Thnx a lot guyz for ur overwhelming comments.. lets move to our next epi

Paro was been shifted to on of the rooms…

Aarav: mumma… who us she.. she s looking like u

Kushi: yeah dear… how cute nah…

All smile…

Aarav gets confused. .

Kushi bends to aaravs height: she is your mumma

Everyone gets shocked…

Aarav went back: dont lie mumma.. you r only my mumma…

He starts crying little.. controling his excess tears..

Kushi grabs him towardd her: arret listem to me fully nah.. she s like your mumma… she s my sister…

Aarav wiping his tears: really ??

Kushi nods:

Aarav: then she will be my mausi.. right??

Evryone smile…

Aarav went near paro.. and touches her face… paro’s fingers gets movement…

Everyone was shoched and surprised..
Rudr went near them and tries to wake up paro…

Nurse: sir.. pls.. dont disturb like that.. it may harm her…

Rudr gets consoled and leaves.. all leave the room…

KUSHIIIIIIII…a vouce came from the entrance

All turn to see garima in tears…

Kushi gets shocked seeing her … she ran to garima and hugs her tightly: MUMMMAAAAAAA…

Evryone was shocked to the core…

Garima carrased her face and kisses her …

Raman: behna.. u remember auntt??

Kushi: i used to get dreams of her often…. but those were not so clear… when i saw her.. i understood that she was the one who often comes to my dreams.. asking me to become somewhat mature..

All smile..

Asr wuth pout face: so you remember your mom… but not me…

Raman: abbey… thats her mom… and you are not more than her..

Asr: but still..

Kushi sniles.. and hugs madhubala

Madgubala: did i come on ur dreams sankadevi??

Kushi: jii… yeah… whenever mom comes u also accompany her …. i used to fight with u… but dont know how i call u…

Madhu gets tears and hugs kushi: i m ur buaji….

Kushi meets raj dadi and all…

Ishu: raman…. lets go for checl up …

Raman with turned face : ok fine..

Ishu smiles: raman… u r near to a kid …

Ramqn: but you wont take care of me like a kid…. full night i have been waited for u.. but u…

Ishu: accha baba.sorry.. lets go for a walk now.. till hospital.. ok??

Raman excitingly nods and takes ishi..
All leave ..

ARnav grabs kushi and looks at her lovingly..

Kushi pushes arnav and runs to her room

Arnav follows her only to stopped by aarac

Aarac: uncle.. its my mummas room… why r u troubling her…

Sayingg this he closed the doors..

Kushi laughs at arnav…

Arnav: aarav . Ur mumma has lost her memroy hain nah… so i m just trying…

Aarav: oh… so.. daily mrng 4 hrs.. u cam help my mumma..

Arnav grtting teeth: ok champ..

He leaves the place looking at kushi helplessly



Eveyone in theย  home is missing.. may be they r busy in their rooms..

A lady wearing heavy costume walks down the stairs…
Dark maroon saree fully worked her hair is fully opened having a maangtika in forehead… she wore a big necklace which hides her full neck… she wore begali types saree… walks downstairs as if she s the owner…

She claps.. some servant came running…

Her lips starts playing only yo guve order to them….

A man from behind screams.: mummmaaaa……

She turns and kept her hands over her hip: what sanky???you are scared of yur swara??

She asked with pout face

Sanky: swara.. but whats this new drama…

Swara: actually its after some days nah… so everyone should have a full makeover …. thats y..

Saying this she winks at hom..

Sanky pats his head: why tats neccesary in evry serial… i mean.. the one who is wearing chudis and sareees… will start wearing kurtas and jeans after leap…?

Swara: sanky stop… actually… the reason is to give exciting changes in tale.. thats y..

Sanky raises his hands as if he losses the debate..

Ruhi: papa… how s mumma lucking.. i have selecte all this…

Sanky takes ruhi in his arms: tats really so cute princess… swara already luks like angel.. in ur choice of dress she s looking like angelic god…

Swara blushes…

A sound of someone screaming for help came..

Swara runs to upstairs follwoed by sanky

Ruhi shouts: mumma… after this drama.. come to my room .. i m going to study… these people only know to make drama everyday..

Saying ths she leaves to her room…

Swara and sanky gets shocked seeing arnav running here and there..

Swara: arnav bhai.. from whom u r getting scared… relax… accha ok… relax . Sit down here… u know nah.. me and kushi wont let u undergo in any proble…

Arnav: yeah yeah.. kushi wont let me undergo any problem.. bcz she herself can create such problen naj…

Kushi came thrre with a big instrument to beat arnav…

Sanky holds kushi..

