Good mrng guyz… have a great day…

Recap: shagun taunts ishu … ramam bashed at shagun…

Raman goes to talk with shagun

Shagun: just go raman… i dont want to talk abt ishu anymore..

Raman hygs shagun

Ranan: i m really sorry shagu… instead f consoling u i started yelling at u..

Shagun being hurt hugs him back and cried a lil

Raman: just think.. its ur ishu… how can she live without talking to u

Shagun breaks the hug: raman.. pls i dont want to talk abt tis..

Ranan: ur wish… now pls.. smile… and for gods sake.. dont make this annoyed face… vaise bhi.. its very difficult to see ur normal face.. if u make this type pf expression… how shall we handle..

Shagun beats raman.. raman smiles…


Sanky: swara… i m really so tired…

Swara: wat should i do for tat

Sanky: dont u know…??

Swara nods no..

Sanku: to less my pain.. give me…

He points towards his cheeks..

Swara blushes…

Arshi room

Arnav was seen working on laptop..

Kkg: how boring s thjs arnavji…

She dressed up like an angel and stands before arnav so tat he notice her.. but since 1 hr he was working.. didnt even look at her…

Kkg: arnavji…

Asr: hmm

Kkg: when will u stop romancing ur laptop??

Asr; having some work…. u go and spend some time with all… u dont know much relatives nah.. dhi will take u to all

Kkg makes pout face…

Kkg: yeah yeah.. to meet all only i wore this dress…

Asr looks at her.. she was wearing a long white frock.. looking extremely gorgeous…

Slowly he closed his laptop…

Kkg angrily stands to go.. he pulls her from behind..

Asr: so … someone s looking special today??

Kkg: yeah.. was looking spl sonce 2 hrs.. but someone has no time to look at…

Asr: oh ho.. so u r angry at me

Kkg: ofcourse mr.arnav singh raizada… being angry s not only ur rights…

Asr raises his eyeborws…

Kkg pushes him: i m gng to meet all yr relatives… bye

Asr: arrey … they even dont know tat this s frock… they will tell u tat… “wat happ beta… u dont know how to wear saree… u have wore it wrongly”

By telling tis he starts laughing.. kkg beats him with pillows..

Asr holds her two hands.. and pins her to wall

Kkg: leave me

Asr: haaannhhaa… (he nods negatively)

Kkg: i want to go

Asr: u have the right to decide as when to come..but i will decide.. when u should leave…

By telling this he leans towards her..


Ishu: raman.. have u apologised to sweetie… what she said..??

Raman didnt reply.. he sat on bed

Isbu; did she yell at u…?? Oh no.
 Or else again u yelled at her..

Raman turns his face at opposite direction

Ishu: raman… i m talking with u only..

Raman: but not abt me…

Ishu: wat means…

Raman: u only care abt ur sweetie… why dont u two didnt get married…

Ishu laughs at him: oh ho.. my poor husband… jealous

Raman: ofcourse not.. u here worry abt ur sweetie…. i will go to pihu… aftr u feel free call me

By telling this he heads to go

Ishu pulls him and locks him at corner..

Ishu holds her ears like a lil kid

Ishu: i am sorry..

Raman smiles: this sorry wont work out until the word turn into action

Ishu: actually i m not so atractive in action.. so as of now… words r enough …

By telling this she runs…

Raman catches and twists her hands..

Ishu: raman… aaauuuucchhhh

Raman: actually i m expert in action.. tats y…

By telling this.. he moves towards her..


Shagun: actually nah.. suraj.. by seeing ur hard work… i m giving to plus 10 pts…

Suraj: really… tatts so sweet of shagun… so it means.. u dont want divorxe right??

Shagun: oh hello… u r having only 10 pts.. should really work hard ro get more 90 pts…

Suraj makes pout face

Shaun: so .. wats ur plan to impress me

Suraj: u knew me vert well.. i m not tat type of persons… over tat u r dnd this to me.. vry bad

Shagun: wat to do.. u love me.. and i really want to give positive reply.. but i m not feeling tat love .. so u have to work hard nah

Suraj: oh.. u really dont love me??

Shagun with lil hesitation: yeah ofcourse…

Suraj moves towards her.. shavun gets tensed…

Suraj: y r u tensed… as if u have said lie..

Shagun: no.. not at all…

Suraj came towards her.. she closes her eyes..

Suraj: tat holy day… u didnt ask me abt tat lipstick mark…

Shagun widen her eyes

Suraj smiles teasingly

Shagun : WWhaaaattttt… wwwhaat lipstick…

Suraj heads to tell.
Nk: wat yaar… i have given this much surprise gift.. and u r just hugging me ..

