Good morning guyz… i want all the readers whoever reads my ff to give your comments.. which will be encouraging me… here i am with epi 13

In morning… payal wakes up kushi
Payal: are you mad kushi? Do you know what you have done… ?
Kushi in sleepy voice: what jiji.. why are you shouting…its Sunday let me sleep
Payal: why did u drink last night in party… do you remember anything?
Kushi: what? Drink….
Kushi wakes up in shock
Payal: now drink this lemon juice and tell me whatever happened last night…
Kushi: jij.. after i had a juice offred by rahul… i didnt remember anything jiji.. my head is paining..
Payal: what if someother trapped you… thank god that my boss got you safely … you are fool kushi.. don’t you even know the difference between alcohol and juice..
Kushi: thats normal.. but not to know difference between coffee powder and masala is…
Payal kushi stares in anger.. at once they laugh and hug..
Payal: so you are a part of arnav’s team
Kushi: you know him..
Payal:he is the owner of my company
Kushi: so.. did he brought me?
Payal: i brought you form his house..
Kushi: house?.. oh no… i was with that monster.. jiji he is the one.. i told about…. oh no.. what if i did anything?.. no jiji.. i should go..
Payal: kushi wait….. kushi… you don’t know his house… i will message you..
Kushi: thank you jiji

ASR home
Kushi came inside…
Ishu: hai… whats up… you are here this time…
Arnav: you wont leave any chance to surprise me right?
Kushi: excuse me..
Arnav: why are you here .. that too early morning..
Ishu: i will prepare something for you… come and sit… bittu.. talk to her nicely
Ishu went inside..
Kushi: yesterday…
Arnav: oh pls.. don’t make me remember the worst day of my life..
Kushi: did i trouble you?
Arnav: trouble is such a small word compared to that..you know what you have done?
Kushi: what?
Arnav: you made my car a club… tortured me … was running throught the place.. atlast i cought you … 2 hours we were travelling in car.. you have directed me to wrong place… atlast i brought you to my home…
Kushi: oh dm..
Arnav: this is nothing…. the main think is your mouth.. oh crap.. don’t you get tired of speaking.. my ears are paining still…
Kushi in tears : i never troubled anyone… i m sorry i didn’t do that intentionally… also thank you that you protected me… who knows if you were not there.. i may have landed in aother problem…
Arnav: ooops.. don’t cry.. i didn’t mean that…
Kushi cried louder… anav gave his kerchief .. she made it more dirty and returned back… arnav hesitates to take it back..
Arnav: see i was kidding.. stop crying.. i cant handle this..
By then ishu came… ishu: what is this bittu… you made her cry.. why?
Kushi: he is telling that i did all with intentions… how would i do this ? he is blaming me..
Arnav in fire eyes: what the..
Ishu: stop it arnav.. i will take kushi to my room..
While kushi was eating… ishu has gone to take water.. by then arnav came and locks the door…
Arnav: did i say anything to you.. you are really ..
Kushi: stop.. whatever u did yesterday.. i m thankfull.. but u don’t prefer me to thank you.. also i had troubled you a lot.. so you wont leave this chance of scolding me… so only.. but now leave.. or else i will shout…
Arnav: you are really stupid… i should not have helped you.. don’t ever show your face again.. there is no difference in your behaviour… when compared to drunken state
Arnav leaves…

Kushi: what???

Contractor’s guest house
Arnav raman mihir contractor reaches
Contractor: where is our manager and new voice?
Arnav: her frind came.. so she couldn’t come today..and that savithri.. may be she wont come today..
Contractor: ok guyz.. its been long time.. so first you guyz practice.. we shall start from tomorrow..
Mihir takes his position .. he is a drummer
Arnav raman guitarist..
Thay started music… three of them recalled their practice in past…

In college
Arnav starts singing.. accompanied by raman
Arnav: yaaaron aaisa hai apna yaarana
Raman: Saath mein jeena hai
Saath hai mar jaana

Mihir: Aaye andheron ki duniya se hum ujaalon mein
Arnav mihir raman:
Humne banayi apni jannat
Apne khayalon se
En friend da pola yaaru machan… song

Fb ends… all were upset…
Raman: i have important meeting…. i will come within an hour
Arnav: i am also going…
Contractor: what is this?
Mihir: sir let them go… we are practising after long time… we need time… and you don’t worry.. all will be sorted out.. trust me
Contractor: ok guyz.. i understand…. take your time
All leaves

In asr mansion
Kushi hears ishu’s voice.. ishu was talking with her friend
A girl with black jacket and white jeans.. extremely modern look… shagun.. cousin of arnav and ishu.. close friend of ishu
shagun: hi ishu jaanu.. couldn’t contact you guyz.. you know i had to fulfil my dad’s last wish…and you know what i had done it i had opened our business in US too.. that too without big d’s support… and our Raizada groups became famous there too…
Ishu(forgot about kushi): thats great sweetie… i am really proud of you
Shagun : you should be ishu.. bcz sweetie has done this great job.. but wait a second.. i was angry on you.. i couldn’t call you.. i was busy.. but i kept on messaging you… but madam became more busy than me right?
Ishu: no idint receive any msgs from you
Shagun: don’t lie.. one day i tried calling you but it was not reachable…
Ishu: why should i lie.. oh yeah.. i have changed my number…
Shagun: what? How? That was your favourite number.. inspite of changing number of phones you didn’t change that number.. it was our birthdays nah?what hap ishu?.. u look so different and… arnav also…tell me ..
Ishu cries and hugs shagun… : you were not here when i needed you… and i didn’t contact you after that also.. thought of not troubling you as you were already upset of ur dad’s death..
Shagun: stop crying.. i can tolerate everything.. but not your tears… ishu pls.. tell me…
Kushi behind listens
Ishu: … its changed…but is of no use to talk…i don’t want to tell
Shagun: i gonna slap you.. stop your drama and tell me
Ishu: our colourful college days

Flashback starts….

San fransisco university…..

All girls and boys shouts seeing basketball match
Girl: wow exciting match between ASR and RKB… who will win….
Boy: they had a bet also.. whoever wins will ask the another to do anything
Girl: thats soo coolll….
Match begins..

for sure you all will like this flashback episodes … leave comments to let me know how curious you are to know ishra’s past…..

Credit to: arshi

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