Good mrng guyz… wow its myv135th epi… guyz.. i m having a small feeling whike reading other ffs.. i m writing lil bit long epi… i know .. u r not feeling bored… but if u guyz find it any kind f bore.. do tell me… i will reduce the size.. bcz whenever i read my post once its uploaded.. i found it lil bit long epi… i was like.. oh no… when wil it end.. haha… may be i might be so curious to scroll down to see ur comments… anyways.. share ur views frndz…
Anji decided to meet shaleen before she could speak to her mom..

On the other side.. shaleen thinks harder to stop the mrg…atlast he found some solution and smiles victoriously…

Anji writes a chit asking shaleen to come to balcony at 11 .. after all slept….. and throws t over him.

Shaleen reads it.. and smiles as if his plan s getting easier…

Shaleen went to balcony leaving the chit.. which was noticed by asr…

Asr looks at shaleen.. he gets doubtful… he reads the chit thereby…and follows shaleen…  

(Guyz i know.. this scene u would have seen in movies.. but its my ff.. lil bit different)

Kushi who notices asr going to balcony.. smiles naughtily and goes to balcony..

Raman smiles seeing ase amd thinks to pull his legs.. so he follows asr

Sanku mihir: see nah raman bhai s  romancing even now.. we should follow them.. they too reach balcony…
Following raman and asr
By seeing sanky.. swara jumps and goes…

Actually balcony way goes from girlz room.. so they notice them easily…

Ishu: dam.. yeh swara going upstairs.. she dont care f herself alwayz..

Suraj who notices these understood tat shagun may be alone or with payal pihu… he went towards girlz room…

In balcony:

Shaleen was waiting for anji.. when asr comes behind and hides himself.. anji notices asr and gets tensed..amd hides herself in another pillar.. and tries to sign shaleen…

She notices kushi..

Anji goes to kushi: kushi… see ur husband is waiting for.. get him and before dadi could see.. just go to another side f balcony.. where no.one can notice…

But before kushi goes.. all one by one came… …

And by seeing raman… shaleen hides…

By seeing mihir swara hides…

By seeing swara raman hides…

By seeing ishu mihir sanky hides…

But ishu didnt hide herself .. as she didnt came to romance with ramam.. she follows swara?

Ishu: swara… i know .. u r here… just come out… i wont leave u alone.. r u out of ur mind… u r pregnant.. and at time u here alone..?? Come outside swara…

Swara having pout face came outside holding her ears…

Swara: sorry dhi… i was just ..

Ishu:chup… do u have any idea… u came here alone.. if dadi sees u..

Swara: no dhi.. i dint come alone…

Shaleen raman asr mihir sanky gets tensed…

Ishu looks her and there…

Swara: i just followed sanky…

Sanky hits his head…

While all others gets relieved

Ishu: sanky… whethr u will come out or not…

Sanky came outside…

Swara: but before i could mewt sanky.. mihir bhai came here

Mihir who was sitting slips at once hearing his name…

Ishu widen her mouth…

Mihir came outside… all gets shocked seeing one by one…

Mihir: dhi.. we didnt come here to..

Ishu:stop… u guyz have became kids… if dadi

Sanky: oh dhi.. dont tell me tat u didnt come here to meet raman bhai…


Raman hits his head and talks to himself: abbey.. dis she tell u tat.. now why r u taking my name…

Mihir:yeah raman bhai s here only.. we just came… what he s doing here..

Ishu at once: but he didnt call me.. how dare he..

Sanky mihir smiles at her..

Ishu stops her dialog: Raman… come here..

Raman who is hiding says: ishu.. i m not here..

Sanky mihir laughs amd gives high five…

Ishu :oh my poor husband… i know..

Raman:ishu.. trust me.. i m in room

Ishu: raman.. we too are also in same room

Raman with pout face cane outside throwing a angry look towards sanky mihir…

Ishu: now is it over..?? Or else.. anyone s there…

Raman: i just followed behna..

Kushi widen her eyes..

Asr: kushi… yahan… but y…

Kushi came outside

Ishu:so its clear tat
. Arnav s also here right??

Asr: no one see me… i have checkd tat… now all will go …

Kkg: yeah… i just came following him

Asr: what the… this kushi nah….

Ishu pulls asr’s ears.. asr stands from his hiding place… and smiles …

Asr: dhi.. i just came to have some fresh air… but… when all start coming .. i thought they r gng to talk with their girlz.. so i thought f not disturbing them.. tats y

Ishu smiles: oh really bittu.. how sweat…

Asr nods

Ishu:shut up.. bcz f u only all r here.. now all go and sleep..

Asr: if we came here.. y to go this early..

Shaleen anji who s hiding hits their head…

Kush blushes

Raman:yeah ishu…

He moves towards ihsu

Amd ishu beats him..amd armav too

Ishu:dadi s really very strict in these rituals.. she will be hurt.. so u guyz better go and sleep well bye..

She took kushi swara with her..

Kushia  and swara looks at their husbands in sad face amd went … ramn and asr follows them to the room… by talking rubbishly.. while ishu constantly asks them to go..

When they opened the door… tbey were shocked to see suraj shagun falling over ground.. having eye lock…


Shagun stands at once…

Suraj:i just came to see where were all boyz.. tats it.. when i saw shagun struggling to put the wall clock.. she was abt to fall.. and i catched her…

Raman:then how come u both fall down

Asr laughs..

Shagun gave embarased look..

Suraj:u know nah.. she s somewat heavy tats y..

Shagun beats hin:am i heavy.. u.. suraj… i wont leave u… she continsly beats him…

Asr and raman saves him and takes him  to room…

While mihir and sanky was abt to leave  balcony… shaleen was abt to cough.. anji came and closes his mouth… he stares at her lovingly…

Aftr they left..

Shaleen:listem… i m having an awesome plan..

Anji: pls.. let me talk to my mom once… aftr tat if it didnt work out.. we shall go by ur plan..

Shaleen nods.. anji leaves..

Shaleen:dam.. wat hap to me.. i just listemed to her… till now i have never listened to anyone… i just did according to my decision… she has done some magic… i have to execute my plan anyhow…

Epi ends here guyz..


Haldi celebration…

If u guyz know anything abt gujrati marriage vilage style do share with me guyz..

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    1. Arshi

      Yeah asr ko bhi bola chahiye.. lekin.. he knows nah.. shaleen jas came to talk with anji abt marriage issues. Tats y he didnt tell anyone…

  4. Arshi

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  21. Fantastic episode arshi dhi… None of Ur 135 episodes were boring they had Ur magic touch in them 🙂 coming to today’s episode I loved all the pairs in the balcony part especially ishra.. Smart enough of asr not telling about anji shaleen … N Ur episodes r not long they r directly proportional to Ur writing skills! Waiting eagerly for the next episode… Post soon

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