A very gud mrng guyz.. i m overwhelemed by all ur comments… lets mover to our arnav’s plan towardd raman…

Raman came outside…ishu and payal starts laughinh

Ruhi: darling… where s rocky… and who is this man??

Raman makes pout face.. mihir turns to see raman.. and gets shocked… seeing him in a extra large shirt and pant.. wearing big specs… having false teeth.. and big curly hair wig

Looking exactly like a helpless poor man..

Raman stares angrily at arnav.. whereas arnav was busy in writung dialoges for him…

Ishu: raman..

Raman with irritated tone:hmm

Ish:whatever… but u r looking handsome in this costume too..

Ranan looks at her.. where she throws a smile.. which boosts up his confidence…

Raman: really

Ishu nods and gives flying kiss..

Raman:if u want to give.. give it in real.. why this flying kiss..

Ishu moves close to him

Arnav:if ur romance s over.. lets gi??

Raman with angry face: if u know tat we r romancing.. why the hel u r intrepting..

Arnav: bcz i dont have anyone to do romance…

This statement made eveyone silent .

Asr smiles: but soon i gona torture u with ny kushi…

Raman pats asrs shoulder: we will surely get kushi…

Ishu feeds kheer to raman and arnav…

Arman leaves…

In office    .. rudr finishes the meeting… and heads to leave… he realises tat someone is following him.. he looks back.. but to find no one..

Asr: raman.. dont do any mistake.. i wil guide u… keep this bluetooth… and be carefull…

Raman nods and went…

Rudr again turns..

Raman pretends to hide… but rudr came  ..

Rudr: who r u??

Arnav in bluetooth: vivek

Raman: vivek…

Rudr: why r u following me..

Asr narrates… raman says: i … i .. wanted to say something…. my parents dies in car accident… and i have only one sister.

Raman in mind: this armav had became insane… what rudr s asking and wht he s replying.. oh no… i think i will get caught…

Rudr: why r u saying these to me??

Asr narrates … raman: tat day… i have saved ur wife…

Rudr: oh… so.. tats you?? … so u need money???

Raman in mind: yeh tho muje bikaran samaj raha hai.. arnav ke bacche . Mein thume chodunga nahi (he s thinking me as beggar… arnav… i wont leave u)

Ranan: no sir… when i saw ur wife.. i felt … she s my sister kushi…

Rudr hearing the word kushi (in mind): oh no… wat will indo now…

Rudr:listen… she s not kushi… and dont u dare to come close to her…(in a threatening voice holding raman’s collar)

Raman gets tensed as his teeth set s loosening..

Arnav hearing rudr gets anger: vo meri patni hai (she s my wife)

Raman who s tensed abt teeth set: she s my wife..

Rudr loosens the collar; what???

Raman gets mre tensed .. in.minf: today this arnav wil meke me die…

Raman:err.. i mean.. she s my wife’s sister… and i look aftrr her like my sister ..

Rudr: listen.. i dont know wat u r saying..

Raman starts his crying drama:  sir sir… we belong to poor family… i have responsibility to make her marry… aftr tat i will go where my wife went…

Raman realises wat arnav said (in.minf) arnav.. i wont tell tat my wife dead… u idiot.. duffer…

Rudr: ur wif??

Asr: my wife s wuth god..

Raman griting teeth: my wife s in mental asaylum…

Asr pats his head: is this centiment is more imp??

Rudr: listen… i

Raman: sir… i m 100 % she s kushi… and if u try to cheat me.. i will go to press..

Asr: raman.. dont threaten him… he may …. oh god..

Rudr: listen mr. U r highly mistaken….she s my wife.

Raman: if u married her… tats not at all problem.. i just want to see her happiness…

Rudr gets relieved: really.??  U wont take her na?

He asked t in sudden…

Rudr then: ok fine.. she s kushi only… but.  I cant take u in fron of her… if she tries to remember anything.. it may risk her life… tats y i didnt force her for anything… and i promise u… i will take good care of her …

Raman hugs him

Rudr : relax mr vivek…

Raman: we r from poor family… we r blessed to have u in our life… pls dont harm our sister…

Rudr cried a lil: pls mr.vivek.. calm down …. and we will be here for one month… i will make u meet her…

Raman hugs him again and cried.. and cleans his tears with rudr’s tie…
Whereas rudr made annoyed face…

They exchanged nymber… and went..

Arnav gave a tight punch to ramans tummy

Raman returns the same..

Arnav: u duffer… wats the need to change the script..

Raman: and.. wats the need to change the dialog… i have been escaped by my own wbility…

Both beats each other.. ramans teethset fell apart.. and specs also…

Atlast both fell over ground and laugh our lodly..

Raman hugs arnav… arnav: i will see my kushi anytime from now..

Raman: but if she tries to remeber .. it may harm her .

