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Recap: all have decided to marry in their native village… in a traditional way…

Note: they r gujrathi family.. all except swara.. she  s bengali… and pihu she s marathi…so all the func will be held according to gujrathi customs…

Arman: these girlz..r unbelievable.. how much time do they need to get ready..

Ishu kushi: dont praise us too much.. we r here.. u just call ur best buddies.. sanky and mihir.. who d not willing to come without leaving their wives pallu

Kushi ishu laughs and gave high five..

Sanky mihir (holding their wives baggage): this s not fair dhi.. instead f helping us.. u r making fun of us….

Arman: wats this… we r not gng there forever sanky

Sanky was carrying 5 to 6 bags…

Sanky: this was my precaution.. dont know how swara’s mood will swing.. if she dosnt like any dresses.. she wont think once to send me here.

 All laugh ad swara gave a tight punch to him

Sanky: i was kidding baby…

All get ready… and takes a jeap…

Pihu nk shaleen anji follows them by another car.. and followed by a big van for all their parents..

Suraj drives the jeap..

Ishu: its really boring.. switch off the music…

Shagun: yeah..

Raman: r u guyz are r gng to sing.. pls nooo…

Shagun: oh hello…. bcz of our voice only kuber uncle gave us contract…

Asr laughs: oh pls dhi… its us who pleaded him to accept u as a member..

Ishu shagun starts beating asr…

Swara: hey hey.. stop.. lets play truth and dare… last time i couldnt play much

All agreed and starts playing….

Suraj: i will start and stop the music …

They start passing kerchief

Music stops near kushi…

All claps…

Kkg: firsr i will keep some conditions… bcz u guyz r really dangerous..

All laugh

Kkg: i wont dance with arnavji.. hmm.. then….. i wont propose….. hmm then

Payal: tats it.. u had only 2 options…

Ishu: yeah… now tell truth or dare..

Kkg: truth….

Shagun: ok then.. u have to tell us ur fulll love story.. without leaving any matter

Asr claps…

Kkg stares at him angrily: dhi.. y r u all trapping me alwayx..

Ishu: bcz… when asr married u.. i thought it was by compulsion… but aftr tat i came to know tat u two r in love… tat too without my knowledfe.. now i have to know everything

Kkg makes pout face…

Asr: ok then.. i will tell u all… if she tells.. i m sure tat she wont tell fully

Kkg: accha… if u tell any lie… i wont leave u…

Shagun: relax relax.. first asr will tell from his side.. and then u tell

Asr starts: at beginning when i met her… i fall for… actually the fact s.. she insulted raman… tat atracted me..

Raman: oh tat was ur first meeting…

Asr:yeah… someone stood against me for the first time… i liked her there itself… but i was more angry tat i couldnt realise…

Kkg smiles a lilttle

Kkg: tat day.. my interview was spoiled by these two

Payal: arrey haan.. these two were tat akdoo and kadoos…

Kkg nods… raman:behna… bhai ko kya naam diya thumne.. akdoo ya kadoos…

Kkg: aap akdooo…

Raman: wow asr.. kadoos suits u well…

He laughs…


Asr: tats it.. i fall for her nah.. tats my love..

All shouts..

Asr: this s one day episide… wil tell the remainning aftrwards….

Ishu: accha kushi u tell

Kkg: actually i dont know when i fa for him… when he changed  from kadoos to…..

All: tooooooo

Kkg smiles: to arnavji…

All: oh hooooo

Kkg: tats it.. suraj bhai.. pls.. switch on the music…

All shouts.. but kushi pleaded to let her go… then the music stops near shagun

Suraj: i will ask…

Raman: wowowow…. shagyn.. truth or dare…

Shagun thinks a lil: truth

Suraj: hmm well… ok then…. r u in love???

Shagun: love??

All: yeahhhh love… L O V E Love..

Shagun closes her ears:hm vo…

Suraj: yes or no…

Shagun: nnnoooo

Ishu: hey.. tis s cheating… u have to be honest…

Shagun: i havent said no.. i mean yes.. i m in love..

