Good mrng guyz.. thnx a lot for all urcomments…. lets proceed to this epi… its lil bit emotional epi… no fun or masthi… bcz full reason will be revealed… and its lil bit big epi than my normal epi.. so its a combo of 166 and 167..

Arnav runs to get medicines….

Rudr came running from airport…. he takes a cab….

Tears start rolling from his eyes… he closed his eyes…


A ro fully decorated with roses amd jasmine….

Rudr wearing white plain kirtha enters the room with a laughing sound of some girlz…

They pushed ridr inside and locked the room…

He looks at the girl who s sitting on bed closing her face with duppatta…

By hearing the sound of door…

She suddenly opened the duppata…

Her beautiful innocent face s revealed to be paro….

She cleans all the roses… all of the while rudr was standing like a statue…

Paro: i told mom tat u r allergic to jasmine… but she…

Rudr came to help her…

Paro: i shall do by myself…

Rudr: i ….

She turned and closes his mouth with her hand…

Paro: rudr… i know u more than myself… we r childhood frndz…. and i know… u agreed to mrg just bcz f our parents…

Rudr: i m sorry paro.. i have destroyed ur life too..

Paro slaps rudr: whom r u apologizing… its ur paro… already u didnt speak with me for past 2 weeks bcz f embarasmnt… now i cant handle tat silence… i want my frnd back… we will be frndz forever…

Rudr smiles… and they both cleaned the room..

Paro: u have back pain nah.. u sleep here.. i will be ok on floor..

Rudr stares angrily

Paro: its really no issues…

Rudr suddenly pushes paro.. amd she fell over bed…

He closes the blanket… and kept pillows in between.. and he lands on ither sode of bed…

Paro smiles..

Rudr:i know u r afraid of dark…. and also i cant sleep on floor..

Both starts chatting whole night….

The night ends with the sweet frndly fight amd their laughing sound….

Fb ends…

Rudr opens his eyes … suddenly he imagines paro in ICU

paro: rudrrrr…..

She cries….

Rudr jerks and screams :PARO…..i wont let anything happen to u….driver.. pls fast… to city hospital…..


Asr : i should inform raman… and ishu dhi.. will she be happy or…..

He remembers the incident…


Ishu and swara walking in the park….

Swara: dhi… icecream

Ishu: swara no… if u get cold.. sanky wont leave me..

Swara makes a puupppy cute face: pls dhi pls dho pls dhi

Ishi: swara nooooooo….

Swara: dhi… i wont tell sanky.. pls dhiii

She taps her legs like a lil child…

Ishu smiles: swara u r pregnant.. and still behaving like a lil child… ok fine.. onely one icecram..

Swara with sad face: ok….

Ishu:now dont make this face… u cam eat mine too..

Swara hugs ishu…

Ishwara went and buys 2 butterscoth.. and swara starts eating both at a same time.. amd enjoying the ice cream like a cute lil girl… amd was making sound same like preety zinda in salam namasthe.. ( aftr the song .. pouney bhaara baje… dhonon ghar se chale…. saif amd preety eats ice cream… hope u remember….. for tamil readers… santhosh subramanium film.. whem jenilia makes sound while drinking tea)

Ishu laughs: swara dont make sound…

They head to leave…


A voice came… both felt very familiar to tat voice…

Ishu swara smiles broadly…. their tears starts flowing like a river in happiness….

In shock neother of them turned…

Swara shakes ishu..

Then they both turned… but finds another girl..

Ishu:it was kushi

Swara: yeah its kishi’s voice.. where s she???

Swara notices some girl walking opposite side… swara runs to her…

Ishu shouts: swara careful.. dont run… careful

Swara shouts: kushi… stop… kkushi stoppppp….

Ishu gets tensed….

Ishu also runs behind swara… ishu gets dizzy…

Swara finnaly catches kushi… while crossing road

Kushi turns…

Swara hugs her tightly.. she didnt notice tat they r in the middle of road

Swara:how can u do this kushi… i wont talk to u…. and chotu (by keeping hand over her stomach) dont talk to ur kushi maa.. ok??? She left us….