Kushi with messy hairstyle: leave me sanskar… this arnav s gine today…

Swara: wow.. arnavji got promotion to arnav???

She gigles…

Sabky: wats the problen.. tell me..

Kushi settled silently on couch starring angrily at arnav..

Kushk: he s helping me to gain my memoru right??

Evryone nod
.kushi: he starts narrating every scene… and in between.. he tries to act accordingly also… but i didnt say a word … thinking that he s invloving in those memories….

Swara with wide nouth: chii.. arnav bhai.. u r taking advantage of this innocent memory loss patient…

Sanky laughs :ok tell further…

Kushi: he have told many thins… but today when i got up… i remembered somewat.. like .. in jiji’s engagement and marriage… he used to run behind me… and he told me that.. its me… who run behind him …

Saying this she stands to beat arnav..

Asr hilds her both handsย  : see… only becaise of that u gained ur memory.. if i told ful story as is it…. u wont even try to recall…. thats y i told like that..

Swara:vah.. kya pyar hai….

Sanky: i think now we should leave.. or else . They will push us outside..

Swara laughs and grabs sanky outside….

Swara: oh no.. now sho is shoutong….

Sanky listens the sound carefully and shouts: ishudhiiiiii…
Both ran to ishra room…

Raman and ishitha werw facing opposite direction…

Sanky: now wat hap to u both…

Ishu: sanky…. swara…. who is pregnant here..

Swara confused: u r pregnang with 2 months.. and shagun dho with 8 months…

Ihsu: thwn who should be pampered and tooke care of

Sanky: obviously you.. what hap..

Ishu: but… raman… he s behavig liek a child … moreover… his mood swings like a pregnant lady..

Raman makes pout face..

Sanky swara laugjs out loudly…

Raman: i just wanted to help her..

Isu taking knife: if this s a help.. i dont need ur help… i m happy..

Raman: i just asked u to go for a movie.. wats wrong in tat..

Ishu: last time… also.. u compelled for a movie.. i have agreed happily.. but what movie … that power star… in road side.. u wished to have ice cream… and u ate ful ice cream without guving to me.. saying tat it may harm my health… i m fed up of ur movie drama…

Swadan laughs..

Raman: if i take u to some ither action film.. it can affect baby… tats y..

Ishu: thast y i dont want to see movie.. happy…

Iahu raman again turns to opposite direction..

Swara: ruhi was right… their drama wotn end forver…

Sanky laughs..

Precap: ???? no idea… pls pls.. dont be angry…. will think for gud epi tmr… ok??

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  1. Shalu

    Hi Arshi dhi I am back, all this while I was busy with my exams now I read all ur episodes in one shot……..and all was nice Arshi reunion, Ishra scenes, and I saw ur promo and ur decision I was happy that u ll try both side side………and my opinion is also the same………and today’s episode was nice……….suddenly the leap was so nice even I didn’t expect this Swara sanky convo was nice and all Ishra and Arshi fight was also nice………and about the idea thing I ll also think u also think……..if I come with some I ll surely let u know but I know ur idea ll be more better than mine…………???

    1. Arshi

      Welcome back shalu dear…. thnx a lot for ur cute words and happy tat u liked my decision

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear

  2. I m very happy with ur decision about ur ffs ….actually …I don’t like khamoshiya as much as I like this ff I am with ur decision and …..I have a request plz don’t make khamoshiya more than 100 episodes plz this should only be in this ff as a sovereign ??
    Loved today’s episode and I think now there is no main track other than paro n khushi …..I think nowadays u r in a mood to fight ???from last I think 4-5 episodes u r giving some hilarious fights haan??no probs but enjoyed??
    Dhi…..I think I won’t be commenting till Tuesday or Thursday I ll be in train going to native place once I reach I ll comment …

    1. Arshi

      Thxna lot zaira dear….. and u dont like khamoshiyan… ?? No probs dear . I will start season 2 soooon ok?? Also… i will make khampshiyan in such a way tat zaura wil comment.. wow nice .. haha.. lets hope for the best…

      And and.. abt 100 epis… i dont have any idea of making it even more than 2p epis . Lets see how i am getting response for tat ff…????

  3. Kumud

    Really funny and we’ll written arshi u really made my day

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot kumud…

  4. Inu

    Superb epi. If time permits can u read my new ff . its do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya.

