Good mrng guyz…. thanks a lot for  all ur overwhelming comments… and i have noticed many comments on my 200th epi…. i have replied to all.. sorry for late reply guyz… lets move to pur special grand wedding of lavanya amd asr….

Kushi runs to see aarav who fell over ground having wound in his legs…

Kushi takes him in her arms.. and did first aid…

Aarav: mumma.. i m fine… dont cry..

Kushi who s crying wipes her tears and smile back to him…

Aarav: mumma. Shall i go??

Kushi nods.. aarav runs…

Kushi pov: what the hell s this… i m so much stressed… i want someone to tell my heart out… i really dont u derstand wat exactly i want..

Thinking this she closes her eyes to realse tears…

Someone places hand on her shoulder..

Kushi turns and looks at the person.. she suddenly hugs and starts crying more and more…

Rudr reaches hospital

Dictr: her condition was good only.. but suddenly… its getting worsening..

Rudr rushes inside the room.

Another doctr: mr.rudr.. talk to her.. ant anything… she should respomse.. or else… situation will be out of control…

Rude came close to paro…

Amd takes her hands ….

Rudr: paro.. u cant do ths to me… u rember… how u proposed me…. and i suddenly accepted ur proposal… so … now pls … accept mine.. ots ur turn to show how much u r lovong me…

Rudr starts ceying…

Dr: rudr… pls… talk something.. to her… she s responding…

Rude starts narrating the sceme


Rudr: wow paro… its the day.. u will get full freedom.. and u will marry him …..

Paro : u r looking so happy.

Rudr: yeah… today we r getting duvorced finaallly.. amd i m really happy…

Paro:tat much u want to get away from me..

Rudr in mind; if i could.. i will just hold this minute seconds.. everything to be in ur side… but i cant… u should be with ashish… he loves u unconditionally.. and you also love him..

Paro: wat hap rudr…

Rudr: nothing.. come we r getting late

Paro holds rudrss hamds..

Rudr turns only to see paro crying..

Rudr cups her face: wat hap paro

Paro: i dont know rudr…. but when i think tat i will be away from u.. i cant stop crying..

Saying this she hugs him..

Rudr: i will be dying every second without you…

Paro looks into his eyes ..

Rudr suddenly laughs: wat?? Drama queen.. lets go come..

Hw grabbed her…

Outside court …

Asish shakes paro

Paro: yeah.. wat were u telling..

Ashish smiles: paro.. i have been talkihg with u for half an hr.. but it seens u r not in ur senses..

Paro wuth fake smile: tats not the case ashish… tell me..

Ashish: i think u dont want to get divorced ..

Paro gets shocked: no no.
 No ashish.. u r mistaken..

Ashish holds paro: look paro… i love u.. and i know u more than yourself…

He cups her face: paro… i have realised it far before.. but why r u not accepting the fact..

Paro: wat r u saying.. i couldnt understand…

Ashish: u r not accepting tje fact that YOU LOVE RUDR

Paro gets shocked: ashish.. u r highly mistaken..

Ashish: whenevr u r with me.. u alwayz talk abt him..

Paro: tat doesnt mean tat..

Ashish: paro .. tats not the single thing… look.. i dont know whats the matter tat restricting u to accept ur love for him… but if its me… pls dont do this… go amd propose him.. i will be happy..


Ashush: paro.. now decision is urs..

Rude came: hey they r calling us..

Paro with hesitation gies.. she looks back to ashish. Who shows thumbs up..


Judge: wat have u decided…

Rudr: we want divorce mam….  tats our final decision…

Judge: wats your decsn paro…?

Paro was still… her eyes r filled witj tears…

Paro monolog: wat i really need?? I dont want to go away from rudr… but it doesnt mean tat i love him… ashish…. huh…. i dont even love him… when he told thise things… i really dont feel bad… i just want him to go away… do i love rudr… really??

Huh…. wats this… paro… u r a brave practical girl hai nah… u never get panicked in ur entire liffe… if u dont want divorce… say no…. butBut why dont u not want divorce…

Her confused thoughts gets disturbed by judge’s voice ” DO U NEED DIVORCE”

She came into reality… and saw rudr who s arguing with judge to give dovorce as soon as possible…

She became utmost angry..

She searches for something.. amd takes a file form one tabe.. amd throws it over rudr..

Paro: what??u need to get freed from me… haan?? Do u want to leave me… rudr…

She goes on beating him

Rudr: wat hap paro.. oucb… ouch…


Paro: duffer kainka… thuje mein kutte ki mouth doongi… aur aur.. itna peetungi itni peetungi..ki thu dubara muje chdne ki bare mein sochega nahi.. (u idiot .. i wil just kill u … and and.. i will beat u tat much ki… u would never even think to leave me..)

