Gud mrng giyz….thnnx a lot for all ur comments…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKSHAYA DEAR…. I MEAN.. NAPPINAI DEAR (HOPE I M RIGHT ?) wish u a many more happy returns of the day.. sorry for this late wishes.. i tried to post yesterday though i was late… but couldnt post it dear….  hope u enjoyed yestrday much??? lets peep into the epi…
likes dislikes optuon is not there…? hope it will get fine soon….

Rudr paro spend some time…

Rudr: when and how did this happen…

All look at kishi.. who is winking at the….

She starts narrating..


Kushi takes aarav….

In room..

Kushi: aarav… i have narrated you about that story nah… like… lord krishna has 2 mothers and all..

Aarav: ofcourse mom… but pls haan?? Now dont tell me that i m lord krishna and all…

Kuhi laughs at her son’s intelligence…

Kushi: accha baba.. i wont say like that…  ok now tell me… why ruhi is calling everyone as maa…

Aarav: yeah… she  s calling ishima shagun mumma swara maa… and all…

Kushi: bcz all love her so much.. so she s calling everyone as mumma… will u also call ??

Aarav: whom should i call ishimaa??? 

Kushi: no baba… the one who loves you sooo much as i m loving u…

Aarav smiles: who is tat mumma…

Kushi: the one who is sleeping there…

She pointed at paro…

Aarav: oh… she s looking like you…  but she is mausi na…

Kushi: mausi.. means… maa jaisi..(like mom)  so why dont u call her as mom..

Aarv hesitantly nods

Kushi hugs and kiises him..

Aarav runs..

Asr : wow.. kusi… u r improving day by day…

Kushi: yeah aftrall i am kushi kumari gupta singh raizada…

Asr pulls her closer: oh really..

Kushi blushes…

Arnav kisses her cheeks….

Kushi: oh ho mr.raizada…. my son may arrive at anytume… so be carefull..

Saying this she pushes arnav and runs..

Arnav: its arnavji for u… dont u dare to call me mr.raizada aftrr this….

Kushi smiles and nods…

Aarav came inside to the room.. looking at paro…

Hetouches her hand and smiles…

He carass her face…

Aarav: ok fine… i will call you as mumma… happy ??

She didnt respomd..

Aarav: mumma….

The sound reflects in her ears… she starts responding…

Aarav: you always moves … but not waking up…. why?? Get up nah… u know… u r looking like my mumma… and my mumma wants me to call u as mumma…

Suddenly paro opens her eyes…

The bright light disturbs her eyes.. she closes it with difficukty…

Aarav notices tat and dims the light..

Aarav: now open ur eyes.. u will feel.good..

She opens her eyes and looks at aarav… aarav smiles and touches her hand….

Paro: w…h…o…. … .. you??

Aarav: my name is aarav….r u fine?? Wait i will call that nurse…

Aarav runs…

Pari stuglles to get up.. the whole body pains like hell…
The nurse came and helps her..

Nurse calms doctr to examine paro..

Arnav ishu and all entered the room happily to see paro…

Kushi stands to right side of paro.. while all stands to left sode…

Paro looks at all witj heavy confusion…. she couldnt gether herslef up…

Doctr: paro… relax… u r alright.. but u need not take stress… ok??

Paro nods..

Doctr: dont think about anything… ok??
Paro nods again…

Dctr went… paro looks at left side…. and looks at kushi… she again turns her head to rught side thinking tat was a mirror..

Aarav giglrs seeing paros reaction…

Paro looks at arnav… suddenly she realises that it was not mirror in her Left side.. as she didnt see arnav’s reflection there..

She turned to lwft side..

Aarab grabs kushi under table.. paro didnt see anyone.. and gets confused..

Aarav: lets play with that mumma.. ok??

Kushi: no beta… she will agaiin fall sick… you should not do like this…

Saying this she stands and confronts paro… aarav runs outside as he feels bored

Paro looks at her shockingly and slowly touches her face ..

Kushi: i m kushi…  we r looking aloke nah…

Paro after some time realises wats that.. she smiles …

All talks with her… but she didnt respond…

Paro : r..u..d..r… where
Kush: he will come…

Pari: my son? Aarac?

