Good mrng guyz… i think many f u dont know paro and rudr… its sanya irani (kushi) ‘s serial rangrasiya aftr iss pyar ko kya naam doon.. i kept thi cover pic of rudr and paro… and one more thing… kushi scene will be with arnav only… rudr paro scene will come in between to explain the real paro… ok lets move into the epi…and its not soooo long epi… but longee than the original epi.. tats y i joined two epis…

Asr: listen.. i need eveything to be perfect

Man: sure sir… by eveng u will get ur party hall..

Raman: arnab.. y r u changing the whole thing

Asr: if kushi sees this house.. i m sure she will try to recal .. tat may harm her.. tats y

Ishu: raman.. see how responsible our arnav is…

Raman: yeah… for sometime i m wondering is this the same asr… who dont like any girlz…

Asr gives whatever look and leaves…

Ishu: raman… for todays party.. u should wear my selection..

Raman: wats this new drama..

Ishu: come nah ramannnnn..

She grabs him and gets inside the bedroom..

Ishu starts dressing ramam… she make him wear royal balck suit… she sets his hair…

All raman could see is her smiling face…

Iis tarah sai tu aya mujme

ki teri bateein karti hai darkane

har pal tu har jaga mere sath hai

kase kahu tu itna mere pass hai

Tu mujhme mujse zada hain


Karu karu viligalal oru kanmai enna thorathuthey plays…

Ishu : oh hello where r u lost??

Raman came into senses.. and looks at him.. 

Raman: waah… today i m seeing u in me..

Ishu: oh hoooo…  wat a dialog…

Raman was dressed up totally in riyal black suit wearing coolers and small heart shape brooch…

Raman: now its my turn..

Isju: what?

Raman winks at her…

Ishu; no raman.. pls .. no no… raman..

She starts running.. and raman chases her…

Ishu: raman.. no need..

Raman:accha.. ok… u just wear this saree.. i will do all tge other things..

Ishu: bcz u dont  know to wear saree .. righ?

Raman: if u insist.  I will surely make u wear .

Ishu suddenly grabs saree and runs inside bathroom..

Raman smiles…

Mihir payal were happily getting ready… payal starts her antics like before.. which makes mihir happy..
Kushi gets ready in red plain lehanga ( her dressing s same like in serial rangrasiya)

Rudr came and looks at her: paro.. how did  u get this dress..

Kushi: in ur cupbord i saw this.. and packed …

Rudr gets angry: why r alwayz touching my cupboard without my permission…

He shouts…

Rudr: change ur dress right now…

Kushi eyes gets tears..
Rudr leaves..

Kushi gets ready in light pink lehanga…

She came and throws the lehanga over rudr

Kushi: just mind ur language while speaking to me… i m not ur pupet… if u shout at me again.. i dont know what i will do…

Rudr gets shocked by her activity as she had never became anger…

Kushi also was hurted by rudr’s behaviour.. as he never talked with her even in high voice..

( vaise .. lord governor arnav ko bhi nahi chodi humari kushi ne tho.. iss rudr kya cheez hai ?

Kushi hadnt even left arnav for his rude behaviour .. so how will she tolerate rudr’s rudeness.)

Both along witj aarav get ready…

Rudr: i m sorry…

Kushi: u should be…

Rudr again gets shocked… as he thought she will forgibe  him..

Rudr in mind: tat dress was the first dress i gifted paro…. so only i became very angry…. but she seems so angry… my paro never becomes angry….

All the three head to party..

Payal mihir arnav came inside ishra room..

Payal starts laughing…

Ishu: wat hap

Payal: dhi..just look at urself..

Ishu looks herself … and screams…

Ramna: wat hap.. u yourself getting scared by ur face??

Ishu gave angry look to raman and throws the bottle over him

Raman: wat hap darling..

Ishu: duffer… this s eye shadow .. u ised it as lipstick… ok fine… buy cant u see tat its eye liner… and u used it as lip liner… u idiot.. and have put eue shodow witj lipstick..
What have u done to me..

Raman: u should have directed me..

Ishu: i told u.. but u.. 

Raman: relax baby… i wil do it again…

Ishu: if u didnt go from this room within 5 secs.. i gonna kill u..

All laugh.. raman makes pout face ..

Asr: raman.. where r u going?? I mean.. why this costume??

Raman; for party??

Asr: raman.. r u mad?

Ishu: do u have any doubt bittu

Raman: y

Asr: if u r not with tat false teeth set… rudr wont find u?? Idiot.. he may find u ….

Raman:so wat u want…

Ishu : i think.. u should not come to party..

Raman: oh hello… we r hapoy aftr 4 yrs.. how can i miss this opportunity ..

Ishu: wont u do this for arnav..if rudr leaves somewhere with kishi
.. wat will happen to our bitu..

