truth..

Ishu glared at raman.. which made raman to spit out truth…

Ishu grabs raman and went to sank & suraj
Ishu: wat made u to give this cheap advice to raman??

Sanky suraj gulps in fear…

Swara shagun: wat hao ishu…

Ishu: ask ur cute husbands..

Sanky suraj looks angriky at ramn.. where raman stands like a lkg kid…

Ishu: these maha gurdevs.. adviced some idiotice theories to my innocent husbad..

All make their mouth wider . Where raman smiles hearing tat..

Ishu: they said some dangerous habits abt pregnant ladies..

Ishu narrates everything..

Shagun and swara at the peak of anger…

Sany: vi dhiiii..

Ishu: shut up… i didnt say tat u have said wrongly..

Shagun swara: wat??

Ishu: i mean.. its true tat pregannt ladies mood swings… but u should give advice to me… as raman only is like tat .

All burst out laughig… while ramn makes pout face…

Raman grabs ishu to room..

Now swara shagun look at their innocent patidev l( i think i dont have to say wat will happe ????)

Now swara and shagun locked them inside the room….

Sabky suraj begging them to open the door…


Paro: rudr….

Tears starts flowing in her eyes..

Rudr: wat hap… paro..

Paro: aarav??? Where s he….

Rudr: he s the one whom u saw first…
Rudr smiles..

Paro smiles and starts crying…

Aarav looks at botb from corner..

Paro signs him to come.. aarav came hesitantly..

Paro hugs aarav tightly.. and cries…

Aftr a while rudr sends aarav out…

Rudr was tensed abt thinking their famiky…. how paro will react recalling those…

Paro looks at rudr’s tensed face: relax rudr… when i woke up… i rememebed tat hospotal only…. but i dont want to recall those…. bcz i know i cane bear tat pain again…

Saying tat she hugs rudr.. rudr smimes  and hugs her bacl

Rudr: there s no place for tears aftrwardd.

Pari smiles and wipes her tears.. also his tears…
Arnav lifts kushi..

Kshi: wat hap arnavji..

Arnav: my only villian is busy with my sweetheart… and now how can i misss this golden opportunity??
He winks..
Kushi : pls arnavji.. some one may come..

Arnav: you r not my girlfrnd… u r my wify… i have full rights in u…

Kushi: but..

Arnav: no buts vuts… this is our time… and i have a special surprise..

Sayung this… he takes her to their room… only to see a beautiful decorated room.

Kushi: wow … this s really cute…

Asr: not more than u…

Kushi blushes ..

Asr: thnx for everything kushi…

Kushi hugs: i shoud say tat.. u r really a prince charming came to my life ..

Asr smiles….


Kushi paro in same dress…

Rudr: aarav… identify who us ur mom…

Paro excitingly waits for aarav.. while aarac runs to kushi and hugs her. .

Paro gets tears and also shocked….

Wat will be paro’s reaction whenshe came to know abt rudr’s deeds…

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  1. Lovely chappy arshi but arshi scenes r less

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear

  2. Veronica

    Arre arre kya baat hai aaj toh fun2ishq tha…I mean fun and ishq both together ?…..Awesome epi di….And aapka idea kaam kar raha hai…Yaha mein apni hone wale pati ko nacha rahi hoon…I mean to say ki woh mere saamne baitkar sorry bol rahe hai and I am paying no attention to it…Serials dekhne ka kuch toh faida hona chahiye.Maaf kar deti hoon ah?

    And superb epi..Read my OS too.Waiting eagerly for next epi….But But But….agar Aarav Khushi se pyaar karta hai toh Paro ka kya karoge???Aur yeh Rudr bhi na itna tamasha karne ki kya zaroorat thi usse…Woh Khushi ko behn maan sakta tha na.Arre mein bhi pagal ban rahi hoon..Yeh toh Arshi di ka ff twists,ishq aur fun toh compulsory hai na ????…Akka sema episode (was that correct just tried some tamil…As I am going to chennai I have learned a bit like Konjam Konjum then sema iruku,Thani(water) etc)

    1. Arshi

      Ofcoyrse serials ka asar thi padega hi… lekin bichare ko bahuth math sathana… maaf karde na.. kui ki vo armav aur raman jaisa imaginary romeo nahi… ki har wakq humaare pagal panth ko jaile…. ?? yeh sab agar ulta padga ya tho bhi hume hi pachthana padega???

