Good mrng guyzzz…

Raman: this dadi s really so strong…

He starts massaging his own shoulder…

So as with other boyz

Asr: mr.shaleen… anji dhi asks u to call her.
Shaleen nods.. and went to balcony to call

Mihir: watever… our task s complete
. Right??

All gave high five amd shares a group hug

Nk: guyz … except me..

Asr:  nk… u should  have identified correctly… by the way.. anji dhi screams by seeing u.. wat u did??

Nk: i just said.. hi.. and she moves a side and said y r u taking advantage… just stay away from me.. i m really dangerous…

Asr gets shocked…

Suraj: actually my dhi s lil violent tats y…

Asr: but something s fishy.

Suraj: no issues asr.. see how they  r romancing now..

Asr: but

Suraj: no issues yaar seriously..


Shaleen: listen… i have hired a monk… he will tell tat we r not made for each other… tat too in tmr puja…

Anji: tats really grt.. i was also thinking f this idea only…

Shaleen: oh seriously.. dont tell me.. tat rather than bashing out .. u can think wisely

Anjj: oh mr.smart phone.. just stop ur non sense

Shaleen: oh hello.. y r u calling me smart phone..

Anji: y should i tell u

Shaleen: bcz u r calling me..

Anjji: i wont tell

Shaleen: i wont call monk..

Anjji: wat the hell…

Shaleen: y r u calling me smart phone..

Anji: when u came my home to see.. me… i mean.. me.. the anjali khanna… i know i m not tat much average girl.. and tat day i wore even saree.. everyone was praising me.. but u were busy in ur phone… ignoring ms.anjali.. tats y..

Shaleen laughs:seriously… oh my god… u wanted me to reject u… also u wanted me to admire u… oh god.. wat type f girl r u

Anji: if ur humour sense got over.. i m hanging up.. bye..

Shaleen: sure sure.. bye ms.chilly powder…

He hangs up.. while anji opens her mouth .. watt.. chilly powder… dam…

Raman; bcz f u only nk… we all r trapped here..

Nk: y me??

Raman: bcz f ur engegement… our wives compelled us for marriage..

All boyz look at nk in agry..

Nk: bhai log.. i m really sorry…

All laugh at once..

Raman:anyways.. i m enjoying this a lot..

Asr came

By then shaleen also came

Raman: where were u guyz??

Asr: just went here only.. wat hap

Raman: nothing lets sleep.. tmr s soem puja.. have to wake up early

Sanky: early??

Raman: atleast before 10 o clock

All laugh and says ofcourse…

All sleeps…

Girlz room

Ishu was blaberring in sleep… she used to talk in sleep whenever she misses her mom…

Shagun notices tat and went towards ishu

Shagun: ishu.. relax.. ishu ishu

Ishu: sweetie s not talking with me maa…

Shagun had tears .. she consoled ishu by keeping her hands over her forehead.. ishu rests hersellf over shaguns shoulder and sleeps peacefylly

Whereas shagun couldnt sleep bcz f guilt..

Shagun pov: wat have i done… i should not be tat much rude to ishu… she can handle anything but only with me… i m her weakness… i knew tat.. but why am not accepting tat… no… i cant let any misunderstnding come in between us…

She smiles seeing ishu…

And sleeps peacefully…

Next day morning…

All girlz woke up.. ishu gets happy finding herself near shagun..

Shagun: dont think wrongly.. there was lizard.. tats y came here to sleep…

Ishu: i dint think wrongly… iknew t…

By telling this ishu went..

Shagun: wat the… i thought .. she would have understood… but she and her ego…. now i wont go volunterily to talk to her…

Raman and asr sleeps.peacefully..

Something was disturbing them…

Asr: raman… its rainning..

Raman: yeah.. but .. how

Asr: i think i m dreaming

Raman: evem i think.. i came inside ur dream.. let me go nah

Asr: oh no.. its raining heavily..

Sanky mihir who was watching them laughs out loudly..

Before asr and raman could wake up due to their voice… a bucket of water was been poured over their face

Asr raman woke up in shock: wat the

Dadi: wat the… its 7 o clock.. and unr still sleeping.. go and bath immediately…

Daid went… still mihir sanky laughs..

Arman:abbey.. u could have saved us..

Sanky: but none could save us nah…

By then asr and raman noticez tat they to drenched in water..

They laugh at them…

All gets ready for puja..

Ishu shagun came there by wearing dark green traditional saree.. lucking stunning..

Dadi :wow meri beti.. looking so pretty…

Kushi payal came there wearing light pink saree… dadi says the same dialog..

And swara anji and pihu came there wearing orange saree

Nk: wow meri beti kitni sundar lag rahi hai( in dadi’s slang)

All laugh

Dadi: arrey oh english ki aulath.. chup…

Nk : oh come on dadi.. now i learned hindi … so pls.. change my name … i dont loke enlish ki aulath..

Dadi: though raman became useful responsible son.. i used to call him nalaayak… like wise u

All laugh at them while nk and raman makes pout face…

All sit in puja in jodi…

Dadi: aft this puja.. u guyz should not meet ur partners… till mrg

Raman: but u said that in yestrday itself… so ..

Dadi: i knew it… though i restrict u guyz.. u will surely meet.. so i told this yestrday… but tody i m serioys

Asr: wat dadi

Dadi:chup besharam

They start puja… all couples does the puja

In the end.. shaleen signals one man..

Asr notices that and smiles..

The man: its really a great thing 7 marriages going to happen… all things will be very good …

Shaleen signals him further.. but the man didny say a word… anji look at shaleen

Shaleen: guru ji.. u were abt to tell something else??

Dadi:wat he s abt to tell

Shaleen: outside.. he saw my hand.. and says something..

Dadi:wat was tat guruji

Man: its tat ki.. he s very lucky to have this girl in his life… their life will be very pure and strong..

Shaleen and anji gets shocked.. whereas the man signals asr and smiles…

Afr puja..

In a room..

Anji shaleen asr..

Asr:now will u guyz speak up… why dont u want to cancel thks

Anji shaleen look at each other..

Asr:mr.shaleen … is tere any problem… do u love someone else??

Shaleen: love my foot

Asr: dhi do u??

Anji: i want to asr…

Shaleen: wat

Anji: i want to do love mrg… but see nah

Asr”dhi… this reason s so kddish…

Shaleen: but mine s not kiddish.

Asr: wat was tat matured reason

Shaleen:i hate girlz.. and i wont get married in my life..

Asr claps: wow swamy.. this s amazing…

Anji laughs shaleen becomes angry.

Asr: i dont know anything… i just knew tat both familes r very much happy… and u two guyz look perfect … if u guyz dont want to do marriage.. go and tell ur parents directly… i wont let u do these stupid things..

Shaleen: so u only bribed tat man

Asr: i just said him to say truth…

Asr leaves them to take decision.

Epi emds here… i know its somewat short epi.. also no ishra arshi scenes… i will give a super scemes of them tmr.. till tat enjoy this guyz… expecting many coments from silent readers tooo.. if u feel its worthy.. leave a comment below to let me know guyz…

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  1. Sema episode…Loved it,..Asr planning,sema thinking yaar…Nice,
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  4. Very very sweet episode yrr… Armaan scene was lol…. Ishgun scene was so lovely & cute, desperately want them together leaving their ego…. Anjali-Shaleen shocked, hehehe….. ASR plan too good….. Over all episode was mashallah!!!!
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  11. Nice episode di..
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