Good morning everyone…. here is epi 17….

Swara reaches home with all necessary things.. and starts preparing cake… she then surprises her mamaji with hr cake… her mami mama and her cousin akash loved her cute surprise…

In road

Swetha comes in road… by then ravi spots her and takes her in his car

Next day morning … sans fransisco

New entry…. a man coming… with professional look…
Ishu and shagun came thereby… shagun slips and hold that man’s hand.. his files fell.. he got angry… he looks at her… he was suraj khanna (YHM)
Suraj: what is this… cant you see?
Ishu interreupts..: hey mr… if knife fells on fruit.. or fruit fell on knife..the fruit will be damaged… and by the way.. by seeing our looks.. don’t think that we are fruits.. we are knives… so cut your tongue and say sorry to my sweetie…
Shagun: hey no need.. leave nah ishu.. may be its my mistake…
Ishu got surprised.. as shagun behaved weirdly
Ishu : hey you don’t let anyone talk to you even by seeing your eyes .. how could you?
Suraj: hey listen… ok fine.. i apologize… i will collect my file ..
Shagun helps him.. seeing this ishu also helps.. she saw his name from one paper..
Ishu: mr.suraj?????
Suraj: yeah suraj khanna
Ishu: oh hooo.. now i understood….
Suraj: what?
Shagun: nothing… here is your file.. you can leave…
Shagun ishu leave..
Ishu: now tell me princess.. is that man stole your heart?
Shgun: what rubbish
Ishu: you cant even breathe without me… i have noticed you attending my dad’s some meetings… i wonder why you were interested in some meeting only? I tried combining all details… you know what.. the only thing which matches all meeting is suraj
Shagun: that is…. i want to know about business
Ishu: stop blushing…
Shagun: ok yaar.. yeah.. i like him.. i do met him in one meeting and got impressed by his talent… but i was just following his business tricks… nothing more than that
Ishu: so that business tricks only… my route is clear…then
Shagun: what?
Ishu: he is so dashing.. let me try once…
Shagun: ishu… he will not match you… he is unique.. doesn’t know to speak to girls… doesn’t even know to speak…. he is just
Ishu: ohh.. ohh.. madam.. stop it…. i will accept him as my jiju
Shagun smiles and hugs her

Suraj comes to principal room…
Principal: yeah…. i talked with raj sir and oam sir.. they asked you to be the guest of that event
Suraj: so.. you just fix the date.. i will do all arrangements…
Principal: no …. we will do everything… you will be just guest
Suraj: no sir… in addition to this.. i am old student.. so i will arrange.. that will be my pleasure… by that i could remember my old golden college days
Principal: thats so sweet of you.. i will arrange some students to help you

In classroom
Swetha takes attendance…and counts the studenst…
Swetha : how cheap is this? You guyz are becoming worst by everyday… one of you gave attendance to cover anita’s absence… who is that?
I asked who was it?….
Ishu: sorry mam its mee
Swetha : shame on you ishu… you are a irresponsible daughter of rich dad..( ameer paap ki bihdi hui aaulaath)
Ishu: no mam.. she may be coming…
Swtha : that doesn’t prove you innocent…
Shagun: mam .. it was my fault..
Swetha: its irritating now.. you guyz pls avoid attending atleast my class.. i will be in peace…
Ishu: sorry mam
Swetha: you two out.. and pls take your sorry with you

Ishu shagun leave..
Ishu: why have you lied? That it was your mistake
Shagun: to help you.. but why have lied?
Ishu: to help aarthi… she only did this.. as she is considered as a good girl by all .. this small mistake will erase everything… so only…
Shagun: anyways… lets celebrate this… we shall go to canteen… while going they two came cross suraj…

Shagun goes on seeing suraj
Ishu sees shagun
. suraj is lost in ishu’s eyes….

The day ends…

Next day

Here is one announcement… a voice came from intercom… swara prays that to ba a holiday announcement…
All were seen sitting in canteen…. there was a pin drop silence to hear the announcement…
There is a good news for all.. there will be one gathering… in your style.. there will be one party… khanna promoters will like to promote their product in our college.. hope you guyz will co operate… and i will select some students to help him.. if anyone interested.. they ca meet me in 5 mins…
And one more… all students were asked to hall for special speech delivered by dr.ramanujam… no one is supposed to stay outside….

Raman: that khanna
Arnav: so.. we should surely help him right?
Mihir: yes bro…when we are here why to fear..
Ishu: wow this idea is awesome… lets meet princy
Raman got confused by ishu’s eager

They got princy’s permission….