Rudr at last holds her both hands: wat hap paro… see judge mam s very much angery..

Paro who s very much angry just  blows air to clear her views from some stramds of hair…

Judge: wat hap…. u r insulting the court… and … i think u need divorce …. how r u fighting even in front me… i cant delay aftr this..

Paro screams: NOOOOO

Juge: wat no..

Paro suddenly grabs a pen and bemds down like sharuk and gives pen to rudr

Paro:  rudr… i m sorry.. tat i didnt realise this before… but but…. i want u to be my side forever… if its a love then yes.. u do love you…
I want to start and end my day with cute fights with u…. if its a love.. then yes i do love you… if u fall sick.. i will surely take care f u like ur mom.. if this s a love.. ten yes i do love…


Rudr couldnt believe his ears….

Judge:is this a new drama…

Paro looks at the judge angriky.. she stands and pulls rudr and kisses him over lips in front of all…

Judge leaves her pen in shock : C..A…S..E… D..ISM..IS..S..ED..

Paro: wil u accept my love

Rudr with tears hugs her tightly

Rudr: i m sorry for not proposinf u when i realised my love for u..

Paro smiles and hugs back

Rudr: wat abt ashish..

Paro:baad mein jaay aasshish… (go hell woth ashish)

Ashish: yeh accha hai… its all happening bcz f me.. and u r scolding me..

Paro smilingly hugs ashish amd apologize…

Fb ends…
Doctr: rudr… she s fine now… and i think… only u can make her normal.. she can come out of coma only by u… take her to home.. amd make her feel special eveyday…

Rudr: i…. i… will call u doctr.. till tat look aftr her..

Doctr nods..
Rudr drives off to raizada mansion…

Ishu: raman… wats this.. do properly nah

Raman:arrey aftre all its fake mrg

Ishu beats him: fake mrg.. but uts my bittus mrg..

Raman: acha madam sorey…

Shagun: see raman…. her bittys mrg…

Raman:tat i already know shagu…. she alwayz take side of arnav oy..

Raman makes pout face.. and ahagjn did her best to make both of them fight..

Ishu: suraj jiju… see sweetie havent have her food..

Saying thia she winks at shagu… shagun leaves a in hurry .. to confeont suraj..?

Payal:paro… rekax..

The one who s consoling kushi s payal..

Kushi:jiji.. i really dont know wat should i do…

Payak: wat hap twll me…

Kushi: (crying) vo… i dont know wat relation i have with mr.raizada… but i coukdnt see him with lavana… it feels like someone stabbing me… but but…


Kushi: i m married jiji… and i cant see myself in mirror… thinking tat … i m a characterless gurl..

She cries vigorously..

Payak couldnt console her…

A pair of eyes watches tat from far… and gets tears and angry.. its none other than asr…

Asr: i just thought from my side… but didnt see how she will be feeling..

Saying this he bangs the wall

Raman consoles him

A lil change in mrg track guyz.. so only tat precap scene will take time. I mean in tmr epi.. it may come.. and and.. i just want to shape up rudr paro track… tats y a long sceme for them.. hope u like tat… and i have sime works.. tats y couldnt give arshi or ishra scene well… hope u dont mind?

Will guve a super scene tmr… bye guyz take cre…

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  1. Nice episode….

    1. Arshi

      Thnx nifa dhi???

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    Rudr and Paro scene was also nice dhi……..and waiting for the change in msg track……….and today’s episode was nice dhi……..

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    Love❤️love❤️love❤️the episode was superbbbbb……!!!!!!?rudr and paro track was good too?my arshi were amazing waiting for tomorrow’s episode:)

  4. Veronica

    Awwww….the last part was cute…Arnav looking at her was cute And the precap ?????…..Rudr-Paro scene was really awesome……And I really missed ur epi and didn’t even enter TU u know?? Finally Monday morning was completed with your ff ??….LOVELY AND AWESOME….!

  5. Siddhi

    Amazing epsiode

  6. Siddhi

    Amazing epsiode!!

  7. Siddhi

    Amazing epsiode!!!

  8. Rudra and paro scence was super feeling bad to asr

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  13. It was nice episode dhi but some essence was not there it seems you have written in a hurry then also it is a very nice episode??

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  16. nice epi as always dr.
    lv it.

    paro and rudra is awsome.
    court part is hillarious. i ws laughing like a mad.
    i rly like paro rudra lv story.
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    keep writing
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