Shagun blushed a lil

All clapped… and shouted…

Suraj smiles… and looked at shagun through mirrror.. she also stares at him

Suraj: who is it??

Shagun: u

All starts shouting

Shagun: shhhhh.. let me finish my sentence…. u can ask only one question at a time..

Ishu bends : y… u havent yet proposed him

Shagun: no… will torture him a lot aftr tat i wil propose him

Ishu:arrey vaah…

While playing shagun totally forgot abt their fight.. she mingled well with ishu.. ishu also forgot abt the fight…

Music again starts and stops near raman…

Raman: daring

Asr: ok then.. give me some time to think well …

Raman:abbey.. yaar… pls … dont do anything like before… to slap ishu or something…

Asr : ok then… stoo the car… here.. whoever comes.. u have to just insult him by his looks and atlast hug tat person and should give a kiss also

Raman: marvaayaga kya…

Ishu:wats tis.. if any girl came ??

Asr: he should back off.. and should accept the punishment…

All laughs and claps…

Raman: my turn wil come.. and i will see u there…

A hot and cute girl came from opposite direction..

Raman:waah beta raman… u r really lucky


Raman: vo ishu…

Ishu turns angrily…

Asr smiles: my mission is completed…

Raman beats him…

Before tat girl proceed… a old man came…

Raman went near tat man

Raman: sorry chachaji..

He looks at jeap.. all starts encouraging…

Raman turns: how come ur face s like this…


Ramman: i think … aftr creating manking… god created u with the leftover things…

Man became angry: u idiot

Raman: omg.. pls… dont throw ur most ugliest voice… i dont have patience…

Man was abt to beat raman..

At once raman… hugs him and says: sorrey chachaji.. my wife s not mentally stable.. to make her laugh i did this…

He kissed him in cheeks.. and runs from there…

Tat old man s not satisfies with his reply.. he took sime stones and throws over him.. raman runs and jumos over jeap .. and they went suddenly by shouting. Sorrrrryyy chachajiiiiii

Before they could further play… they reach village…


Balvanth: arrey puthr…

Ishu: i have seen him… but couldnt remember…

Shagun: yeh… i think.. he balwant kaka…

Ishu shagun: balwant kakaka….

Balu: puthr… u remember me..(he had lil tears.. as he s brother of ramu kaka who s working as a servant)

Balu: who s shagun baby.. who is ishu baby

Ishu says im ishu and she s shagun

Raman:kaka… u r here.. to recieve us

Balu nods

Raman:but there s no house nearby…

Balu: jeap car van.. cant enter here… it will be difficult.. so u all have to come by feet

All: wwwwhhhaaaat…. how much km

Balu: just 50 kms…


without having any option.. they started walking.. balwant along with his frnds.. carried their luckage…

Jeap car and van got parked nearby area…

Anji pihu: oh noooo…

Anji:arnav… ur village s soo backward…


Pihu: rocky yaar.. i couldnt walk

Raman: we have just started and u started ur acting…

All stare at swara

Shagun:can u walk swara??

Swara: no prob dhi.. if i couldnt… there s sanky nah.. he will lift me…

All laugh at sanky while sanky widen his eyes…

Al became very tierd…

Sanky lifts swara…

Ishu shagun payal kushi stare at their husbamds..

All: nooooooooo

Atlast the also carry their wives…

Pihu and anji were left..

While nk offers to lift pihu..

Pihu: u r also lookung tired… no need…

Boyz: learn something from her…

Ishu: raman.. its ur punishment to look at tat cute hot girl…

Kkg: arnavji.. am i heavy

Asr:ofcourse not

Shagun: and wat abt u suraj

Suraj: anything for u shagu

Paya: i dont want to ask anything.. as i know my micky can bear anything other than my pain…

Muhur smiles…

Aftr some time.. they reach their home..

Raman: kaka.. u said 50kms..

Balu:yeah.. if i said 10 kms.. also u guyz will react the same way… but now u will be happy nah.. as u have reached before time

All became very happy…

Dadi (rajs mom)came and does arti of all

Afte arti

Dadi cares for shagun lot..

