Gooooood mrng guyz… oooowwwww… its my 170th epi…. want a treat??? Well i too want a treat from u guyz also… ….

Now i m fed up with current sady track… so my 170th special is… no one will cry aftr this…???


Ok then lets move to our arshi… where arnav s frozen with kushi… kushi continuously looks at arnav… as she feels some connection….

Arnav stands and smiles at her…

Kushi also smiles back.. as she knew he s the one who saved her…

Kushi signs him to come inside..

Arnav was searching for words to talk with kushi.. his throat was fully choaked…. he opened his mouth to speak… but couldnt.. whereas kushi keenly notices his mouth as wat he s trying to speak….

Kushi: hmm…. vo….

Wind blows … armav hears her voice aftr long time….

He remembers


Kushi cont scolds arnav for being carrless…

Asr holds her and pins her wall

Asr: cant u be silent for one min??

Kkg: oh.. now u have problem with my voice too… see.. one day u will beg to hear my voice…

Fb ends..

Asr smiles recling those…

Kushi:hello… hello…..

Asr came into senses…

Kushi:i said.. thnx for saving me…

Asr gets hyper: what the………..

Kushi felt connected to those words…

Asr: u will thank me…. i mean… u will thank asr…??

Kushi: no no… i m thanking u… who is ASR…

Asr gets 1000 volt current in sec… he froze to the sofa…


Kushi: hmm… but who??

Asr couldnt get out from the shock….

Kushi looks at his tensed face: i will bring water for u…

She goes to bring watr…

Asr : what the…. she didnt remember me…. tats y she didnt run to hug me… but why she s pretemding….

Number of questions start running in her mind… kushi came back with glass of water… he took tat..

Asr slowly: u dont remember me??

Kushi couldnt hear properly:what ji..

Asr stands to confront her… by then he hears one word… which again guves shock to him


Aarav came running and hugs her…kushi takes him to his arms..

Aarav: arrey this is tat bathameez uncle…

He bites his lips..

Aarav: sorry uncle… u only saved me mumma.. so u r not bathameez….

Kushi smiles… whereas asr couldnt react…

Kushi turns to asr: ji…. wats ur name???

Asr: its me… arnav…

Kushi: oh… sorry… arnavji….i will bring cofee for u..

When she calls arnavji.. she gets some.flashes….. and she holds her head tightly… she looks at arnav..

Arnav understood tat she s remembering him…. she softly again calls arnavji.. in the same kushi tone… and she fell asr holds her..

Rabba ve plays…

He looks at her lovingly…. tucks her hair behind ears..takes her in his arms and kept her in the bed… he was cont admiring her…

Aarav:mumma mumma..

Asr came into senses:  aarav right??

Aarav nods

Arnav: did any accident happened to ur mumma??

Aarav: yeah when i was 3 yrs old… muma met with an accident.. i dont know anything muma used to tell me tat…

Arnav gets clear visiom now abt kusji’s behaviour towards swara and ishu tat day…  he dont want to trouble her by making her remember everything… bfr tat he wants her full medical report.

 Asr: champ… will u do a favour for me…

Aarav nods

Asr:the goons attacked ur mom… s missing.. and we r searching for them… but…. couldnt find … so u should not tell anyone tat i saved ur mom…. the goons can get to know tat and cam run away..

Aarav : reall?

Asr: yeah… dont te anyone.. not evem to ur papa ok???

Aarav: pakka promise..

Asr smiles…as he did same like kushi…

Kushi wakes up…

Kushi:jii i m sorry….

Asr:its ok… i m just telling tat… dont tel anyone tat i saved u

Kusji: why… i cant lie…

Asr smiles as kushi didnt change evem aftr memory loss

Asr: bcz ur husband is my client.. and he has many rivals…. i will search who attacked u… if u telll  ur husband he will get tensed..

Kusji thought for a while and nods…

Asr: take care.

