Good mrng guyz… a very big thank u for all who r supportin my ff… my efforts .. my story… thx a lot guyz…
. And priya.. for u i m posting this… and also guyz for all u .. this s a saturday spl epi
Dadi: shagun beta.. be careful for this first three months…

Shagun stands suddenly in shock

All widen their eyes and coughs…

Shagun: dadi… u r mistaken..

Dadi: haan haan.. i understand everything.. u dont want this laddu right.. leave it..

Raman in low voice: shagun… u were too fast yaar.. havent told anything

Ishu laughs..

Shagun stares at him angrily

Ishu continuez: tat tooo before proposing…

She laughs out loudly..


Ishu: shagun havent yet proposed suraj…

Raman: vah shagun… u r tooo amazing yaar…

Shagun beats raman…

Dadi: arey oh naalayak.. i want to feed this spl laddu to ishu.. when should i feed??

Raman: dadi.. feed it nah.. who restricted u

All laugh at raman

Dadi:u will becomw naalayak till end..

Raman: why??

Ishu presses his hands: raman.. she s asking when i will get her great grand children..

Raman smiles and says in low voice to ishi: i m ready.. but not sure abt ur  grand daughter

Ishu pinches him

Dadi: ok now all go and take rest.. i will meet suraj’s nk’s and pihu’s relatives . Will arrange for them…

Shagun: anyone tell dadi nah.. its swara who s pregnant..

Ishi: relax sweetie… all r present nah.. tats y.. wil tell dadi once she s alone..

Shagun: thum tho rehne do… thab saath de na tha .. thab nahi diya.. ab dene ke koi zaroorath nahi
(When needed u didnt support.. now no meed to support me)

Ishu’s smile vanished.. as she totally forgot abt tat fight and starts enjoying… this dialog hurts her.. se runs to her room crying…

Raman: ab bas bhi karo thum shagun…(now just stop ot shagu )

Shagu : ask her to stop it… dont shout at me

Raman: yeah its her mistake .. to run before u for apology..

Shagun: who is asking her to run ..
 Just leave me alone… i m with u all just bcz of swara… and sanky… when she becomes selfish.. cant i become selfish…

Raman: shagun.. u r crossing ur limits… now just stop ur crap.. or else.. i dont know wat will i do… aftr which we two cant even look at each other….

Asr:raman.. calm down..

Raman: cant u see.. how she s talking..

Shagun: yeah fault s mine only.. i should never came with u guyz …. aftr knowing ur true colours..

Asr: dhi pls….. its all bcz f me… cant u forgive me…

Shagun: who am i to forgive u….

Suraj holds shagun: shagun.. pls… calm down.. it was situation which went wrong… dont bash ur frndz…. i cant beat tat guilt .. tat bcz f me u guyz r fighting…

By telling this siraj leaves to his room

Shagun runs crying behind him

Raman goes angrily…

Asr: wat to do.. how to bring them back

Swara from behind:lets lock them in one room… i have seen such scenes in ekta kapoors serials…  its really worth

Asr: swara.. have u heard all those??

Mihir:yeah.. bhai.. she knew it already.. she s onky planning many things to unite them… but if shagub dhi came to know tat.. she will leave this place too…
Swara enters surgun room

Shagun:swara thum… take rest nah.. u will be so tired…

Swara: is tat ladoo really awful??

Shagun laughs: yeah…

Swara: pls dont tell dadi tat i m pregnant…

Shagu  smiles: hows tat posible..

Suraj: yeah…

Swara: let tat fake news to be true. Then there will be no need to lie (she winks) and runs frm there

Shagun:what she meant

Suraj: she s asking u to get pregnant.. so tat news wil become true…

Shagun stares at him

Suraj: vaise.. idea is not tat much bad..

He winks… shagun throws a angry look
Ishra room

Ishu : raman… how can u bash at shagun like tat

Raman: she s not in her senses.. hiw can she talk rudely to u

Ishu: relax raman.. just think from her side… she s n same position where u were before 2 yrs… she s thinking tat she had been cheated.. by me…

Raman turned pale

Ishu: when she came back from US.. i shared everything with her… u know what.. sweetie who can never tolerate my tears… who kills those who made me cry.. just said tat raman cant do tat..Surely there s some misunderstanding… she was supporting u.. and u just bashed at her…

Raman : oh damn… wat have i done ishu… she must be hurt… oh no.. i should talk to her..

Ishu: then y r u wasting ur time here…

Raman runs.. ishu: and raman .. listen.. i promise… shagun will be back to her senses..before our mrg… till tat.. u all guyz just stay out of it.. no one will come in betwne us..

Raman nods.. and went to talk to shagun…
Anji starts enjoying the view of the nature..

Shaleen: hello.mis.chilly powder… i think.. u have fallen for me.. so only enjoying here without planning anything..

Anji: wat r u thinking f urself… i have already asked u to reject me.. but u and ur smart mind… just useless..  now bcz f us.. mrg f all will get spoiled…

Shalee : oh hello.. i dont care…

Anji: u just get out from my sight… or else.. i dont know wat will i do..

A lady passing by witnessed their fight…. (she was a fortune teller)

Shaleen: oh listen.. just stop ur emotional dialog.. if u cant plan anything to stop this mrg.. i can handle by myself..

Lady: beta.. why r u guyz r fighting…

Anji with fake smile: no no aunty ji…

Lady touches anjis face: beta.. u r very special childd….

Anji looks at her in confusion

Lady: till now u never faced any trouble… u have lived ur life according to ur wish… in future also  u wont face any trouble.. only 1 peecent people have this fate..

