Good mrng guyz…. sorry for not repkying …. i have been stucked up with some works… and i have read all urbcomments… thnx a lot.. lets proceed …

Asr was very much hurt…

Ishu :wat hao bittu

Asr: dhi.. i have been thinking of me only… i didnt think how much she will be feeling…

Raman consoles him

Asr: she s thinking herself as characterless.. amd this s all bcz f tat blody rudr.. i wont leave him raman..

Raman: today we shall do something..

Ishu: before tat we shall stop this drama.. and let kushi know..

Asr: no dhi.. if she comes to know tat i have played with her feelings… then … … she..

Ishhu: nothing will be happened..

Asr: no dhi… last time let me handle this in my way…

Raman: yeah ishu.. let him handle.. if kushhi didnt remeber then.. she might hate asr for this cheat..

Ishu nods…

Ishu: raman.. i m so temsed..

Raman takes glass full of badam milk..

Ramaan: if u start woreying abt anything.. i gonna

Ishu: wat will u do..

Raman: first drink this and take rest pls.. we should go to doctr …

Ishu: i m fine raman..

Ramana: how ?? Sonce mrng… u have been vomitting …

Ishu:this s normal

Raman: when did u do mbbs?? I didnt know tat

Ishu: to know common things.. mbbs s not neccesary..

Raman: ishu.. shut up.. and we will be going tmr meng..

Shagun laughs..

Raman:  arrey yaar.. how many times i have been telling u.. dont laugh like ths.. our home is old one.. it shall break anytime..

Ishu lauvjs..

Shagu:  very funny…

Raman: no its fact…

Shagu: ishu… i m feeling pity for u..

Raman: why

Shagu: till now i have been getting tortures from suraj… and it seems.. raman is one step ahead… ??

Ishu did high five.. ramna makes pour face ..

Raman: chudail …. dont influence my ishu

Shagy: if so.. wat will u do

Ranan: oh ok… suraj bhaisaab..

Shagu: why r u now caling him duffer  .

Suraj: wat hap raman..

Raman  : wats this suraj… u r not taking care f my sweeetie..

Shagy tries to beat raman… raman escapes from him and talks witb suraj

Raman: dadi made special laddu fro shagu.. she havent yet finished tat..

Shagun opens her eyes wider..
Shagu: suraj.. i finished eating tat pls pls..

Suraj throws angry glare and grabs her to kitchen.. where as raman laughs like hell..

Ishu: raman.. i think panditji s calling … get these flowers ….. i will go inside…

.payal leaves kushi and went inside …

Someone grabs kushi…

Kushi struggles to get freed.. but goes in vain…

They reach balcony..

Kushi: wats this mr.raizada…

Asr turns .. she notices tears in his eyes.. and gets concerned…

Kushi: wat hap mr.raizada… why r u crying..

Asr slowly takes her hand

Asr: paro… today is my marriage…. amd …. i dont want anyone to feel sad…

Kusji : what…. i dont understand..

Asr: i dont know wat u r feeling for me… but i shuld tell u tat…. listen to ur heart once before taking any decison… brain can fail.. but heart wont…

Kushi gets confused: wat u r exactly sayin..

Asr comes close to her: u dont know wat fate has decided for u… all i can tell u is… just listen to ur heart once.. now decion s in ur hands… watevr u decide .. tat will be final

Saying this he leavs her…

Kusji:wat the hell r u talking… i couldnt understand even a bit of it…

Asr turns: yestrday night… i said simethjng to u.. those r not just words… i meant it evry letter …

He left..

Kusji was stunned…

She remembered.. how he said she was his life……

Kushi: wat he s saying…

He rewinded all things and recalls his dialog… now she gets clear view tat he s propsing her for marriage…

She was shaken…

She runs down.. only to see pandit reciting the mandras…

Lavanya was brought to thw mandap…

She couldnt see .. also she couldnt stop the marg..

All gets tensed…
Rama while collectong flowers gets disturbed by one man..
 He falls down… raman makes faces to get the flowers out of hue moutj…

Rudr closwly observes raman and murmers:  VIVEK (KUSHIS BROTHER)

Ramannwas shocked… before raman could stop him…

He left inside…

Kushis vsion gets blurred..
Asr throws the varmala and comes close to kushi..

Kushi smiles

Asr: wat did u think??i will leave u??? Never… bcz U R MY LIFE

Kushi hugs him

Thujme koya rahum mein
Mujme koye rahe thum


Pandit: stand for taking rounds..

Thw voice breaks kushi’s dream.. she was shattered….

She looses her balnce only to get saved by rudr..

Rudr: paro.. r u fine??

Asr and lavanya stands to take rounds…

Lavan: duffer.. dont do this.. pls… i wont take rounds..

Asr: think tat we r playin hide amd seek… ok??

Lavanya:i will kill u asr..

Asr: aftr this mrg.. u can do anything..


Kushi to rudr :no i m fine…

Rudr: lets leave… i have some imp work..

Kushi was starring at asr …

Rudr shakes kushi: aarav s waiting … cme on paro…

The name aarav made kushi to turn…

All gets tensed…

Asr gets tears in eyes.. amd calls kushi from heart…

Kushi stands there as if someone calls her (i know its flimy? but i really like this tyoe f love… especially in kabhi kushi kabhi gham before ssharuks arriavl.. jeya bacham opens the door.. ?)

Asr whispers slowly: kushi.. pls.. math jao (dont go kushi)

Kushi’s tears start falling from.eyes..

Raman to ishu: he knew tat i acted as vivek..

Ishu: wat when how .. why..

Raman : meri maa.. ask one question..

Ishu gets tensed..

Raman: and i think he will try to escape with kushi… so informed comisioner … he will arrst rudr..

Ishi: raman… no…. but..

Raman: i know ishu wat i m dng… so just relax…. see lavanya s starrig like fire… so i have called fire enjone also… to save ur bittu..

Ishu : dont joke raman..

Ramam: wat yaat… sceme s getting very serious.. so i m just trying to give some light fun moments..

Ishu stares at him.. raman bows down…


Rudr holds asr’s collar…

Guyz guyz.. so sorry for this suspense end… will surely post next epi fully .. ok?

And and..thnx a lot for all who have commented… i have some net problem… so i coulnt repky u all.. so soorrrry…. but read all ur cments.. and flying in air?

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