Happy monday guyz… a fresh day if week… i just feel new for every monday when i go to school… even to clgs… yeah its true tat we feel bored … but during clgs.. we just hate weelends right?? I do hate weekends during clgs… haha… ok fine.. lets go into our special monday epi…

Recap: kushi gets drunk… and does many hungama.. when she gains conscious she felt bad and embarrased and just asks rude to take her home..but stopped by all to have breakfast… ramna and ishu were punished badly by ruhi… but didnt loose any opportunity to romance…

Swara: today swara spl breakfast


swara looks at shagun

Shagun: no .. i mean… u r now only became well.. how would i just make u cook…

Sanky: yeah… also shagun dhi s pregnant… how would she eat

Swara with angry face: what

Ishu: why?? Swara will cook.. amd u know swara… raman alwayz says tat he misses to taste ur handmade food…

All look at rmana with shocked expression.. while raman looks at swara with smiling face

Raman: ofcourse swara… i just love to

Ishu laughs in heart..

Shagun: wowo ishu… superb… now this ravan kumar will pay for it…

Ishu: for wat??

Shagun: for wat all he did with me .. right from childhood… till spoiling my wedding night

Ishu:  sweetie  …. does swara’s hand made food s tat much bad..

Shagun : no no… it wil be…(she stopped) hmm.. u just wait and watch

Sanky: ishu dhi.. why have u trapped raman bhai..

Ishu: he should get punished…

Shagu: wat hap ishu

Ishu: he s just…. (she gets angry remembering tablet incident)  i jst gave him tablet… he felt bitter . .. aand u know what he did??

Sanky shagun: what

Ishu: he wishes me to get tat same taste…

Sanky shagun gets confused: how? He gave u tablet?

Ishu (starrung angrily at raman) : No…. he just kkiii…(she stopped seeing shagun and sank)

Shagun gets her point and smiles: wat ishu ….

Sanky still didnt get

Sanky: wat dhi tel nah

Ishu turns red…

Shagun: he just… kii.. wat…

Sanky: kii?? Kicked u???

Shagun hits her head: you r senior among us . Having 4 yrs child… but shame on u sanky…

Snaky: what??

Ishu shagun laugh at him

Swara came: sanky mere buddhu ram… just think.. wat will start from kiii

Sanky: kii…kick…. kill…. wat else

Shagun: we r really feeling sorry for u swara….

Whereas swara s looking at sanky with buring eyes…

Ruhi came and pats her head: papa.. kii… means.. kiss also na…

Everyone gets shocked at her reply..a nd starts lauging…

Ishu then realises tat they all r starring her and laughing… she felt embarasd and tries to leave…

Shagun holds her..

Shagu: raman ….

Raman came

Shagu: wats thsi raman chiiii….

Raman: what… now wats this new drama…

Shagu: drama??

Raman looks at ishu.. whre ishu signs him abt mrng incidet

Raman: so??

Shagu: so?? How can u do thia?

Raman: should i guve a demo….

All closes ruhi’s eyes and ears…

Ruhi pushes all:stop all ur drama.. and play inside…

She told and leave… where all starts laughing at her behaviour…

Shagu sanky swara miryal sot together: ok.. show a demo

Ishu opens her mouth widely..

Raman: but… for tat suraj should agree na

Shagun: why??

Raman: now u r his wife.. how can i just give a demow with u …

Shagun:  oh hello….

Raman comes close to her: hey… when u r 10 yrs.. u promised me… tat u will marry me when we becomes old..

Shagu starts beating him with watever she gets in hands…

Ishu: its fate tat i have falled in ur trap… and u need my sweetie too..

She also joins and beats him

Rudr and kushi stares them and smiles… but still rudr couldnt see raman… as he have covered her face with mask…

Rudr: u all seems so cool

Asr: yeah… but some black eye fell on us.. tat we lost our happiness..

Everyone gets silent knowing asr’s taunt to rudr…

Rudr: no one can snatch others happiness.. i just wish u all stay happy …

Asr was abt to taunt further… but get stopped by raman…

Rudr:by the way.. u all are frndz righ?

Swara: yeah these people r childhood frndz.. andThey will tell u ant their frndship.. u just excuse me.. i gonna prepare breakfast for all  …and sanky just accompany me…

All gave a shock look… and then ramu khaka… signals them which relieved all 

Rudr: why r u wearing tat mask??

Asr: yeah raman…y?? Take tat away…

Asr smiles teasingly..

Raman stares angrily: vo actually… i have dust allergy…

Kushi: for tat u wore mask??

She asked innocently…

Ishu: leave him.. he alwyz do such stupid acts to gain attention.

All laugh at ramna… while raman thanks ishu for saving him…


Mihir: actually we 6 are childhood frndz… i and raman bhai from other family…. but these four r siblings…

He starts their story… and rudr and kushi enjoys ut most… while asr goes on doing his task…(ie.. admiring kushi?)