Kusji: thank u mr.raizada…

He smiles.. and leaves the home…

Kushi gets unknown happiness.. whereasArnav starts dancing in the middle of the road…

Then he remembers abt rudr.. and gets anger….. how can he tell tat he is his husband…. how cheap… but i cant confront him.. tat may harm kushi…. as of now… i should plan to stop them… and smiles as if he gets the idea…
Raizada mansiom

Mihit: payal… wats this..

Payal: jilebi …

Mihit: oh…. ok ok.. i thought its potato pakoda..

Payal makes angry face and throws the vessel over him

Payal: u dont have any manners…

Mihir: arrey.. its tat ki… whatever my payal do.. it will become oe diffremt flavour…

Payal: really mickey.. tats soo sweet f u..

Mihir gets happy as he gets back his old payal

Ishra room…

Raman: wont u apologize to me??

Shagun in video call: raman.. leave it… we r no one to her.. her world surrounds with her bittu only

Ishu: wil u two stop ur non sense…

Shagun: u stop ir nonsense… raman.. since when i m telling her.. tat kushi cant be like tat.. there may be some reason..

Raman: since 4 yrs…

Shagun: had madam agreed to me??

Ishu:oh drama baz… tell me.. have u went for check up regularly??

Shagun: dont change the topic..

Suraj: arrey saali saiba…sje s not taking care properly… i m ged up of her…

Ishu gets anger over shagun..

Shagun: suraj… wat the hell..

Suraj: shut up… saali saiba (sis in law) tat day she bend down.. to take cheppal… can u imagine…

Ishu and raman start laughing..

Suraj makes pout face

Ishu: jejaji… its not a big deal… pregnant ladies should do all those works.. so only they can be flexible…

Raman: haan haan… who s telling this.. mother of 10 children..


Shagun gets angry as now ishu will be hurt recalling her child..

Ishu: shagu… dont worry .. i wont recal tat …. if i recall… i will get angry over kushi… and arnav will be hurt….

Shagun raman: see wat she s doing.. again her bittu…

Suraj laughs…

Raman: fine.. i m gng..

Shagun: i m also hanging up… dont dare to call me again…

Ishu: oh shut up dramabaz…

Shagun frowns..

Ishu makes pupy innocent face: raman… see nah this sweetie s torturing ur ishu…

Raman: dont try to manupulate me

Ishu throws her arms around his neck: raman (in a slow romantic voice) are u angry on me..

Raman looks at her eyes:  ofcourse not ishu… how could i…

And looks at shagun

Raman: shagun dont u feel shame to tease my ishu..

Shagun frowns.. whereas ishu winks at shagun

Shagun throws pillow over laptop: u duffer… come in  front of me.. i will throw a big mountain over u..

Ishu raman laughs at her… and side hugs…

Shagun:so is this was a prank on me??

Raman nods innocently

Shagun went away from screen.. ishu raman laughs…

Calling bell rings…

Ishu runs to the door… payal.also runs ..

They opened the door only to find arnav in a happy mood…

Arnav: dhi.. i told u nah… kushi cant do tat…

Ishu  :wat means…

Asr explains everything…

Payal:tat means.. u didnt get kushi..

Mihir consoles her

Asr:payal.. i promise.. kushi will be here soon.. but i cant risk her life..

Payal nods .

Raman: so… shal we take police help to threaten rudr..

Asr: i have collected his info… he s not a criminal or any other bad guy.. he just love his son a lot.. so i guess.. he s hiding kushi only for his son..

Raman:now he will take them by eveng nah

Asr: he knew tat someone knows kushi and may search for her…as aarav told me tat … he only told his papa someone saved kushi calling her kushi….. if we snatch tat reason.. he wont go…

Raman: wat do u mean…?? How can we do tat

Asr smiles naughtily :  when my raman is here why to fear…

Raman: no arnav.. whenever u smile like this.. u make fun of me in a very bad way..

Asr smiles further : we dont have time.. come..

