Good morning guyz.. thank you for all your support… keep on supporting me guyz…. here is epi 18

At night shagun ishu in ishu’s room
Ishu: sweetie… when you realized that you have fallen in love
Shagun: its just a magic ishu…. i just started to follow his talent.. but his calm character.. helping tendancy makes me feel good for him… then there was some days..he had gone for some trip.. that time was really hard for me… you remember i said i was ill… actually i missed him… that time i came to know that i love him
Shagn then goes on narrating about love.. ishu was lost in raman’s thought..
Ishu : hey these symptoms cant be love.. see they all are all similar with my feelings towards raman
Shagun: oh my ishu darling.. i know this from early.. that you guyz will end up like this only
ishu: do i also love raman?no no .. ishu in love.. never .. that too with raman… no ways..
shagun: ok then.. that day.. one girl proposed raman.. but u felt jealousy and tries to hurt that girl… no one knows that you only did that prank.. but i do..
ishu: i did.. but it does not mean that i love raman…
shagun: ok then you don’t feel anything for him…
ishu: not ;ike that.. i like him… but …
shagun: ok if he proposes you .. what will be ur reaction
ishu: i am confused sweetie
shagun: i can feel that you are happy from inside by hearing this proposal… if it becomes true… you will surely accept..and he will surely propose u
ishu: stop this.. we shall sleep… bye gud nite..

Event arrangements….

Suraj: so guyz.. here is the plan.. there will be 8 entertaining events…. you can collect list as who are going to participate…
Raman: relax… we will present one song… me arnav mihir ishu shagun…
Suraj: song?
Shagun : we are interested in music.. and studying music by part time….
Suraj: thats great then…
Arnav: sanky will do dance with one crew…
Mihir: so two events are ready…
All were busy in discussing about schedules and programmes…
Suraj: then ishu… everything in this college had changed… (he stares at ishu’s eyes) and looks beautiful too
Ishu: excuse me?
Suraj: i mean changes in college… so can you take me to the canteen.. i am feeling hungry.. also i don’t know where is canteen
Ishu: me???
Suraj: also i would like to share a cup of coffee with cute girl
Raman interferes : hey mr.khanna…this cute girl will help you.. hey mis. Chavanniii ( sweeper of college) pls take our most handsome guest to canteen.. also you can share a cup of coffee with him.. as he loves to share a cup of coffee with cute girls.. right mr.khanna
Suraj got angry and leaves… ishu got surprised as she can realise his jealousy towards khanna….

Sanky arranges for his dance…. lot of students came for giving their names… he got confused

Mihir who knows sanky’s soft corner towards swara… announces : there will be cute couple dance in our college.. by owr charming sanky and mis.sulochini.. means bubbly swara…
Shagun: hey mihir… whats this.. you know nah.. that sanky don’t feel comfortable with girls.. even he don’t talk with a girl.. he will become angry at ur action…
Mihir: dhi… come on.. your bro has grown up… you only cant notice,, see there..
Shagun sees sanky talking with swara

Sanky: hey.. are you comfortable in dancing with me?… or else i will ask them to cancel our names..
Swara: i don’t know to dance
Sanky: thats not a problem.. i will teach you

By seeing this shagun got surprised and happy too….
All of them starts practicing…
Sanky starts dancing with swara…. swara too likes to dance with him…. they shared a beautiful dance… by which all became happy… at once swara steps back and feels shy…

Suraj makes several excuses to talk to ishu…. raman got angry over suraj’s act…and always taunts suraj… by whichi ishu got angry

Ishu: what that mean to you? he is just talking with me?
Raman: ok do talk with him… i wont interfere anymore…
Raman leaves.. ishu got upset..

In night
Raman in raman’s room.. collects al his childhood memories… to which.. he found that there was only ishu’s memories…
Raman to himself: how could she do that… i love her .. she cant even see that… i wont talk to her till she apologize.. but she is stubborn…whatever may be.. i wont call her . i wont msg her… by saying this.. he automatically calls ishu… but she didn’t pick up.. he got angry
By then he receives ishu’s msg
Ishu: raman.. i can fight with you .. tolerate your taunt… tolerate even your anger.. but pls.. talk with me.. its not that big fight that you left me there.. and not responding my calls
Raman: oh.. drama queen… you only didn’t pick my calls… but you wont agree
Ishu: oh i ddnt notice…by the way.. you reacted today was weird… may i know the true reason behind it…