Swara cries….

Before kushi could speak…. a car came and hits swara…

The driver puts sudden brake at time.. so the car didnt hit her fastly.. but a slight hit…But she turns in force and hits the post nearby with force….and fell over ground… her labour pain also starts….

Ishu with the help of one pillar stands .. her vision got cleared… she saw swara having blood over her face fell on road…

Ishu eyes filled with tears…


Ishu looks at kushi.. who s watching swara….kushi suddenly looks here and there and left the place by running from there..

Ishu gets very much hurt of kushis actions… she didnt think of catching kushi… she ran to swara… and starts shaking her… swara cries in pain….

Ishu then runs here and there askig for help… and kushi looking at ishu runs more faster…


Ishu gets unconscious…. the people nearby wakes ishu up… ishu and swara been taking to hospital by some people…

Ishu gets up and starts crying …. seeing swara…

They reach hospital..

Arnav sanky raman also reach…

Raman: how did this happen….

Ishu: aahhhhh….

She screams in pain… and fell… doctr takes ishu inside…

Aftr much time…

Doctr: nothing to worry.. swara s safe.. and u r blessed with baby girl…

Sanky with teary eyes hugs arnav and raman….

Raman: ishu??

Doctr :i m sorry….

Raman gets panicked: why sorry

Doctr : we couldnt save ur child….

Raman : wat child??? R u out of ur mind… how s my ishu??

He starts yelling at doctr…

Arnav: doctr.. wat hap

Doctr: raman.. ur wife was pregnant for 40 days…. and she had miscarriage…

Raman gets hurt….

Raman: arnav.. ishu was pregnant.??

Asr: relax raman…

Ishu hears all those…and feels hurt…

Arnav raman tried to ask ishu and swara abt wat happened in park… but neither of them told…

Ishu remained silent for nearly one month…

Swara : today i will make my rashi (ruhi) to bath… hai naa baby…

She talks cutely with her kid… and the baby also nods as if she understood ….

Aftrr 20 mins

Ishu: swara… where s ruhi…

Swara: ruhii… where??? I….. think…. sanky have ruhi…

Both searched for sanky…

Sanky : wat… swara u only took ruhi for bath…

Suddenly all rush to bathtub.. where ruhi s playing in water..

Ishu takes ruhi… and kisses her…

Sanky starts scolding swara..

Swara : how can i do this….

She again and again repeats the dialog…

Sanky gets concerned: swara… ok fine.. now dont think too much..

He hugs her…

Swara: no sanky.. i think … i need to go to dr…

Sabky:wat do u mean

Swara:nowadays… i dont remember anything.. u alwayz ask me nah.. wat happened in park… i dont know sanky… i dont remember… and tat day… u said u gave me 10 thousand …. but i dont know when u give tat..

Swara starts crying…

Sanky consoles her.

Swara: my illness should not affect my princess… i cant harm her…. take me somewhere far away from her…

Ishu gets shattered listeming those…

Ishu cries : why did u do this kushi… u could have saved both ….. u did wrong… i wont forgive u…

Arnav and raman gets shocked with this statement…

Ishu: tat day we met kusji… and swara’s accident ……. when i see kushi….

She ran away… even though she saw swara bleeding….

Sanky holds his fist and closes his eyes.. recalling how swara was bleeding…

Ishu cont: aftr tat i ran here and there to get help… and atlast my child also gone bcz f tat….

She cried..

Arnav couldnt express any of his feeling: he felt happpy tat kushi s near to him.. also he felt bad of ishus state…

Sanky: i dont have anything to say now…

He takes swara…

Swara: sanky… but who is kushi???

Raman arnav and all gets shocked… as they now got the seriousness of swaras illness

Aftr some days… sanky took swara to america for treatment… she starts acting like a mental sometime…

Ishu gets very much hurt …… she takes care of ruhi…

Swara while going:dhi… take care f my ruhi… show her my pics… i will return soon… but she should remember me ok??

Swara said those in her cute innocent way….

