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Epi 16

Scene 1:
Garden area
Swara in garden corner area she smells drawing colours smell.. and she couldnot stop herself to go … her heart is beating fast… she wants to see sanky.. but there may be some other guy… but still she wants to check.. she was really impressed by his drawing and calm look… she got happy to find out that was actually sanky…
Swara: wow this is soo nice..
Sanky didn’t reply her.. he continues his drawing.. he drew some building
Swara: this place.. i saw somewhere
Sanky: oh hello.. this is that place where you are standing..
Swara then realises he is actually made painting of university..
Sanky ignore her and continues his drwing.. but swara wants to talk with sanky.. so she starts talking…
Swara: why this college is so strange
Sanskar: what means?
Sawra: that boy is innocent.. how can anyone like this… i will make everybody to realise their mistake… who were they? Yeah.. diller rockz… then that RKB and ASR… having perfect monster looks…
Sanskar: oops…why are you shouting.. i shall go any other peaceful place.. you continue your revenge drama.. and by the way… they are my friends.. and pls don’t tell your revenge story to anyone… this university is theirs.. and there wont be a second difference that kick you outside
Swara looks shocked and bites her lips….
Swara says to herself: how rude is he.. but he does not look like to be rude…lets see how this college can tolerate swara’s intelligence
All leave from college
That big Mansion
The bride removes all her jewellery and changes her dress
She sits in front of mirror… she says to herself…
I am swetha.. now became mrs.swetha kapoor.. i lost my dad fovever…
Ravi : swetha.. don’t feel embarrassed i know this all had happened suddenly… but i will try to fill up your dad’s gap……. i had special meeting tats y left …. .. you know i cant see you in pain… pls don’t cry
swetha: yeah… if you were not there…
ravi: that cant be possible.. i will be always there for u
after 3 days
swetha became normal.. she s a brave girl.. she got ready in a red saree.. with mangalsutra and big earings … having somewat curl hair… her appearance shows that she is married just now.. but her face shows that she is not happy…
Ravi: where are you going?
swetha: to join my work
Ravi: no need for that.. if you want anything.. you can ask me…
swetha: i want to go ravi..
Niharika: let her go ravi.. she will feel better.. by the way.. where are you working…
swetha: i am working in sans fransisco college as a lecturer

San fransisco
Main gate opens.. diller rockz came inside…
Bell rings…
Ishu shagun in their classroom…
Ishu: guyz one good news one bad news… bad news is.. our mam’s father passed away… good news is she wont come to college for the next 1 or 2 months
Swetha : i am not like you miss.ishitha raizada… to run away from situation.. get back to your place.. right now
Ishu: sorry mam.. i didn’t mean to hurt you
Swetha : but you did… go
Ishu goes….class begins…ishu starts gossiping with shagun… the student from next table asks ishu about something by writing in a piece of paper…ishu replied to her in the same way by writing back.. without seeing her..

Again ishu receives a letter .. there… ishu what is company law…
Ishu writes.. let me finish my talk.. after that i will tell…
Same letter came back in ishu’s table with statement that… you cannt talk ishu
Ishu got angry and wrote.. why whats your problem? And throws back the paper…
Ishu then finds the reply that… because i am teaching.. she got confused and lookd upside… swetha is seen standing there…
Ishu: mam…
Swetha : out
Ishu: sorry mam
Swetha : cant you hear me?…. out….
Ishu: but..
Swetha : may be this college belongs to your father.. but this hour belongs to me… to which i don’t want ill mannered girls to stay in my class.. you two twin sisters .. get out..
Ishu and shagun leave the class

All of them meet in canteen…
Mihir: hey this girl is new to college.. come here… whats ur name?
Swara came in fear.. she notices sanskar… and felt relaxed…
Swara: jiiii… i have joined now only.. my name is swara sulochini gorida.. shortly called swara( in a very soft voice)
Mihir: jiii.. aapka naam sunke hume accha laga..aapke pitashree ne dho then bachiyon ka naam milake rakh dhiya kya?..( we are happy to hear your name.. your father had kept two three baby’s name to you alone)
Swara: jiiii
Mihir: jii haan…
Everyone laughs.. swara gets annoyed
Mihir: sanky come na.. girl with your type… silent..
Sanskar : no she is not like that… she s so noisy and will take revenge at anyone
Swara bits her lips.. and left the place