Anji couldnt react.. shalleen gets irritated and went…

Anji: thnx auntyji.. u need any money

Lady: i wont tell this for money… . I have a smal advice for u…. in this period one decision will be made against ur wish… trust me.. u r going to have a very paceful and happy life bcz f tat…

Tat lady left .. anji left in thoughts..

Nk came to pihu…

Pihu: nk… i was scared.. cant u come silently

Nk: baby.. cats only wil come silently.. lions come with terrific sound…

Pihu laughs..

Nk forwards some parcel to her

Pihu: wats this??

Nk: its ur gift.. for being in my life..

Pihu blushes

Nk: open it nah

Pihu opens tat and gets surprised by seeing tar diamond set which she liked in jwellery shop

Pihu: u bought it.?? For me??

Nk: ofcourse…

Pihu hugs him.
Kushi: was i soo heavy… ??

Asr: no dear… i would love to lift u foevr..

Kushi:really.. mr.lord governor…

Asr: any doubt.. mrs.kkgsr

Kushi smiles… and hugs him..

Raman comes to shagun to talk to her…

Guyz… i just need time for the enxt epi.. haha. So ending this epi here.. soo sorry… if its boring…


All boyz in room starts romancing their girlz..

Dadi shouts: arrey oh.. where r u all

All came down

Dadi: till marriage … u guyz should not even meet

Screen freezes with shocked expression of all boyz…

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  1. Veronica

    Awesome dude….wow double dhamaka a day.Loved it truly……Update soon.Happy to c ur update 🙂

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar vero

  2. Dear ur ff episodes r never boring…. Nice surprise…… Hats off to ur writing skills……
    Lovely dear…
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Take care…
    God bless you….
    Always b happy & safe…
    Stay blessed, happy, healthy & peaceful…
    Love you dear…

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar paro

      1. As usual rockinggg akka nd jst cl me Sharu.Wt s nalayak??

    2. Arshi

      Thnx yaar sharu.. naalayak means useless.. dadi used to call raman as useless from childhood

  3. Superb episode ishu n shagun bonding was nice… I hope they clear their misunderstanding b4 mrg….

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar jo

  4. A really really really wonderful epi di. I had so much fun reading tis. Jst loved tis epi. U nailed it di. Tis epi was jst awesomeeeeeeeeee. Loved all the scenes. Each and every scene was so beautiful. Lovely di.

    1. Arshi

      Thnx a lot yashu dear

  5. Nivika

    awesome arshi…….no words left for you yaar…i m getting bored my using same words to describe you…..i should find something new to cmnt for your ff……..

    1. Arshi

      Oh wowow.. thnx yaar.. snehal for this support

  6. Thank u sooooooooomuch arshi for dedicating this for me….this made my day. Nd its so sad ki i cant follow ur ff until 2 yrs. But after i will read all at a time once. Nd thanks once again for this episode.?????????? luv u nd ur ff. I will miss it soooo much.

    1. Arshi

      Oh nooo i will surely miss ur comments… aftr two yrs also.. when u read .. just give a comment… who knows.. i may be able to see tat…


      Here u can see all my epis…

      1. Also thanks for the link. Miss u all guys especially ur ff arshi

  7. Arshi di!!
    What a great surprise!!
    Now I have to wait for only one day only Sunday.. Again u will post form Monday….
    But there is no Arshi scene today!! Only a lil scene of Arnav Khushi…
    Di,,, the precape looks soooo much interesting.. I am so much exited for upcoming episodes as the episode will show the scenes before their marriage… Romance scenes before marriage will be AWESOME di..
    I am too much exited ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar kushi dear… keep on giving cute comments like ths.. and i will surely try to give sooany scemes before mrg

  8. Reshma Pradeep


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  9. Geeth

    Awesome episode Arshi.. Couples shud not meet before marriage…. :-)):-)) now they are going to romance by hiding from others 😉 😉 pls unite ishu and shagun soon O:) den congratulations for 130 th episode =D> =D> =D> waiting for next episode… And thanks for Priya because of her we got update today

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar geeth… will sirely unite ishgun soon…

  10. Hawwww arshi…wen u said priya I thought it was me and got delighted but then it was other priya …?……
    Today’s episode was great?

    1. Arshi

      Ohhhnnnoooo but its for u al also nah… she was gng to hostel .. tatsy… monday Epi will be for this priya.. ok?

  11. Woww dont use that word bore arshi…its really amazing…feeling very spl today as you posted it on satdy…i really enjoyed reading this epi…very cute relations and excellent pairs..u proved these are enough for wonderful ff…keep it up yar…

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar anjali.. keep on supporting withese cute comments dear

  12. Tq arshi

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  13. Super superb…Thank you for ur Saturday special….Waiting for Monday,to read ur ff?

    1. Arshi

      Thnx uaar kv

  14. Fanficoholic

    Wowwwwww nice epi di. And the precap was awesome. They shd nt see their wives till mrg????? Lovelyyyyyy. And felt a bit sad at ishgun fight. Hope they patch up soon.

    1. Arshi

      They will patch up soon yaar.. thnx for your comment

  15. Akshaya.123

    Dhi extradionary episode. Loved it a lot. Waiting for the next episode.

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar akshaya

  16. Oh u have uploaded it yesterday itself
    Episode was too good
    omg now raman and too fought hope soon they wiĺ patch up

    1. Arshi

      Yup.. they will parch up soon.. aftrall they r all frdz nah…

  17. Its awesome….Arshi…day by day its getting more realistic and interesting its a good mixture of romantic comedic and senti……i’m one of the regualer reader of your awesome creation…
    Anyways all the best…keep continue this….

    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar sagaa for these wonderful words

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