Payal hugs swara amd cries…

Swara looks at payal in confusion

As she forgot payal tooo….

Fb ends

(Now dont look like tat guyz… actually  . Atleast this much harshness s needed.. bcz kushi amd ishu r connected so closely… so to make ishu anger.. somewat big tragedy should happen na.. tats y ?)

Arnav: no… if ishu dhi again starts recling those…. …..

He takes medicine and gets hit by one man.. who came running…

Asr: what the….

The man s none other than rudr

Rudr didnt turn even to see arnav…

He ran  to kusji…

Rudr: aarav beta.. where s ur mumma…

Aarac: inside ICU

Doctr came: she s gaining conscious…

Rudr rushes inside … and at once hugs her

Arnav who came with medicines saw tat and gets shattered… he drops the medicine there… and hits the wall while loosing his balance…

Asr: kk…kk…uuuu…sss..hii

He couldnt stand for long….

He starts walking in middle of the road…in a very bad state….


Raman: now who will open this door…

Ishu: oh no.. u said nah.. u have to go to banaras.

By telling this she bites her lips…

Ishu: now dont stop… i wont forgive kushi… and i just said tat ur work wil get affected..

Raman: i didnt ask any explanation..

Ishi: and i m too not giving any explanation…

Raman: now stp arguing… doctr said… u have to meet him aftr the reports… so once i came back from banaras.. we shall go ok???

Ishu: i shall go by myself..

Raman: i said no.. and tats final.. no more arguments…

Ishu makes pout face

Raman lifts her cheeks: i wont leave u alone there… got it

Ishu nods…

Raman: now forget tat accident also tat abortion..

Ishu cries: u know na raman… aftr tat abortion… i m not able to get conceived ..

Raman: yeah bcz.. god knows already tat.. u have a cute child.. tats y…

He smiles naughtily

Ishu: who?? Oh… ruhi???

Raman : alwayz giving imp to ur ruhi… no one values me…

Ishu smiles…

Someone opens the door… ishra came outside with angry look..

Ruhi with sady face…: sorry

Ishu takes ruhi in her lap

Ishu: why r u soo dull.. and wat hap beta…

Ruhi: u know wat hap today…

She explained everything..

Ishu hugs ruhi tightly…

Ishu: thank god.. u r safe…

Raman also hugs ruhi…

Ruhi:now dont get senty… darling went to save tat aunty…

Mihir: r u ok beta??

Ruhi nods..

Mihir:raman bhai.. u go to banaras… i  will stay with ruhi.. she got scared…

Rama; no no.. u go to  banaras … i will saty with ruhi..

Ishu laughs at both… as they cant leave ruhi

Payal: u both stay here… and ruhi beta payu maa can go??

Ruhi: ok payu ma…

Payal hugs ruhi

Mihir: no payal.. raman bhao.. lets send aman…. then tnr we sha go ??


All agreed… arnav enters …

Ishu gets worries..


Arnavs point of view abt kushi

Wat do u think guyz… is arnav angry over her . Or not?

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  1. di todays episode was very emotional and about swara accident i think before that only kushi had memory loss and would have got scared and ran away and di please reavel kushi past also fast i am becoming impatient day by day

    1. Arshi

      Oh gid u have guessed superbly … but u have to wait for my next epi for the actual truth dear.. thnx a lot sravanthi

  2. Veronica

    Ab main kya bolu???……koi aur shabd nahin mil raha hai aapki taarif karne keliye….I would sing a song for u( not My own lyrics)’ yeh chaand sa roshan chehra sulfon ka rang sunehra yeh khoobsurat kahani koi raaz hai inme gehra…Taarif karoon kya uski jisne tumhe banaya’ ?…I am falling in love with ur ff day by day……Roz aisa damekedar epi’s mat do akka… Hume Khushi se rulwayege aap…. (just kidding)

    And I want to say something….I love muslim food…Just attended a birthday party today and the foood was so delicious (those ppl are basically malayalees)……….Do u cook the malabar food like the one we get in kerala???