Kushi feels someone stabbing… while paro calls aarav as her son…

Arnav notices that and covers: he s sleeping…

Pari: what .. hapen to me??

Ishu pats paro’s shoulder: now dont take stress… rudr will be coming… and slowly slowly you will get to know!!
Paro nods and laid down to sleep.
Fb ends…

Rudr was very much excited and happy

He didnt leave paro..

Raman: rudr … leave.. her.. she was in coma for long time.. she needs rest..

All laugh.. rudr leaves paro.. he continuously laughs… and the tears didnt stop flowing….

Paro feels tired… rudr takes her to room…

Pari: where s arav??? He must be crying nah..

Rudr s shocked and neevous thinking tat how can he tell paro abt these 4 yrs…

Rude nods simply amd thinks to talk with dictr…

Raman was sitting with suraj and sanky..

Sannkyy: bhai.. u should be very much carefull… like… its second month of pregnancy… gurlz alwayz feel irritated… and u should adjust at every consent..

Suraj: yeah.. even though the fault is yours .. u should console her..

Sanky: if she asks for anything to eat even at midnigjt… u should give..

Suraj: if she is not sleeping…. u should.not sleep..

Sanky: if she asks u … whther she is looking fat.. u should say no..

Suraj: you should praise her daily…

Sanky: most imp.. you should exprss how much you r excited for this baby..

Both suraj and sanjy talks continuousmy… ramn looks at them with terrific wyes..

Arnav laugjs at raman..

Arnab: abbey shut up… raman. Dont get into these …. u know nah?? No one cam handle ishu dhi better than u…

Raman runs to arnav wuth fear and hugs him: u r my best buddy… see how they r scaring me..

Arnav controlling laugh:yeajh.. if u follow them.. it will be safe for u…

All starts lauguing.. while raman.gulps in fear…


Rudr revealing paro abt aarav…

Paro gets emotional…. seeingbher son being 8 yr old….

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  1. wow!
    nice epi dr,!
    lv it sooo much!

    so dats how paro get up 4m coma!
    dats sooo cute!
    i think arv kiddo will nt leave kushi. so bz f dat paro and rudra will stay here! 😀
    rudras reaction is soo sweet. he is laughing and crying! its rly heart touching!

    and sanky and suraj!? omg i think thy took phd f prgnancy f wife.

    waiting 4 ur nxt epi.

    did u see my cmnt in last epi.

    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv u alot

    1. Arshi

      Wow thnx a lot dear…. and yeah i saw ur comment.. but was stucked up with some works.. tats y couldnt reply… thnx for sharinfg tat.. i m right now watching healer… aftr tat i will choose one among ur list thnx dear????

      1. Heee heee…
        I gv u a biggg list na..
        sooo u hv 2 gv me ur nxt epi asap drl..
        Cdnt wait.

        and I ddnt saw healer. Is it gd 1???
        The ill surly gonna wach it..

        Keep writing di..
        lv u alot..
        🙂 🙂

      2. Yipeeeeeeee…….
        my cmnt is da 1st cmnt here…
        im dancing my happy dance…
        Jingalaa laaa gingaaalaaa laa…

        😉 😉 😉 😛

        Sry u already kknw na im aa crack…
        so bare me…

  2. Dhi thank u so much. This is a really awesome and unexpected gift I received in these many years. Thank u so so much for this awesome gift. I love u a lot dhi. In school I couldn’t concentrate and was only thinking about ur surprise. Thank u so so much. Coming to the episode. It was awesome . Poor Raman. I loved sanskar and suraj conversation a lot . khushi way of making Saravanan understand was excellent. Thank u so much for this gift andu know I got 2 special and unforgivable gifts this year. One is ur gift another is my brother gift as he wished me that too at 12.00am midnight as he usually wishes last at my birthday making me eager to listen from him . Thank u so much dhi .don’t take wrong that I am saying this much thank u. U made my birthday more beautiful dhi

    1. Arshi

      I was feeling very much sorry tat i couldnt post yestrday….

