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Now lets proceed to our epi

Ruhi: mumma.. pls… u should come tmr… all frndz should see how pretty my mom s..

Ruhi talked to swara

Swara controling jer tears: beta… mumma cant come.. but papa will surely come… pakka promise…

Ruhi cries: i wont talk to u mumma.. never ever.. dont even come to see me… i wont see you…

She throws the phone and starts cryong…

Ishu came and consoles her..

Ruhi: ishi maa.. i hate asli (real) muma…

Ishu: no beta.. u should not say like tat… mumma must be busy tats y

Ruhi: dont lie… she s enjoying there..

Ishu hugs her and consoles her…

Hoohooo hoooo .. (ishu ruhi song plays)

She made her sleep

Asr couldnt sleep.. he turns here and there… remembering kushi’s words “MY HUSBAND RUDR”

He breaks the vase thereby…

Ishu runs to him

Ishu: bittu.. wat hap

He hugs ishu

Ishu: bittu.. wat hap ….

He didnt say anything… and laid down on ishu’s lap…

Ishu starts massagung his hair…

Ishu: now only i made one kid sleep.. now u…

She sniles…

Ishu:  thinkinh abt kushi??

Asr : she s thinking tat i m going close to her.. and she considers rudr as her husband..

Ishu smilingly: tats her truth now… u should not take drastic move… she will feel wierd…. slowly slowly make her as ur frnd… then try to understand her present state.. then we have to open rudr’s secret…

Asr: yeah dho.. u r right… i think i m going fast.. i should slow down…

Ishu brushes his hair.. and make him sleep… and leaves to her room…


Raman turns to see ishu with red eyes..

Raman fully messed uo the room

Ishu: alwayz u r doinf this… wat the hell is this raman??

Raman: vo… every year i used to gove best gift for ruhi.. this year .. i thoughy.. i will give a big collage pic… of her pic of every year amd every month of 1st year… i kept tat album here.. but its not here..

Ishu came close to him with burning eyes..

Raman: what… help me in finding those..

Ishu: i think u r the only person who dont have brain…

Raman looks at ishu in disbelief

Ishi: wat r u looking at… and by the wat… which generation do u belong to??

Raman  : ishu pls..
Ishu: oh pls…all those pic we have in our hard disc too.. but mr. Raman kimar bhalla dont leave any chance to irritate me right

Sating thjs she starts cleaning..

Raman pats his head and came behind ishu and hugs her..

Raman: actually.. i was worried for ruhi.. she may be missing swara sanky.. so thought of gifting something special..

Ishu: yeah i m also thinking tat only… wat should we gift??

Raman makes her turn… and carasses her hair..

Raman: i think.. she s all alone.. hai nah?

Ishu: yeah

Raman: how about gifting her

Ishu: her??

Raman: a lil bro or sis..

Saying this he lifts her..

Ishu: raman leave me… let me ean this first…

Raman as usual didnt pah attention and starts his antics..??


Sun rises…

Ruhi wakes up rubbing her eyes…

She finds herself in middle of toys.. sje gets excited and jumps in happy..

She proceed towards mirror

Ruhi: happy birthday ruhi.. ok its birth before day… but anyways.. happy birtday ruhi..

She smiles seeing herself…

She then proceeds to bathroom

And finds her toy alike brush

Ruhi gets more happy and brushes her teeth… she finds many chocolates and cards over her bed…

Ruhi: where r u all.. come before me…

No response..

Ruhi:plssss…. i dont need all these untill u all give ut from ur hand..

No response…

She pouts her fce ….

Someone plays the song.. HAPPY BRTHDAY TO U..

Ruhi smiles.. and again makes pout face…

Then the song changed to …

Ladki beautiful kar gayi chul..

She unknowingly dances….


She shouts..

A voice came…
Aashiyaana mera saath tere hai na

Dhoondte teri gali mujhko ghar mila

Aab-o-daana mera haath tere hai na

Dhoondte tera Khuda mujhko Rab mila

tu jo mila lo ho gaya main qaabil
tu jo mila to ho gaya sab haasil
mushkil sahi aasaan hui manzil
kyunki tu DhaDkan main dil..


my home is with you, isn’t it?

looking for your street, I found my home,

my food and water comes from your hand, doesn’t it?

looking for your god, I found my god..

when I found you, I became capable,
even though it was tough to get,

the destination became easy,
because you are the heartbeat, and I am the heart..

Ruhi smiles broadly hearing the voice.. she turns and runs to downstairs…

All who were hiding cries in happiness seeing ruhi like tat…


She ran and gets hit by one person… the person takes her in arms.. and wishes her happy birthday and kisses her..


