Wowwowowoowoowowoooowwww… like this i m excited for this epi… hope u all enjoyed all my epis… a great gud news for u all… i have started writing abt next story just now… so when i end this ff… there s no need to wait for my next ff.. i will post t by the very next day of ending this ff.. happy??.. now dont think abt this end… bcz there s still some epis to go for its end … so just peep into our special epi…. still i m thinking wat to do special in this epi … it should be so special tat silent readers majboor ho jaaye ki ek comment chod de…

By reading my bak bak dont get bored… afteral its my 150th epi… so chaltha hai hai nah…??

Well… thank u each and every reader f my ff… i wished to meantion names f each and every person… but i might miss any name.. so i dont want to hurt any of u…

Still many f my old readers..i miss ur comments… hayathi pankuri roma ritushree ritu aorora and many more… just leave a comment today to express ur presence….

Ok r u ready??? ???

150th epi …first celebration… comeon.. i have brought something for all f u… this s for u all ???????

Ok lets start our epi..
Recap:hungama kitchen.. armav gets beated up by pillow… ishu feeds all… anjali s shaleens childhood girl frnd…



Pihu: sunniya na..

Nk wakes up with a jerk.: areey who r u… where s my pihu..

Pihu laugh: its me nk…

Nk: then why this kolaveri??


Nk” i mean.. why this avtar..

Pihu wore fully hand made saree.. she tied her hair and kept gajra over tat .. she wore one gold chain.. gold necklace.. rings bangles… loookinh exactly like a gujrathi serial bahu… having pallu in head…

Pihu: dont make fun f me … or else..

Nk pulls her closer:why will i make?u r my only pretty wife… whatever u wore it becomes prettty bcz f u..

Pihu:maska lagana koi thumse seeke… chalo… get up . We have to go to some tenple.. dadi asked us to get ready…

Nk grabs her to bed:no i m no mood to go

Pihu:nk… pls yaar.. all got ready.. and u

Nk: ok fine… i will come… but…

Pihu: but??

Nk points his cheeks.. pihu blushes and gave him a peck… she throws him inside the bathroom…

Arnab: raman… get up damid.. all have got ready and u still sleeping..

Asr was holding some baggage…

Raman grabs arnav

Raamn:i will get up only if u give me my favorite…

Asr: now wats ur fav??

Raman: alwayz pretending… chal jaa… i will give u…

By telling this he starts pouting his lips…

Asr widen his eyes…

Asr:raman.. no.. no.. raman..

Raman pulls asr closer by holding his cheeks…

Ranan: ishu.. why s ur voice s very ugly like ur bittu…

Asr: idiot duffer.. its me..

Raman still in sleepy: ishuuuuuuuuu…

He pulls closer…

Asr :  ishu dhi….. kushi… save me….

Raman kisses him on his cheeks… and with a sudden jerk he woke up amd pushes asr

Raman:arnav chiiii.. how dare u to do this…

Asr throws the baggage which he was holding over raman…

Raman: ouucchhh

Asr: duffer… dont u know the difrence???

They start taunting each other… ishu kushi came to solve their disputes…

Asr atonce hides behind ishsu kushi..

Ishu kushi :wat hap

Asr: he s very dangerous.. i wont go even near to him

Kusi: wat hap bhaiiyaa…

Raamn came towards them

Raman:vo actually kushi…

Asr screams:ask him to go back..

Ishu laughs: what did he do ??

Asr holding his  own collar:he tried to … he tried to…

Ranan: abbey… dont overreact.. ishu.. nothing like tat… i just thought it was u.. and i.

Ishu kushi widen their eyes… kushi starts laughing while ishu stares raman in anger…

Kusji: arnavji.. u didnt tell me.. wat actualy raman bhai did…

Ishu: raman…u r disgusting…

Ishu leaves… raman follows her to console ger…

Asr came towards kushi

Asr: . i will tell u wat raman did…but i think.. i should do wat raman did with me..

Kushi runs: no arnavji… dadi s waiting .. we should go…

Asr catches her..and pins her to wall

Rabba ve plays…

Kushi blushes…

Asr: u only wanted to know wat ramam did.. now why r u escaping??


He closes her mouth with his finger… and holds her cheeks with another hand… places a small peck over her forehead… and moves to her cheeks… and slowly he focuses on her lips…

Swara: oops.. i didnt see anything…

Kushi pushes asr and runs…

Asr:swara.. superb timing..

Swara laughs:tats swara…

Asr: and y this wierd costume…

Swara:dadi only asks us to wear this.. now kushi only will wear this… i just came to inform u tat raj uncle left to delhi for some imp work..