    And one more thing it’s not compulsory that every news comes with happiness so I am honestly happy reading ur epi …And I am sure Khushi would hav been in some trouble that she forgot her Arnav and family.. …Love ya di

    1. Arshi

      Aarey yaar.. muje bahuth sharm aah rahi hai… itna math tharif karo .. ki mein tho fully blush kar rahi hoon and my husband is watching me like. Wat she s readinh ??

      And i dont know to cook malabar food…tell me some food which u tasted.. i would live to cook tat by searching the recepie over google?

      And thnx a lot for ur cutie song and sweeeeeeet comment

      1. Veronica

        Actually it was all Malayalam names I dont know how to type….spelling mistakes can happen

      2. Veronica

        When is ur bday???Wanted to ask that earlier in that comment but forgot ?

    2. Arshi

      My birthday s on 31st of august…??? i hope u wont mind of year hahah ???

      Ok fine its 1993 ???

  3. Ooooh arshi such an emotional episode ????i had tears in my eyes when reading it but enjoyed it a lot btw what is ur real name??? i know it can’t be arshi and for ur birthday surprise??❤??????? i need to know ur name and i was really happy by reading ur reply of my yesterday’s comment????? and i am really missing arshi scenes????. Waiting for ur reply as u always give such splendid replies making me feel so happy????. Allah Hafiz???

    1. Arshi

      My name s rehana…all call me reena…

      And i m sooo glad ki u felt happy of my reply..

      But i m more happy than u of ur comment… and i m soooo excoted to the core for my brthday.. and also u r addig spicies to tat ???

      Thnx a lot ayesha yaar for ur cute comment… i m glad ki my epi connected u in sich a way tat u had tears …. its really a grt compliment… i think i m the one who s happy by making frndz cry???

      But dont worry.. once again all our fun epis will be back…?

  4. Yaar Arshi….from morning i have refreshed this page so many times for this update and finally it is here. I think arnav can never think wrong about khushi… Initially he might be angry but he will start investigating what went wrong as he totally trusts khushi….

    1. Arshi

      Yaar.. i am asli searchingf the page from mrng…. i have posted it by mrng itself… telly s testing our patience tooo much nowadays..??

      And thnx for ur comment dear amd lets see wat will arnav do☺

  5. Sravs

    so nice di loved it i didnt like the fact that khushi married rudra……

    1. Arshi

      Relax sarv… arnav kushi s made for each other… just wait and watch.. i will never make u upset in futere epis???

  6. Shalu

    Arshi dhi…..felt really sad for Swara and Ishu……??………but i think whom they think they saw as Khushi is Paro…….but wat ever it is as before………nice (cause it was a little sad…….so only nice) and waiting for Arnav’s POV……..??

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot shalu dear… and and abt kushi’s behaviour.. u have to wait a lil to know tat☺

  7. Yrr Arshi, how u imagine such things…. It’s unbelievable….. Episode was emotional bt it was amazing….. No words to praise u…. Eagerly waiting to know Arnav’s point of view….. Bt bt bt hv to wait for that till Monday….. OMG hw will I wait….. I hope I get strength to b patient……
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    God bless you….
    Take care…
    Always b happy & keep smiling….
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe….
    Achieve all the success in life….
    Love you…..

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot paru for ur praising words… i dont know why.. aftr reading ur comment i feel extra energy??? tats y coming with next epi eqyal to ur comment…☺☺

      Thnx a lot paru for ur cont support

      1. Hehehe…… I m obliged my dear….. & u will always get my support….. 🙂

  8. Munshifa

    This is not fair di
    It’s so emotional
    Please unite arshi soon

    1. Arshi

      Sure munshifa… for their reunion … it will take time… but there will be cute scemes for them… and i just hope u like tat track???