Sanky: yeah my princess…

Ruhi:where s mumma..

Sanky: she didnt come… she had some work

Ruhi: dont lie.. she only sang tat song..

Sanky: its tape… really she didnt come..

Ruhi gets upset… she notices a puppy dog thereby wearing ruhi’s dress ruhi’s chain beacelet and all


she runs in happy to upstairs.. and finds one pretty girl facing opposite direction… having curly hair… wearing angel white fairy dress…

Ruhi: mumma..

The voice made her cry in happiness.. she turns.. and uts none othee than pretty swara..

She runs and takes her life in her arms…

Swara: ruhiiiiii

Ruhi:mumma.. love uuuuuu

They had a bone crushing hug… all witnesses tat and had teary eyed…

Ishu: is eveything alright sanky??

Sanky; yeah dhi… doctr said… she s now perfectly alright… she needs immense love and care .. so only i brought jer here…

Ishu : u did absolutely right…

Sabky hugs ishu…

The voice made all to turna and smiles in happiness..

Ruhi runs: shagun mummmaaa..

Shagun: hapy brthday princess..

All one by one wishes ruhi.

Asr goes on checking the time…

Raman: relax.. she will come…

Asr smoles..

Suraj: wats this shagun.. i told u..
Shagun: oh come on suraj… dont irritate me..

Their fight grabs all attention..

Ishu consoles shagun and all men joins suraj

Asr: but eats the matter ??

Suraj: she s not drinking milk…

Ishu: sweetie.. wats this.. drink it nah..

Shagun: oh come on ishu… its been 15 mins only before which he gave me fruit juice..

All stare at suraj

Suraj: so..?? She have travelled this much even though i denied… and now not eating..

All laugh

Shagun: i m not going to drink and tats final…

All leave them.. asking them to cont their fight…

They goes on fighting.. and stopped by their kid’s kick over shagun’s tummy..

Shagun: suraj… he/she kicked me…

Suraj excites:wow really..??

There by they starts talking abt their to be kid…


Clock strikes to 4 only to welcome anji shaleen and pihu nk… buaji garima and raj

All werw extremely excited to see kushi..
Isu takes all to respective room asking them to get ready for party..

She returns to her room.. only to find it decorated with a her fav red roses..

Ishu: wowow…. raman…. but wats the need..

Raman hugs her frim behind: should i have any reason for loving u…

Ishu blushes: but we have many works today..

Raman: let it be… and come… today i will make u ready..

Ishu screams: NOOo… i didnt forget how u made me tat day

Raman: oh come on ishu.. i meant.. i bought u something..

He takes her towards wardrobe…

Only to find it filled with full giftz

Ishu: wowow… this much giftz..

Raman takes one parcel.. and lands t on her hand..

She opens it to find sarees of all colours..

Ishu: wats this raman..

Raman: didnt like t… wait..

He handles her another parcle of chudithars of all colours..

Ishu: ramannnnnn

Raman again handles her full western dres.

Ishu: wait.. pls.. let me take breath… wats the need to spend this much

Raman: simple… bcz i love u…

Ishu: tats enought for me… u know nah.. i m not craze at these types f gifta…

Raman:but i am

Ishu: all will be go wasted…

Raman; no ishu darling.. u choose for urswlf… and we will give all these clothes to ashram… as a donation for our ruhus birthday

Ishu hugs raman:tats really soo sweewt raman…

He kiiseed her forehead…

Mihir shows thumbs up to raman..

Raman whispers:now u go

He smiles… as they planned to surprise their wuves… with innovative ideas..

Mihir enters his room..

Mihir: dear.. i brought something for u..

But while he starts saying.. payal says those wrds ..

Mihir: its my dialog..

Payal: what??

Mihir: no nothing… wat r u talking abt

Payal: this s for my micky…

Ahe forwards one big parcel…

He opens it with excitement… and finds it empty…

Mihir looks at her in confusion..

Payal: sory mockey… for this emty 4 yrs…

She had tears…

Payal then forwards a big size sorry card amd thank u card…

Payal: sorry for being selfish… thank u for being in my life even aftr tat..

Mihir closes her mouth

Mihir: you only brought cliurs to my life… my life s urs ….what if it was been emty for 4 yrs.. we were still together… kushis s not only ur sister… she s my sister tooo… how can we just enjoy wuth her absence.. now dont ever talk like these… i loved u.. love u.. and will alwayz love u

She hugs him..

