Omg… such an amazing words…. i m very much impressed by all ur comments dear…. thnx a lot for such affection and words… lets move to next…

Before tat… i m not feeling well today.. so posting a small epi only…

Recap; all couples get ready for temple…. raj also coming.. bua also coming by dif carts

All couples in open truck….

Ishu: wat game shall we play???

Mihit: wateber… but we should play truth and dare at last.. as its our fav


Raman: y last… we shall play tat first…

Asr” but it should not be norml truth and dare….

All: means?

Asr: like… it will be boys vs girls.. and there wont be any bottle spinning…

Ishu: hows tat possible

Asr: lke… one couple will come to centre.. and they will compete in any ways…. Whoever win the game shall take their place back… and whoever loses should choose either truth or dare…

Kushi: wow… its sooo cool

Raman: our first couple will be shagun suraj

Shagun:  raman… y r u always targeting me…. And ishu do u know wat raman did?

Ishu: now wat he had done

Raman: hmm hmm tell tell…. Ok fine.. ii will tell by myself..

Shagun: nothing serious leave it…

Raman sanky mihir laughs…

Suraj and shagun came to centre…

Asr: wats the competition

Raman: kusthi…

All laugh

Shagun stares at raman angrily

Suraj: relax shagun… lets compete in hand wrestling….

All agree…

They start the game… suraj didn’t put full force… shagun notices tat

Shagun: listen mr.suraj khanna… I don’t need any favour from u… I can win by myself… got it?

Suraj raises his eye brows: oh really… then it’s a open challenge… within 1 min I gonna make u loose

Shagun: tat will be possible in ur dreams…

Suraj competes in ful force.. shagun couldn’t compete..

Shagun in mind: what type of man is he.. I was just kidding…. Oh no… my hand is paining…

She lost the game… raman came to centre and dances around shagun… shagun beats raman…

Raman: I will tell shagun what she should do… ok?

All agreed except shagun…

Raman” ok.. truth or dare .. shagun?

Shagun: truth …

Raman: sochlo.. its me raman kumar bhalla…

Shagun: if I have told once I wont change my words…

Ishu: tats like my sweetie… raman… u should be prepared to give task to my sweetie…

Raman with naughty smile: ok then… now shagun will tell the truth…or she will act accordingly….

Shagun gets nervous

Raman: today mrng.. when I asked u to open the door… y didn’t u open.. and what were u doing at tat time..

Ishu: raman… u disturbed her in mrng…. Wats ths….

Shagun: I wont tell

Raman: ok then act it..

Sanky mihir laughs and gives high five..

Asr: y u guyz have done tat

Shagun: ask them Arnav… they r such useless fellows/…

Asr with naughty smile: I was just asking…. How can they do tat without me,,,

Shagun throws something ovee shagun…

Asr: dhi… have u forgotten… how u used to tease me with Kushi…

Shagun: yeah… so??? I  elder than u…

Raman: guyz stop it…. Shagun beta…. Do wat I said….

Shagun: I m not gng to say or act.. got it…

Suraj stands and came near shagun… he holds her closer…

Suraj: I was busy with shagun… so I asked her not to open the door…

Shagun who was surprised ny sudden act of suraj widen her eyes and looks at suraj

Raman: wow suraj…. U became perfect bandha for our chudail…

Suraj hugs shagun.. shagun blushes and feels shy… she hides her face inside surajs arms….

Raman: haaaiii haaaiii…. When did shagun starts feeling shy.. I mean its girly thing and our shagun s a tom boy…

All laugh shagun again beats raman and goes to her place….

Swara: next couple…..hmmmmm….yeah… anji shaleen…

Shaleen though nt interested came to centre…

Anji shaleen in centre..

Asr: there will be simole game for u… as u r newly arraged married couple…. this will help u… ok..??

Anjleen nods..

Asr: i wil ask tell one thing abt anji dhi.. and shaleen should say yes or no…. and vise versa

Asr: anji dhis favorite food is golgappa… i mean… even she used to skip her imp meeting for golgappa….

Shaleen remembers his bubly… who used to eat golgappa.. like she was starving for months.

Shaleen with lil smile: yeah… she used to eat golgappa even if she s ill….

Anji widen her eyes… and feels hurt tat he still remembers her little little things…

Asr:  wow.. but how do u know??

Shaleen came to senses…:vo actually…

Raman:  bittu beta.. they r married.. they must have shared many things nah… now ask ur anji dhi..