All students were seated in hall
Ishu: oh no… again… why these people keep wasting time in speaking.. they can excute their plans and get worth of it… how boring is this speech
Shagun: oh pls ishu darling… these all should be told by one who attends this speech.. you know that we always tricked others to get out…
Mihir: oh dhi… first we have to give attendance.. till that you have to hear this speech
Ramanujam starts narrating about life…. and after a while he asks anyone to say what is life
At that time arnav ishu shagun sanky mihir silently moves … raman noticed something on arnav’s head.. he tried to clean it.. when he touches arnav’s head.. arnav slightly stands…. raman hands are seen over the crowd…

Ramanujam: come on my boy say…
All were hiding themselves in crowd to escape… at once all turn and sees them…
Ishu: whats this raman.. why are you raising your hands…
Ramanujam: come on whats your name…
Raman stands and fakely smiles: yeah i m raman kumar bhalla
Ishu: you must be idiot kumar bhalla…
Ishu shagun mihir arnav stares raman in anger and sits in their places….
Ramanujam: tell me …
Raman in blabbering voice : yeah.. i … ok …. well..
He then cleans her eyes and sees down .. asks arnav to say something….
Ramanujam: what ? i am waiting
Arnav purposefully didn’t notice raman… as he does nt know what was the topic…. and he is in corner so he cant ask others also…
Raman got stuck : yeah… actually my cute frnd wants to ask you something…
Shagun and mihir sees idhu.. as they assume raman is going to point ishu
Ramanujam: who is that?
Raman takes arnav’s hand…
Arnav: no no… you are mistaken raman… actually.. mihir thought of asking…
Ramanujam: comeon mihir my boy
Mihir stands and with a humble expression: sir you are such a big star.. in your presence how can we tell … that will not be so respectful.. we are here to hear your valuable speech.. our ears are waiting… sir…
All clapped for ramanujam.. to which ramanujam got impressed….
Thay all had to sit back… because ramanujam starts his speech and kept an eye over them.. this makes all sad…
After meeting
Ishu holds raman’s collar : hey… this is my life’s biggest punishment.. he the ramanujam.. o my god… he had such a big mouth which didn’t even get tired.. and our ears are paining.. that s bcz of you
Shagun: mummyyy… i am really missing you…. you know what raman.. i usually remember my mom in hard situation only….
Mihir: bhai.. this is the first time we attended… thats too bcz of you
Arnav: life… life is beautifulll…we have to choose the way which can take us to paradise…
Sanky: see arnu became mental also….
Raman: guyz..relax… i know its my mistake.. but i didn’t do it intentionally….
Arnav: beta… intention is the most important role in our life..
Raman: arnav stop yaar…
Raman starts beating arnav… all begun laughing…


Guyz hows this epi?… let me know by your valuable comments…..

Credit to: arshi

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  1. So cutee….i was waiting for this episode since Friday…yaar arshi its awesome….and precap its gonna be interesting tomorrow I guess….and has jaldi post karo na arshi kal plzz
    …love u loads yaar ….keep continuing the ff☺ ? ☺ ? ☺ ? ☺ ?

  2. thank u hayathi.. and shaarwani.. thnk u yaar.. i m trying to post it as early as possible.. but it got uploaded by this time only… they are taking much time to review and upload….

  3. Niharika Ahmed

    Clean episode. But please don’t introduce any maniac villain like in original YHM.

  4. loved it…. please don’t pair suraj with shagun…. last the speech scene is super….

    1. oops.. you didnt like suraj shagun pair?

      1. yeah… i can’t imagine them… manoj and shagun make a good pair…

  5. Very nice..waiting for next episode….

  6. I just love arnav infact after reafing your update i reminded my colz days

  7. Very nice episode,Arshi… I’m eger to see ArShi scenes.. Hope there will be ArShi scenes soon…

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  10. Guys have you seen the spoilers news there is a confirm news for separation of ISHRA very sad I’m not gng to see the serial from today ?☹?

    1. and sharwani dont worry.. there wont be ishra seperation here… so keep on following my ff yaar… there will lots of fun and cute moments of ishra…. also arshi

  11. It’s a very nice update arshi, hope Suraj doesn’t create problems between our cute ishra. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

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    1. oh thats sooo sweet yaar.. and yeah.. there will be arshi scenes again… for that wait a little guyz

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    1. thats sooo sweet yaar…

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