Rudr while listening those goes into his world: she s also my childhood frnd….  we have shared a special bond… i dont eat before she eats… and when it comes to pulling legs… we r the first to pull each other… but when it comes to stand for me.. she alwyz there to me…..and u know?? She s the villian to all my love stories…

He smiled recalling how she used to break all his love stories…


Payal: then??

Rudr: our parents made us marry… but we didnt love….

Mihir: then

Rudr : aftr some days of marriage… we decided to give divorce…
All: then??

Rudr goes to his flashbacl

Paro: wowowowoow… i m so excited….

Rudr: tat much u need to be away from me??

Paro suddenly hugs him: dont say this…. i wont be away from u never ever…. but divorce us neccessary… bcz our parents should realise tat a boy and a girl can be frndz forever…

Rudr nods in agreement…

Judge: we cant approve it… you guyz should be togetehr for thw next 6 months  ..

Paro: ok….

They both reach home…

Paro:wow . Anothwr 6 months we gonna spend here…

Rudr: wat you exactly need par??

Paro: i need to be around u… but being frndz society s not allowing us… so i m just enjoying this new relation…

Rudr:god knows wat to do wit this mental.

Paro takes a knife: u called me mental… u called me mental….

They ran around the room…. throwing all things…

Fb emds with rudr’s cute smile and also kushi’s anger gaze on rudr..which s noticed by asr… asr dont want thus opportunity to let go

He came near kushi

Asr: u didnt tell tat ur hasband has love story… tat too this much romantic ..

Ksuhi gets angry at his statement ..

Kushi: who is tat…

Rudr still in tat feel replies: PARO

All gets shocked especially asr…

Kushi: it seems u were talking abt someone else…

The statement made rudr to come into senses…

Rudr: i mean.. its u…

Kushi: u havent told me tat we were childhood frndz.

Rudr didnt reply…

They al  got disturbed by swara’s scream…

Swara: food is ready…

Raman gets settled…. with all….

A sound came…

All look into one directiom… where ruhi slaps aarac..

All run to them…

Ruhi: there was mosquito

Swara: but beta.. u should nit have slapped him…

Ruhi: mumma… what if tat mosquito is dangerous..

Her innovent cute reply made rudr smile..

Rudr: no prob beta..

Aarav: yeah ruhi.. u r my frnd… u can slao me even if there s no mosquito…

All smile at their cute talks…

Whereas kushi was frozen in one corner…

She was been rewinded back… where she slapped arnav..

Kushi:but why have i slapped him… oh no.. is tat real or just my imagination…

Asr: wat??

Kushi saw him: nnn.. nnoo..nothing… wat…

Asr: u were telling something..

Kushi: i said nothing…

Asr: ok.. come lets have breakfast…

Sanky: arnav bhai… ur cheeks have some marks…

All signs sanky… he then bites his lips…

Rudr: yeah.. as if someone slaps u..

Kushi looked at him shockingly… whereas asr tries to lie…

Rudr: wat hap paro…

He asked being concerned of her shocked face

Kkg: wat do u mean by wat hap?? R u telling tat i have slapped him and now just pretending to be done nothing..

Ishu raman control their lauvh

Rudr: when did i say like tat…. and wat hap to u..

Kkg: no.. u asked me as if i have done tat to mr.raizada…

Rudr: relax…. i didnt mean tat… and also… if u would have done tat.. why mr.rauzada s hiding tat… tat makes no sense rigjt???

The sentence shakes kushi… and she stares at asr to get answer… while asr smiles at her…


Hungama breakfast…

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  1. Dhi extradionary episode.no words to tell.i am not able to write a long comment because I am not able to move my right hand due to some problem. Please sorry.

    1. Arshi

      Oh noo.. wat hap dear?? Is tat a serious prob… take care f ur hand yaar… now u wont comment until u get fine right??

      And thnz a lot for this cutw comment .. even though ur hand s hurt…

  2. Nice and funny sense.

    Love it, Arshi.

    1. Arshi

      Thnx pari?

  3. Very nice

    1. Arshi

      Thnx nandhu??

  4. Veronica

    Wow yaar so cute…Did Khushi slap ASR now?…Anyways I loved how they explained their friendship….Both mihir and rudr…Rudr-paro scene was so cute! And the 1st part where Raman taunt Shagun was awesome

    And and and coming to the first statement…..I miss my school days a bit more than my college life…First of all its because my school was near my house and we had too many cafes and restaurants and bakery near my school….So after special classes me and my friends used to wander in the streets get whatever possible to eat….And my college is quite far from my house so I have to take two buses back to reach home.And thats too hard…..But college is fun only to the freedom we enjoy ??…Waiting for 200th epi

    1. Wowwwwwwwww…….
      it was really very cute. Want to know about swaras food?
      not able t o wait so long chechi

      And also the 200th epi.?????