Asr:ok …

Swara leaves…

Garima and buaji hears tat and gets relieved..

Bua: he has gone to delhi..

Garima: now u will some with us to temple right??

Bua smiles and nods…

Shagun who s sleeping peacefully in suraj’s arms… wakes up with a suddern jerk..

Suraj: wat hap

Shagun : someone s knocking the door…

Suraj: yeah. .  Let me open the door…

Theu both stands… shagun’s hair got strucked in suraj’s hand ring…

Shagun: who is tat….

Raman starts knocking the door harder…. along with mihir and sanky…
Sanky:if dhi came to know this .. she wont leave me..

Ranab: darbok… i will handle it…

Shagun shouts: who the hell is tat.. i m not going to open the door…

Raman laughs and says: still u guyz r sleeping..

Shagun shouts:rammmaaannn.. u idiot.. i wont leave u.. if i come out

Raman:i m challenging u.. if u can just come out now…

Shagun s abt to shout again.. suraj closes her mouth

Suraj: raman.. .. wats the matter

Raman:vo actually.. yestrday.. we had a grt time… and ishu feeds all.. sanky and mihir  misses shagun a lot.. so i just brought them …

Sanky mihir:no dhiii.. its totally ramans plsn..

Shagun: shut up u all

Suraj laughs

Raman: chudail…. dadi asks us to wake u uo… we all r gng ti some temole .. tats y we came .

Shagun gets calm down:ok fine.. now u all guyz juat leave.. or else… i will murder u all…

Ranan: ok ok… u just take ur time to get ready (in a teasing manner)

Raman mihir sanky laughs and leaves..

Surah: wat type of cousins yaar they??

Shagun:i m sooryyyy…

Suraj: no no.. i m not angry.. instead.. i m just feeling jealous…

Shagun smiles: they r just devils…

Suraj: u too… but u r a pretty devil…

He hugs her.. she smiles
On the other hand

Dadi:u r not going to delhi.. today.. we all r gng to temple and u shoukd come tats final..

Raj with hesitance nods positively.. dadi smiles amd hugs him…


Sanky laughs at swara

Sanky:swara wat r u dng

Swara:i m measuring my belly… see it didnt grow…

Sanky:swara there s stil some yime for tat

Swara makes pout face

Swara:i want my baby now…

Sanky smiles…

He called someone on phone…

Sanky: ramu kaka… pls take care f tat gift.. swara will like t for sure

Swara jumps in excitment

Swara: wat was tat sanky

Sanky:i thought f presenting one cute guft… so tat u can spend time with it before our baby comes into this workd..

Swara:wowowow.. wats tat

Sanky shows the pic of cute puppy..

Swara smiles in excitemeny and kisses him …

Sanky:thanku so muc..

Swara: i should thank u… but i have to wait for more days to meet puppy

Sanky: puppy also waoting to meet u..

Both hug…

Arnav searches for kushi… she was not there… suddenly she came from backside…he was dumb seeing her in full gujrathi style…

Kushi: eeyjiii… wat hap…

Arnav: u r looking sooo pretty…

Kushi blushes…

Kkg:see all have became ready… but raman bhai and ishu dhi s not still available…

Asr moves to another room to search forn ishra…

In one room…

Ishu: alwayz u r only making delay in all functions.. see dadi s waiting …. and u….

Ranan: areey … my shirt s missing.. wat can i do…

Ishu: u find ur shirt.. i will go and bath first…

She went to bathroom.. raman followed her and locked the room..

Arnav finds the room empty…
Inside bathroom

Ishu: raman.. u r too much..

He pulls her closer:ofcourse… i m too much.. u only said na… its getting late… tats y i m just managing time…

Ishu: no one can beat u in talk

Raman:in romance too.

By telling this .. he turns the tap… and smiles at ishita…

Ishu blushes…

Yhm plays

Arnav outside:abbey.. subbe meri izzath par haath daala tha.. ab kiski izzath par dal rahe ho…
(Mrng.. u were trying to ruin my respect.. now to whom u r trying to ruin)

Raman: u dont have any other work nah… whenever i m with ishu.. u r comung at crt time..

Asr:wat dhi inside..

Ishu in anger hits ramans legs..

and then in nervous Ishu: no bittu.. i m not here ..

Raman laughs.. asr also laughs.. ishu bites her lips…

Kushi came and grabs asr: sorry bhaiiyyya… we r leaving..

Raman: thank u behna… teach some manners to our bittu…

Payal gets ready in a red saree

Mihir hugs her from behind..

Mihir: r u feeling bored here??

Pay; ofcourse not mihir.. infact i m enjoying a lot… and haan.. when we return.. we shall take ur toys too ok??