Mihir: i have bought one trust on ur name…

Payal excitingky: really micke..

Nihir:  remember??when qe were on  valentines day date.. u told ur wish.. of having one turst to help all people… tats y

Payal hugs him tightly: i m really soooo lucky to have u micky…

Mihir: lucky is me who has u in my life…


Arnav: dhi all have came… but kushi ….

Raman: call rudr..

Arnav calls rudr

Rudr picks up the call

Asr: hi … i was just asking… when  r u all coming..

Rudr: i m really sorry…. i m not in delhi now..

Asr grutted his teeth…

Rudr: suddenlt one imo work came… tats y… paro and aarav will come..

The statement made asr smile vroadly

Asr:tats really grt.. u take ur time..

Rudr: excuse me…

Asr: i mean.. ruhi was asking for aarav.. tats y..

Rudr nods and hangs up..

Arnav smiles: yeaaaahhjjj… tats fraud rudr s not here… i cam meet kushi without any interference…

Raman: arnav.. really feeing soo happy to see u back..

Asr hugs him: all this 4 yrs.. u r .y only hope raman… i stopped trusting in fate.. i thought i wont meet kushi back… but u didnt loose the hope..

Raman: its our fate… we cant be seperated for long.. even though aftr this much big storm in our life..

Arnav nods…


Ruhi: mumma… i should ask some different guft from all… help me pls….

Swara : hmm welll..

She points her finger in her forehead.. and starts thinking..

Sanky admires this and smiles.. he takes snapshot of all this precious moments…

Swara: idea….

Ruhi:wat mumma..

Sanky: swara no… dont make ruhi as urs..

Swara: why should not i.. she s aftrall my daughter… hai nah??

Ruhi: ofcourse mumma.. u tell… papa s just dumbo..

Both laugh at sanky..

Sanky: mumma ki bacchi.. now i will show u who s dumbo…

He chases both…

Ruhi hides behind swara…

Sanky falls over swara… swara controlling laugh… fell over ground…

Ishq bhulawa jaane … plays..

Her hairs started playing in her lips…

He slowly tucks it behind her ears…

Sabky: i love u swara…

Swara: i too love u.. but not more than u love me..

Sanky closes her mouth

Sanky: dont talk abt anything from now on…. we have started our life just now…

Swara: yeah.. i gonna enjoy each and every moment.. with u and my ruhi…

Ruhi: for tat u have to get up now..

Swara sanky straighten themselves…

Sanky: ruhi.. come here… am i loooking like dumbo

Ruhi hides behind swara

Swara: sanky.. dont talk to my daughter like this… and yeah u r dumbo…

Saying this.. both ran away from sanky.. sanky smiles…

Sanky: oh no… till now.. i should manage swara only… now.. 2 kids.. havinf same features…

Swara tells her plan to ruhi

Ruhi: wow mumma u r the best.. i will ask this only.. we shall enjoy a lot…

They both did high five…

Ishu: raman…. kushi didnt come til now…

Raman: yeah….

All their concentration goes towardd ruhi who came there wearing a cute angel dress..

All clapsfor ruhi…

Ruhi came and stands near cake..

Asr: wait sweetheart… still some will come… aftr tat u cam cut the cake…

Sanky: who arnav??

Ishu gets tensed..

Raman: oh no… sanky dont know abt kushi…

Ishu: i and i m pretty sure tat he s angry over her…

Asr: vo….

Ishu: aarav.. ruhi’s frnd…

Sanky nods and leaves aside…

Asr: what if sanky tells something if kushi comes… we should tell him..

Ishu: i wil take care f it…

Asr: ddhi.. u take care here… and let ruhi cut the cake… i m going to see for kushi..

Ishu nods..

Raman looks at pk…

Pihu in one direction nk in another dirwction…

Raman: wat hap pihu… is everything alright??

Pihu with tears: nothing is alright rocky..

She hugs him…

Pihu: aftr mrg… 1 yr.. we enjoyed a lot … being with each other… and aftr tat… we started fighting for each amd evey mater.. he dont love me now…

Raman consoles pihu

Nk on other side to payal: its pretty normal things payu.. but she s making out big issue

Pihu on other side: wats normal thing… he have no time for me… even i m working… but i will alwayz make sure tat my worl dont come in between us..

Nk on othe side: i m fed up yaar

Pihu on other side: i m really fed up roxky…

Raman signals payal.. They talked abt pk…

(Guyz… every lovestory may not br fairy tale… the way we take them into in makes it a fairy tale… i m just trying to give real fact in pihu nks relation… i hope u all like this… )

Anji shaleen tries best to console their daughter anju to wear dress..

