Good mrng guyz.. thnk u soo much for all ur support…
Recap: all boys planned to convince their girlz… but goes in vain.. except asr… but he also joins them to plan next… anjali gave them a nice idea…
They all leave to execute the plan..
 Suddenly shaleen enters the room… pihu frndz and anjali frndz start teasing anji…

Anjali was busy in staring angrily at shaleen…
Shaleen: if u guyz r done with ur so called ragging… can u leave…

They all left ..

Shaleen: mis.pihu.. y dont u go to balcony to get fresh air…

Pihu smiles: sure … i ll be back.. till u guyz have a talk…

Anji: if u r thinking tat.. u can flirt with me like a normal couple.. u r highly mistaken… u dont know me..

Shaleen: oh my god.. oh mis.chilly powder.. calm down… i m here to tell something imp

Anji: but i m n no mood to hear ur non sense…

Shaleen smiles at her angry statement…

Shaleen: listen.. i m also not intrsd in this mrg…

Anji widen her eyes..

Shaleen continues: i thought f talking with u earlier.. but didnt have any opportunity.. was very much busy…

Anji holds his collar: i asked u to cancek this .. by the very first day.. r u mad??

Shaleen: relax… if we did tat… wats the use… they willfind another … since 1 month i have been troubling by my family… so if this mrg gets cancelled aftr engagemnt… they will feel sad for us.. and will surelt give us some time…..

Anji: oh mr.smart phone… i m not gng to spoil our reputation.. got it

Shaleen: think well… twice a week u woul have been asked to stand like a show piece.. if i canceled this by tat day itself…

Anji thought for a sec..and nods positively…

Shaleen: lets do this engagemnt.. aftr tat we shall plan something to spoil rhe mrg…

Anji gets happy and pulls his cheeks

Anji: wow.. thnk u sooo much…

Shaleen: oh mis.chilly powder… stay away frm me.. i dont like thjs type of..

Anji: ok. Mr. Smart phone…

While gng he hits in door…

Anji: oh no… careful..

She rubs his head…

Shaleen stares at her lovingly: wow she s really sooo beautiful

Anji: oh hello.. where r u lost?? Go before anyone sees us..

Shaleen to himself: all dangerous things will be beautiful only… girlz r always dangerous…

He went …
Mihir: bhai… i have asked one waiter to off the light at crt time… so tat we all go to our respective partners… and make them wear these rings…

Suraj: neither we get disappointd nor they..

They all did high five..

Asr moves to kushi

Kushi: wat??

Asr: i m starring at my wife.. wats ur prob??

Kkg: wat.. am i ur wife??

Asr holds her: do u have any doubt?? Should i confirm this??

Kushi widen her eyes: arnavji.. all r watching us..

Asr: let them…

Kkg: yeah.. u can do these things in front of all… but cant get engaged to ur own wife…

Asr smiles at her

Kkg: dont smile… all r ready… except u…

Asr: who said i m not ready

Kkg: really??

Asr: ofcourse..

She hugs him happily

Asr: now also all are watchinh us..

She gets shy and moves a side…
Panditji: its auspicious time… get the groom and bride…

Pihu and nk came from opp sode.. having eye talks…

Anji shaleen came from other side having happy expression

As they both r against this mrg…

Mihir signs someone.. suddenly lights get off..

Mihir: comeon bhai

Asr: idiot… we havent noticed where r they…

Sanky: they all are standing at tat crner only.. lets do it fast ..

They all went…

They holds their hand… and whispers: its just for ur wish we r dng this engagemnt…

Before they could make them wear ring.. lights get on…
Arman micky suraj: aaaawwwwwww

All gets shocked… by their sudden scream…

They alll get their hands back..