Mihir:oh … so my wife want kids quickly

Pyala beats mihir on chest

Mihir: so dont u need??

Payak: vo .. no.. i mean yes… no

Mihir laughs.. payal blushes and hugs him


Anji s talking to someone

Anji: these guyz alwayz want a reaskn to take leave.. ask him to come to office .. or else give resignation

She hangs up…

Shaleen : by seeing for the first time i thought.. u r not like these rich people… but i forgot tat u r one among them… u r taking one’s helplessness… now tat man will come to office inspite f having works at home…

By telling this he leaves in anger…  anji gets very much hurt of his words…

Anji: wat he s thinking of himself… in childhood also he s this much rude.. and now also…. he wont change ever  …

She turns to opposite side..

Suraj :dhi.. u r awesome…. u asked tat employee to come to office.. so tat we could help his wife in his medical expenses… or else.. he would never accept our favour…

Anji:yeah bhai… tats y i blackmailed him to come to office…

Suraj:ok.. get ready soon.. dadi s calling us..


She turns to find shaleen… at one corner.. she felt very happy tat he came to know abt her…

Shaleen: i m…

Anji: i dont need any explanation.. as i dont care wat u r thinking of me…

Shaleen: i really didnt mean to hurt u

Anji: hey.  Listen mr.smart phone… usually i dont care f those who dont mean anything to me.. so just chill..

Shaleen: tats really great tat u felt this way…

Anji smiles …
All couples get ready… (omg… i m really tired of these couples…. kitna nakra…. they took this much time to get ready.. lets see what hungama they r doing in the travel to mandhir ????)

All couples were going by open truck… while suraj nk parents come by cart .. and raj dadi and remainning r by another cart…


In truck…

Raman: suno suno bhaiyon behnon(listen brothers and sisters) we will reach the temple aftr 5 hrs… so … we can have too much f masthi

All: wowowowoowowowowowo?????

Sanky took one rose and starts singing:abcd efgh i

And gave tat rose to swara

Swara sings: jklm

Swara to mihir: nopqrstuvwx

Mihir gives to payal..

Payal sings:yz.. and gave to asr

Asr takes the rose and gave to kushi:i love u

All claps .. and shouts…

(Tat abcd is a song from hum saath saath hain film)

Raman to ishu:  i love u

Suraj to shagun: i love you…

Atlast rose came to anji….. shaleen looks at her.. anji takes the rose and gives to asr and says:i love u…

All enjoys a lot and sings songs…

Raman amd arnav came in centre and dances as if they were in scooty

Raman:yeh dosti hum nahi thodenge (we wont break this friendshi)

Asr:thodenge dum mahar tera saath naa chodenga( break our strength but will never leave u)

All clapa and joins them…

Swara: hey hey.. stop… this s lil boring… lets play somethig else…boys vs girls


Sanky: but wat game??

Swara: kabbadiii

All at omce start laughing

Sanky: what else we cam expect from u swara..

Swara makes pour face…

Ishu: wait wait… we shall play many things… like round 1 .. 2 .. and etc… first round will be….. hmm….

She starts thinking…


Game masthi…

Guyz guyz . I thought of this game be the part f my 150th epi… but couldnt do so… but still i tried my level best to give all couples spl scenes…. mryal swasan arshi ishra pk sharaj anjleen….. also a spl arman scene s also there… as its my favorite… u have to give a comment on each and every scene….

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    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot anu dear… amd ant leap amd twist… though ut seems like saas bahu serials.. i will surely try ti give different flavour to it….

      And coming to pairs…. it will be revealed later dear… as of now i have told tat one f pair will be abhigya…. as i like shabbir very much

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      Omg.. thank u soooo much dear.. as u have commented for the first time and u felt its worth to comment… feeling so hapoy tat there s still some silent readers… amd elinor.. thnx a lot dear keep on commenting yaar

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      Thank u soooooo much akshaya dear.. i m so much gappy f ur comment . Each and evwry word i ur comment brings a big smile pn my face…

      And abt smiley… i understood tat what smiley u would have posted.. so no worries dear☺☺☺

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    Then I will feel bad on Saturday n sunday…. Finally you r here in 150thepi

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    1. Arshi

      Yeah i remeber… u have asked tat whether shagun s apart f my ff or not .. just tat time i have posted one promo inteoducing shaguns character…

      Thnx a lot nive for ur cite supporting words..

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      Oh my cute frnd… ofcourse i will be ur frnd dear .. and thnx fr commenting dear…. though u have commented in few epis… i remwbered ur name…. and thnx a lot ayesha dear for ir cute comment… and yeah allah hafiz

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    1. Arshi

      Thnk u nitin

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