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Episode 2:
Kushi: Oh.. devi maiyaan.. this is my big day.. why you made me meet that two arrogant persons.. i hope my day wont get spoilt..
(she prays in temple and leaves .. to the place in hurry…)
oh it was 11 o clock.. they called me at 10:30… i am late…
excuse me.. my name is Kushi Kumri Gupta.. i am here to give my interview..
Girl: Sorry mam you are late.. you cant go inside…
Kushi: listen .. pls.. i know i am late.. allow me to go i will explain to them
Girl: sorry mam its not my duty.. you may leave
Kushi: ( in a dramatic flimy voice she is doing drama to divert thier attention so that she could go and attend her interview..)
yeh kounsi dhunya hai jahan ek akeli ladki ka koi value nahin hai… mein ek majboor ladki hoon.. ek purey family ki zimmdari hai mujpe..agar muje ye nokri nahi mili tho..meri maa jo behri hai vo mar jaayegi aur meri papa jo chal nahi sakthe vo toot jaayenge aur meri choti behan jo andhi hai uska padahi ruk jaayega.. hume gar se nikal thenge meri vo kadoos bua jo heart patient hai…(background kushi music in ipkknd that funny music..)

by telling this she is going inside without the knowledge of that girl..
but the guards catch her and show her the way to exit..
Kushi: ok ok i am leaving… one day you guyz will regret that.. u had insulted one big star.. that day i wont forgive you.. yeh devi maiyaan ki kasam..
she leaves.. thinking what to tell in home… where all are eagerly waiting for her.. by remembering arnav and raman she gets angry and says i wont forgive that two arrogants .. my job was gone.. but i am Kushi Kumari Gupta.. i will get new super job quickly… aakir who can reject this most talented employee..
arnav came home with anger…
he goes inside his room.. all the workers of the home was very scared..
One servant: boss is in anger.. no one should go inside his room..he wont even come for lunch
Another servant: relax buddy.. see madam came.. now she will make boss cool within one second..
( boli si soorath song in background)
a girl is seen coming with long beautiful hair wearing white and red fancy designer saree.. having pooja thaal in her hand.. with a smile she asks .. where is my bittu
they all say that he s in his room.. she goes near the room and calls him..he opens the door and goes with anger
yeah .. its the most beautiful Ishitha Sing Raizada…
Ishu: bittu.. kya hua.. why are u angry..
Arnav: muje bittu math bulav na…. how many times i am telling this…
ishu smiles and gave laddu to him by saying.. its my right he gets annoyd with laddu.. saying i dont like sweets dhi.. pls..
Ishu: accha baba.. its prasad.. dont tell like that..
Arnav notices some mark in her hand and seen concerned..
Arnav: why dhi.. you are not taking care of yourself.. what is the need to hurt yourself
Ishu: i did thus for your happiness
Arnav.. what is this dhi.. that god wont hear if u ask him without these drama.. is he wants entertainment
Ishu: bittu dont tell like this…
Arnav.. yeah if i tell anything against god.. he wont give me any profit in my business as he has all my customers in his control.. right?
Ishu: ok baba.. i cant argue with you.. and trust god… see.. the day is not so far.. when you starts believing in god…
Arnav : let the day come…till that u proise me not to punish yourself like this
Ishu: ok baba.. i wont do this.. now smile na..
Arnav smiles.. and hears someone calling him
someone is seen entering the home with papers.. a young practical man … wearing white full hand t shirt and black jeans.. calling arnav..
Arnav: hey mihir.. wats up man.. when you came back..
Mihir: yeah i came today.. see this .. i received these papers when i went to office to meet you
Ishu: hi mihir.. how was your trip.. did u like any girl there? even if u like .. u would have told her that.. pls darling.. i should ask my buddy arnav.. then only i can think about proposing you..
(she left laughing alone while both look at her with serious)
Ishu: i didnt make such a bad joke by which u two are reacting this way
arnav gave that papers to ishu.. by reading that,, ishu also looked tensed..
Ishu: how can they say like this.. u left that 2 years before.. now how can they demand ..
Mihir: contract was for 5 yeras.. and this is the last year.. last two years… they adjusted with our old works.. actually they did a favour upon us…knowing that we cannot do that again
Mihir: we have complete this as we have no other option.. try to understand bhai..
you have to do this.. arnav leaves with high anger…mihir signs ishu to convince arnav
Ishu holds arnav and says..one last time you have to bear this
Raman comes office and shouts…
Mili.. where is my coffee..
Mili: sorry sir.. its here..
and she gave some papers to raman and leaves
Raman gets tensed by seeing that papers..
Raman: how dare they to send this ,, i wont do this… let them do as they wish.. i am not going to do this and thats final..

Mihir is seen convincing that contractor.. at that time Raman enters and says go hell with your contract.. i am not going to do this.. i left everything 2 years back.. now i wont let them ruin my present life.. lastly he notices mihir.. and removes his coolers in surprise.

Guyz.. here only one dialog is in hindi.. hope you wont mind.. as it s just a dramatic flimy dialog.. in kushi’s style

Credit to: arshi

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