Asr: remembering asr cant harm kushi.. as we both r two bodies one soul..

Raman smiles as he saw his frnd hapoy…

Asr: i want to meet her today..

Raman:but how??

Asr smiles…and takes his phone…

Raman : whomw r u calling..

Asr: hello.. mr.rudr pratap… this s asr…

Raman pats his head…

Rudr: yeah..

Asr: i m inviting u for the party…

Rudr: but..

Asr:no but vut.. its for all clients.. u should come with ur while family and its my order..

Rudr smiles:ok then will meet in party

Asr: evng 5 o clock… raizada mansion…

Rudr hangs up

Ranan: u r number one criminal… arnav smiles…

Rudr came back to home…

Aarav: papa.. we r leaving??

Kushu: i have packed all things…

Rudr: we r not gng.. we shall enjoy delhi.. for one month..

Aarav and kushi jumos in excitement…

Aarav: mumma… in this happiness.. tell a joke??

Kushi:ok.. hmmm… yeah…once there r 3 frndz… sleeping in bed… they coukdnt adjust… there s no enough space for them.. one f the frnd gets down to sleep…. and u know… ?? The other frnd.. wat he said 

Aarav:no?? Papa u know

Rudr: no

Kushi:other frnd said… hey.. now there s space.. come over here…

Aarav and kushi starts laughing loudky..

Rudr makes irritated face

Rudr in mind: paro… i m missing u.. this girl s entirely dif than u… u r maturen and calm.. and she… s just opposite.. always doing some things… and i feel.. i m maintaining two kids… but the similiarity btwn u two s … the lover for aarav… she s innocent… what will happen  when she came to know tat i used her…

Rudr: paro… we r going for a party evening…

Kushi:wow party…

She went inside and starts selecting dresses for herself…

Raizada mansion..

Raman: ishu… for which bittu.. u sacrificed ur love.. ur fanily… ur angry….. u know what tat bittu did??

Asr: raman.. cut ur drama… and dhi.. dont get into his soeech

Ranab: ishu haan… yeh thun sun bhi nahi sakthi ho ki thumhare bittu ne… thume kya kar dhiya ( u cant even hear ishu tat.. wat did he done with u)

Ishu: what hap

Ramab wuth fake tears: arnav… made…

Ishu: made…

Raman: you


Raman: dead..

Ishu: so wat…

Aftr a while

Ishu: what…???

Asr tries to go..

Raman explains whole thing..

Ishu starts hitting arnav with all things.. and asr starts jumling here and there…

Atlast all became tired…

Asr: dhi.. u didnt ask.. wat ur raman made u??

Raman pleads not to tell

Ishu looks at raman…

Asr: mental…

He starts laughing..

Ishu takes a big broom …

Raman: ishu.. pati parmeshwar hota hai ( husband is like god parmeshwar)

Ishu:  aur patni uss parmashwar ko bhi nahi chodthi hai… (and wife even  wont leave tat god parmeshwar)

Raman gets beating… and atlast…

Payal: it seems our old days r back..

Ishu: bittu.. if she didnt remeber u .. then??

Arbav: i will make her fall for me again…

By telkingg tat he starts imagininh…

Payal calls garuma and told the news… she told the news to raj also…all became very happy

Arnav mihur and raman start doing preparation for party


Party masthi

Guyz.. i need a suggestion.. i thought if guving… rudr paro scenes slightly in middle …. if u guyz r interested…. if no.. i wont… wat do u all want???

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  1. I wanna ask is there was any serial related to the name rudra and paro as i dont watch tv much but thats interesting to read
    For 4 5 episodes u used this name now i feel they were some charavters
    And by the way episode was just awesome
    U r too naughty
    They are back again
    Loved too them having masti again

    1. Yes there was. It was called Rangrasiya

    2. Arshi

      Yup.. sanaya itani’s seril.. aftr iss pyr ko kya naam doon… the couol was awesome… but the story i didnt like it.. thnx a lot kajal for ur comment?

  2. Dhi what an episode. Dillerz rockers r back. Episode was full of masthi. Raman as beggar wow. Really it was an outstanding episode. Eagerly waiting for the next episode dhi. Please post it soon dhi can’t wait

    1. Arshi

      Yeah diller rocmz s back.. thnx a lot dear

  3. Arnav is so naughty for changing Raman appearance! That made women laugh out loud that annoyed Raman. Raman is so lucky that Ishu love the way of who he is and accept that this is for Arnav and always love him.
    Raman want to start romance with Ishu but this stupid Arnav disturb their romance but knowing that Arnav missed his romancy with his beloved Kushi.
    Funny dialogue of Raman and Rudr and get dialogue from Arnav.
    Funny Raman change script by not using Arnav script.
    Rudr didn’t get suspension of who this person is. LOL
    Nice episode and story.
    Raman lied to Ishu about Arnav and make Ishu beat Arnav then get the truth from Arnav then goes beat Raman. Raman pleaded have fallen deaf ears by Ishu.
    Can’t wait to read about party and Kushi to meet her sister Payal and friends and family.