Shaleen laid down in bed

Shaleen: anji i m sorry… she s nust like u adamant..

Anji: oh really.. then how abt u…

Shaleen: i jave never been adamant..

Anjo: remener .. when we were in 1 st std… mam asked u to accept the mistake.. btu u were adamant to the core..

Shaleen:bcz i m not at the fault..

While they were fighting.. anju wears her dress and went to party..

Both notices tat and laugjs..

Shaleen: omg… she s

Anji: dont u dare to tell anything to my daughter..

Shaleen:ok madam.. but is it neccessary to fight evey time to make her calm..

Anji: tat only works upon her..

Shaleen: but i dont like to fight with u… even for a game..

Anji blushes… shaleen guves a peck over her forehead…

Arnav reaches the hotel where kushi s livig…

Arnav knocks the door…

Kushi opens t and gets shocked..

Kushi: ji.. you??

Asr: u didnt come to party..

Kusho: vo . Rudr s not here…

Asr: ruhi was asking for aarav…

Kusji: vo… i m…. not feeling well

Asr: look paro.. i m really sorey if i hurt u… if u want me to get away from u.. uts fine.. but oks . Dont get scared f me .. i m not tat much bad person…

His statement made kushi melt

Kusjo: i was wrong.. i only jad misunderstndig .. i m sorry..

Asr: dont be sorry… pls…

Kushi: ok.. cone inside…

Asr came and sits in sofa..

Kusji: i will bring coffee..

Asr: no need.. lets go for party..

Kushi: vo…

She looks at the injury..
Kushi: i m really sorey… bcz f me… u got injured…

Asr: its nothing.. a small carck…

Aarav: mumma.. r we gng to ruhi’s home today also..

Arnav: yes cham..

Before kushi could say he jumps in excitement amd runs to get ready…

Kusji couldnt ignore…

All three leave in car…

Rudr enters one hospital..

His eyes filled with water…

He enters ward .. seeing one gorl over bed lying lifeless…

Doctr: for the past 1 montb.. she s progressing good… but still no hope for her beterment..

Rudr: leave us alone..

Doctr nods and leaves…

Rudr moves towards her ..

He takes her hand over his..

Rudr: parooo…

Yeah she s paro… real paro…

Rudr: i have been living by this hope tat u may return back to me.. my life s empty… without u… pls come back…

He closes his eyes..


Paro  runs.. and rude catches her…

Paro: u r such a danger animal…

Rudr: its my tiffen box.. why the hell r u stealing it..

Paro: why shoukd not i

Rudr: in the whole clg.. u got my tiffen ony??

Paro: bcz ut only had tasty briyani..

Rudr snatches it 

Paro makes angry face: see.  One day .. when u will get married… i wil make ur wife away from u.. like the same way u did with ny briyani..

He laughs…

Paro: give me rudr pls… aunty’s hand made briyani smell s driving me crazy..

Rudr: ok then .. say rudr s best..

Paro witb anger: ok fine.. rudr s best..

Rude: no one can beat rudr.. even paro..

She repeats with irritation..

Rudr: he s such a handsome man tat even i fell for him many times..

Paro: chiiii.. u and me.. never ever .

Rudr:why.. wats the problem in me..

Paro:  problem is in me.. tat i cant live with animal..

Saying this she snatches tiffen and runs…

Rudr runs again before her…

Fb ends..

Rudr: am i worst this mucb tat u r not willing to come back to me..

Paro eyes starts moving… but he didnt notice tat…

He leaves from there to dicuss with doctr abt her ..

In car

ARNAV: where u belong to

Kushi: we r living in banaras…

They had a very frndly talk… and kushi involved in tat talk… she starts telling jokes..

Arnav laughs out loudly..

Kushi looks at him lovingly…

Rabba ve plays..

She suddenly starighten herself..
Kushi in minf: have u lost it paro… idiot …

She scolded herself..

He notices all and smiles… tk change the situation..

He switches on the radio…

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon title song plays…whih arnav composed only for kushi..

Kushi gets head pain…
.she gets flashes of some man holding guitar and sings tat song..

Arnav hurridly swutches it off …

But still kushi feels tat flashes..

She holds arnavs hand tightly…

And fell over his shoulder  shouting: ARNAVJIIIIIIII


No idea guyz…

And sorry if i couldnt meet upti ur hopes…

I just wrote with the flow.. so dont know whetr i give all couoles scenes or not… ??

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