Inside classroom… swar talks to herself: utheri… he also from that devil group..i should be mad.. whats the need to talk to him … oh no.. he shall tell everyone.. then they gonna kill me.. hey papa.. pls save me…
Sanskar: cant you see here and there before scolding anyone…
Swara again bits her lips…
Swara: i didn’t mean that…sannn.. whats your name?
Sanskar: sanky
Swara: very strange name like food.. Frankie sanky…. .
Sanskar smiles…
Swara: i am swara..
Sanskar: wow this name is very familiar right?
Swara: you guyz have problem in my full name also my short name.. here after… i will ask all to get suggestions from you guyz to keep their kid’s name
Sanskar: ok mis. Sulochini.. relax…
Sanky smiles seeing her… swara mesmerized seeing his smile

Next scene

Arnav and raman becomes angry on swetha.. as she insulted ishu and shagun…. and thought of teaching a lesson to her..
Arnav: but this mission should be a secret
Mihir: diller rockz always do anuthing openly… y secret..
Raman: hey.. our hema malini and rekha… will be against.. as they cant support us for this wrong thing…
Mihir: if that so.. sanky should also be away…
Raman: ok done this is the plan….
Arnav bribes the peon
Ishu comes thereby with shagun…. and asks whe he has given money to that peon…
Raman: hey ishu.. you remember.. this peon praises your dance performance last week… this money is for that… you know.. no one will praise… so we bribe this peon.. to make you happy
Ishu: what the hell…
Ishu and raman starts their fight …
Peon comes to swetha..
Peon: mam… principal sir asks you to wait .. he will meet you after 6 o clock
Swetha : yeah.. sure

After 7 o clock
Swetha goes to check the principal..
But no one was there…
All the classrooms were closed.. college was about to close…
Swetha : normally they wont close college this time…
she rushes to gate…she then went outside..
Arnav: oh no.. i thought of locking her inside…
Raman: leave it na…i didn’t like this trick.. as it was our old prank.. we shall see her in new way.. leave this matter as of now..
They leave..
Swetha in road… some dogs starts barking… she is such a brave girl .. she can confront even lion snake.. but she is afraid of dog and cockroach …she looked tensed… and thought of calling ram.. then she realised she don’t have his number…
In home
Niharika: ravi.. swetha didn’t reach yet…
Ravi: already i asked her not to go.. but u..
Niharika: this is not the time to taunt… just call her and ask
Ravi: she is not picking.. i will go and pick her up
Ravi in car….
Swetha hides herself from dogs… she was extremely scared…..

Other hand… sanky went to mall…. on the way.. he sees swara.. talking to herself…
He came outside of the car…
Sanky: do you have any problem to talk with others…?
Swara: no no why?
Sanky: then always why are you talking with yourself
Swara blushes..
Sanky: where r u gng this time?
Swara: actually tmr my uncle’s bday.. so i gonna prepare cake for him.. i came to buy things for that
Sanky: you can buy directly cake? Instead of wasting time..
Swara: you guyz can never understand these sentiments…
Sanky: ok.. so u know how to make cake?
Swara: yeah…
Sanky: tell me.. i will try once… for my dhi.. to know your sentiments…
She feels special as sanky pays attention to her thoughts.. she told him the directions.. without thanking her he leaves.. she felt ignored….
Sanky to himself: how innocent she is.. i just asked her to tell the recipe to make fun of her.. but she even don’t know that…
Sanky smiles

Entry of one man.. he collides with shagun and ishu… and scolds shagun for making his files fell down
Ishu interreupts..: hey mr… if knife fells on fruit.. or fruit fell on knife..the fruit will be damaged… and by the way.. by seeing our looks.. don’t think that we are fruits.. we are knives… so cut your tongue and say sorry to my sweetie…

Credit to: arshi

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    1. sure sure… it will be difficult for me also to give importance for all characters… this is the last entry… hope you like this….

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    1. this is ishra’s past.. so for kushi scenes you have to wait a little… hope you dont mind… till that enjoy these college episodes

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