    1. Arshi

      Wowowowowow what a comment… thnx dear… for this much descriptive comment…. i m speechless…???

  4. Veronica

    Rudr-paro is nice if it is as fb but dont make it Khushi and rudr……

    And awesome epi…..I would like to say one of the scene in my drama which I did when I was in 10th….A barely 16year old as a grandma ?

    Mujhe dialogue diya Gaya tha and main practice kar rahi thi my young sissy just passed through the corridor……the theme was ‘OLD AGE HOME’….Mein ek old lady ko enact kar rahi thi… My sis saw me and was laughing.Mujhe co-starts ko koi idea nahin tha…..And atlast on the day of the programme I came to know that my real sis was playing reel sis.??……..We donot used to talk a lot earlier so we both didn’t had any idea of eachothers programme and the practice was class wise ?……I had dialogues like’My sis was put in a mental hospital by her children…How can they be so cruel to her………..’

    God!After watching the play my brother was laughing hard at his two old ladies ??

    Thank u for reminding me the scene

    1. Arshi

      Hahaha atlast this mentalk asylum scene also comnects with u somewhere… i m telling u… one day u will surelt sue me ???

  5. Hiiiii dear.
    Rehana. Mmm nice name dear…
    You know, I m 2 years elder than you..??
    By the way. .
    Today epi was fabules…

    1. Arshi

      Wowowowow… thnx dear nifa… vaise… now i shall cal u dhi… i alwayz like a lot to call dhi.. as i have one dhi and i love her a lot…

      And now nife dhi.. thnx dhi..???

  6. No rudr and khushi scenes!!! Only Arnav and Khushi!! And make party so colour ful and happening. We ourselves should feel our presence in the party…??

    1. Arshi

      No dear.. there s alwayz arnab kushi only…. i was asking abt paro and rudr… i mean.. rudr may be recalling his ow wufe.. likewise… ??

      1. Ohh!!! Haan u can add some scenes of that kind but not like he is falling for khushi assuming her to be paro…..

  7. how do u get all these to ur mind such a nice eli please update the next episode as soon as possible a very very long one eeeeeeee 😀 cue i don’t get bored reading this.. specially ishu’s raman’s and arnavs’s masthi

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot shara… for this compliment dear… will post soon.. next epi ???

  8. Munshifa

    Wonderful update
    I really enjoyed Arman scene

    1. Arshi

      Thnx munshifa… i also.. enjoyed writing arman scenes???

  9. I think you should do like a monologue of Rudra so we can find out about what happened to the real Paro.
    But the update was nice and funny. The different idea of Arnav was great ? Very unique!

    1. Arshi

      Yaar . I asked that only… a small small flashbacks of rudr paro… anyways thnx tc ??

  10. Zaira

    After soooooo many days i am laughing at your episode and fully enjoying it …..loved Raman and rude scene as well as arman scene very much and ishu’s reaction??? payal said correct that now we will get our old days back??? loved the positivity in arnav after so many days .???

    Yes you put some scenes of rude and park no probs…and r rudr and park any leads of a serial????I don’t watch many serials sooo just asked please do say????

    And you know what even I was very confused reading sharam for first time in India forums it took me some time to understand?????hahaha !!

    1. Arshi

      Thbx a lot zaora for ur cute comment.. and yeah rudr and paro s the lead of derial rangrasiya… actrs.. sanaya irani amd ashish sharma… they looked cute… tats y introduced rudr here ??

      Thnx dear

  11. Awesome…. N I would like to see only arshi… Our old arshi… Joke was good 🙂 episode was full of masti, cuteness, friendship…. ! ! Luved it…

    Felt like m watching it 🙂

    1. Arshi

      Ofcourse dear… arshi scenes will be the main …. old arshi will be back sooooon
      …. till tat enjoy this track dear..

  12. Awesome arshi .arshi what is ur age?

    1. Arshi

      Thnx kaira…. and ladikiyon ka age nahi poochthey ?? ( should not ask abt girls age??)

      But but.. mein thodi ladki kam ladke zada hoon… ?? (but i m equally to tom boy??)

      My age s 22… wats urs??

      I also knew tat should not ask for girlz age.. but u know?? I m shameless.. ?????

      Thnx dear for ur cute comment

  13. No no no di.. No rudra paro scenes.
    I want to see only and only my Arshi…
    It’s been more than two weeks that i hadn’t read any Arshi scenes… So, I want only Arshi scenes.. I want only Arnav with Khushi not rudra…
    And plzzzzzzzz di make Arshi united as soon as possible plzzzzzzzz…
    I can’t see Khushi with someone else without Arnav…

    In today’s episode I liked Arman’s scenes a lot…
    But in upcoming episodes I want to see my Arshi united..