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar inu.. will surely try to read..???

  5. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Reallyyyyyyyyy Fun Filled!!!!!!!Loved it!!!!!!!

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar rehsma

  6. Funny episode… I was also giggling with swasan during Arshia n ishra fights ๐Ÿ™‚ the part where in Khushi explained Aarav was nice… Post soon… Also want some rudra paro or surgun scenes

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar anu.. and yeah.. there will be rudr paro and surgin scens tmr… ??

  7. Superb episode….ishra never going to change…..

  8. Awesome again

  9. Thank u for making smile in face waiting

  10. Veronica

    Isme kya kami di yeh toh zabardast tha…I am busy so waiting for next epi eagerly!!

  11. Akshaya.123

    awesome awesome awesome. so sorry for not commenting. now only it got a better than before.(my pain). u know i couldnt write my exams also and i escaped from a lot of home works due to this hand pain. doctor told like this is due to my neck. now i am really better than before. i am once again sorry . now coming to the episode. dhi . how can u get ideas like this. i loved the marriage plot very much and i am feeling very sorry for paro. . raman idea of revealing about ishu’s pregnancy was very awesome. u know dhi khushi and la as badrakali wow. so super. arnav handled them very superb. la punishment to asr that he should not stay with khushi until she gets married oh my god. u r a genius dhi. i love each and every episode of urs. u know each episode of ur episode will have a speciality in it . coming to today episode.
    arnav and khushi’s scenes were awesome .swara antics was awesome and raman now behaving like how ishita should behave it is so cool. u r awesome dhi. dont take it wrong that i am always saying awesome because i dont have any other word to say more than awesome as i dont know any other words than that. very sorry again dhi.

    1. Arshi

      Wowo dear.. u r back..happy to hear abt that…. take care dear.. and thnx a lot for ur cute comment…

  12. Wow it means kushi regained her memory .
    and happy to see ur reply chechi.
    such a cute epi .no words to describe todays epi
    ishra is behaving like kids ands swara and ruhi dramebazzzz poor sanky ?
    i think paro will get well soon.
    poor aarav dont know how will he react when he comes to know all the truth.
    thinking and hoping no negative things will not happen.

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot kavya dear

  13. Nice super episode

  14. I love it

  15. funny episode. its so nice.

  16. awwwww arshi di….

    2 dy my swasan r im almost evry part!
    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    i rly ddnt expect dis!
    nw i cdnt say hw hpy i am dr!
    thank u sooo much di!
    dis epi mean alot 2 me bz u said dat u r writing swasan parts 4 me. awwww hw lucky i am? (blushing & smiling face) thank u once again dr.

    cmng 2 dis epi it ws sooo cute epi. lv it as always. no no beyond dat! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    nw arav hs 2 mummas. so sweet!

    hpy family tym!
    kushi remember her mom. awww mom is mom nly!

    lv arshi part. poor arnav. hikzzz nw kushi hv a bodyguard. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    bt arnv dnt lose any chance na! ๐Ÿ˜‰ chiii lols

    rly ishra act like kiddos nly. lols soo cute. rly their fights will nvr end.

    and my swasan! awww..
    lets nt talk abt them! if i speak i cdnt stop! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›
    when u write abt da grls sari and all i thought its la s wed! hee hee. bt its my cute swara. sweet ruhi drl. awww my lvly sanky! :-*
    rly y ppl change their costume after da leap? ๐Ÿ˜‰ bt im hpy abt dat.bz sanky look more hndsm in swaragini nw. ๐Ÿ˜€

    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    love you!!

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot chanu dear???.. and u know?? I dont watch swaragini.. and at start i used to watch.. i liked swara and ragini combo…. but aftr ragini starts loving laksh.. i thought its like same daily soaps.. and i stopped watching.. and aftr tat.. i watch some vedios of swasan and raglak.. in youtube.. as i realyy like that pair… the talented actrs geting wasted… in tat serial..

      And abt sanskar.. i like him more… not in swaragini… i liked his acting in sarasvathichandra itself….??.

  17. Superb one. .. I like it..

    You know dear….. now I m in our university juniors welcome function. Oh I m soooo enjoying. ….. fantastic preparation. .. sorry I just thought to share with you….

    1. Arshi

      Wow enjoy dhi… superb… those functions. Welcome and sendoff .. it would souch fun nah.. enjoy on my behalf too

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