Arnav was standing with payal

Sanky with ishu

Raman with swara

Suraj with kushi

Mihir with shagun

All: wat hap

Arman: hands got swapped

Mihir sanky: plan got swapped

Suraj: bride got swapped

All: wwwhaat

Anji: nothing nothing… there may be some rats or soemthing

Arnav raman: wwwaat…. raaaatttttt……

Kushi ishu laughs out loudly…
Panditji: let them get engaged..
Isu comes to raman

Raman: vo ishu

Ishu: i know.. u guyz have planned to get engaged secretly… we r not ur illegal wives… to get embarsed…

Raman: vo.. i m sorry

Ishu: no.. i wont forgive u raman…my raman wont do anything secretly… he has the guts to show everyone… but u…

Raman: oh drama queen … donr start ur lecture…

Asr: yeah dhi

Mihir: dhi s  right… cant we do this for them… shame on u guyz… u have all trapped me also…

All stare at mihir angrily…

Mihir tunrs: payal .. i m not like them…

Payal stres at him angrily…

Before anyone could say further..

Arnav raman moves to pandit ji

Arman: there r 5 more jodies gettig engaged together..

Paditji got shocked

Ishu kushi smiles..

Panditji: i will get extra payment..

Asr gives him a check… panditji became happy… asr raman turns and smiles at them…

All jodies stand ..

Panditji starts his ritual… and asked them to do it..

Nk: mein thumhare har katham pe saath dhoongi (i will suport u in every step)

Pihu : wow nk.. u have inproved in hindi… but its dhoonga.. not dhoongi…

She laughs

Nk: i knew it… but if i have said it correctly… i couldnt be able to see this precious smile…

Pihu gets shy

Pihu makes him wear ring: i wont leave u ever… .
Shaleen: i will try hard to break this mrg.. (he makes wear the ring)

Anji: i will not leave any opportunity to break this mrg(she also makes him wear the ring)

Asr: i will even sell this world only to see a small smile in ur lips..
(He makes wear te ring)

Kkg: i will be with u even aftr death (she makes hin wear the ring)

Mihir: i will be ur lover husband brother father all ur support.. till end..

Payal: and i will enjoy ur suport tilm end..

She laughs.. he smiles…
Raman: i will trust u more than myself… will not do tat sin again… i m really sorry ishu… for leaving u… for hurting u…. for hurting myself…

Ishu: wr will make new memories… to fil up those blank days… together…
Sanky: happy engagemnt mommy

Swara: happy enaggemnt papa…

They smile..

Swara: thank u sooo much sanky… this made my life..

Sanky: thank u… for being there in my life to make it more colourful… they share a small hug…

Shagun: ok.. i will try to think abt ur proposal

Suraj: thank u soo much… but till tat i will love like a mad…

Shagun smiles happily… she was very much satisfied with her life… she wants to share this with ishu…

Suraj: y r u punishing u and also ishu

Shagun:nothibg like tat

Sruaj:i know . Now u were thinking abt her only nah

Shagu denies..

All clap for 7 jodies.
Aftr function al settled to have a talk…

All girlz: thank u sooo much

All boyz: its our pleasure…

Asr: anjali dhi.. wat have u planned for ur mrg..

Anji: if it happens will think abt it

Suraj:wat dhi

Anjo bites her lips: vo.. i said… no special plans…

Ishu:hey.. wat abt destination wedding…

Kkg:wowowowow… i alwayz have dreamnt of destinatin wedding..

Asr: kushi ji.. weddingg is theirs..

Ishu:wat means theirs…if we all get engaged along with them.. cant we marry.. properly

Raman hits his head…

Asr: what the

Kushi: wat the wat the

Swara: wow my 3rd mrg…


Swara: first.. our actual mrg.. then.. when u all got married.. we again married tat day.. then now..

A boyz became tensed…

Anji: hey… today u got engaged… u didnt feel embared… then wats the prob.. it will be very fun.. lets decide for destination

Pihu: u all guyz enjoy the wedding.. i think.. we sha get married simply

Raman: oh helo… i m not gng to leave u.. i know.. y r u telling like this.. u r scared f expenses right??

Pihu became silent…

Raman: pihus mrg expense s mine

Pihu: no raman..

Rama : aftrall i m ur ex.lover right??

Pihu beats him.. ishu also joins her and beats him…all laugh.. they again started to think abt destination…

Guyz.. suggest any place for wedding…

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