Asr feels happy for anji amd shaleen

Asr: anji dhi.. i dont know much abt shaleen… i wil just say anything…. and u say whetr ts tru or false..

Asr:hmm.. shaleen ji’s favourite food is brinjal sabzi…

Anji at once: no.. he s allergic to tat…

Saleen was shocked and stares at her ..

Anji: vo…. aunty said tat to me …


Asr:they both won the game… so there s no truth and dare for them..

All claps…

Truck gets stopped in one hotel…

All get down… to have lunch…

All couples sits together…

Arnav starts holding kushi’s hands…

Kushi also smiles…

Raman:behna… eat something… y r u smiling ??

Asr: she will eat…

Raman: bittu beta… u will start anywhere right??

Asr looks at him confused

Raman points the hands …

Asr smiles:so u noticed…


Ishu:wat hap… kusji… is everyhing alright

Kushi: yeah dhi… vo…

Asr feeds kushi atnce..

Ishu smiles

Arnav: her finger s hurt…

Raman:we didnt ask any explanation…

He laughs teasingly…

Arnav starts feeding kushi… kushi also enjoys…

Swara:wat type f father r u

Sanky:father?? Now wat hap

Swara:see.. i m eating for my self… and who will feed our baby..

All laugh..

Sanky: if u want to eat from my hand… tell tat directly…

Swara: is there anything to tell…

He smiles and feeds her…swara smiles…

While all were enjoying anjeel were confused…

Raman: now u wont ask me to feed u right??

Ishu: oh pls… i wont.. i knew how u feed me… and i cant eat from ur hand…

Raman makes pout face.. asr lauhs at him…

Ishu: u know kushi… raman used to take handfull of food and just pushes inside my mouth… neither i can enjoy food… nor can become hapoy tat he s feeding me…

Raman turns to opposite direction in anger…

Ishu: oh hooo.. ravan kumar s angery i guess…

Raman: no no.. u enjoy ur food…

She slowly takes chappathi and brings tat in front of raman..

Raman smiles seeing tat.. but didnt get ….

Ishu makes him turn and holds her ears…

Raman smiles and takes the food…

Ranan(in low voice to ishu):yuck.. its not good in taste

Ishu: noo its gud only…

She takes tat to her mouth…but before she could eat… raman grabs her hand and eats it

Ranan: by touching ur lips… ot becomes more delicious…

Ishu blushes

Asr: abbey.. its restraunt… anyone can see us.. moreover its vilage..

Raman smiles ….

Game continues….

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  1. Aruna

    Omg omg arshi di
    Or should I call Rehana di?( I hope the name is not wrong ?)
    Ok now I know that definitely u might be mad at me and I am so sorry about that ???
    I was so busy in my exams , and then the admission formalities that I couldn’t read ur ff
    But now when I have time the only thing I am doing is reading ur ff from where I have missed it???

    And trust me di u r just fantastic. ……….
    Ummmmm well I am happy that I couldn’t comment, so now I have at least some words to praise u , which won’t be enough and I just know that ??

    But as usual the episode was great .

    And as I was not able to come here for few days , here is something for u


    And also I present u
    ??? ( Bohot bada flat hai shift hote waqt batana ?
    Party hum denge ??)

    And I forgot to ask the most important thing …………..
    I am Aru ?
    Naam toh yaad hoga ?

    Hai me meri yaad ??

    Ok . Now I will take leave before it becomes an essay , will stop now .
    Love u.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????
    Zindagi har pal khas nahi hoti 

    Phoolon ki khushbo humesha paas nahi hoti

    Milna toh hamari taqdeer main likha tha 

    Warna itni pyaari dosti itfaq se nahi hoti

    This was last. Pakka wala?

    1. Aruna

      And yes do take care of ur health
      Yeee I am 1st ☺☺❤

    2. Arshi

      And yeah name s right .. rehana…. and u can call me by any name…. and tat cute shayari touched my heart.. loved it to the core☺☺☺☺☺☺thnx a lot aru

  2. Aruna

    And yes do take care of ur health

    1. Arshi

      Arrey aru deae . How can i forget u… even i was asking abt u and ur ff…. and i m soo happy tat u r back…. when will u start ur ff… i m really excited to read it further..

