Good mrng guyz…

Recap: asr caught anji shaleen…

Asr aftr explaining went outside

Shaleen: wat the hell.. who s he to say this

Anji: watever… he s telling crt… we should have stopped this earlier.. it was ur mistake..

Shaleen:oh helo.. chilly… it seems tat u have changed ur mind.. watevr may happen i cant marry u.. is tat clear??

Anji: oh hello.. i m also not dying to marry u.. samja??

Shaleen: so … wats the plan

Anji:i think.. i should talk to my parents..

Shaleen:bakswaas plan… u just stay quite… i will handlw this

Anji: if u do anything like this pandit wala scene.. i will surely tell to all..

Shaleen came towards anji..

Shaleen: u know wat?? I dont care… i will do wat i want .. no one can stop me.. got it??

Asr came inside

Asr: have u guyz decided??

Shaleen stares at hom angrily and leaves at once

Anji: chote…

Asr: dhi.. he s angry ?

Anji: vo.. its life matter nah.. tats y.. we cant live happily with each other arnav

Asr: dhi .. tat u have to think bfr engagnet…

Anji:yeah… but… now…

Asr: i know.. if there s no love.. u cant live happily… tats y i m asking u to talk with ur mom… she will understand….. and when did u become this much insensitive… u didnt think abt ur dad.. he s not well… i must say dhi… compare to u suraj s vast better… i mean.. he compelled shagun dhi to marriage.. only for his dad…

Anji was hurt.. asr :sorry dhi.. i didnt mean to hurt u..

Tears starts flowing from anjis eyes..

Asr hugs her to console…

Anjj: ok fine.. i will talk to mom..

Asr smiles and leaves…

Anji:before tat i should talk with tat smart phoen.. he should not do anything serious..

Dadi: i m really strict this time… no one should be seen near girlz room… and u girlz… should not come outside..

All girlz” dadiiii pls…..

Dadi didnt hear

Ishu: dadi… ask them not to come outside… for mrng…. we will roam around.. and at evmg they can

Dadi agrees.. all girlz hug dadi..

Boyz make pout face…and went to room…

Dadi gave them breakfast to their room…

Asr: wow it looks so delicious…

Sanky: haan bhai.. even i missed desi khana for 3 yrs.. oh no… tat bun pizza.. my tongue longed for it..

He took chappathi and handfull f gravy.. and kept inside his mouth…

Asr also took one piece and kept it inside his mouth..

Both of them couldnt even chew it… their eyes full of tears…

Raman: aabey.. kya hua..

Sabky was abt to tell.. but asr interfres

Asr: no issues buddy.. its really delicious tat i m enjoying even one piece…

He starts acting as if he s enjoying…

Sanky also nods to the same…

Nk mihir raman suraj also take handfull of piece amd tasted t…

Raman spits at once and starts coughing…

Asr gives high five to sanky…

Raman: abbey.. i wont leave u…

He starts chasing him…
Followed by mihir nk suraj also…asr and sanky runs round the room..
At once they have messed up almost all the things…

Asr took his plate.. and throws the chappathi over raman…

Raman throws his chapthi and takes gravy: abbey.. take this also

By saying this he throws the gravy.. asr bends down… dadi came inside to which gravy settled on dadis face…

At once all shouts nooooooooo raman.. wat have u done..

Raman: oh hello.. y r u all blaming me..

Dadi takes tat gravy amd throws it over raman:because u rthe one who is……


all laugh

Dadi gave a angry look at all to which all became silent

Mihor goes towards angry dadi

Mihur: badi ma…it looks so delicious.. but we couldnt eat..

Dadu pulls his ears: mihir beta.. its karela’s (bitter ground) gravy … tats y

All widen their mouth…

Asr: dadi.. pls.. kuchu kaane laayak ka do nah( give some eatable items pls)

Dadi: if u want breakfast .. eat this.. or else no breakfast…

Asr and all makes sad face…

Dadi: and haan… aftr finsihing ur breakfasy… u all have yo clean this room..

Al become further sad…

Dadi went….

Ishu and kushi came through window…

Ishu looks at suraj and kushi looks at nk..

And gave plate full of good food..
Sanky: wow… kya patni dharm… both gave their husband food.. also didnt cross dadis words…

Raman and asr smiles seeing them through mirror.. to which they also smiles…

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ….

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon plays…

Mihir: only for them.. where s our dharm patnis…

Ishu kushi: we took food for all f u

Have this . And aftr having… al go to balcony.. we will clean this room..

Asr and raman move forward to hug their wives…

Ishu kushi bends and goes out.. all boyz laugh at them..

Raman: laugh laugh… i bet u all…today i will meet her .. and hug her also..

Asr: same here.. and u giyz will left laughing only.. u cant neither meet ur girlz.. nor hug…

All make pout face…

Thwy had their breakfast

Suraj: wherebs shaleen jiju… he didnt come aftr puja…

Asr: he may be went to meet his parents..

Suraj:yeah may be..

Aftr finishing their breakfast.. all head outside… to balcony…

Ishu kushi shagun came to clean the room.. payal was with swara to take care f her.. and pihu anji being the actual bride taking rest..

Shagun purposefully goes towards ishu to clean..

Ishu: wait wait.. u clean here.. i may go there… or esle ur mood will be spoiled by me…

By saying this she leaves…shagun becomes upset and angry at ishu..

Ishu smiles at shagun’s expression…

Ishu in mind: i wont console u… and u will run to me sweetie…

Shegun in mind: how mean… she knew tat i m here to talk with her…but pretending as if she dont know.. i m aslo shagun raizada.. lets see who will win…

While cleaning.. ishu feels something behind her… when she was wbout to shout.. raman closes her mouth and grabs her inside the bathroom…

Kushi who sees ishu’s shawl moving towards bathroom..

