Gud morning guyz.. have a great day.. thank you for your support.. here is first epi of flashback.. hope you all enjoy it.. actually ishu is telling the main thing to shagun.. but here is full flashback to make you connected to the story
One fine morning

One boy is getting ready…
Servant: sir here is your juice…
Boy: where is my shoes?
Servant: that girl got confused of what brand you told… she will be coming.. i told her to take your fav brand shoes
Boy: fire her
Servant: sir?? But..
Boy: u want me to fire you also… i don’t have the habit to listen but vut no.. anything.. leave..
He turns… dashing Arnav Sing Raizada with red full hand t shirt and sandal jacket.. with blue jeans…

On the other hand
Servant: sir… this is the best designer shirt specially mad for you in japan….
Boy: who sent this?
Servant: that…….
Boy: i will ask for last time.. if you don’t want this job.. then u don’t have to tell
Servant: your dad
He turns and puts that shirt in fire… he the raman bhalla hates his dad .. as he is thinking that his dad is the reason for his mom’s death…

A girl is seen sleeping in a round soft bed with cute white woollen blanket…
Sunlight falls on her face….. at once she covers her face with blanket..
Her phone rings…. she closes her ears… it continued ringing…she throwsher latest model phone.. at last she relaxed.. she continues her cute sleep…
She notices arnav’s call in her room’s phone…
Arnav : dhi.. i m sure u have broken this phone also… what is this.. today we have to go to college early.. get up dhi…
Ishu wakes up with blue shorts and blue tops…
Ishu: bittu yaar.. please its midnight.. let me sleep
Arnav: dhi its 8 o clock…. don’t start your drama dhi.. see they may be coming in your room.. thats y i have called you…
Ishu opens her eyes wider
Ishu: what the….
Arnav: ok bye..
Someone is knocking ishu’s door..
Ishu in anger turns towards sun and says
Ishu: oh no… what is the need to come so early.. you idiot… there will be someday.. i will make you disappear….
By hearing the sound… she goes outside from another way…one of the servan spots her
She begun Running around the house… some men are chasing her …
She fools them.. and atlast she went to her room extremely big room…. room with full of pink.. pink bedsheet pink curtains… her cute pic in the wall….one wall with printed arts.. another wall with all ishu’s cute expressive pucs from childhood…
Ishu’s room is very big than a normal home..
she turns and shocked to see….
Raj sing raizada… father of ishu and arnav..( recently seen as abeer’s father in phir bhi na mane badthameez dil)
Ishu: dad pls… i know what to do.. i don’t want any help
Raj: beta that i know.. but i don’t want you to struggle… all these men are your servants.. you ask anything from them… you know that i cant see you struggling..
Ishu: doing my own work doesn’t mean struggling.. dad
A girl is seen coming with the same dress of ishu.. and she hugs raj … that is shagun… cousin sister of ishu and besty of ishu
Shagun: hi big d…i will make your princess to accept.. you just concentrate your work big d
Raj: you are only my golden gift.. who always makes my work easily.. love you beta
Ishu: dad.. this is partiality
Raj: ok baba.. love you two.. i m leaving for one meeting… and ishu… there will be delivery of Samsung s 3 for you today…
shagun: oh pls big d… come on.. your driver is waiting..
once raj leaves.. …
shagun: ishu.. how dare you to cancel my call
ishu:sorry yaar.. who asked you to call me while i m sleeping.. now tell me why you have called me?
Shagun: i couldn’t choose dress to wear for college…
all the servants came.. one with ishu’s dress one with ishu’s jeans one with ishu’s cheppals one with ishu’s make up items.. one with ishu’s car keys…
shagun: guyz.. relax… keep any one here.. and leave…
ishu: hey listen… whatever you leave here .. i want another piece..you guyz know that i and shagun used to wear same color same brand of everything
ishu and shagun hug each other.. they got ready in trendy short tops and light blue skin fit jeans
ishu and shagun leave in yellow car…
arnav leaves in his black car
Mihir … cool guy with trendy dress and coolers reaches the colege

San fransisco college…
Raj raizada and oam kumar bhalla are the partners of san fransisco university.. fathers of ASR and RKB

All girls and boys shouts seeing basketball match
Girl: wow exciting match between ASR and RKB… who will win….
Boy: they had a bet also.. whoever wins will ask the another to do anything
Girl: thats soo coolll….
Match begins..
Arnav: u still have time to back off
Raman: i have learnt many things but to back off.. never ever… u just get ready to loose
Arnav: i wont reply anything… my actions will say
Match begins… arnav 1.. raman 0
After a while raman 1 arnav 1.. after interval raman arnav 3 3… last five minutes
Last 1 minute…
Audience shouts in crowd…
Ishu comes opposite to raman and pretends to fall. But raman didn’t notice…ishu then goes to next direction where raman can notice her..
Ishu pretends to fall.. raman rushes to hold her.. arnav puts goal… ASR wins… ishu shouts in happy…
Raman starts catching ishu with anger
Ishu runs…
Shagun tries to defend ishu.. but fails
At last raman holds ishu.. twists her hands…
Raman: how cheap?
Ishu: what cheap in this?.. who asked you to see me… you should have concentrated in game…
Raman: notankiii… i wont leave you today…
Ishu: raman.. its paining..
ASR came and starts beating raman… both starts fighting.. all students gathered to see the fight…
Arnav punches raman..
Ishu: bitu.. stop it.. it was my mistake…
Raman kicks arnav
Ishu: raman whats wrong with you…
Ishu starts defemding both.. at once she holds her head
Raman and arnav starts laughing ..and teases ishu… shagun also joins them..
Ishu: you ,….
She treis to beat all… and they all hug… group hug…

Saath mein jeena hai saath mein mar jaana.. song plays..

Koppalikkum Ootru Naangal.. Veppathukku Kaatru Naangal
Maramukku Maatru Naangal.. Vaedan Illa Vaedan Thangal

Song plays
Raman arnav and mihir holds their hads and lifts shagun and ishu..
Raman: hey yaar.. they have put on weights.. my hand is paining…
Ishu: oh pls haan… we are not… that is bcz.. sanky is not here.. he always joins you guyz to lift us..
Raman: so you guyz are fatbefore also.. bcz of sanky we couldn’t recognise right?
Ishu: raman!!!!
Raman: yaar pls… why are you calling me raman.. just call me rocky… raman is old fashioned name
Ishu: raman.. girls wont get impressed by trendy name… they will get impressed by thoughts.. which is not possible in ur case
Arnav: stop it guyz… hey shagun where is sanky
Shagun: he must be coming..
Shagun and ishu in eating competition…
Raman: oh god.. ishu.. i know you will win.. as no one can beat you in eating..
All begun laughing..

Credit to: arshi

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