      (I hope u understand my hindi.. i m just now developing my hindi???)

      Thnx a lot vero dear for ur cuteness overloaded comment

      1. Veronica

        Nahi nahi thang nahin kiya tha…but toda maza Kiya tha and I understood your hindi.Aur atlast usko gussa aaya and I started kuch kuch hota hai dialogue ‘Tussi jaa rahe ho?’
        He nodded
        And I was like made some puppy face and said ‘mujhe ice cream diye bine jaoge’
        He started smiling…Actually I.say this dialogue to everyone whom I know very well when they are leaving ?????

  3. wow
    i ws waiting 4 dis epi di.
    soo nice.
    u write it sooo beautifully!
    lv it 2 da core!

    all da cpls r here.
    awww lv all f them!

    he he bechara raman gt sceard bz f sanky and mihir! lols.
    and he is soo sweet. he make orange juice! awww i also want 1.

    my swasan r sooo sooo cute!
    im laughing 4m da beging f miryal part bz i knw sanky also ddnt remember anytng! lols
    my sanky gt 2 punishmnt 2dy. poor him.
    ummm nt nly san and mihi i also thinking wt is in nxt sunday
    rly hw cn ppl remember dys!
    i cdnt evn rembr my notes properly.
    huuhu poor me

    ishu saying dat teach thos 2 me im lauging like a mad.ya teach her nt raman;)

    i like rudra paro parts. they r rly emotional! their lv 2 eo is superb! nw she knw abt 4 yrs gap!
    and im happy dat aarav recognize kushi as his mom! its rly heart touching.
    hope paro ddnt feel j! paro will feel bad bt im sure she is mature enough 2 understand da situation. and i she ll be angry with rudra bz f his deeds!

    keep writing dr
    be happy always!
    lv you alot!
    😀 😀

    1. Arshi

      Hahahah chanu dear.. thx a lot ….. and wow… u r so much connected to me.. tat u guessed it right abt paro’s pov…. yeah she will be angry at rudr…???

      1. Yipeeeeee my guess is right. ?

        Heee hee
        2dy also im dancing my happy dance…
        jinga laa laa /// 😉 🙂 😛 😀

        See we r sisos 4 sure… 😉 😉

        And hey chanduuuuuuu…..im angry with u…
        :-/ :-/ :-\
        if u wnt 2 knw abt my reaction go and see arshi dis last epi..
        then u cm ll cm 2 knw.. urrrggg…
        I cdnt rply in ur last epi even… I think its gd expire. 😉 😉 😀

        byeeee lv you both..
        keep writing

  4. Mm nice epi…. I like it…
    But it’s very sml one no….

    1. Arshi

      Thnx nifa dhi

  5. wow!
    nice epi dr,!
    lv it sooo much! Day by day I am falling more for ur ff u have always rocked & u will always rock dear u r just awesome dear I am just speechless about ur ffi want tomorrow chapter………….immediately……other wise i will get heart attack………pacca…please post early as possible

  6. superb episode…..ishra was very cute….

  7. Sravs

    so nice dhi……………….waiting to know paro’s reaction,,,,,……………

  8. Shalu

    Nice episode dhi……..miryal and swasan convo was nice……..Ishra scene was cute……….????

  9. Kumud

    Very funny and nice but the percap is kind off touching pls update the next one ASAP

  10. Episode was awesome
    Really liked all ur last updates which i read today
    Its my birthday i m so exited but not gonna celebrate and no special plans as my exams are on their way from 2nd of nov
    Really sad and happy too
    Mixed emotions

    Again i will say that just love the way u write

  11. Thanxx chechi as you accepted my suggestion?
    i think next week sunday is their wedding anniversary.maybe swara and payal r trying to get this from their hus?.
    but poor girlzzz.
    i liked “sanky monkey monkey sanky”???????????
    Nice promo?

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