  9. Amanigatta

    Arshi r paro

  10. Amanigatta

    Arshi r paro Nd rudr married no they can’t?how can khushi marry him?very bad happened with swara Nd ishita u didn’t reveal the truth behind khushi behaviour?itx seriously emotional?I m Damn sure Arnav loves khushi a lot he trust her love how can Arnav even think that khushi will betray him no there will be Arnav positive view…don’t know anything Ywr only know one thing that u r awesome and there is no words to praise ur mind actually my exams r coming give me ur mind for sometime I will return it after paperx?then see I will got 1 position✌?️Ywr arshi as per mind I think u would be the best student in school life??Nd ya don’t forget to send ur mind?hahaha Have to wait for two days…

    1. Arshi

      Ohhh soo sweet yaar amani?? i feeling cloud nine… and yeah… in school and clg… i m one of the brightes student… though i get gud names from teachers… i m equally famous for all naughtiness against teachers?? my poor teachers.. they can neither scold me nor love me.. as i alwayz irritate them along with my frndz?

      As u mentioned abt my shoool.. i was taken back to those days… feeling soo hapoy recalling all moments…

      Thnx a lot amani

      And yeah… i kow u will also give ur best in ur exams… u wont need my mind… but my wishes s alwayz with u ????

      All the very best dear

      1. Amanigatta

        Hhhhhhhh I am same like you Gud at studies but irritate teachers and ask many question with friends help?yesterday I gave sir my copy for checking he cut my work Nd ask me to do again Nd u know what full work was correct but I forget to use scale he said”Tum Itna tng karti hon I also have right”???

  11. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar rehsma

  12. today feeling bad for ishu she lost her child . full of emotional episode and precap super exciting…

    1. Arshi

      Thbx yaar ishan

  13. Kumud

    Don’t like how ishra lost their child nice episode please update the next one ASAP

    1. Arshi

      Yeah mee toooo… but it was needed to justify ishus anger.. tats y… but trust me.. in futire epis .. u gonna love it ..

  14. ?????????very very emotional episode dhi felt very bad for ishu and swara ????
    you know at first I was angry with you for giving this harsh fb but its Ok you wanted an equal equal match right ???first separating ishra and now arshi??? no probs but loved the episode very much and waiting for khushi’s memory loss secrete please don’t reveal it fast let me come out of this??????
    mmmmm….dhi did you see something in arshi and ishra
    ISHRA it’s just ulta of it ISHRA
    ITS just my findings about your fake and my real name????
    dhi when is your bday coming????

    1. Arshi

      Arrey yaar… yeah.. its superb.. ISHRA ARSHI.. haha… superb yaar… i havemt yet noticed tat.. and yeah… its harsh fb… but to justify ishus anger tat was needed .. tats y..

      In further epis.. i will try to come back with fun wala moments…th x a lot zaira for cutest comment

    2. Arshi

      And yeah my bday s on 31st august ☺???

  15. Dont know arnav pov
    But really dying to see arshi together
    This was really a thrill omg it was juat too good
    Now a days u have become too unpredictable
    What a twist

    1. Arshi

      Arshi Will get soon together…. till tat u gonna enjoy theor cute scenes… i have a small plan for them.. hope it will come out gud… thnx yaar kajal☺☺☺☺

  16. Wait wasn’t Swara pregnant with twins? Or am I mixing up another story with this ?

    1. Arshi

      No yaar… swara s not pregnant with twon babies…. i think u may have mistaken☺

  17. so….what to say today……sab emotional scenes ek hi epi mein daal diye…..its just suprbbbbbbbbb…………………….
    we ready for.

    31st aug for a real treat??????????.

    1. Arshi

      Areey yaar.. mere burtbday par bhi mujse hi treat maangrahe ho ????.. dosth ho tho aisi????? … mere clg friends ki yaad aah gayi… vo log bhi yese hi hai…

      I mean one time… class logon ko bachathe bachathe.. mein pricipal madam se pakdi gayi… aur itna pitaai hui … ki pooch math… jab mein vaapas aaya… sab log besharamon ki thara haske.. muje canteen mein keechke le gaye.. treat ke liye ? aur mein bhi sab ko kila kar maza kiya…

      Uss din bahuth maza aaya… principal mam se pakdi gayi .. aisa aiisaass hi nahi hua ???