Ishu:yeh dadi ko kya hua… shagun ko ek minute ke liye bhi chod nahi rahi hai

Dadi: shaun.. sit here beta… aaahhh.. carefull

Dadi gave some laddu to shagun

Ishu:dadi.. this s nt fair.. we also want it..

Dadi: i also wish to give u all…

As soon as shagun ate tat laddu.. she cries…

Ishi:wat hap sweetie..

Shagu :haaa haaaa… water.. water…

Dadi laughs: its spl laddu.. will be like tat only.. dont drink water…

All looked on confusion

Dadi: i was very happy.. when raj told me tat he s gng to become big dada.. and i m great granny..

All widen their eyes.. and shaguns stands in shock…


Dadi: arrey oh nalaayak…. i want to give this spl laddu to ishu also… when will it happen

Raman:give nah.. who restricts u

Dadi:u wil remain nalaayak only…

All laugh.. raman makes pout face

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  1. Super super???….Jus I imagined their walk of 10 Km??…Its was very funny?.,And Ishu shagun’s conversation superb yaar??…! Make them united soon?

    1. Arshi

      Haha thnx a lot yaar.. they will be united soon…. dont miss the future mrg track epi

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    wah!kya episode hai arshi dhi just awesome liked Raman and chachaji’s scene and of course our game truth or dare ????
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    1. Arshi

      Thnx yaar zaira…thns for such cute words

  3. Precap ishra scene is superb yaar arshi… well done. But a small request ki… will u post the next one soon as I m going to hostel tomorrow afternoon…. so by today or tomorrow mrng will u upload the next one a longer one plz…..I don’t want to miss it.

    1. Arshi

      Oh nooooo priya… its saturday… i will upload it on monday only.. sooo sorry to disappoint u

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      Wow.. i dint think tat.. old man to be a relative..but its a nice idea.. will surely use it… thnx yaar

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    1. Nivika

      i think you should write some novel….by mistake forgot to write word”write”…don’t be confuse ha

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        Having some conenction yr… so.. tough some words mised in coment i would read wat u r trying to tell… haha… aftr this comment only i noticed tat.. u didnt wite the wor WRITE…ahahaha… i readit crtly only…?

    2. Arshi

      Wow yaar.thnx a lot for such long cute comment… and yeah will surely try to give long masthiful mrg epi..

  7. Narendran

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      3. arshi akka u r awesome actually I’m a silent reader commenting fr d first tym I luv reading ur ff infact I’m an addict for ur epi luv u akkaaaa.keep going and wt s nalayak

      4. arshi akka u r awesome actually I’m a silent reader commenting fr d first tym I luv reading ur ff infact I’m an addict for ur ff luv u akkaaaa.keep going and wt s nalayak??

      5. Arshi

        thank u soo much sharu mathi.. so happy to read ur comment for the firat time….keep on commenting dear..

    3. Arshi

      oh… yeah i remeber… tat i have commented to some epis…. now i gonna search tat.. haha… will surely read ur ff yaar.. thx for commenting

  8. Awesome yrr!!!! Truth & dare game was as usual fabulous… OMG dadi think Shagun is pregnant lol…. That ladoo is known as ‘gonde ka ladoo’ in Gujarat, which is given to pregnant ladies…. I can imagine Shugun’s reaction…. Raman & chachaji scene was lol…. Totally mind blowing, awesome, lovely, sweet, ……………………………., etc etc etc… U r amazing yrr as I always say…
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    God bless you….
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    1. Arshi

      haha.. is tat so .. (ladoo).. i dont know.. i have seen tat ladoo scene in chori chori chupke chupke film….. so only added tat…. thnx yaar paru for such lovely words…

      1. U r welcome dear…. & yeah it is called ‘goond ka ladoo’… & that’s bit spicy & bitter… 😛 😉

  9. Arshifan

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    1. Arshi

      thank u sooooo much anjali.. for such cute comment… i too have no such frnds… but yaeh.. havung s=cousins like this…. we hang together only during functions.. not for soo long period…. when i write any scenes relating to diller rockz.. i too had a jealous fealing.. haha lol

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        Super Arshi

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