Kusji:ishu dhi… the door lock s not working… ishu dhi…

Before she could further say.. someone closes her mouth and grabs her inside cupboard…

Shagun wonders where r ishu and kushi… she turns to find suraj

Suraaj:so wont u ask anything further abt tat lipstick mark??

Shagun: i dont want to know anything.. now just leave.. or else dadi may come…

Suraj starts helping shagun in cleaning.. she also enjoys his presence so didnt say anything…

Kushi:arnavji.. pls… they may see us..

Asr:whi?? They r also busy…

Kushi laugs: oh.. …

Asr:ofcourse sweetheart..

Kushi: dadi told us not to meet u… its rules… u know??

Asr: do u know?? Why there r rules??

Kkg: why??

Asr gave a kiss to her cheeks: only to break them..

Kushi: baath ko gumana koi aapse seeke..(one have to learn to twist the talk from u)

Asr smiles:seekna hai tho hum bahuth kuch seka sakthey hain(if u want to learn i can teach u many things.)

Kkg: chi.. arnavjii..

He bends towrds her .

Kushi pushes him saying.. we r not yet married… u have to keep patience till our marriage..

Asr : this s not fair kushi

Kkg: everything s fair in love and war arnavji…

She heads outside…


Shagun while cleaning … some dust went inside her eyes…

Suraj helps her by blowing inside her eyes…aftr tat

Suraj:r u finw shgaun

Shagun: yeah somewat better..

Suraj moves his fingers over her cheeks… and tucks her hair behind her ears…

Shagun stare at him…

Aankon mein theri ajab si ajab si adahaayen hai plys..

Viliyil un viliyil vanthu vilunthen antha nodiyil … en ethirkaalam nee than endru dma sonnathey..plays

He slowly moves towrds her and places a peck over her cheeks…shagun holds her collar and closes her eyes..

Kushi comes and witnesses this and at once she went inside the cuoboard where arnav was there

Arnav: wat kushi dear.. u have chamged ur mind??

Kkg: vo.. vo.. nothing… i will go aftr sometime..

Asr throws her arms around her: tats really a great news for me…

Inside bathroom

Ishu: raman… the lock s not working.. kushi was saying tat onky… and u have locked it..

Raman: let t be nah.. no one can open and disturb us..

Ishu: oh comeon raman.. we r inside bathroom…

Raman: any room… i m with u.. so there s no problem for me..

Ishu blushes: raman. Thun bhi nah..

Raman: wow… ishu.. u r feeling shy.. omg.. i should capture this moment..

Ishu beats ramna…raman holds her both hands and kisses her..

Ishu pushes him: raman bhalla.. i m still ishitha raizada… we r not yet married..

Raman:but u know already.. i m not a  sanskari beta… i m shameless also a spoilt son… so i dont mind..

By saying this he pulls her..

Ishu:no one can win in front f u

Raman: atlast u have surrendered urswlf right??

Ishu: when i tried to escape?? If i wanted to escape.. i can push u fron the very first sec and can go outside..

Raman:kya baath hai ishu.. u r having romance feature somewat

Ishu: somewa????

Raman: if u r not showing… then how could i say furter??

Ishu: very smart haan..

Raman: vo tho mein hoon..

They both smile and hug…


Sanky: oh no.. these three have started their film.. but … wat abt us..

Mihir: oh no.. badi ma s coming here..

Nk:oh no…

Dadi: y r u guyz r here..

Nk: actually dadi.. armav ramam and suraj bhai are cleaning the room.. so we r outside

Dadk: wat?? I have sent ishu kushi and shagun to clean the room. When u guY left to balcony.. they came and asked my permission

All widen their eyes..

Dado:oh.. so u guyz r stopping me to go inside right??

Mihir” yes..

Sanky: no
Nk: they meant.. ishu dhi didnt come here.. may be they all went outside..

Dadi: let me check…

Nk shouts: noooooooo

Suraj and arnav become alerted…

Kushi came outise…

Shagun becomes annoyed and moves back.. whereas suraj smiles at her expression..

Shagun: oh no.. dadi wont leave us.. she will be angry..

She pulls suraj and asks him to hide below the bed…and arnav inside the cyoborad..

Dadi enter:sweetue… why r u sweating this much beta..

Kushj: we were cleaning heavliy nah.. tats y…

Dadi: oh kk.. where s ishu..

Ishu widen her eyes.. : oh no.. dadi s here. Raman..

Raman: yeh dadi tho… she wont allow me even to breath…

Ishu:dadj.. i m inside bathroom..

Dadi: ok ok.. u guyz afte cleaning come to my room.. i have to talk with u guyz…

While moving… dadi stands over suraj’s fingers…

Suraj was about to scream… but shagun keeps kerchief inside surJ’s mouth…

Dadi: wat hap..

Shagin nothing dadi.. u go…

Dadi leaves… arnav and suraj came outside and with sad face heads to leavt the room.. while raman didnt leave…

Asr: dont worry buddy… i will help u to come outside..

He starts pushing the door

Raman: dont worry asr.. let t be.. i m not n mood to come outside..

Asr: aise kaise.. i wont leave u alone here..

He opemed te door.. asr smiles at raman.. whereas raman gave irritated look to asr…


Shaleen thinks to stop the mrg..

Anji writes one chit to shaleen asking him to meet her outside..

Whether their plan destroy all mrgs.. or else .. all of their mrgs compel shaleen anji to marry…

Just leave a comment guyz to let me know ur opinion…

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