      And and.. thnx a lot for ur sweet cute comment dear … missed ur comments and ur ff…

      1. Aruna

        Nope I don’t think I can continue it soon
        I am going to study in other college out of our town
        And I don’t know if there will be internet or not
        And I am going tomorrow.
        So I will continue when I get time.
        Thanks for remembering my ff

  3. Oh please take care of ursrlf and hsve proper rest
    Get well soon
    Otherwise whi is gonna write these beautifullly explained funny episodes for us hahaha????
    Take care
    The episode was just awesome

  4. Amanigatta

    wonderful episode????enjoyed it?plz make shaleen realised that she is his bubbly Nd ya take care of ur self?if u r not feeling well so tAke rest itx not important thAn ur health we will wait?stay blessed✨

  5. Nice one . enjoy a lot . Raman is too much and love him.

  6. U r awesome yrr….. Ur game episode r always fun to watch…… From wher all u get ideas like this my dear..??? Ur imagination power is……………………..
    I don’t know what to say……
    U r amazing…
    Mind blowing….
    U know I can never get tired praising u…. bt problem is nt getting words to actually GOOD words to praise u…… I know I know all the words r good to praise… bt I want some extra ordinary words….
    🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂
    God bless you….
    Take care….
    Always b happy & keep smiling….
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe….
    Achieve all the success in life…
    Love you my dear….

    1. & my dear please please please take care of ur health…. & don’t worry about ur ff, v can wait for it bt u please first take care of ur health….. Health is more important than anything else….. So do take care my sweet dear friend…..

  7. Veronica

    Wow so cute epi di…..And for yday’s comment I take this life very +vely And i dont want others to feel jealous of it……I know its quite stupid on my side to think like that……Yday I had a small fight with my mom as she told me she wont come this month……

    And coming to ur epi

    It was really Cute ???…..My jiju feeds my di nowadays as she is 1.5 months pregnant…..Sometimes I imagine my di and jiju as Arshi or Ishra as I had already said it relate to my life a loot……??

  8. Meghs

    Its incredibly good one dear.. fantastic even 150 epi finished i can’t believe it still have same charm like before..

    And ur health take care of ur health first.. i told u already pls after get well u post nxt part ok ..

    And one more thing actually its request can i call u rehu short form of rehana if u don’t mind

    1. Arshi

      Tats sooo sweeeet…. yaar…. its really a cute shortform… call me like tat pls pls pls….

      And guyz thnx a lot for all urbcomments.

      Thnx paru megha vero ishana amani kajal maya .. thnx a lot i couldnt reply each and everyone so pla dont mind.. thnx a lot for all ur live amd affection

      1. Meghs

        Ok from now on ur rehu

  9. Take care and asusal sema kallakal ep I’m enjoying this ep through read

  10. Oh god awesome
    ep and take care of your health

  11. Nice episode di….
    Loveed the every part…
    Game scenes was AWESOME… Waiting for nexts episode. I love ur thoughts… Actually di, I think there is no idea of ur that I didn’t love…. All of ur ideas were AWESOME.
    And di, yesterday I couldn’t reply for ur reply… U can’t emagine how happy I became while reading ur reply… I was sooooooooo much happy that I started dancing ? ? ? ?
    Thank u so much di ? ? ?

  12. Dhi .. take care of ur health dhi….
    sry.. i could not see ur ff .. since months . Bt..today episode was awesome.. get well soon

  13. oh my tod this is one of the best ffs i have ever read in my life loved it. are u an abhigya fan if u can pls ad abhi and pragya jst a request or pls in ur next ff include them:-) !!!!!!!

    1. Arshi

      Yup.. will add abhigya in my next ff… thnx a lot elinor for ur cute words

  14. Episode was superb Sisy…I dint read ur ff…I jus imagined the things in my mind…Avalo alaga express panninga…Very lovely…
    I am soooo happy for you Sisy…
    Plz check a doctor,u r not well for more than 3 days Sisy.,
    Nalaiku mudinja post pannunga,take care,Love u Sisy??

  15. Silent reader 33 kristy

    I can’t wait for anji and shaleen to recognize each other

  16. Dhi I am so sorry as I couldn’t comment I am soo sorry again congratulations dhi u loved it story to the core

  17. Arshi

    I cant post toay

  18. Superb episode arshi dhi…was laughing throughout the episode… The game was fabulous… Hope Anji shaleen get to know the truth soon…
    Take care Arshi dhi

  19. Fanficoholic

    Lovellyyyy epi di. Grt going and continue the same. And congo on ur 150 episodes. Sorry cld nt comment there. Eagerly waiting fr the nxt

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