      1. Arshi

        Thnx dear kavya…. and sooo cute.. u r calling me chechi….. i have a neighbour .. her son is just 1 or 2 yr old… he s also calling me chechi???

    2. Arshi

      Thnx a lot vero.. and tat slap was .. when kushi was drunk…. they just noticed the mark on asr’s cheeks… and yeah … for me also school s near.. and for clg i had to travel for 1 hr….

  5. hi di a big sorry as i couldn’t comment these days i had wifi problem i missed you a lot di and coming to these episodes the fabulous ,fantastic ……….. aur kya bolu di you are just awesome the episodes were so lovely and kushi’s antics in drunken state were so cute
    take care i an keep smiling

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot sravanthi.. for ur cute qirds???

  6. hayee
    wt a epi arshi di! 😉
    it is awsome as always dr. lv it 2 da core.
    i miss u.

    oh fo my sanky is such a tube light.
    he ddnt understand even dis thing. ruhi also knw btr dan sanky. i remember when swara said dat she is expecting he also act like dis only. hw cute he is. such a kiddo. :-*

    ishu & shagun is so gd.
    he he raman try 2 kiss shagun ws hillarius.
    arshi part also mind blowing.

    hey wts da prob in swaras cooking? i think smthng big gonna hpn. lols. waiting 4 her handmade foods.
    ramu kaka plz save them. 😉
    ruhi is so sweet.
    rudra & paros lv story is also intresting.

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv u alot.

    1. Arshi

      Wowowowoow chanu… i m feeling cloud nine… tat u remember all scenes of my ff… thnx a lot chanu dear

      1. Hee he hw cd I 4gt such a lvly moments dr..
        rly they r unforgettable
        I miss u..
        u ddnt rply us in last epi also.. 🙁 🙁
        He he jst kidding dr
        lv ya

    2. Arshi

      Yeah yaar.. read all ur comments… but was quite busy… so only couldnt reply….

  7. commenting after q long time was busy in paperx?as usual a dhamakaidar episode?my arshi’S love?❤️hayeeeeeee?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Arnav and khushi are really cute??all other couples were all also good???enjoyed each and every single line of ur parts itx mind blowing☺️9 more to go nd then 200 wowwwwwww??❤️congratulations in advance?love ur ff❤️keep going…

    1. Arshi

      ????wowowowowo happy to c ur comment dear.. thnx a lot for ur cite words

  8. Good episode…

    1. Arshi

      Thnx nifa dhi????

  9. Nice ishra scenes

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar nisa

  10. Nivedha

    Cutest Ishra scene… Wowowowowowowow I enjoyed it a lot ..
    Always Ishra rocks… Poor kushi.. Stuck btwn Arnav n Rudr.. Cute Aarav n Ruhi… Awesome Arshi

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear nive

  11. Kumud

    really lovely love ruhi and Aarav moment

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar kumud

  12. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s soooooooo Cuteeeeeeeeee&funnyyyyyyyyyyy………I loved it……….

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar reshma

  13. lovely episode yaar

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yar sowmy

  14. Sravs

    funny di……i was laughing like anything while reading this one…………………….loved it

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar sravs?

  15. Shalu

    Today’s episode was grt dhi, sry for not commenting so long I was busy with in my clg work, but I read all the episode……all were just awesome……..and coming to wat u said in the beginning, as said in uthamaputhiran……….week days illa weekend kaga wait panuvaen and weekends illa adutha weekend kaga wait panuvaen……….cause I am feed up with my clg works………wat if clgs were just to enjoy with friends not all this exam, rec work etc……..sry dhi I am blabbering to u………but over all this tension ur ff was a mind relaxing one……….and I am also waiting for 200th episode…….???

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot shalu dear? happy to c ur comment …. and and and .. the scene in uthamaputhiran hahaa… tat wasepic one ight?? Ad yah … in clgs we sha have many works in comparsion with school

  16. superb episode…..very interesting to see Raman’s actions…..

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar ishan

  17. Super

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar vavachi

  18. u always dont leave any cjance to make me speecheless by ur cute words episode was stupendously fantastically fantabulous episode……

    1. Arshi

      Rhnx a lot dear yashu?

  19. Hey Di?..Remember me?? Commenting after a longggggggggg tym..☺️☺️ I’m srry that I don’t comment but it was bcuz I was very busy..but still I never forget to read ur episodes..ur episodes r just mind blowing di! While reading the episodes A smile will be always plastered on my face,like this ???..I just luv u Di!??

    1. Arshi

      thnx a lot dear… and ur comment brings the same smile… 🙂

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