He grabs raman and took him inside the room… all were waiting for them… door opened…

Ishu payal looks at raman.. and start laughing heavily..

Want to know why??? Come tomrw ????

Dont get angry.. u know nah. Its my bad habit…

Ok well.. its my treat… where s my treat…yeah its ur comments only.. expecting more from silent readers too… aftral its my 170th epi.. right??


Same precap sory.. but a small change…

Rudr came to home in happy mood and says tat they r not leaving…

Rudr in mind: now i shall be stress free….

He smiles…

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  1. Dhi extradionary episode. It was a great treat. Waiting for the suspense. Loved the full episode. If I am correct arnav will tell rudra about khushi and rudra will tell about why he didn’t tell khushi the truth
    I think that will happen.so that is only rudra tells they r not going and staying here. Tell me whether I guessed it right or wrong and a hearty congratulations dhi.

    1. Dhi and today. Full episode I was visualising it. It was awesome u know and I am reading this episode for the 5th time. It is very awesome. Eagerly waiting for the next epi

    2. Arshi

      Thbx a lot akshaya… and abt guess… hmm well u have to wait for tat???.. and u r reading for thebfifth time… this was a grt compliment dear???

  2. Tooo bad arshi hw long shd v wait haan 24 hours noooo tats nt fair

    1. Arshi

      Omg… so sorry dear… will try to post quickly tmr… and nowadays telly became too lazy.. though i m posting epi by early mrng 7.. they r uploading so late…

  3. Hey,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Arshi diiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How r u????????
    I am commenting after 2 weeks later…..

    Oh ho!!!!!!! There is much more things happened…….
    Oh!! Diiii,,, I don’t know how to express my feelings!!!!!
    I am fully shocked…..

    I have just completed reading the previous 10/11 episodes whom I didn’t read in time….
    I had never thought I can find this much change!!!!!

    Di,, It was fully opposite what I thought for Arshi..
    All things r Changed in this 10/11 days…..
    U know what di,, while I started reading the previous episodes I was hell shocked to read this… I was sooooooo much confused.. I was thinking what’s this?? What is going on here?? When will I finished reading this and I will tell u about this???
    But at last all my confusion get cleared….
    After reading this episode I feel relieved……
    It’s good to me that I didn’t this these episode in time.. I don’t know what would happen to me if I read them regularly… I would be mad!!!!!!!!

    Oh!! Totally shocking moments in between Arshi… And it’s very good that I have read all the episodes today.. My confusion get cleared that’s more important… Otherwise I will make u mad by doing questions… U will become mad by answering my questions ??

    I missed u and ff a lot di…
    But i am sooooo much busy by my new classes that’s why couldn’t read and comment. 🙁 🙁
    Hope u didn’t forget me.. And hope u will always remember me

    1. Arshi

      ????kushi u r back… soo happy to c ur comment aftr this much days…. and whenever i m posting the epis.. i was hell scared .. hajaha… oh no now if kushi reads this she will ask many things…. hahahaja… and atlast i came with ur bamg of questions… but i hope u didnt get heartattack for arshi seperation ? … if i got… just relax… i m haaving super pln for arshi..????

  4. It’s just awesome loved it to the core congratulations for 170 episodes can’t believe it I have read all episodes omg…….❤️❤️❤️?????????

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot bisma.. keep on supporting ???

  5. wow……………. cute raman……….. waiting eagerly to know raman state……….

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear chinnu????

  6. He must have changed raman avatar
    I can guess this much only
    But it was really awesome after ao many days i read a episode with aome awesome moments just loved iy

    1. Arshi

      Yeah.. tats right… but what will be the plan?? ??? just wait and watch dear??

  7. Super and raman may be lady getup

    1. Arshi

      Oh god…. why i didnt get this idea… it would be awesome… but already i planned something else???