Raman:isju yaar .. dont blackmail me..

Payal: bhaiyya..

Raman:stop it payal… and yeah.. i wont come… but its not for u arnav.. its just for my kushi behna .. and payal behna…

Payal hugs raman..

Asr smiles…

Raman with sady face go to ruhi room

Ruhi: rocky.. which dress should i wear in party??

Raman:whatever u wear.. it will be super onlu…

Ruhi:why r u upset rocky..

Raman: i m not atteding party..

Ruhi: y… who asked u to not attend… tell his name.. i will ask my darling to beat him

Raman: uts ur darling itself…

Ruhi gets angry and goes down..

Ruhi:what i m hearing… if rocky wont come for party.. i will also not come..

Asr: who told u

Ruhi:wat tat mean to u.. ask rocky to come and tats final..

Asr bends to ruhi:vo ruhi actually

Ruhi: i sadi rocky will come..

Asr nods helplessly…

Raman takes ruhi and gave a kiss..

Asr: raman…

Raman: arnav.. dont wrry… it will be mask party… so i wil wear mask… is tar fine??.. listem… i want to see u all happy.. especially i want to see kushi… i cant miss this party…

Asr nods and hugs raman…

All enter one by one… party begins..

Asr in his room gets ready in a very happy mood… he came down…

Rudr enters the hall with aarav.. arnav was searching for kusho.. he couldnt find her…

Asr runs towards the entrance….he feels her presence.. but couldnt see..

He went outside… there he finds kushi who s stryggling to get her duppata from the car..

Arnav moves towards her…

Heehee….hehehehehheh rabba ve…. hooooo rabba veee


Arnav touches her hand she jerks and takes back her hand… arnav removes her duppata…

Kushi: thank u mr.raizada…

Aenav smiles and forwards his hand to take her inside..

Kushi though dont want to give her hand… couldnt resist arnav.. she looks at him in a lovely way and enters the hall with him…

When they both entered… bunch of flowers from upside falls over them..

Arnav looks upside where raman winks at him…

Kushi starts playing with roses..

Rusr came and takes kushi with him leaving arnav in anger…

All get masks…

Light music gets played by DJ

Thum hi ho…

Ab thum hi ho..

Zindagii ab thum hi hooo….


All gets their partners for dance.. where ishu grabs raman..

Raman: wow.. u became matured

Ishu: aftrall its  a party time… and i m sooo happy…

Ishu amd raman starts their romantic dance… miryal also.. payal didnt see kushi… she searh for her…

Arnav wearing mask asks kushi for dance…

Kushi: i dont dance sorry…

Suddenly lights get off… and music gets louder… arnav pulls kushi towards him… her heartbeat gets faster… he circles her… and grabs her close to him… both look at eachother through mask…. an unknown wierd feeling came… kushi dont want to let him… arnav frees her … but kushi did t leave his hand… she starts doing light dance with him.. which surprises arnav..

Asr in mind: my kushi … cant forget me.. she can even smell my presence..

He felt very happy…

Light gets on.

Rudr came towards kushi

Rudr: wat r u doing here…

Kushi looks at the side.. finds herself alone…

Kusji: vo.. i was…

Rusr: now come here.. aarav is searching for u..

Rudr gets kusji and leaves to corner…

Kushi gets tears in her eyes… she couldnt understand her feeling…

Seeing tat payak runs to her… and offers glass of water..

Ksuhi: thnx ji..

Payal controlling jer tears: ur welcome… wats ur name??

Kushi: paro…

Payal hugs her tightly and aftr much time left her..

Payal: by seeing u i remembered my lil sister…

Kusjk:i m also like ur lil sister jiji…

Payal gets tears bybhearing the word jiji …. and left the place suddenly

Rudr  : be here.. i wil come ..

Kushi nods.. and searches for that masked man…

Ishra while dancing…

Raman: did u see kushi..

Ishu bows down with tears..and nods no..

Raman: i knew it… u wotn face her..

Ishu: i m feeling guilty… i cant face her..

Raman takes her to meet kushi…

Kusji was standing at corner…

Ishu seeing kushi hugs her suddenly…

Kushi:ji… wat hap…. hello..

Ishu starts crying…

Raman gets tensed..

Kushi: pls.. wat hal.. y r u crying… mam…excuse me..

Ishu:i m sorry… i m reallly sorry.. will u forgive me…

Kusji:why r u asking sorry…

Rudr came there…

Rudr: excuse me.. wat r u saying??

Ishu gets shocked…

Ishu: vo… i was….

Raman gets tensed…


Kushi: wat will i do now…

She knocks the door amd shouts for help..

Arnav from behind: relax…

Kushi turns and looks at arnav who s standing soo close to him… she fell due to misbalance… arnav as ususal holds her….

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