      Accha chodo ab… mere bdthday par koshish karungi … treat dene ke liye ???? aftrrall u all guyz r my frndzzz hai na??? ☺☺☺☺

      1. ofcourse………any problem……..frnds forever……acha lagta hai jab koi apne schl aur clg life ke baare mein bole tho…..

  18. Wowowoowowow I was awestruck arshi… Cuteeee

    1. Arshi

      Thbx yaar nive

  19. Sisy…Episode was really shocking….
    Twist was awesome..Hope,happy moments will be back soon
    Feeling bad for Ishra Sisy….
    And I think Surely Arnav will be angry with Kushi and he might have misunderstood the things?

    1. Arshi

      Thbx yaar kv… to know abt arnav’s reaction wait a lil dear… ☺

  20. Fanficoholic

    Double dhamaka? Thank u so much di. And apologies fr nt being able to comment in evry epi of urs. Bt i love ur punctuality di. Among the ffs i am reading u r the most punctual one. U ipdate every day without making us wait. And the twistttttt? I am shell shocked. Hw cme ur brain gets such wonderful ideas? And rudra? Frm where has he cme? And aarav who is he? Soooo many questions. Hoping to find the ans soon. And i am thinking arnav wll support khushi. After all who can know khushi better than arnav? I am feeling so sad on ishu’s loss. And ofc fr swara and ruhi. Sanky’s pain cannot be described in wrds. And is sanky also angry on khushi? If i am correct whn swara’s accident happened by tat tym khushi has already lost her memory. Tats y she behaved lyk tat. And i dnt knw y bt i do nt hav a good feeling abt rudra. I think he is nt gonna let arshi meet.

    Loving tis track. Plz continue tis

    Love u loadsssssss

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar fanficholic… i m soo hapoy abt ur coment… and u will like the rudr role too… lets waitbfor tat ☺☺

  21. Very emotional episode but I am equally excited to know what happened The epiaode was so……… fabulous and u r such a talented girl and u have such incredible and mindblowing writing skills. REally loved
    Day by day falling more for ur ff
    Hatsoof to uh to write a story like this

    1. Arshi

      Thbk u soo much yashu dear for ur cute praising words…?????

  22. Sorry dear I couldn’t post commants yesterday …. becoz I came to my hostel for my semester exams???.
    Epi… was awesome… but feeling bad..
    So emotional.. but its also intersting…
    Waiting for next epi…

    1. Arshi

      Tbnx yaar nifa ????

  23. Meghs

    Rehu ye kya kia tune?? its so emotional waiting for nxt

    1. Arshi

      Thbx yaar meghs…have posted by mrng itself… lets see when will it getting uploaded

  24. Hey di ( I’m 14 so I should call u di)i ..I’ve got ur ff 2 days back and I read everything and reached here ..I feel so lucky that I didn’t have to wait for ur ff as I got the first 2 days back and I could read continuously….I have a request ..there is a serial called ISHQBAAZ ON STARPLUS it’s an awesome serial I’d love if u could write an ff for it also ..it’s an awesome serial ..I guess u watch it already ..

  25. Hey di ( I’m 14 so I should call u di)i ..I’ve got ur ff 2 days back and I read everything and reached here ..I feel so lucky that I didn’t have to wait for ur ff as I got the first 2 days back and I could read continuously….I have a request ..there is a serial called ISHQBAAZ ON STARPLUS it’s an awesome serial I’d love if u could write an ff for it also ..it’s an awesome serial ..I guess u watch it already ……

    1. Arshi

      Ofcourse yaar i m watching it daily… wow wat a serial… i mean.. i really like omkara rudr and shivay bonding.. and ishkara also rudr couple… but anika … i liked her in first couple f epis… her expressions and all.. but now she s doing the same kind of expression.. she should change tat…

      And and… thank u soooooooo much shaza i m feeling cloud none… i mean..how could unjist read all chapters.. tats really sooo sweet f u tat aftr tat u jave commented… thnx a lot dear.. keep om commenting like this.. and yeah i will think over it abt ishqbaaz ff…

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