Raman: i also want to tell the reason… but not in msg.. i will come there…
Raman:He sends mgs.. but msg was pending.. he didn’t notice.. he got ready to meet ishu in plain full hand white tshirt… he took one parcel for ishu… he then plucks one red rose for ishu and leaves
Raman reaches ishu’s home. Without their knowledge he goes to ishu’s room… lights were off
In balcony.. he notices her standing…
He goes near her…
Raman: don’t turn… i came to tell you something… don’t utter even a word..ishu… you are not that beauty.. but i have never seen a girl being more beautiful than you.. it may be flimy but its true… i can sell my head for your cute smile… you are torturing me everyday by your cute expressions… i want you to torture me even more throughout my life…i know you are giving lectures .. but my life will be incomplete without your lectures my life is yours..and no one can handle this rockstar better than you..i want to to hold me till my end…
i don’t know what you are feeling for me… but i know that i m madly in love with you.. its more that love…
by telling this..he bends down… gives red rose to ishu.. in sharuk’s style

Raman shocked to see shagun there…
Shagun: how romantic… ohhh nooooo… but i may be a bear here in between you two romio Juliet… ishu is there behind you…
Raman sees ishu
Ishu hides herself behind cupboard
Shagun leaves… raman waits desperately for ishu’s reply…
She didn’t come infront..
Raman: ishu.. whatever you say.. we will always be frnds….
By saying this raman leaves… ishu hugs him from behind..
Ishu: i don’t know whether i love you or not… i don’t know what is my feeling towards you… but i know i cant be happy without you… raman is the only person who can keep ishu happy till end…as you said my leactures are incomplete without your taunts… my day is incomplete without you

By then someone is knocking ishu’s door… ishu got tensed.. and ask raman to hide… raman hides inside cupboard…
Ishu checks… arnav this time? What you want?
Arnav: i want your .. leave .. i will get it
Ishu: wait na arnav.. what … i will give..
Arnav opens cupboard… ishu shouts…. arnav got scared….
Then ishu finds cupboard empty…
Arnav: what hap dhi..?
Ishu: nthng…
Arnav: i just wanted your pink duppatta… to order the same design for function decorations
Arnav leaves.. ishu searches for raman…but couldn’t find… may be he left… she then finds one parcel in her bed.. and a letter over it..
She was asked to wear that..
By then .. she came outside .. and shocked to see the cute light arrangements in her room… he found raman in corner wearing white t shirt .. looking so smart.. raman notices ishu coming in white beautiful long dress with cute expression..
Raman sings song for her
( rabba mein to mar gaya ho) (alahe alahe alahin alahe nee adi)

Ishu: raman… whenever you sings … my heart is beating fast. ..
Raman:ishu.. bcz.. i am singing every line for you…
Ishu:are you trying to impress me?
Raman: should i try? I think you are already impressed by this rocky… right?
Ishu: for me you are not rocky.. you will always be raman…
Raman: accha babs….
Ishu:don’t call me babs..
Raman: ok ishu jaanu
They hug each other…
By then he receives call
Raman: haan baaba.. propose kar dhiya
He cuts the call
Ishu: who ws that?
Raman: hai koi… ladki
Ishu: ladkiiii.. koun?
Raman: lover ho .. lover ban ke raho.. biwi banneki koshish math karo ( behave yourself as a lover.. don’t try to act as wife)
Ishu: raman you..
Raman: accha baaba… don’t spoil the scene.. that ws pihu.. my London friend…
Ishu: oh your 1st std frnd.. till now you are in contact.. thats great..
Raman: oh leave that nah… see my hands are waiting for long to hold you… my eyes are waiting for long to see you… and my lips are..
Ishu: arey oh.. you are calling me drama queen.. but actually you are the drama king… now leave .. before anyone see u

Raman leaves from the window

Day passes.. ishra’s chemistry built up to the peak… there is more than friendship between swara and sanskar.. that too through dance rehersals… and shagun got really impressed by suraj’s character… and suraj became more adamant to get ishu in his life…
Suraj: tomorrow is the last day.. i should confess my feelings to ishu…
Raman: i will tell everybody about our relationship tomorrow.. afteral they should know

Swara: mamaji wants me to marry his son… he asked my opinion..
Sanky: what did you tell?
Swara: i have nothing to object….

Credit to: arshi


  1. Anaya

    Oh my god this is becoming more and more interesting. The confession was very romantic and cute (as good as expected). You are amazing arshi.

  2. Neha

    Di…it’s super cool…confession is amazing…waiting for next part….and god tomorrow is not Saturday….so that you can update easily….because I am desperately waiting for the next episode…

  3. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous episode, loved ishra confession…looks like suraj become a villain between ishra…poor shagun…swason is also very cute…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  4. kajal

    Arshi i just love ur ff . I cant explain how happy i get when u post ur update . It is 100 time better than real yhm .
    Keep it up

  5. its jst superb yaar……. loved it plz plz plz continue do not stop…..nd nice to c blossomed lov of ishra…. continue these ishra moments… luv u ishra….nd this ff

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