      But by seeing ur comment… a broad smile came to my face.. thnx dear for this cute comment… thnx a lot… i m happy tat u enjoyed well and liked my post as ur gift… thnx a lot dear

  3. Wow so cute… But how will paro react to the situation… Bechara Raman… 🙂 Post soon

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear

  4. Wow so cool chechi.finally she came out of coma?
    but precap is little saddy type.but will enjoy it.?
    poor raman all are fearing him? is kushi twin sister of paro as her father was a fraud and had another wife may be paro can be kushi s step sister or something.
    it was just a guess.
    arnav is not leaving any chance to romance kushi.?
    sanky and suraj has become like an experienced teacher who is helping and suggesting and teaching raman in the case of pregnancy.?

    Feeling happy for rudr as he waited for a lot for this wonderful moment.
    how will aarav respond after hearing the truth .cant wait so long chechi plsss post soon.?????????

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot kavya… and u know.. this idea also superb….. thnx for this suggestion… i will try to use…. lets see…. thnx a lot kavya

  5. Sisy…I can’t control my laugh tea ng last scene????
    Really…Its wonderful?
    But today’s episode is very short Sisy…

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear????

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar

  6. Woooh…!! It’s sooo amazing…!! Rudr and paro together…!! I am getting a feel similar to that of of bahubali scene where kattapa keeps prabas leg on his head…!!
    And raman bechara…!! Every one is scaring him…!! hehe…!!

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear… i m waiting for ur mext xhappy for long?????

    2. Uurrrrrrggggggg…..
      Wt u said in last epi…??

      Nw im vry vry angry on …

      Till nw I ddnt plan to harm u bt after ur wrds…. :-/ :-/
      I prepare all the things 2 beat u…
      tomatoes , brinjols , eggs , balls and dat paper belt also…
      😉 😉
      im going 2 torcher u and u hv 2 bare it silently.
      Nw cm back with ur nxt epi or else my list will be increase with more Items.

  7. Sravs

    di…………….chappy was super awesome…….sorry i just came to home now that’s why i counldn’t reply you…………waiting for next one

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear???

  8. Fanficoholic

    Amazingggg chappy di. Lolll khushi is really smart. And raman like seriouslyyyyyyy? Pooir guyyyyy. They r scaring him lyk hell. Aarav…. I dnt knw hw they wll make him understand. And poor khushi dnt knw wat she wll do when aarav goes away. And i hope paro and aarav’s relation gets better. Eagerlyyyy waiting fr the nxt one

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear… and yeah have some cute plan for kushi aarav.. lets see how it wil work

  9. Veronica

    Happy bday akshaya…..!

    And and and I missed you badlyy….ghar mein baitkar bore ho rahi thi my family has gone to delhi and I was soooooooooo bored….only me nd my bro were here and he comes at night so a fully boring day…..and this one was just awesome……And Khushi,Aarav scene was funny lol that pulling down scene toh ???….Aur woh log Raman ko dar rahe hai ???…..and paro rudr were cute!! Loved it di

    1. Arshi

      Oh wow… ghar mein akeli…. would be se ek movie ke liya poocha hota… kua thim bhi.. ab tho offcial bhi announce ho chuka hai.. koun rokega thuje????? ..

      Areey …. mein thume bigad tho nahi hoon nah…. ???? anyways.. thnx a lot for ur cute sa comment

      1. Veronica

        Would be,se movie keliye aur ek drive Keliye pucha woh saab keh rahe the Vefy shaadi ke baad jaate,hai and I was like dude you are getting it the wrong way I should have,said that….Lazy kahika ??

    2. Arshi

      ???? aajkal ke ladke tho…….. …

      Chodo…. hum ladkiyan bahuth forward ho gayi…. aur yeh ladke tho peeche ki zamane mein jaa rahe hain… thum na… usse baath math karna…. tab thak … jab thak vo kudh thumse movie ke liye pooche… aur thum usse mana kar do??? haha…..

  10. Kumud

    Hahahahahahahahaha very funny love the expression on ramans place

    1. Arshi

      Thnx kumud

  11. ..I loved the epi to the core…..It’s really nice yaarWow… it’s overwhelming…. nice

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yashu?

  12. it’s superb…..

  13. Somya

    nice episode

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