Pihu: nk … i m really excited for our marriage…

Nk: ok then.. aftr mrg.. where shall we go for honeymoon

Pihu: no meed for honeymoon


Pihu laughs at his expression: listen nah.. we sha go to some greeny hilly places with family… wil enjoy a lot…

Nk: yeah we shall go with family also… but

Pihu: no but vut… we wont go anywhere alone…. since from childhood… i have been alone… mom used yo go for work.. and i m all alone in hime.. i hate tat… i alwayz want to be in joint family… but ur family s vey smal… bua ji.. garima aunty… and i really dont want to miss them

Nk was touched by her words.. he hugs her…

Piu: wat yaar nk… i have said such a wonderful words.. and u r just hugging
(Same manner as nk said))

Nk: naughty.. naughty..
Shaleen came to anjia

Shaleen: listen… i know.. i was harsh… but u just think.. just becz these people r getting married.. we cant spoil our life right??

Anji: but

Shleen became very much angry

Shaleen: ok fine… marry me.. and jyst remeber… u r entrring hell urself…

Anji: ok fine… we shall plan to stop this cral

Shaleen smiles: tats good… lets plan carefully.. so tat this may not harm anyone…

Anji: yeah.. should not harm anyone..

Shaleen: i am also not a monster to think abt myself only.. understand??

Anji: if u r done with ur biodata.. shall we discuss …

Shaleen gave a anniyed look…

Payal ryns around mihir

Mihir: payal yaar.. wat happ

Payal: wow micky.. this village s soooo pretty… i m soooo hapoyyyyyyy..

She gave a tight kiss to him

Mihir: arrey wah… u r n very much happy mood today..

Payal: ofcourse mickey…

Mihir: accha come.. i will show u all our chidldhood things… we used to come here in every december.. til my parents were alive… we used to spend much masthiful time her…

Payal: really…

Mihir takes her to the store room.. where their childhod pics and their toys were there.. he took some of them and became silent..

Payal keeps her hands over his shoulder

Mihir:this was the last toy my papa gave me…

Payal: wow micky… y r u telling this in a sady tone… this toy will be thw first gift for our child… so tat papajis blessing will also be present for our child..

Mihir hugs her: u r really mis.universe.. alwayz change my mood with colourful water..

Payala: tats wat payal is…

Mihir breaks the hug: wat were u saying abt child??

Payal becomes shy…. and runs…
Dadi:arrey oh.. where r u allll

Kushi pushes arnav:dadi s calling us..

Asr: this dadi nah.. she alwayz dng this…

Kkg: bcz f her only we married

Asr: oh really?? U girlz r unbelievable… bcz f this dadi.. u may get married to mihir.. its me.. who married u.. and u r gvnf credit to dadi.. seriously?

Kkg smiles; shall we go..

Asr: yeah.. or else.. she will come here also….

Ishu also pushes raman

Ishu: dadi s calling ramna..

Raman: this dadi nah…

Ishu: raman.. u know nah.. i wont listen anything against dadi

Raman: no yaar.. im just telling… she needs great grand child from u… but she s not allowing..

Ishu: raman… kuch bhi bolthe ho…

Raman : i meant

Ishu: chup.. amd come…
Shagun: i asked wat lipstick

Suraj: let t be … kya faaydha… dadi s calling.. lets go

Shgau: let her call… u tell me..

Suraj: arrey. Shagu.. its ur dadi… how can u disrespct her..

Shagun gave angry look and went

All came down.. with very annoyed expression…
Dadi: wat r u dng all….

Raman(with annoyed expression): was playing hide and seek(chupun chuopay kel rahe the)

Asr: ( teasing smile) thum bhi (you too)

Ishu hits raman.. kushi hits asr…

Dadi: u guyz.. should not meet till mrg..

Asr raman mihir sanky nk: WHAAATTT

dadi smiles: besharam…. y r shouting like this… this s ritual.. if u guyz want to marry… u have to folwo this..

Asr: i dont want to marry

Raman: i also..

Kushi ishu gave a angry look..

Arman:waaattt… no means no

Ishu kushi: dadi.. u dont worry.. we wont meet…

Dadi: tats like my girlz… and shagu beta… u come and sleep with me

Shagun:dadi… noooo.. u have misundertood.. its swara who is pregnant..

All explains dadi..

Dadi look at swara and blessed her..

Swara: dadi.. i will sleep with ishu dhi and shagun dhi.. plssss…

Dadi: dont make this kiddy face to which i cant deny..

Swara hugs dadi…

Dadi: in northmost room.. all girlz wil sleep… and in ground floor all boyz… and in middle floor .. i and all parents will sleep.. so tat u guyz cant cheat..

All gave a angry look at dadi and went to their room

Precap: planning to meet their girlz

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