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Epi 15:

A boy with calm look… is seen drawing …. and was hearing
Mohabbatein ( sharuk aiysh) music

In garden.. entirely pleasant area…
He was lost in his music…at once he notices someone starring at him.. he turns…
He is sanskar.. shortly called sanky ….
He sees a cute bubbly girl wearing knee height white skirt and full hand blue t shirt… swara…
She was lost in his drawing
Cold wind blows… she could feel the chillness… his hair danced in the wind.. she looked at him with cute smile….
Sanky: what?
Swara: i am new here
Sanky: so?
Swara: principal room?
Sanky directs her and starts his drawing again
She goes but her heart was with sanky’s cute expression
Sawara a village brave girl.. very innocent but cant see any wrong things happening in front of her.. . her parents died in car accident.. she s brought up by her mama.. her mother’s brother..

Swara got attracted by the university..swara says to herself : uutheriii… how big is this college… mamaji is great.. he made my admission here.. but i m from village.. how would i cope up here… i need to be casual.. else all will make fun of me….

Scene shifts to diller rockz…
Diller rockz… a group name..
Arnav – ASR – 22 years old – second year of BE
Raman – RKb or rocky – 26 years old – last year of MBA
Sanskar – sanky – 22 years old – second year of BE– brother of shagun
Ishitha – ishu – 24 years old – first year of MBA
Shagun – sweetie – 24 years old – first year of MBA
Mihir – mick – 22 years – second year of BE
All are childhood friends..

College corridor
Swara is seen starring at the diller rockz.. but she didn’t notice sanky.. also she is soo far.. so she couldn’t hear anything

Ishu and shagun tricked and made rohit fell over arnav and she signs the others..
he asks them to forgive..
That boy name rohit
They all round up rohit
Raman: you have 3 seconds to decide your future
Arnav smiles..
Rohit : excuse me?
Arnav: that is.. you have 3 secs to remove your clothes or to become a slave for us .. for the rest of ur college life…
Ishu: O….N……E…… one
Shagun: T….W…..O…. two
Mihir: THREE.. thats it yeah.. we got new slave.. hippip.. hurray
Sanky is seen standing silently in corner wearing a cap that hides his face
Rohit: what is this drama..
Raman : ok then… leave this theatre..
Rohit: what?
Arnav : san fransisco college … we diller rockz rule here… if you dislike these two options… we have one last option… TC…
Girl: hey.. this is their’s dad’s college…
Another boy: if you are thrown away from this college.. your future is finished… no university will give you admissions..
Rohit: hey relax buddies…
Mihir: we are not your buddies.. keep your mouth shut…
Raman: relax mihir.. our shonu now got wit.. he is going to remove his shirt now… right?
Rohit angrily removes his t shirt.. and felt shamed… arnav throws his expensive jacket over rohit’s face and leaves…
Mihir: don’t you feel shamed yesterday to insult a girl
Raman: hey listen.. whoever you are… don’t show your face again… and stop your dirty thoughts … or else…
Shagun: or else you will be punished even more
Ishu: try to respect girls.. this will
Before she could complete.. raman drags ishu to corner
Raman: yaar.. he did not do such a big sin to hear your cute lecture…
Ishu: raman… you are too bad.. one day you will long for my lecture.. but i wont even talk to you
Raman closes ishu’s mouth .. and says.. don’t ever say like that….
They had a eyelock…. then raman comes to his senses..
Raman: yeah don’t say like that…i did many sins so hearing your lecture may reduce my punishments after death… if u stopped ur lecture.. then..
Ishu: raman stop it…
Mihir takes two of them and went

Swara felt bad for rohit.. and she got hyper …
Swara: are they humans? How could they do like this… they only knowingly push that boy…. then why?

Scene shifts to canteen
Shagun and ishu in eating competition…
Arnav raman mihir sanky in another table…
Raman: oh god.. ishu.. i know you will win.. as no one can beat you in eating..
All begun laughing..
Students thereby came to see ISHAG’s competition..
One boy starts supporting ishu..
Ishi in anger: how dare you to go against my sweetie… i will kill you..
He then supports shagun..
Shagun: you idiot.. support my ishu… i will break your head if you supports opposite side of my ishu darling..
That boy holds his head and ran away…
Ishu shagun laughs louder … and says raman.. that they won… they made one boy to run … without harming him…
Raman: yeah.. but normally that guy would have ran away by seeing your face.. why you guyz tried this much..
Shagun ishu starts beating raman…
He then gives his credit card for their shopping.. as he promised against bet…

Mihir: that rohith would have learnt his lesson… like.. how could he act ho shamelessly..
Arnav: yeah.. he has no right to insult a girl by taking her duppatta…
Raman: that too in our university… i mean.. your..
Arnav: rocky.. its our university..
Mihir: he is new comer… from the very first he tried to break our college rules…he should be punished more than this…
Arman (arnav raman) : yeah.. we will ..

All leave to class..
.there is one announcement there will be 3 days holiday
Arnav raman ishu mihir shahun leave for theatre

A house is shown… extremely big house… where marriage was just happened…
1st guest: this marriage is impossible… the bride and groom is extremely different.. how can they agree
2nd: don’t know yaar.. it looks like a mystery
3rd: no no.. girl may be fond of money .. thats y
2nd: no.. i know her.. she is from poor family with good education.. she believes in talent not in money..
1st: yeah.. but rich man like this groom can change anybody….
There comes one lady asks all to shut their mouths…
Lady: you guyz have been called up to attend the marriage.. and in turn we will give you dinner.. go and finish your work.. and leave..
All guests leave..the lady goes to the bride
Bride covered her face with gungat.. and was crying
Lady: look beta.. you are like angel to this house… you should bring happiness here… you have no right to torture my angel’s eyes.. come on stop crying and smile…
Bride: how can anyone smile in this occasion where i have just buried my papa…
She cries vigorously .. the lady consoles her…she hears voice of groom.. he is telling that .. he has some work.. and he leaves… before she could ask him to stay back.. he left the place …
Bride in heart: what is going on in my life.. marriage.. which is a beautiful thing… i wished that some prince may come and get me along.. but.. here… i am married this man who doesn’t even care about that girl whom he had married and who was in shock of her father’s death… papa.. i need you… i want to sleep in your lap…
She cries vigorously .. the lady consoles her and take her inside the room.. made her sleep…
Lady is mother of the groom
Lady : hey all come here.. tomorrow may be the reception ceremony… the function should be memorable… i know its unexpected… but i don’t want any excuses… go and get back to work

Swara: i didn’t mean that…sannn.. whats your name?
Sanskar: sanky
Swara: very strange name like food.. Frankie sanky…. .
Sanskar smiles..

Credit to: arshi

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  7. Niharika Ahmed

    Good episode as always 😀 But,
    can you skip the college part quickly? Don’t mind yaar Arshi but IshRa is a matured couple in YHM & all the other serials featuring college life are so disgusting that felt it would be fascinating to see present day IshRa & ArShi. Its just my opinion, plz don’t mind.

    1. ok .. i will try to end up quickly… till that enjoy these episodes

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