  8. May lady getup raman and super fabulous ep

  9. Wowwwww wowwww wowwwwwww… Pls update some 10 epis alltogether..my 4 month unborn baby inside is addicted to ur ff.. I frgt my nausea vomiting sensation evrythng while reading this… Its my relaxing treatment.. Me n my baby owe u fr this.. Even if its fr 5 mins.. U r taking us in a diff world.. I am a silent reader.. Alwz u r asking fr comments n I feel lazy to type..but today I made it finally.. N do consider my request… 😉 luv you :-*

    1. Arshi

      Omg… ur comment made me out of speech dear…. i m feeling soooooooo happy tat my ff could be something for someone like thjs…omg… and the cute lil 4 months unborn cutie also reads my ff ..?? .. i cant express .. my feeling right now… thnx a lot for ur comment dear…. and i badly wish to fulfill ur wish for 10 epis… but wat to do… having daily chores above head…???… anyways.. thx a lot dear for ur cutest comment

  10. Hello Arshi dhi..long time… Sooooooo sorry for not reading as I was busy with my exams… Holiday tomorrow so opened the webpage OMG what a twist… U have really left me speechless a well justified fb without much drama… Feeling sad for asr n ishu… BTW just loved today’s episode… I had a doubt.. Where r surgun nk pihu n anjleen? What a romantic meeting of Arshi! Precap is full of suspence guess that Raman will do some drama to make rudra wait back… I’m already smiling while thinking about it! Anyways post soon n take care bye….

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear… feeling happy to c ur comment… and yeah i showed surgun and anjleen in UK… but didnt show abt pihu nk buaji and also garima.. they will be coming tmr..? thnx a lot dear

  11. N ya many many congrats for your 170th epi may u write many more episodes like these for we readers 🙂

  12. you know dhi I am very very very fed up with me because of you…..


    .(sorry copied this idea from paro???)
    dhi……how can you be this much talented person and write awesome story haan mein nahi LA pa rahi hoon acche words only repeating it ….I always think for better words but can’t think any words which can match your episode ?????…..
    I think Raman will come in a lady’s getup …..by the way loved the episode mostly ishgun,ishra and sharam scene with arshi……
    love you soo much dhi….???

    1. Arshi

      Hahahahha.. soooo cute comment dear…. and u know??when i read sharam.. i was like… who is tat.. then i realised oh.. it was shagun and raman…????? thnx a lot dear

  13. Reshma Pradeep

    AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE YAAR……..Loved it?????Held up in some works that’s why I can’t able to comment on some Epi’s…………

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot reshma ???

  14. Totally speechless!

    Enjoy the cute argument among Shagun, Ishita and Raman over Khushi. Love it when Suraj complaint to Ishu about Shagun doing work and Ishu take Shagun side.

    Absolutely loving it.

    1. Arshi

      Thbx a lot pari chary ????

  15. di today your treat was aswome i am becoming impatent to read your next update not i please overcome this bad habit as soon as possible because your bad habit sewing me and di only 1 week for your birthday and i think you started to give your treat from now only

  16. di today your treat was aswome i am becoming impatent to read your next update not only that please overcome this bad habit as soon as possible because your bad habit sewing me and di only 1 week for your birthday and i think you started to give your treat from now only

    1. Arshi

      Hahaha.. wll surely try to com out ofthis bad hbit dear.. thnx alot forur cute comment…. and i really dnt know how to giv treat in my bday… should think abt it??

  17. Hi Arshi. This is my treat for u. It’s so nice. Finally every misunderstanding gets cleared. Now I’m sure in ur next episode Raman’s condition will be horrible because of Arnav’s (Arshi’s) plan. Love U yaar. Waiting for the next.

    1. Ah….. One more thing. I want a b’day treat from u. Plz start ur new ff on ur b’day as a b’day treat for us. Waiting for it.

      1. Arshi

        Thnx a lot dini ???? esoecially fo ur wonderful idea… will think abt it… i cant maintaim 2 ffs at a time… but on my bday.. will post a promo… and the first epi will.be aftr ending this ff… ?? If it wil work?? Or i should post promo later??