    1. Arshi

      Hahaha.. u know kushi?? Today indidnt feel any shock in ur comment.. as i already knew ur comment… wow i really undertading u more than anyonr ????

      And yeah.. kushi cant be with rudr… kushi with arnav only make semse…

      I meant.. rudr past… his own wife paro…

  14. Rehana my dear, the episode was lovely…… Enjoyed Raman & Asr’s part a lot….. Ishu beating them was lol……
    Sorry dear can’t give long comment as I m little bit stuck in work…
    God bless you….
    Take care….
    Always be happy & keep smiling….
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe…
    Love you…

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot paro dear.. i m very blessed to have u guyz as friendz… though u r busy u dropped commeny.. this mean a lot to me… i really feeling cloud nine right now.. dancing in joy… thnx a lot dear???

  15. Super ep and again again arman did best job I want unit of arshi and no paro rudra. U posted early morning pls. I also happy dueto after so many days I’m laughing when I read ur ff. Khushi joint her arnav she fulfils her life. Thanks dear such a wonderful ff u give and last one request don’t separate anyone pair in future

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear maya… and yaar.. i m posting my ff in mrng 7 o clock… i really dont understand… how this much delay s happening… anywayz will try to post early dear?

  16. Aj ka accha part tha per no arshi scene

    1. Arshi

      Sorry dear.. tmr will give a chte scene.. pakka ??

  17. ☺??

  18. Super

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear vavachi

  19. Superb episode Sisy…
    Happy dayzzzz are back,So happy,Ishu-Raman-Arnav fight was very funny…Loved it Sisy…Arman mads Ishu dead and Mental…Laughed out loudly after reading Sisy…Totally happy after reading Sisy…???

    1. Arshi

      Tats sooo dweet dear.. thnx a lot… its really feel great when u guyz enjoyed it in the crt sense which i want while writing… thnx a lot dear

  20. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar reshma…????☺☺☺

  21. Kumud

    awesome just can’t laughing really funny

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear

  22. pagal arman…………. awesome…………….arshi………..

    1. Arshi

      Hahaha… yeah… thnx chinnu

  23. G.Chandu

    Wowww… arshi..!! I read first 17 episodes…!! That means 10% of your episodes…!!and i started reading from 168th episode of current track… !! It’s soo amazing…!! Every scene… came infront of eyes… while reading…and I felt like I am watching serial only rather reading….!! It’s soooo good…!!! 😀 😀

    And the dialogue in one of the episodes about knife and fruit was superb…!! I read this type of dialogue before also…!! But..what I loved is ishita saying that they are not fruits but knives…!! It’s stunning…!! Payal and mihir together is also veryy good…!! I loved to imagine in long skirts…!! I loved swasan’s intro tooo…!! : D

    In this current track… I don’t know… how I don’t know how Khushi got separated from the rest…!! But I understood that something she did to swara and everyone left her…!! And I got connected to story…!! The way you converted khushi to paro… and the entrance of rudr… is soo creative… and I loved this idea…!! 😀 😀
    Even I used to watch rangrasiya serial… I felt sooo excited seeing their track in your story too…!! Overall… I must say… you are running an amazing fairy tale… of all my favourite serial characters….!!!
    I don’t know when I will complete rest 90% of your story…but I am surely gonna read all…!! Afterall it’s soo cute and interesting…!! Your ff is really a great treat to ishra and arshi fans….!!! 😀 😀

    1. Arshi

      Omg.. tats really soooo sweewt chandu… i m speechelss… i mean… it will be boring to read when it has completed 170 eps… but i m really feeling cloud nine tat u liked my story… thnx a lot dear

  24. Nivedha

    I was laughing a lot reading this… Poor Raman chlm… So sadd.. Wer s Shaleen Anji.. Missed them a lot… As I imagined Shaleen as our Guru.. Lol…

    Ayayo inga Guru fans athigam paah… Enaye minjiduvanga pola…

    Ishra…. Wowowowowowowow…. I don’t think so Arnav will allow you to add Rudr n Paro scenes..

    He ll kill you by saying “What the” or else he ll trouble my Raman chlm…

    So take care of my Raman chlm…

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee Epi

    1. Arshi

      Hahaha… tat will be amazing nah.. guru in shaleen place.. wowow.. i didnt think like this… now i should add their scemes for sure..????

  25. Awesome……

    1. Arshi

      Thbx dear??

  26. The epiaode was so……… fabulous and u r such a talented girl and u have such incredible and mindblowing writing skills. . It’s unbelievable….. Episode was amazing….. No words to praise u…. Eagerly waiting

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