  18. Geeth

    I will post a blank comment if telly allows it 😉 because no words to say Arshi… Dats it iam slave for ur ff now :-))

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot geeth dear for ur cute words…?????

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      Thnx yaar vavachi.. keep om suppotng dear???

  20. Oh God!!!!! Nw wat shud i say….. I will………………….
    not do anything other than praising u yrr Rehana….. ??
    As u know God, this friend of mine is not giving me answer that from where she get such creative ideas, so today I m asking u wat type of brain u gave her that she get such creative thoughts for every episode….. ??
    Bdw that only u got to know I guess that how how how…………………….. yrr I don’t want to use those same old words like awesome, fantastic, fantabulous, superb, etc etc etc…………….. so leaving blank space so that everyone know that u r such a such a such ……………………………….. fantastic writer that everytime v see ur update v r left speechless…………….
    U r one of thebmost lovely fantastic extra ordinary creative person I ever met………. I m really speechless to praise u………. I feel these regular words very small to praise u……….. So if u get blank spaces in my comment don’t b disheartened as those blank spaces r there coz I don’t hv any more words left to praise u……..
    I m really really glad to get a friend like u…………
    God bless you…..
    Take care…….
    Always be happy & keep smiling…..
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe….
    Achieve all the success in life……
    Love you dear….

    1. Ur ff is such which can be visualized….. & every writer can’t give such impact to their story….. So I owe u for that too…. ???

    2. Arshi

      Oh goddddd.. how will i thak this paro…. u know?? I was blusing like hell while reading ur comment… aftr reading all ir comments the happinss i m getting.. cant be expressed in words… millons of thnx for u guyz… thnx a lot dear for ur this much ffection love and care… towardd me and my ff… each andevry word in ur comment s precious for me… ???

  21. I am silent reader of ur ff but i love ur ff a lot speciallt arshi part but but arshi part bahut kam hai tumhare ff mein and ab to un dono ko seperate hi kar diya tumne

    1. Arshi

      Sooooo sorry dear… thnx a lot nandhini for ur cute comment… and yeah.. while givingimp to all couples.. there may be shortage …. will surely try to give more more and more cute scemes of them… but for tat u have to comment regularly ok?? ??????

  22. M luving it :* completely in love with ur ff :* :* ur characters ur imagination….. Just fab…. Eagerly waiting 4 next episode…. :* :*

  23. Congratulations for this milestone of 170 episodes… 🙂 🙂 I can’t believe I haven’t miss a single word in ur ff… I don’t watch any serial on tv … I just read this ff… N eagerly wait for this… 🙂 such a awesome work 🙂 keep it up 🙂 🙂

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar nehu.. this was actually a great compliment dear… thnx a lot for ur awesome words… ???

  24. Nivedha

    Wowowowowowowow Arshi… Whole episode isss cuteeeeeeeee .. I loved it to the core…

    Advance bday wishes Arshi

    1. Arshi

      Thnx nive dear????? for ur comment also for ur wishes dear

  25. really a very super fantastic episode…… finally arshi are coming together ….

    1. Arshi

      Thnx dear chery… happy to c ur comment … keep on commenting dear???

  26. Veronica

    Awesome diiii….Lovely epi

    Happy 170th epi….I am updating short comment as I am busy today ??

    1. Arshi

      Mits really a grt thing fr me tat.. u posted a comment even though u r busy.. thnc a lot dear for ur precious time fr this comment?????

  27. hi arshi,
    congo 2 ur 170 epi. see when i start 2 read this ff its become hpy. he he lols 😉 😛 do u remember me? im chanu 4m my lvly biwi & her lv story. i think nw u remember me. 😀
    wow dr ur ff is rly amazing. lv it. sry i ddnt read ur all epis dr. im reading ur ff from backwrds. 😉 cn u plz tell me who is arshi jodi? i rly dnt know them. i imagine them as swasan 2dy. 🙂 i rly lv ishra & shaguns bonding here. till nw i only read swasans ffs. bt bz f u i change it. bt im sooo hpy that u add swasan here. nw enough f my bak bak. sry 4 bore u dr.

    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv ya.

    1. Arshi

      By readng ur name orself i identified??? thnk u soooo much chanu… for taking ur time to read my story..

      And u dont know arshi?? They r from iss pyar ko kya naam doon serial.. arnav kushi… if u didnt see tat serial.. i would recommend u to see tat one… omg wat serial.. till now many of them couldnt come out if tat serial.. though it went off air by 2012….

      And yeah swasan also there in my ff… at starting 10 epis they wont come… aftr tat they will come… now also they r abroad for some reason??

      I m soooo happy tat u read my story.. thnx dear….

  28. Salaam reena aapi. I am sooo sorry for this late comment actually i was very ill today suffering from fever but as u post ur ff daily so it’s also necessary for me to comment daily as u have so many works but still u try to post it so it’s also my duty to comment here. First of all many many many congratulations aapi for ur 170th episode wish u a successful healthy and wealthy life ahead and may u get all the happiness and u just rocked it today actually i made a dialogue also reena rocks ayesha shocks hahahahaha lol i know its lame and crazy but u just gave a super duper episode love you for this and yes sorry again for late comment Allah Hafiz eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode bye love you and yeah miss me.

    1. Arshi

      Salam ayesha… omg having fever dear ?? Take care f ur health…. and thnx for ur sincere comment dear.. i m overwhelemed by ur thought… really.. superb yaar.. thank u sooooo much ayesha…

      And take care.. get well soon

      Its for ur comment AYESHA ROCKZ REENA SHOCKS ???

      Allah hafiz…

  29. Munshifa

    Nice episode

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot munshifa dear???

  30. Di, listen, I have no words to say.. I don’t know from where u find these superb ideas…
    U surprised me though ur every episode..
    And it’s very boring to say same words everyday.. U r AMAZING di. And I won’t say anything.. asusal u r rocking and a smile on my face when i read ur story every time thank u so much u give such a wonderful story

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot yashu dear for ur cute praising words…. i m very lucky to have u all ffrndz whi r supporting and encouraging me to the core with ur amazing words..

  31. I came across ur ff b4 some days and I read continuously as I din have to wait for each episode and I find myself soo lucky for dat..I have a request ..there is a serial on star plus called ishqbaaz and it’s incredibly awesome ..it would mean a lot to me if u could write a ff for ishqbaaz plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss–or if ur tired then it’s ok but atleast reply that u can’t or can or else I’ll be waiting my whole life for ur ff?

    1. Arshi

      Thnk u soooo much saza… and yeah me too watching ishqbaaz.. wow.. wat a serial man… its incredie.. especially the three brothers bonding… i have started writing my next ff.. and in tat i didnt include ishqbaax.. and now cant change the script .. and for u .. i will surely try to write ff abt ishqbaaz… aftr my 2 ffs… is tat ok?? And soooo sorrey for disappointing u… if i could manage 2 3 ffs in a day like other writers.. i wpuld surely do… but for me its next to impossible.. as i have been stucked in hime works… so only i m writing only one ff… ??????

      Thnx a lot once again shaza.. u comment mean a lot to me..??

      1. It’s ok ?..means a lot me that you replied..I’ll be waiting and glad that you watch ishqbaaz too ???

  32. Awesome epi just loved it

  33. Sisy…U rocked today’s episode, Jus no words to say…I loveddddd it,
    A hearty congrats from my side for ur 170th episode… Soon u will reach 200 episodes Sisy…
    Really happy for you..
    Keep going Sisy…And extremely sorry for late comment?
    Preacap is.very interesting???
    Waiting for next one Sisy…

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot kv dear.. infact i m also waiting for my next epi.. this telly s really testing my patience… i had posted it by mrng itself ???

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